Saturday, February 1, 2020 admin Comments(0) 9 support excelling TDS management. However you must understand basic of TDS and the set up that is required to manage TDS. Download TDS help . Step 2: Procedure to Unlock License File. .. Migration of TCP files to 9 . ERP 9 will help you in installing and activating 9. T M L . download from this link.. i had downloaded the file right now.

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Basics ronaldweinland.info9 Help, Backup/Restore Create Company etc. ERP, 9, Shoper, Shoper 9, Shoper POS, Shoper HO, Shoper 9 POS, Shoper 9 HO, required language support files reside on your computer. some form of impartial supporting evidence or documentation. Also, it entails that Please double Click on Tally ERP9 Icon or select and press enter on Tally.

ERP 9 is the world's speediest and most uncommon synchronous Multi-lingual business, Accounting and Inventory Management programming. Everyone well to comprehend that Tally. ERP 9, made exclusively to address the issues of near nothing and medium affiliations, is a totally dealt with, sensible and out and out tried and true programming. ERP 9 is anything but difficult to approach, quick to introduce, and easy to learn and utilize. ERP 9 is planned to automate and organize all your business activities, for instance, deals, fund, downloads, stock, and occupation working. With Tally.

You will be ready to explore Tally. ERP 9, the moment the Tally. ERP 9 start up screen appears. ERP 9 Start-up Screen appears as shown below: ERP 9 Figure 2.

ERP 9 Start - up screen 2. Displays the Tally. ERP 9 version number. Horizontal button bar: Selection of Language key, Keyboard Language and Tally. ERP 9 Help. Close button: Performs the standard Windows Operating Systems function Windows 95 onwards , allowing you to minimise Tally.

ERP 9 and work on other applications.

Tally Solutions

To restore Tally. ERP 9, click the Tally. ERP 9 icon on the taskbar. ERP 9 Gateway of Tally: Displays menus, screens, reports and accepts the choices and options which you select to view data as required. Buttons toolbar: Displays buttons which provide quick interaction with Tally.

Only buttons relevant to the current task are visible. Calculator Area: Used for Calculator functions. Info Panel: Displays Version number, License details, Configuration details. ERP 9, use the following conventions. Double-click Press and release the left mouse button twice, without moving the mouse pointer off the item. Choose Position the mouse pointer on the item and click the left mouse button.

Select Position the mouse pointer on the item and double- click the left mouse button. Press Use the keys on the keyboard in the combination shown. Fn Press the function key. ERP 9 first loads, the Gateway of Tally screen displays. A green bar highlights the active area of the screen. ERP 9 You can exit the program from any Tally. ERP 9 screen, but Tally. ERP 9 requires all screens to be closed before it shuts down. To quit working on Tally.

Yes or No? Press Enter or Y, or click Yes to quit Tally. You can also press Enter while the option Quit is selected from Gateway of Tally. ERP 9 The first step towards understanding Tally. ERP 9 is to create a company in Tally. Create a company using the Company Creation screen. Figure 2. To navigate between the fields, use the enter key or the tab key or arrow keys or the mouse.

Fields Description Directory Tally. ERP 9 assumes that the company is to be created in the data path given in the Tally. INI file, which is displayed by default. This field is skipped by default. However, you can change this path, if you want to, by using the backspace key, so that Tally.

ERP 9 saves the data to a different directory specified by you. If you have several companies to create with similar names, you will have to distinguish between them to provide a unique name for Tally.

Pdf file tally 9 help erp

Mailing Name The company name given in the Name field automatically appears in this field. This can be changed according to your requirements. The correct name of the company for mailing purposes should be entered. Address The address of the company The mailing name and address details are picked from here for any report such as balance sheet and statement of accounts. Statutory Compliance Select India from the list of countries.

Telephone No. Enter the telephone number of the company. E- Mail E-mail address will be used to e-mail documents, reports and data from Tally. Mobile No. Enter the mobile number of the company. Currency Symbol This refers to the currency symbol Tally.

ERP 9 will use for monetary values. By default, Tally.

ERP 9 displays Rs. Maintain Select the nature of the company i. ERP 9 considers 12 months from the date you give here as the Financial Year. From However, we can specify the actual date on which the books of accounts start. In case our accounts are opened mid-way during the financial year specified, we can enter the required date and start the books of accounts accordingly.

