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One of the hottest topics when it comes to obtaining the body of your dreams is which diet is going to work the best to getting you from point A to. Attached is the Anabolic Diet book by Mauro DoPasquale in pdf format, and below is a link to an Internet forum on the experiences of those who have tried the. Optimum Training Systems THE ANABOLIC DIET by Dr. Mauro Di By , I'd come out with my book, Beyond Anabolic Steroids, and.

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The Anabolic Diet [Mauro DiPasquale] on *FREE* shipping on Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Read it now. click to. The Establishment Won't Like The Anabolic Diet. .. By , I'd come out with my book, Beyond Anabolic Steroids, and begun to provide articles for a variety. The Anabolic Diet is a book/diet that was written/introduced into the health and fitness subculture in by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale, a licensed physician from.

However, the long-term damage to health with regard to steroid abuse is well documented, which creates a huge demand for natural alternatives and strategies. This is where the ideas set out in this book come to the fore. Any good diet should take on board the principals of earlier diets and refine them. Few things of any merit are created overnight. As somebody who has been weight training for over 30 years, I have garnered a lot of information in that time, which I wish I had had at the outset. Being in my fifties with a huge appetite and a propensity to put on weight, I have tried over the years almost every diet under the sun: the Hay diet, the Atkins diet, the ketogenic diet, alternate-day fasting, calorie counting; you name it. However, most people think I am still in my thirties, so I must be doing something right.

Generalities The one criticism that I have always had of the Anabolic Diet was the complete lack of details about what you are actually consuming. In some ways, Dr. Dipasquale was indeed ahead of his time in regards to macronutrient quality, in particular in the supplementation chapter.

The Anabolic Diet Review

He was among the first to publicly recommend essential fatty acid supplementation in the sports nutrition arena, and was also at least a couple of years ahead of the curve when it came to supplementation with creatine as an ergogenic aid. That is no small feat considering that probably two of the top three or four supplements that every athlete uses in the 21st century are a creatine supplement and their essential fatty acid supplement.

But, aside from his forward-thinking supplement recommendations the book is completely silent on macronutrient quality. Why would an essential fatty acid supplement be so important to Dr. Dipasquale when the fatty acids in the actual food that he recommended were completely ignored? According to him, it is inconsequential because the fats are being broken down as energy substrates in ketosis anyway, so it did not matter where the fatty acids came from.

They would end up as ketones. Of course, we know now that fatty acid quality in the diet is extremely important for the health and maintenance of almost every organ system. From proper brain and nervous system function to correct balance of inflammatory cytokines, to proper inter and intra-cellular communication the correct fatty acids in the diet are critical.

I do understand the probable reasoning behind this oversight is marketing. Authors are still using this tactic to this very day. Saying something provocative, and becoming both well-known and well-off for it is the American Way it seems.

But since I do not seek to be either provocative or well-known I will simply give you what I feel is the best way to structure the plan. The major, overarching themes are mostly correct and necessary. This enables the body to run efficiently off of ketones and avoids too much gluconeogenesis from protein intake. Many people have made the mistake of eating insufficient fat and have ended up stripping dietary and skeletal protein down in this process.

Diet book anabolic

Protein Quality- Why Bother? In the original book, Dipasquale gave the reader a rather unlimited choice of fatty foods for the weekdays.

As long as you stayed under 30 grams of dietary carbohydrate you could eat anything you wanted including loads of processed meats like bacon, breakfast sausage, bologna, potted meat, vienna sausage, and so on. Piles of nitrates and nitrates, preservatives of various kinds, and multi-syllabic chemistry experiments that I would literally need to ask a chemistry professor what they actually were.

It is no wonder that I often had a mild headache and felt a little nauseous when I ate meals of that processed junk back in the early days. This oversight is simply a symptom of the way we look at our food as a society. No one ever considers the other constituents of their food. And as we are finding out that is a dangerous oversight.

As an example, the nitrosamines formed from the excess nitrate and nitrite interacting with the animal protein in processed meat is extremely concerning.

Book anabolic diet

Nitroamines are known carcinogens, and a known cause stomach cancer. How many people think about that little chemistry experiment on top of your hickory-smoked bacon?

You need to eat veges and salad and this is where your carbs should be coming from.

Diet book anabolic

This diet is trying to avoid insulin spiking except on weekends however you can spike it if you insist through the use of BCAA's and Glutamine without ingesting post workout carbs. Cardio is fine. The diet is very anti-catabolic so 20min shouldnt hinder your muscle development. Dont go attempting any marathons when you are cutting though, you will still catabolize your muscle.

Its 18 week program suggests Anobolic diet.

Revisiting the Anabolic Diet – Physical Culture Study

I haven't cheated at all and have been following it very strictly. Anyone any ideas why that would be? Although i have gained weight, its been mostly fat!

No cheating whatsoever and eating 16x bodyweight. How is it that i am gaining fat?

Anabolic Diet

Im working my butt of in the gym 4 days a week as well! Hi Phil, you said you were unclear on whether the results outweigh the health risks? Exactly what health risks are you concerned about? Good look to both you with the diet and comp! But I ve been told to have only carbs on a saturday night before bed for only one hour my body fat is at aorund 12 percent at the moment.

What Is The Anabolic Diet?

Do you belive there is sufficient time within this hour too spike my insulin level. Looking forward to your response. Cheers Phil I am currently on this diet as a means of getting ready for a bodybuilding show. So far so good, i find going back to no carbs after the carb up is always very stressful on the mind, but i cannot beleive how effective this diet is.