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Cybersix vol. 1 book. Read 9 reviews from the world's largest community for readers muy poco se está comenzando a materializar tal cual lo expresa el cómic. Read Cybersix comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Cybersix is an Argentinian Comic Book written by Carlos Trillo and drawn by Carlos Meglia, first published in In addition to the original 6-volume Spanish.

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The Cybersix comic book series is the first and original instalment of the Cybersix series, written by Carlos Trillo and illustrated by Carlos Meglia. The series. The Argentine comic book series is the first and original instalment of the Cybersix series, written by Carlos Trillo and illustrated by Carlos Meglia. The comic was. Cybersix is a series of Argentine comic books created by writers Carlos Meglia and Carlos Trillo. The series first appeared in Spanish in November

It was originally published as a fumetti Italian comics , but soon saw a translation in its native Spanish, then in French. It sports a quasi-Expressionist art and themes, oddly reminiscent of the s. Albeit more manga-influenced than, mmm, most of the s. So this profile explains the initial state of the story, without spoiling the subsequent plot the full saga is ish pages. Advertisement Real Name: None as such.

The series was deemed successful but saw several difficulties, including the cost of making comics increasing, the work-load overbearing and requiring several artists to make deadlines, and ultimately the series having ended due to disagreements between the Argentine creators and the publishers.

Contents [ show ] Story overview The story follows the eponymous character, Cybersix , a genetically engineered woman who had escaped the Nazi scientist, Doctor Von Reichter , who had created her and now fights to survive the monstrous creations he sends after her in the bleak city of Meridiana. Cybersix's past is full of mystery and tragedy, having been raised in isolation in the Brazilian rainforest with her five thousand brothers and sisters, all named with the combination of their series Cybers and numbers, created for the sole purpose of serving Von Reichter as super-soldiers as he attempts to rule the world.

Cybersix (series)

This plan was delayed, however, as the rebellious nature of the children forced Von Reichter to have them all destroyed and eventually replaced with a more subtle approach to world domination, the Technos , as they take positions of power in government and various other jobs.

Due to one of Von Reichter's slaves, one Cyber had survived to adulthood to take on the disguise of a male literature teacher at a delinquent high school as Adrian Seidelman , the identity of a real boy who had died in a fatal car accident and taken by Cybersix to be able to live in the city.

By night, she fights Von Reichter's creations sent out to kill her. Throughout the story, Cybersix bonds with the various characters she meets, and soon, she finds herself surrounded by friends and not as lonely as she had been. She also reunites with her long lost brother, Cyber29, who had been put into the body of a panther and now named Data 7 , and also becomes romantically involved with Lucas Amato.


Creation The main idea and script for Cybersix came from Eura Editoriale in , who wanted a new weekly series consisting of 12 pages, and entrusted Carlos Trillo and Carlos Meglia to create a character. They were given 20 days and a week after submitting the character, the two were set to work on the first chapter. An early idea of Meglia was of a woman who would dress as a man to get into the police department, because her father had been killed, and her patrol partner would be Lucas.

Fellow writer and friend of Trillo, Guillermo Saccomanno , came up with the title for the story, "Black Baby. One particular true story was included in the introduction of the first chapter of the comic; in , Elsa and Mario Rios died in a plane crash in Chile, leaving behind 2 frozen embryos in Australia, causing an international controversy and raising moral and legal issues in regards of what should be done with them.

They were ultimately destroyed.

Cybersix vol. 1

Flawed Prototype : The Cyber series, who had too much free will to carry out von Reichter's evil plans. Go Seduce My Archnemesis : One of von Reichter's plans involves seducing his enemies with a woman who kills whomever she has sex with. Big Bang was supposed to seduce Cybersix at one point, too. Gratuitous English : The comics Yashimoto wants to write about Cybersix all have English titles and taglines.

Comic book cybersix

Happily Adopted : Cybersix was once this. For several years she lived happily alongside the slave who helped her escape Von Reichter, and adored the man enough to consider him her father.

Book cybersix comic

Sadly, he was killed protecting her once more, and his photograph is a beloved Tragic Keepsake for her. Hello, Nurse! Lori thinks of herself in this way, but it's unclear if the other characters do.

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In a Single Bound : Cybersix can jump buildings pretty easily, the explanation being that the Cybers were created with the genes of an acrobat.

Lori could do this as well, actually being from an acrobat family. Informed Attractiveness : The art style of the books is pretty harsh, but we are told that Lori is the most attractive of the human characters. Cybersix is the said to be the Fairest of Them All , and it's a little easier to believe. Rebecca Limon is also referred to as being irresistible, despite her gritty depiction.