TallyVault Password TallyVault is an enhanced security feature utilised to protect company data in an encrypted form by means of a Password. The TallyVault password entered ensures that the data is maintained permanently in an encrypted form without retaining information of the password used.

Data is not accessible without the TallyVault password. Remember to keep this password private and known only to those who need to know. If the password is lost, your data cannot be recovered. Use Security Control Tally. ERP 9 will automatically adjust the spacing between the charac- ters and lines entered to ensure that the details fit the space available. Accounts Only: Financial Accounts of the company only Accounts-with-Inventory: Both Financial Accounts and Inventory of the company.

ERP 9 recognises a wide range of date formats, e. ERP 9 needs to know the default currency for the company and how the amounts should be shown on the screen and in the reports. Formal name Complete name for the currency symbol. By default, this is set to Indian Rupees.

Financial Accounting and Tally ERP 9

Number of decimal places By default, this is set to 2. Is symbol suffixed to amounts? By default, this is set to No. For example, in India, we place the Rs symbol in front of amounts. Symbol for Decimal Portion Enter the decimal portion for the cur- rency mentioned. Enter Paise. Show amounts in millions? ERP 9 caters to currencies where the different parts of large amounts are called by special names.

Put a space between amounts and symbol? By default, this is set to Yes. Moving ahead with basic Tally notes, you will now learn to create basic accounting vouchers in Tally. So, what is an accounting voucher in Tally? Accounting voucher simply as an accounting entry in Tally.

A Sales entry is a Sales Voucher in Tally.

Similarly, a download entry is a download Voucher in Tally. Voucher is just a technical name which is used in accountancy, otherwise all the vouchers are different accounting entries and nothing else. There are four basic accounting vouchers in Tally. There are 2 more vouchers which are used by small to big businesses every day, millions of times. But before that you need to know how to create simple download and sales voucher i.

The reason for this is simple. I want you to understand Tally in the best way possible. And for that you need to learn simple concepts first and a little advanced after that. So, go through this post and a video about creating simple download and Sales Voucher in Tally. It is a bit more complex and advanced but I have tried to keep it as much simple and easy as possible.

These were basic accounting vouchers with GST. Now in these basic Tally ERP 9 notes or we can call computer Tally notes, we are going to look at something very useful for you and interesting as well.

After you have learnt that, go through the following video in which I have explained how you can create a single GST invoice with multiple tax rates. I have also written a post for this video if you like to read for future reference. At the end of the entry, Tally will automatically export the e-way bill in JSON format which you can directly upload to the e-way bill portal and generate an e-way bill number.

I have explained the entire method in this post on creating E-Way bill in Tally with a simple example. In this case, you will create a debit note in Tally.

Debit and Credit Notes in Tally I have written a detailed post with a video on debit and credit notes in Tally for your better understanding. Read the whole post and also learn the examples as well. Now, let me tell you another situation. So, here you can use memorandum voucher in Tally for passing these kinds of entries.

The main feature of memorandum vouchers is that it does not affect your accounts unless you convert it to a general voucher. It is a kind of memo in Tally but in the form of an accounting entry. There are many situations like the one above in which we are not sure what will be the amount of the entry. In all those cases, we can use the memorandum voucher. Go through this post on Memorandum Vouchers in Tally and you will learn it all. It is packed with different examples. What if you get a cheque today but the date on the cheque is 10 days from now.

It is a post dated cheque and giving post dated cheques is a very common practice. In this case, you can create a post dated voucher in Tally. Not just for post dated cheques, you can use it for any entry which is post dated in Tally. Above vouchers are somewhat advanced and therefore I call them advanced vouchers in Tally. For example, if you are selling mobiles, iPhone X is a stock item.

Similarly, iPhone 8 is another stock item. ERP 9 you can create stock items and group under the respective groups and parallely classify them under the respective Stock Categories.

You could however, interchange the stock category or stock group based on your convenience and reporting requirements. ERP 9 provides an option to automate and expedite voucher entry with the help of Voucher Classes. You can use this facility for most voucher types e. Payment, Receipt, Sales etc to make data entry easier and faster. This facility acts as a control, to restrict users from choosing any other ledger accounts other than those to which the transaction needs to be posted and thereby minimizes errors during data entry.

You will find the procedure for creating voucher classes for Bank Receipts is the same as that for Bank Payments.

