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Tony Northrup's DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography - Ebook written by Tony Northrup. Read this book using Google Play Books app on . Stunning Digital Photography is much more than a book; it's a hands-on, Digital Photography readers community, you can download the ebook and copy it to Creating star trails using two techniques: long exposure and image stacking . Tony Northrup's DSLR book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography (Kobo eBook). Tony Northrup's DSLR book: How to Create Stunning.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "I'm the founder of (started in ), so I've seen a lot of Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Arts & Photography. Stunning Digital Photography is much more than a book; it's a hands-on, self- paced photography class with over 14 hours of online training videos and free help. Tony Northrup is giving away How to Create Stunning Digital Photography as a free eBook download. Photographers Tony and Chelsea.

TheMomReview verified owner — April 23, The book starts at the beginning and moves through all the basic elements of photography, covering things like quick tips, composition, depth of field, lighting, etc. After learning the basics, the book has later chapters that have detailed ideas for Portraits, landscapes, macro photography, photographing animals, weddings, night photography, underwater photography, HDR techniques, and more. While this book has quite a bit of content, it is written so that every word counts. Each sentence is informative and interesting and occasionally funny. The book is illustrated with lovely, original pictures and examples that really illustrate the principle being taught.

Tamsin Barlow verified owner — July 11, The book was logically laid out and had stellar use of video links which really made everything easier to comprehend. Tony And Chelsea Northrop are excellent teachers. This is a good read book and more.

Tony Northrup's DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography

A very good photography book. It is worth every penny you pay for.

Photography how ebook create to stunning digital

Aside from the illustrations and explanations, there are supporting videos you can access which is great! So much to learn from this book. God bless to the author and his family. Wiley Byers verified owner — July 11, As a long time snap shot shooter with out any formal training I have found SDP to be an informative read and the videos to also be informative and entertaining.

The multi-media approach using the text, videos, web-casts, Facebook page, and web site all go together well for me providing a very encompassing learning experience. Ruidera verified owner — July 11, Five stars! Darren verified owner — July 12, I bought the print version of this book as it currently comes with instructions on how to also get the regularly updated e-book version for free, in several of the popular formats. The 6 month earlier jump I made from a simple point and click camera to a bridge camera that offered full manual and program modes, plus aperture and shutter priority modes really whetted my appetite and interest in photography further so I finally convinced myself that a Nikon DSLR was a download I could justify.

The lengths those responsible for this book have gone to to provide a truly fantastic resource for their readers is unprecedented and incredibly useful — for novices or more experienced and seasoned photographers.

The private Facebook group allows those who have bought this book to post their photos and have their work critiqued and commented upon, often by the author himself, to ask for help and advice — or to give help and advice, or perhaps to just to feel connected with other like minded hobbyists and photography enthusiasts.

As for the book itself, it is presented wonderfully with full color examples where needed. The advice given is sound and comprehensive and there are many links to online video tutorials scattered through-out the book that further reinforce the lessons given on the page. The author took all the example photos himself rather than use stock images, so you know that what he is telling you gives you the essential knowledge to create your own similar photos.

This is a great book with great advice and it deserves five stars for that alone. The online community that the downloadr can access for free upon download means there are not enough stars available on the site review system that this product deserves. Holy Cow, a photography book that actually teaches you real world, usable techniques.

This book is spot on with what I needed to learn not only the controls of my camera but the elements of what it means to take a great digital picture and produce quality photos. I am a casual, at best, photographer. Actually, I am a novice at best. My spouse has always commented that my picture taking leaves something to be desired. But, the problem was I had no idea what resource to use. They all seemed daunting; that is until I got a copy of this book. This really is a simple to use, well informed guide to taking great digital pictures.

I learned a lot from the examples and it was easy to follow. I had never thought taking pictures needed to vary. I mean a picture is a picture, right? And I now understand the different settings and controls I should use to take a good picture.

I used to take one photo and be done. Maybe 2 to make sure the eyes were opened. I know get it that I need to set up my camera, not just use the automated settings, and take a series.

