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Tomorrow won't be better. David Wilkerson tells us about a vision he received. None of the predictions in this book will be unfamiliar to those of us from this. Gold hoarders are going to get hurt ' badly. This is one of the most significant predictions in this book.' David Wilkerson, 'The Vision & Beyond'. David Wilkerson's prophecy from 40 years ago is being fulfilled right now. In his vision, Wilkerson saw the rise of two "super churches" in the last days. in the power of the Holy Spirit like we haven't seen since the Book of.

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The Vision book. Read 23 reviews from the world's largest community for readers . Tomorrow will not be better. Wilkerson unfolds the vision God gave to hi. david-wilkerson-the-vision. 1. EINE; 2. Before you read this book, please read the following three statements 1. The entire message of this book. download a cheap copy of The Vision book by David Wilkerson. A terrifying prophecy of Doomsday that is staring to happen now! [] Free shipping over $

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Without trusting Him, you will very much fail. The last chapter is also something to deeply think about. Nov 03, Sharon rated it it was amazing.

David Wilkerson | Prophetic Voices | Lamb and Lion Ministries

A book that makes you see things differently. Dec 20, Sophie rated it it was amazing. Just amazing, I have no words to describe how I felt while I was reading this book. Mamma, Memaw. This book is about what is coming.

The Vision

It was shown to the author in a vision and he wrote a book about it. Jul 15, Robert Dallmann rated it it was amazing. The second time I read it Jul 15, Judy Short rated it it was amazing.

David Wilkerson in my opinion was a modern day prophet. Nov 04, Shane Savage rated it really liked it. An awesome and very sobering book, especially as the events he's prophesied are happening now! Sep 10, Gail Welborn rated it it was amazing Shelves: I believe this is the most important book I've ever reviewed outside of Bibles. However, God did send prophets in the past, such as Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Jonah to prophesy about or warn o I believe this is the most important book I've ever reviewed outside of Bibles.

However, God did send prophets in the past, such as Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Jonah to prophesy about or warn of future events. Which raises the question, does God still give prophetic words today. According to Amos 3: Oct 08, Terri added it Recommended to Terri by: Barb Morgan. I thought this was an excellent book. I read it back in the early 80's and it was written back in the 60's or 70's about future times, and the things are starting to happen or have happened.

Very good! May 20, Jamar rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Fabulous Read! Wilkerson wrote this work in the late 60's and made some alarming predictions regarding the moral and social decline of America such as the demise of the family unit, militant homosexuality, abortion, the explosion of pornography. It is and his predictions have come to pass. Amazing that this was written over 40 years ago.

Jul 14, Royce Ratterman rated it it was amazing. Read for personal research. I found this work of immense interest. I found this book's contents helpful and inspiring - number rating relates to the book's contribution to my needs.

Overall, this work is also a good resource for the researcher and enthusiast. This book was first published over forty years ago.

The prophecies described are essentially what can be found in the Bible and predictions that have been discussed by numerous other Christian writers. There is not much new here. The writing is direct, but rather simplistic. Now, looking retrospectively, one can see how off Wilkerson was in his prophecies.

Book vision david the wilkerson

Wilkerson continuously makes reference to the described events occurring within years or decades. None happened the way he described. Some of the predictions trended as he suggests, but never to the apocalyptic level he said would happen. Some critics believe this makes Wilkerson a "false prophet" who lost credibility with this book. I'll make no judgement concerning Wilkerson's credibility, but for our time this book is little more than an average piece of Christian writing and an artifact that might illuminate the 70's for those who did not live during those times.

The prophecies are interesting when taken into a comparative perspective to other prophetic literature and what the Bible says. The inaccuracy of Wilkerson's timeline as well as the severity of his predicted calamities takes away the credibility of the book and the supposed "Vision" as an actual communication from God. Would not God have been more precise in his message and the time it would occur?

Wilkerson book vision david the

One might speculate on the whys and hows as to Wilkerson's shortcomings in authoring this book and maybe later editions correct some of the errors. Nicky had been the leader of the " Mau Maus " gang, and he and his friend Israel Narvaez became Christians after hearing Wilkerson preach. In , Wilkerson began Youth Crusades, an evangelistic ministry aimed at teenagers whom Wilkerson called "goodniks"—middle-class youth who were restless and bored.

His goal was to prevent them from becoming heavily involved with drugs, alcohol, or violence. In , Wilkerson moved his ministry headquarters to Lindale, Texas. On September 22 he founded World Challenge , an organization seeking to promote and spread the Gospel throughout the world. He founded and became the pastor of Times Square Church , [1] which opened its doors in October The church first occupied rented auditoriums in Times Square Town Hall and the Nederlander Theater , before moving to the historic Mark Hellinger Theatre in , in which it has operated ever since.

Wilkerson did not preach in the name of any specific denomination. Instead, he focused on biblical preaching with the aim of encouraging people to seek God through a personal and deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ [12] and the experience of the Holy Spirit. He said: I am not preaching some denominational doctrine, This church does not belong to any denomination.

Just hours before the service, I received an email from an assistant to a pastor in a Lutheran church in northwestern Pennsylvania, and this email is a perfect example of what God is doing.

The following is an excerpt from that email:. I've been an avid student of Bible prophecy for over 30 years and it was shortly after we came back from overseas that I experienced what my wife and I both consider an "angelic" visit.

David Wilkerson

The conversation lasted about 10 minutes with the "messenger" urging me in the most forceful terms to "warn the people" of what is soon coming upon our nation and the world. I knew exactly what he meant and felt deeply convicted to reach others with a "last days" message.

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The Vision

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