The only precaution is that during transactions, you have to enter the details on the credit side only. You can also specify percentages for additional accounting allocations like taxes, freight and other charges. Select additional Ledger accounts which are involved in the voucher entry viz. Using this option, you can specify different acutally and billed quantities in the same invoice.

The Actual quantity updates the stock balances and Billed quantities affect the books of accounts. This feature is widely used to record supply of free items. ERP 9 automatically tracks the movement of materials consumed. You can view the consumption report along with gross profit for every item. ERP 9 by specifying their actual names as well as by their Part Numbers. You can also view reports for all stock items with their actual names or by part numbers or both.

Only Press Enter to save. Now the stock items are displayed as Part Nos instead of their names. The POS feature in Tally. ERP 9 enables you to print invoices in continuous or 40 column modes. It automates your data entry and calculations during invoicing. ERP 9 best for advanced inventory management.

The stock query report displays not only the item but also items within the same category or group. It displays the Stock Item details such as closing stock quantities and value and also in which Godown it is available, standard selling price, Last download and sale quantity and prices, batch details. The user can configure the screen to show remarks also.

In F Configure screen of the Stock Item, activate all the related parameters to Yes as shown Figure 5. Figure 5. In addition, activate these parameters in F It could be either locations or even Storage racks. It allows you to create multiple Godowns warehouses and at the time of accounting an inventory transaction sales, download, stock Journal etc , you can specify Godowns for stock items to be stored or des- patched. For Example.

ERP 9 also allows you to transfer materials from one godown to another. You can view stock reports for a godown or compare a godown with another and also get a consolidated stock report. You can also track the third party stocks viz. ERP 9 allows you to compare multiple Godowns. ERP 9 displays all Godowns in columnar format and also displays total column. While creating sub-Godowns you have to specify name and the parent Godown under which it has to be created.

ERP 9 also allows you to create Virtual Godowns. Virtual Godowns do not allow storage of materials. They are useful when a city has more than one warehouse Godowns, e.

In this case, Bangalore is a virtual godown, logically as it does not exist, but still you can generate a stock statement for Bangalore godown. ERP 9 allows you to transfer materials from one Godown to another. The transfer of materials is done using Stock Journals. ERP 9 also provides you the facility to create voucher class, which help in simplifying the transfer of materials between godowns. ERP 9, you can evaluate the value of inventories using multiple Stock Valuation methods viz.

ERP 9 offers you the flexibility to have different stock valuation methods for every item or the entire stock of the company which is valued based on the specific type of costing method, chosen at the time of reporting.

The user is allowed to view different methods of stock valuations in multiple columns. Additionally, you can ensure that expiry date items are not available for invoicing. Step 5: ERP 9 facilitates Order processing right from placing the order for supply of materials and receiving an order from the customers.

It provides all the required vouchers, features and options to process download Orders as well as Sales Orders. Using the Order Processing functionality of Tally. ERP 9, you can also generate reports for outstanding download and sales orders. You may also e-mail the PO to suppliers from within Tally. ERP 9 using e-mail option. Step 3: Click F4 to view orders of other items.

However, there are certain instances, where the goods are despatched first and then the invoices are sent later or vice versa. In such cases, the stocks balances are not updated simulnateously with the books of accounts. ERP 9 provides facility to use tracking numbers, wherein you can enter Receipt Note and Delivery Notes with tracking numbers and track the receipt and despatch of goods.

These rejection entries update only the inventory books. But in some cases, you would like to scrap those materials which are Rejected In i. This cost is also referred to as Landed Cost, Tally. ERP 9 allows you to add these costs to the value of the product during voucher entry or later. These expenses are sometimes included in the Supplier Invoice or directly borne by the downloader, in such cases you have to book these expenses in order to ascertain the landed cost of the product and ultimately which will help in determining the Item pricing and your margin.

ERP 9, you may book additional cost incurred on downloads in two ways: Method 1: At times, it may happen that you have completed the downloads entry and want to book additional costs later. In such cases, follow the steps given below: Customs Duty, Taxes, Freight etc Select the required Stock Item Enter value for Amount in Item Allocations screen Select other stock items and follow the same process The above process automatically updates the value of the stock item.