I need to look beyond the view finder. Go figure. I really was impressed with the easy to understand approach this book gives. I recommend this book for anyone, regardless of skill level.

It is a good read with great examples and easy to follow instruction. site Customer verified owner — July 12, I am delighted that the photos I take and keep are much better now! One day they may even be stunning.

Stunning Digital Photography

Many thanks. The first few chapters are elementary — suitable for beginners to photography. Although I have been an amateur photographer for many years, I found the hints and the videos in those elementary chapters reminded me of important lessons, reinforced others, and even introduced some new ideas. In the old days of film photography, few amateurs could afford to do that. The more advanced chapters dealing with various photographic subjects,and techniques of lighting, shooting, and post-processing are very useful indeed.

The text, pictures and the videos give insights into photography that come from years of experience as a photographer. There are far too many insights to mention all, but here is just one: Being able to instantly strike an interesting pose, and add a winning smile, is a professional skill. Posing my non-model friends and relatives for a photo shoot requires patience and good humour — it should not be rushed or stressed.

Also they need to understand I will take lots of photos of them, keep only the best few, and show them those shots after editing. Of course, I also try to apply the knowledge about lighting, equipment, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, tripods, remote control, and all the rest.

Philip Greenspun verified owner — July 12, This might be my favorite so far in terms of density of practical information. Specific photographic situations, e. Hi, I just wanted to add a few words of my own to the existing reviews and, send you my thanks for creating such an amazing book!! I wish you all the best for the future and my thanks again for the insightful conversation. Rachel verified owner — March 8, Thanks for doing such a great job — this book will definitely keep me busy for months, yea!

Nancy Graham — March 30, Thank you for the outstanding work and the passion you display for photography. Todd verified owner — May 2, This book will leave you speechless with all of the amazing nuggets of knowledge it embeds within your memory in an easy to understand and use the method.

I know there are a ton of photography books out there… and if you are new and just think this is just another book, you could not be more wrong… complete with easy to follow examples… videos… access to facebook community… trust me, this is a book you will never regret getting! Ed Anderson — June 30, Clear, concise, detailed, videos plus written words. Brent — November 10, This book is fantastically well-written.

Well-organized and concise, it gives the beginner wheels to get rolling, with enough advanced content to grow into. The book is a real gem, in that it teaches you how to learn and how to think, instead of just what to do. This is where most books fail and why classroom learning succeeds when teaching the arts.

Tony and Chelsea do an excellent job of showing you where the radio is, but reminding you to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Several of my friends have attempted to take up photography, but they all seemed to drop off after a year or so. I really enjoy photography, now.

As soon as the paperback book arrived, I went straight to watching the videos, which are entertaining, readily understandable and cover a lot of ground quickly. Even though the videos are available with the ebook, I would not trade the paperback for the ebook. The paperback is well laid out and printed in easy-to-read font on glossy paper with colorful photographs. While waiting for it to arrive I might actually read the Stunning Digital Photography book or just go back and watch all the videos again.

Gary Wann verified owner — January 10, This is really an excellent guide. So well written and so easy to understand. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Which Camera? Which Lens? Which Flash? Thoroughly recommended.

Apr 11, John rated it liked it. If you could absorb everything in this book in one read, you would suddenly be a master photographer, perhaps one who never took pictures because he didn't know where to start.

Most of the info in here I have already learned over 30 years of amateur photography.

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Some are common sense. Some are debatable, such as use of a UV filter vs. I still haven't figured out the expos If you could absorb everything in this book in one read, you would suddenly be a master photographer, perhaps one who never took pictures because he didn't know where to start. I still haven't figured out the exposure chart, where shutter speed, ISO, aperture, noise, camera shake, subject motion, and possibly shoe size are all incorporated into a single 2D chart, though I make those tradeoff decisions every time I shoot.

The best use of this book would be as a reference. For instance, if you know you are going to a zoo, read the chapter on photographing animals which has several valuable tips about zoo shooting. If you are getting comments from your snapshot subjects that they look fat or otherwise distorted, read the chapter on portraiture.

