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Gilgamesh: a new English version by Stephen Mitchell. Gilgamesh: a new Stephen Mitchell;. eBook: Document eBook: Document: Fiction. English. Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. This books (Gilgamesh: A New English Version [PDF]) Made by Reader in Classics Stephen Mitchell About Books Paperback. Pub Date.

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Gilgamesh is considered one of the masterpieces of world literature, and although previously Gilgamesh. A New English Version. by Stephen Mitchell. ebook. Gilgamesh / a new English version [by] Stephen Mitchell. Part of the fascination of Gilgamesh is that, like any great work of literature, it has much to tell us. Read "Gilgamesh" by Stephen Mitchell available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Vivid, enjoyable and.

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He went to his father. He must be the strongest man in the world, with muscles like rock. I have seen him outrun the swiftest animals. He lives among them, eats grass with gazelles, and when he is thirsty he drinks clear water from the waterholes. He fills in the pits I have dug, he tears out the traps I have set, he frees the animals, and I can catch nothing. My livelihood is gone.

He is king of that city and the strongest man in the world, they say, with muscles like rock. Go now to Uruk, go to Gilgamesh, tell him what happened, then follow his advice. He will know what to do. Take her into the wilderness. When the animals are drinking at the waterhole, tell her to strip off her robe and lie there naked, ready, with her legs apart.

The wild man will approach. Let her use her love-arts. Nature will take its course, and then the animals who knew him in the wilderness will be bewildered, and will leave him forever.

For three days they walked. On the third day they reached the waterhole. There they waited. For two days they sat as the animals came to drink clear water. Early in the morning of the third day, Enkidu came and knelt down to drink clear water with the antelope and deer. They looked in amazement. The man was huge and beautiful.

Her breath quickened as she stared at this primordial being. Now use your love-arts. Strip off your robe and lie here naked, with your legs apart. Stir up his lust when he approaches, touch him, excite him, take his breath with your kisses, show him what a woman is. The animals who knew him in the wilderness will be bewildered, and will leave him forever.

Enkidu saw her and warily approached. He sniffed the air. He gazed at her body. He drew close, Shamhat touched him on the thigh, touched his penis, and put him inside her.

She used her love-arts, she took his breath with her kisses, held nothing back, and showed him what a woman is. For seven days he stayed erect and made love to her, until he had had enough. At last he stood up and walked toward the waterhole to rejoin his animals. But the gazelles saw him and scattered, the antelope and deer bounded away.

He tried to catch up, but his body was exhausted, his life-force was spent, his knees trembled, he could no longer run like an animal, as he had before. He looked at her, and he understood all the words she was speaking to him. You are beautiful, you are like a god. Why should you roam the wilderness and live like an animal? Let me take you to great-walled Uruk, to the temple of Ishtar, to the palace of Gilgamesh the mighty king, who in his arrogance oppresses the people, trampling upon them like a wild bull.

Deep in his heart he felt something stir, a longing he had never known before, the longing for a true friend. Take me with you to great-walled Uruk, to the temple of Ishtar, to the palace of Gilgamesh the mighty king.

I will challenge him. I am the man who can make the world tremble! I am supreme! You will see the great city with its massive wall, you will see the young men dressed in their splendor, in the finest linen and embroidered wool, brilliantly colored, with fringed shawls and wide belts. You who are still so ignorant of life, I will show you Gilgamesh the mighty king, the hero destined for both joy and grief.

You will stand before him and gaze with wonder, you will see how handsome, how virile he is, how his body pulses with erotic power.

He is even taller and stronger than you — so full of life-force that he needs no sleep. Enkidu, put aside your aggression. Shamash, the sun god, loves him, and his mind has been made large by Anu, father of the gods, made large by Enlil, the god of earth, and by Ea, the god of water and wisdom. Even before you came down from the hills, you had come to Gilgamesh in a dream.

Gilgamesh: A New English Version

I tried to lift it, but it was too heavy. I tried to move it, but it would not budge. A crowd of people gathered around me, the people of Uruk pressed in to see it, like a little baby they kissed its feet.

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