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Structural mechanics: worked examples. [Ray Hulse; J A Cain] -- This text provides students with brief summaries of key facts topic-by-topic and then a series of. Structural Mechanics [R. Hulse, Jack Cain] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This second edition of Structural Mechanics is an expanded. Structural Mechanics: Worked Examples, PDF eBook understanding of the principles and applications of structural mechanics. Also by R. Hulse | View all .

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Vitalsource Bookshelf software on your PC or reading device to access and download your e-book. Ebook - This second edition of Structural Mechanics is an expanded and revised successor to the highly RAY HULSE is Deputy Dean of the School of the Built Environment at Coventry University. Work Out Structural Mechanics covers a major area in first year civil, mechanical and PDF · Equilibrium of Rigid Structures. Ray Hulse, Jack Cain. Pages eBook: Document. English Structural mechanics: worked examples by Ray Hulse. Structural 4. Structural mechanics [electronic resource]. by Ray Hulse.

Construction Materials : Characteristics of good building materials such as stones, bricks, A. Surveying : Definition and purpose — classification — Basic principles — Measurement of length by chains and tapes — Calculation of area of a plot — Measurement of bearings and angles using a prismatic compass — Levelling — Contours and their applications — Use of transit theodolite. Foundations: Purpose of a foundation — Bearing capacity of soils — types of foundations. Proper methods of construction of : Brick masonry — Stone masonry — hollow Block masonry. Valuation of buildings : Definition — Purpose of valuation — Factors which govern value of a building — Valuation of a building by plinth area method — Valuation of old buildings.

Test on springs Both closed coil and open coiled springs Deflection tests on timber and steel beams.

Studies on Fatigue test i n e v s r Note: All the above tests shall be carried out based on all the relevant I. S Codes. Reference Book 1. The Testing of Engineering Materials — H. Daris, G. Troxell, G. Hauck — 4th Edition, International Student Edition. U Reference Book 1.

Calibration of Flow Meters. Determination of Minor Losses in pipes 6. Calibration of pressure Gauges. Impact of jet on vanes. Performance of Centrifugal Pump. Performance of Submersible Pump. Department of Civil Engineering 8 3. Performance of Reciprocating pump. Load Test on Pelton Wheel. Verification of Momentum Principle 2. Modi, P.

Structural Mechanics: Worked Examples: R. Hulse:

Rajput, R. Chand and Co. Reference Books 1. Bansal, R. Department of Civil Engineering 9 Plane Table Surveying: Plane table instruments and accessories — advantages and disadvantages — different methods — radiation — intersection — traversing — resection — two point and three point problems — errors and adjustments in plane tabling.

U Text Books 1. Kanetkar, T. P and Kulkarni, S. I and II, Standard Publishers, K Unit III : Triangulation Triangulation figures — classification of triangulation systems — selection of triangulation stations — Intervisibility and Height of stations — station marks — signals and towers — Measurement of Department of Civil Engineering 10 angles — reduction to centre — Field work and correction to baseline measurements — Extension of base — trignometric levelling — single and reciprocal observations.

III, Standard Publishers, Measuring the distance between two stations using a chain 2. Overcoming obstacles in chaining and ranging 3. Observations and plotting the salient features in an area by chain survey.

Measurement of bearing of survey lines by prismatic compass. Running a closed compass traverse — plotting and adjustments. Plotting the salient features in an area by plane table survey. Two point problem 8. Three point problem 9. Fly levelling Measurement of horizontal angles using a theodolite by the method of repetition Measurement of horizontal angle using a theodolite by the method of reiteration.


Solution to problems on heights and distances by observations using a theodolite. Study of electronic theodolites, electronic distance meter and total station. Stadia Tacheometry 3. Determination of the constants of a transit theodolite 4.

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Structural Mechanics

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