I read most of this on a classic Kindle, and finished up on the Kindle app on an Android smart phone. You will get more out of this book if you have a color display, and internet access to see the high-resolution copies of the pictures, and to watch the videos.

I'd recommend this book as a reference to folks getting a DSLR or advanced point and shoot for the first time, and to veteran amateurs to fill holes in their understanding of what they may have been doing unconsciously. May 08, Sylvia rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a great book, for a reasonable price. I was lucky enough to get it while it was on the free list, but will recommend it to my friends as well.

This is a very clear and comprehensive book on photography. My father was a professional photographer and gave me my first lessons on an old box camera before he'd let me near his more expensive ones. Over the years I had forgotten many of the lessons he taught me, but this book brought them back.

Now that we live in a digital age, being a good p This is a great book, for a reasonable price. Now that we live in a digital age, being a good photographer is easier because you don't need to worry about wasted film or whether your shots came out the way you wanted.

This book gives clear, easy instructions. It also has many pictures as examples of what to do, and what not to do. There are embedded videos as well, and links, to make things absolutely clear. Even if you only take a few minutes to read through the basics, you'll be taking better pictures! Mar 17, Andreea Lucau rated it it was amazing. I learn so much from this book! The videos and examples are great. I felt inspired to practice myself and this helped me a lot.

Mar 11, Austin Storm rated it liked it Shelves: Nov 01, Renee rated it did not like it. This book had a lot of practical how-to information on the fundamentals of photography, though there are sections that are slightly out-of-date. Though that's not what took away from the book for me, as books will always inevitably go out of date as time passes and practices develop. The author inserted gender stereotypes e.

It was a reminder for me of This book had a lot of practical how-to information on the fundamentals of photography, though there are sections that are slightly out-of-date. It was a reminder for me of the fact that the photography industry in the west has been primarily affluent white men looking at their subjects through a lens with no need or desire to humanize them.

It made it difficult for me to take the author seriously as someone whose perspective on the art of photography is worth hearing, as he seems to be so limited in his view on other things.

Also, the example photos were pretty lackluster - I get that his whole thing is that "these are actual photos I took" but that did lend itself to the overall feeling that he was selling himself more as a photographer rather than focusing on the practice of photography itself. I would not recommend this book, as I am concerned that in reading it, they would absorb the subtle misogyny that comes packaged within.

Ebook how to photography create digital stunning

There are better authors out there who can write about photography without having to add toxic masculinity into the mix.

I'd prefer to read and recommend those authors instead. Oct 09, Nick rated it it was amazing. This is more than just a book. The authors have also created an online community around it, where members can share and discuss the photographs they've made in light of the guidance in the book; and there's a YouTube channel that's regularly updated with information about techniques and equipment.

There are also tutorial videos available to registered readers. Tony has a relaxed, approachable style on video and this comes across in the book too. Sensibly, the book starts with a chapter on tips an This is more than just a book. Sensibly, the book starts with a chapter on tips and tricks learned from years of experience and presented together for the reader to consume in a few minutes.

Later there are more detailed explanations reinforcing these: Like many, I'm an enthusiastic amateur: But there's still much in here for me to use, no matter what camera I have: It's informative without being condescending, helpful without oversimplifying; a useful, practical book, with lots of additional material.

Definitely a worthwhile download.

Tony Northrup's DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography by Tony Northrup

Nov 30, Arshad Pooloo rated it really liked it. Overall it is a good book and good value. The book is interactive so there are tons of things to learn. It is fair to say that the book gets all the basics right, it also explains the technical aspects of visuals well and is filled with supporting visual elements that you can compare and look for details. It is a bit outdated but can't complain here since technology moves fast.

Is this the best book on photography? No, there are tons of others out there and a lot of YouTube channels, even Tony's own YouTube channel can help you with the beginner stuff.

You do not have to absolutely download this book. But like me, if you find that there are "Pay what you can editions" being given around for free then sure, get a copy and practice some of the stuff especially if there are particular styles you wish to experiment with such as astrophotography or simply learning to stitch several pictures together in the processing phase.

