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grey wolf the escape of adolf hitler pdf free download. evidence in the postmortem identification of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and In Grey Wolf, pages of documents concerning 'Hitler's Escape' are. Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler is a film directed and written by Gerrard Williams . "Grey Wolf - The Escape of Adolf Hitler - The Case Presented " (PDF). Retrieved ^ Vanessa Thorpe (October

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"GREY WOLF - The Escape of Adolf Hitler - The Case Presented" by Simon presence of Hitler in Argentina during the s and s. Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler [Simon Dunstan, Gerrard Williams] on Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Grey wolf: the escape of Adolf Hitler: the case presented. byDunstan, Simon; Williams, Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

Around the same time radio gossip Walter Winchell was reporting the construction of Nazi getaway way-stations in the Canary Islands off Spain. After the war, FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover took the escape of Hitler and senior Nazis seriously enough to have field reports filed on alleged sightings of the Fuhre As early as , American journalist Drew Pearson was reporting in the popular press that Germany was building a remote postwar hideout for exiled Nazis in the remote regions of south Argentina. Edgar Hoover took the escape of Hitler and senior Nazis seriously enough to have field reports filed on alleged sightings of the Fuhrer in Argentina and other South American locales. The story of Hitler escaping Europe--duping everyone into thinking he'd actually committed suicide in his Berlin bunker with his new bride Eva Braun--is not a new one, but ultimately was one relegated to the realm of tin-foil hat wearers.

Some of the most fascinating stories in the book detail the intimate ties between Argentine fascist sympathizer and dictator Juan Peron and his beloved wife Eva "Evita" Peron and the Nazi party and Nazi industrial interests. In the end, the smartest character in the book, perhaps not surprisingly, turns out to be Evita, who commandeered one of the greatest heists in history by stealing billions entrusted to her by senior Nazi, Martin Bormann. The book does a fair job trying to discredit the official story of Hitler's suicide death as told in Hugh Trevor-Roper's classic book The Last Days of Adolph Hitler which I haven't read, admittedly, as of this writing , but one wishes the authors had more explicitly taken those assertions and made point-by-point refutations of them rather than trying to discredit Trevor-Roper's competence and credentials.

Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler

One thing does appear to be the case, and if so it is the most disturbing aspect of the whole case: If there is a corpus delecti--a body, or forensic evidence proving that Hitler and Braun died in Berlin in no one has ever produced it. As of the s, even Stalin and Eisenhower admitted that there was not a shred of physical proof that Hitler was dead. Just the eyewitness accounts of a few Nazis whose self interests depended on the story being true. Why would Hitler be allowed to escape, to go unpunished and unpursued by the victors?

Grey wolf – the escape of Adolf Hitler book by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams

Was the world just too tired to continue waging the war? Did Bormann and Nazis manage to negotiate sweetheart deals as this book suggests to ensure a cover-up and a ruse? Have governments, for whatever reasons, hushed up the allegation that Hitler escaped and died in Argentina of poor health in ? The book doesn't quite seem to know the answers.

Grey Wolf (film) - Wikipedia

But, it should be no surprise to us that governments lie, and lie for their own reasons, usually to keep people calm, to gloss over indelicacies, to allow the perpetration of evils to cover up political and military agendas. As the recent NSA revelations prove, yet again, citizens who give their governments a few inches should not be surprised that miles and miles are taken instead.

This book was rattling good; imperfect, but thought-provoking. The film is one of many conspiracy theories about Adolf Hitler's death.

Such viewpoints are regarded by historians and scientific experts as disproven fringe theories. It appeals to the deluded fantasies of conspiracy theorists". A significant controversy about the film relates to its funding and its link to the Weavering Capital scandal.

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During efforts by the Official Receiver of Weavering Capital to recover the missing money, it was discovered that, in addition to the bogus swap contracts, Peterson had used investors' money without their permission to fund a number of personal projects including the Grey Wolf film. Following the collapse of Weavering Capital, both of the companies involved in the production of the film also collapsed.

In a criminal trial, Magnus Peterson was found guilty of 8 charges of fraud and related offences in relation to his role as Managing Director of Weavering Capital [19] and sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Grey wolf : the escape of Adolf Hitler : the case presented

As of December , the liquidators are still trying to recover funds spent on the film by Peterson [15] via both Weavering and Magnumhold. However, on 24th May , Grey Wolf Media Ltd was compulsorily wound up under the Companies Act as no accounts had been filed for over two years.

In , the film and book were hit by a second scandal when Ricardo D'Aloia, editorial director of Ambito Financiero , took issue with some of the claims made by the authors and producers. In both the book and promotional material for the film, it was stated in reference to eyewitness accounts of Hitler being in Argentina that "It is the words of these witnesses, on a tape given to us by the papers' editorial director Ricardo D'Aloia that have contributed to the findings in this book.

In , the film was hit by a further scandal when Abel Basti, an Argentine Journalist, alleged that the Grey Wolf film and book had plagiarised his work, [26] and began legal action for compensation. Further controversy ensued when Gerrard Williams chose to advertise the book and film on Stormfront , [28] the white supremacist website that classifies itself as the voice of the " new embattled white minority" , which led to condemnation by some commentators.

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