ERP 9 provides the flexibility to maintain unlimited stock item classification for your invento- ries. If you are a manufacturing concern, you may primarily require three broad classfiications of the Stocks Groups i. Depending upon the nature of business, you may create any number stock groups and classify stock items under them at point of time. When Integrate Accounts with Inventory is enabled, the closing values of inventories under each of the stock groups are automatically reported in the financial statements.

Once, the Bill of materails is created, you can use Manufacturing Journal and specify the quantity of finished goods that are to be manufactured. ERP 9, immediately selects all items required to manufacture the finished product and automatically adjusts decreases the stocks. You can also enter additional costs like wages, power, water charges etc, to the cost of the items used in manufacturing. ERP 9 automatically picks up all stock items to manufacture the finished product with their costs.

You can also add additional manufacturing costs like labour, power, fuel, water charges etc. ERP 9 displays the total additional cost, effective cost and the effective rate for each finished product. Set parameter Use as a Manufacturing Journal to Yes 5. To track Additional Costs of manufacturing, create a Manufacturing Journal with BoM in the manner, as explained in the previous section.

This helps to keep track of the materials issued and consumed at the job work units. To Enable Job Costing in Tally. ERP 9, follow the steps given below: This cost centre will then be available in the drop down for the Job Work Analysis report Save the screen Step 2: Enter other details and save to accept Step 4: Step 8: This allows your management to decide the production plan and its schedule.

The report by default shows you the ageing period for each and every stock item, by date of download. However, you can select the style of ageing, by selecting the option Ageing Style i. You can also change the period of ageing, by selecting the F6 option. ERP 9 has a facility to generate batch related stock reporting.

If you look at the ageing analysis you can view items with their batches references, dates of Mfg and Expiry dates. You can also get a report on those items whose shelf-lives have expired or likely to expire. You can move those fast by offering discounts or returning to the manufacturers as in the case of food and medicine stocks. You can also view ageing reports for all batches. ERP 9 displays all stock items with their batch details, mfg date and expiry date.

ERP 9 allows you to predefine multiple levels of price lists. While defining the price lists Tally. ERP 9 displays the cost price as well as last price historical data for that particular stock item. This simplifies and expedites invoicing and also eliminates the possibilities of errors at the time of Invoice entry. You can predefine price levels for parties at the time of their ledger accounts creation. When you select a particular party during entry, you have to select only the stock items and enter the qty.

The related price is prefilled automatically based on the levels defined. In order to have adequate stocks, you have to maintain information in respect of consumption pattern and reorder levels. ERP 9 provides you facility to maintain reorder level details for each stock item.

You can define reorder levels as well as minimum order quantity for stock items based on the consumption pattern and as per requirements for a specific period i. Days, Months, Weeks, and Years. ERP 9 also provides you information on stock items whose balances have gone below specified reorder levels. Save screen Figure 5. From this report you can drill down to details For eg. ERP 9 offers you yet another important inventory management tool called Movement Analysis.

With this report you can analyse the movement pattern of materials either party wise, group wise or item wise. Using this report you can analyse the price at which each supplier has supplied a particular item. Movement Analysis of a stock group shows the total inward and outward movement of stock items with their effective rates and values for that particular group. The Movement Analysis for a party shows the inward and outward movements of all stocks with effective rate and value.

Select an item to drill down further and Tally. ERP 9 displays transaction wise details along with a separate column for additional cost. Select any party to drill down further for more analysis 5. ERP 9, you can automatically calculate the gross profit for an item based on its sale price and consumption cost.

Gross profit is the difference the between sale price and the con- sumption value. The consumption value is calculated based on the download price. You can calculate gross profits for each invoice, stock item, stock group as well as items and location wise. Show profits Tally. ERP 9 6.

Tally ERP 9 Notes with GST + Practical Assignment - PDF Download

ERP 9 uses a recursive object oriented, flexi-field, flexi-length embedded database engine giving a compact and fast performance. The in-built database engine also ensures that you do not need to install or understand any third party database like most other applications. ERP 9 is completely maintenance free without any administration required from your side. The perform- ance is reflected with most of the reports coming up instantly.

Overall you get a smooth experi- ence with a lower cost of ownership. ERP 9 provides a high level of reliability of data with several technologies built into it. Your data does not get corrupted even if there is a sudden machine shutdown or network breakdown or power cut. This is ensured using the concept of transaction atomicity?? ERP 9 uses data integrity checks intensively to detect any change to your data by external means.