May 27, Alexis rated it it was amazing. Informative and easy to understand I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and it really got me excited to learn more and more. While I usually stay away from ebooks, I went with it for this because of all the videos.

It was great to read the intros to each subject, and then have the video there to explain more and show examples. I especially enjoyed the videos of Tony and Chelsea working in Photoshop and Lightroom, and I plan to download their guides about those subjects next! Lastly, while I didn't Informative and easy to understand I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and it really got me excited to learn more and more. Lastly, while I didn't expect to use the Facebook group, I've actually found myself going in there multiple times a day to view photos and read through everyone's comments - even posted my own pic for the first time today!

Jan 14, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: A superb introduction to photography of every imaginable variety. This is less of an abstract treatise on the concepts of photography and more of a cookbook for photographers. The different sections cover the basics of what is necessary from a practical perspective that encourages experimentation with a solid basis of core techniques and suggested settings for any situation.

I would probably rate this book 5 stars if I had a physical copy - it's the kind of book one leafs through, dog-ears, and A superb introduction to photography of every imaginable variety.

I would probably rate this book 5 stars if I had a physical copy - it's the kind of book one leafs through, dog-ears, and grabs off a shelf to share, and while e-readers are superb in many ways, they are still not as good as physical books when it comes to serving as a reference.

Photography create digital ebook stunning to how

Nevertheless, an excellent guide, and highly recommended. Dec 28, Hussein rated it liked it. Good overall. The complimentary videos are definitely helpful. With almost pages, it lacks enough breadth and examples and definitely lacks a guide on what equipment to download. The author wants you to download his guide separately. This renders the books fragmented and incomplete and the reader might feel being taken advantage of. I hope the author fixes those flaws in his next editions.

A more complete book seems to be that of DK complete course of ph Good overall. A more complete book seems to be that of DK complete course of photography.

Jan 11, Al Wright rated it it was amazing. This book is like a full course and overview of anything you might want to use for your new dslr. Of course no single book can cover everything in complete detail but this one comes close The author's light and casual style underlines his obvious love and dedication to the craft. After many years of going out and taking pictures I now feel better prepared to making some memorable images. Sep 30, Paul rated it it was amazing.

I just took the plunge into digital photography with the download of a Nikon D This has fantastic advice and a number of items to practice the skills provided in each chapter. I look forward to revisiting the chapters as I venture out to make photographs and improve my own skills by applying the lessons in the book.

Apr 29, Michele rated it it was amazing. It is engaging, broken down for the newest photographer, yet with such precision and detail that it is the perfect reference manual even for the seasoned photographer. It is contemporary, with QR codes enabling the reader to go directly to the referenced and related videos supporting the text, which gives depth to the learning experience. Jul 09, Guy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Written and conceived to be read in electronic format color please because of its hotlinks on frequent updates, this manual is all one needs to start and perfect their photography skills.

Sep 06, Sheri rated it it was amazing. If you want ideas on how to improve your digital photography game or just learn how to effectively use a digital camera, this is a great book. And the Kindle edition is awesome! The tutorial videos that add to the text make it a wonderful learning tool.

The Facebook group you get to join as a book owner is great, too! A wonderful resource!!! After reading through a little fast, now returning again and again to bookmarked Yes, I have the ebook and card reader , too sections. Tony and Chelsea Northrup 's videos came up first on Google search and by far the easiest to follow and thorough explanations I have found.

Feb 17, David Skipper rated it it was amazing. Superb Simple and comprehensive tutorials on virtually all aspects of digital photography. For a beginner like myself, this book has proved invaluable. Mar 28, Bo Steen-Andersen rated it it was amazing. Amazing book to greatly improve photography skills Tony and Chelsea are doing an amazing job of teaching photography in an interesting manner and performing the difficult task of providing great detail without becoming boring.

Do watch their great videos!

Feb 27, Raejean rated it it was amazing Shelves: This a great photography resource.