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Batman: Son of the Demon is a graphic novel by writer Mike W. Barr and DC Comics published a new printing of Batman: Son of the Demon in Batman: Son of the Demon () #1 by Mike W. Barr & Jerry Bingham is Graphic Novels. Batman must team-up with his arch nemesis Ra's Al. COMIX-LOAD | Batman - Son of the Demon () | Comic | English | Format: CBR.

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Read Batman: Son of the Demon comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Batman – Son of the Demon GN () | | View Comic Online. Batman - Son, Bride & Birth of the Demon. Get FREE DC and Marvel Comic Downnload only on GetComics.

Plot[ edit ] The story centers on the eco-terrorist and head of the League of Assassins , Ra's al Ghul aiding Batman in his quest to solve the murder of Harris Blaine, one of Gotham City 's most prominent scientists. Ra's al Ghul and Batman turn out to be searching for the same man, the terrorist known as Qayin. Qayin is a rogue assassin who had murdered Ra's al Ghul's wife Melisande, mother to his favorite daughter and heir-apparent, Talia , by throwing her into an early version of a Lazarus Pit. Batman has shared a stormy, on-again, off-again romance with Talia for many years, despite his ideological conflict with Ra's. During the course of the storyline, Batman has time to properly romance Talia.

He returns to the Batcave to investigate further, but when he arrives he finds a man named Ra's al Ghul and his servant Ubu waiting for him.

Ra's' contacts have deduced that Bruce Wayne and the Batman are one in the same, and he has called upon the world's greatest detective to help him find his daughter Talia, who has likewise been kidnapped.

Their journey leads them first to Calcutta where they find clues linking the kidnappers to a cult known as the Brotherhood of the Demon.

Batman interrogates a local thug about the Brotherhood's whereabouts and the man points them towards a building in the Alley of Widows. As Batman enters the building, a poised leopard leaps out and attacks him. Batman catches the animal's jaw with his elbow and is forced to snap its neck.

Batman – Son of the Demon GN (1987) ………

With the danger past, Batman finds a map that points them towards the Himalayan Mountains. Ra's al Ghul finances a mountain-climbing expedition and the three begin scaling the frozen mountainsides. A sniper begins firing at them, and it appears that one of the bullets strikes Ra's.

Ubu pulls him inside of a crevice, while Batman deftly evades repeat gunfire. Ascending the peak, he finds a temple belonging to the Brotherhood. He enters the temple where he finds Robin bound with rope under armed guard.

Not pleased at all. And despite appearances, this isn't a damned smile on my face. This stinks -- yer a certified nutso wanted in twelve states -- and hopelessly in love with a psychopathic clown.

Hey, when did my life go Loony Tunes!? I don't think I like it. Cut it out! You're givin' me the creeps. You're playin' solitaire now-- not hearts! He's got a presence. He hides it under that society suave, but there's a real intensity. Only others I ever met like that were Mistah J That was the only place in town with a scintillatin' selection of polyester fashion!

Where you think I'm gonna shop now? Think acid-for-blood. Think mate-then-kill. And me the social type! Or is that sociopathic? Well hey, I'm just crazy.

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Yet, as a psychiatrist I feel that Ivy having social interaction with the regular world can only benefit Ooh, cute puppy! A single soul residing in two bodies. This is not unlike searching for darkness with a torch. Sometimes, of course, what I wish to do is kill them and they do not wish to die.

This gives life interest. No art in it. No soul. Such a decadent way to kill. That I understand. I want your men to see you beg. Then you will apologize with a pain you will remember always. No sense of grace at all. It means nothing. Ashes or earth, I hardly see the significance of where they lay your corpse.

I've had dozens of babies!! To prove myself the best in life Brian K. Vaughan, Detective Comics Vol 1 Mr. Freeze [ edit ] "Of course, I know about bad luck Your world will remain at absolute zero. No pain. No sensation.

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No regrets. God, how I envy you. As described by Dante, with its multiple rings. Each one is guarded by a devil.

And at the bottom of the universe I am Freeze. I was chosen to guard this realm. All that enters here turns cold, becomes brittle While I, on the other hand, intend to fill my gullet — until I have feted my ravenous appetite! While I have an affection for most flying creatures No woman in the world ever gets drunk enough, and believe me, I've tried. Nothing grows here.

On its own, humanity is a destructive force. It needs a master. I don't save people. I'm poison, remember? No interest in you, in any of you, on the outside. This park, this is Gotham now Reclaimed by nature, pure without mankind's assaults. It is a sanctuary now, and I am guardian. I will not let it be defiled. Not by anyone. Certainly not by you. Because of what they do.

Batman – Son, Bride & Birth of the Demon

They clip. They prune. They make us remake ourselves into what they want. A Madonna.

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A whore. A partner. A foe. And we do it. Because we need. Between passion and obsession -- where it's easy to lose all sense of reality -- and in doing so, lose yourself. Somewhere in that emotional minefield Pamela Isley wanders.

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I make a contribution. It is a beauty to which my soul responds I deem it my mission to purify this planet, to restore it to its former beauty Those things do not exist on this world any longer. They have been destroyed by man's lust for dominance -- a lust I know well, for at times it all but consumes me.

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All is corrupt, all is sick, all is dying. As am I. As are you. Only those who prove their worth will enter it.

The rest will be purged You are but seconds in my life! Only I know humanity for what it truly is!

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Only I can see the grand movements of generations! Only I, undying, can live within this world and protect it from itself!