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An introduction to the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their implementation and application in computer systems. Get print book. No eBook available Introduction to Computer Science Introduction to Computers. 1 Data Communication and Computer Network. . Introduction to Computer. Computer. A computer is an electronic device, system. Computer hardware refers to the physical parts or components of a computer.

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I know it's a cheap book, but you're still probably wasting your money if you download it. First, it should be called Introduction to basic IT concepts. "Computer Science". Introduction to. Computing. Explorations in. Language, Logic, and Machines. David Evans. University of Virginia. Introduction to Computer Science. Introduction. Ryan Stansifer. Department of Computer Sciences. Florida Institute of Technology. Melbourne.

Free shipping for individuals worldwide Usually dispatched within 3 to 5 business days. About this Textbook An Introduction to Computer Graphics for Artists is an application-independent, reader-friendly primer for anyone with a serious desire to understand 3D Computer Graphics. Written by a veteran of the computer graphics industry whose previous career included film animation and various spells as Art Director for video games, Andrew Paquette draws on his experiences both as an artist and a manager. Far too often artists, even professionals, lack a basic understanding of the principles of computer graphics. The result is inefficiency and lower quality of work. Opening with the first and most basic elements of computer graphics, the book rapidly advances into progressively more complex concepts.

So Python would definitely be your obvious recommendation, or do you see any alternatives out there for beginners? You have a lot more control in those languages and your code becomes much more efficient.

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You must have gathered a lot of insights from your experience teaching hundreds of students at MIT. Is there anything in particular that you do in the book, that is sometimes done wrong when it comes to teaching programming? I focus on getting the reader to understand what computer science is, and getting their head around that way of thinking about things. As humans we can infer things; if someone tells you to make dinner, you know that means going to the kitchen, taking pots and pans, using ingredients, etc.

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Then the book goes through learning Python, while continuing to stress those points along the way. One final question before we delve into the rest of your selection. What computer books would you recommend reading? Depending on what interests you or what you would like to learn more about really decides what we would recommend.

If you are not sure what interests you or want to see the best-sellers, see site's best selling computer books.

General computer knowledge How Computers Work by Ron White is a great overview of how everything in your computer works. The book has illustrations and is not as overwhelming as some other computer books.

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Upgrading and Repairing PCs by Scott Mueller is one of our favorite books that is an in-depth overview of computers and computer hardware. This book goes into lots of details and is a long, but interesting read.

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There are several editions of this book, but for most we recommend getting the latest edition. We also highly recommend the Kindle edition if you have eBook reader or tablet since it is so big and heavy. The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles by Noam Nisan and Shimon Schocken gives an in-depth overview of how computers work and show you how a computer can be built from scratch.

It does a great job at giving an overview of computers as well as troubleshooting information. The book covers all the major aspects including many of the important troubleshooting techniques.

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We use the Python language due to the simplicity of its syntax and the rich set of tools and packages that allow a novice programmer to write useful programs. In this approach, students master recursion early and find that they can write interesting programs with surprisingly little code. Chapter 3 takes another step in functional programming, introducing the concept of higher-order functions.

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We explain these concepts and constructs using the physical model of the computer introduced in the previous chapter. In our experience, students find these concepts are much easier to comprehend when there is an underlying physical model.

Chapter 6 explores some of the key ideas in object-oriented programming and design. The objective here is not to train industrial-strength programmers but rather to explain the rationale for the object-oriented paradigm and allow students to exercise some key concepts. Rather than using formal models of computation e.