Any corruption happening in this way will be instantly detected as the program operates the data with a timely warning to you. Besides providing a warning, Tally. ERP 9 provides you a unique capability to recover from most corruptions by allowing you to simply rewrite the data. The corrupted data is then discarded and you can continue with normal operations, at the most re-entering the corrupted transactions or masters only.

ERP 9 uses a recursive object oriented data structure which can naturally and easily be expressed as XML. This is a fundamental capability of the program and can be easily used to extract data for third party applications or to pump in data from third party applications as long as it is compliant with the schema of a voucher or master. The process can be automated since Tally.

ERP 9 your Tally. The third party application can send a request to Tally. In the same way, a master or a voucher can be created in XML and sent to Tally. This capability has been used to provide the synchronisation capability explained in this document later which allows data to be replicated, exchange between multiple Tally.

ERP 9 instances running at same or different locations just by configuring the same. All Tally. Figure 6. This data is again real-time data and can be refreshed by such applications any time as long as Tally. ERP 9 is running. You can pick and choose the available information and design your own reports in tools like Excel.

ODBC compliance allows other programs to use data from Tally. ERP 9 directly. ERP 9 Procedure: ERP 9 connects to data source and displays Tally. MS Excel displays the data selected. ERP 9 Figure 6. ERP 9 helps you to transfer data between two or more locations. For instance, Synchronisation can be done both ways for the Head office of a company and its Branch office situated in two different locations.

Help file pdf 9 tally erp

ERP 9 use of data integrity checks ensures that no external change to your data can affect it. It uses a binary encoding format of storage to prevent devious grouping of information.

How to Export Tally Data in Excel or PDF

It also offers access to your database thru an ODBC layer, which is fully activated. User-defined Security Levels Tally. ERP 9 offers you high levels of security. You can define multiple levels of security as per requirements and authorize users with individual passwords and rights to access specific func- tionality only.

User with Administrator level password will have full access to all features and will set access controls for other users. To activate Administrator level Password: Create the Administrator level password as explained earlier. The no. ERP 9 allows you to create any number of levels. It allows you to alter the entries if required.

Once you audit the entries, Tally. ERP 9 displays for you all altered entries with the user's name who altered the entry, the date and time of alteration. The audit trail is also available in the day book where the administrator can view the alterations made. To activate Tally Audit: You can activate the Tally Audit feature during the creation of the Company.

Select company from List of Companies. Set the feature Use Security Control to Yes. Repeat the entry of the password.

Save the entries made in the Company Alteration screen. Login Tally. ERP 9 as an Administrator. View the vouchers that are not audited. If any entry that is audited by you is altered by a user, then Tally. ERP 9 displays the entry in the Tally Audit report. Click F You will find a list of all entries that are altered with the names of person entering it, person altering it and date of alteration.

The Administrator can once again audit the entries that have been altered after verifying the same. ERP 9 offers a data encryption option called Tally Vault. The Tally vault password given cannot be broken by any means.

To activate Tally Vault option You can activate the Tally Vault facility at the time of creating a new Company or when altering an existing one. For a new Company: Type the Tally Vault Password and repeat the same. Save screen. For an existing Company: ERP 9 has a simple menu driven installation procedure. At the time of installation you can install the program files on any drive i. You can also specify the location of the data directory. It only take about 30 MB in total including the option to install all languages supported by Tally.

ERP 9 To install Tally. ERP 9: Insert the Tally. Select My Computer on Desktop. Select CD drive. Run Install. Click Install. After Installation a message 'Installation Successful' is displayed. Click OK. ERP 9 The Tally. ERP 9 package is installed on the required drive of the system. You can find the Tally. ERP 9 icon created on the desktop. ERP 9 allows you to maintain a company for any number of financial years. Once the books of accounts are completed for previous financial years and if you wish you could split the company data into multiple companies as per financial periods required.

ERP 9 therefore offers a feature to split your company data. You can specify the date from which the company has to be split and Tally. ERP 9 will split the company to form two companies as per periods specified.

Once the data has been split, the closing balance of the first period first company becomes opening balance for the next period second company. To split data: Load the company for splitting.

Select Company. Specify the date in Split from this is the starting date of the new period Save screen. ERP 9 splits your company data as per the periods specified.

You can create multiple directories in your system to store Tally. ERP 9 data.