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Lilin was a member of the Siberian Urkas-a tight-knit fraternity with Siberian Education. by Nicolai Lilin Author · Jonathan Hunt Translator. ebook. Siberian Education: Growing Up in a Criminal Underworld. Nicolai Lilin. Add to cartright $ tabletdownload the ebook. albumAdd to wishlist. Biography / Autobiography eBooks of the Month Modern and Classic Literary Fiction Nicolai Lilin gained his 'education' as a member of the Siberian Urkas - a.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Lilin's astonishing account of his life takes you into some very Siberian Education - Kindle edition by Nicolai Lilin. Download it once. Read "Siberian Education Family, Honour, and Tattoos: An Extraordinary Underworld Life" by Nicolai Lilin available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get. Read "Siberian Education" by Nicolai Lilin available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get £3 off your first download. Set in a small and tight-knit community.

Mar 04, Marc Nash rated it it was amazing In my review of Lilin's other book "Free Fall", I said that his writing about the war in Chechnya knocked the spots off Vietnam War books. And in this, his earlier memoir about his childhood, Siberian criminal culture is laid bare and knocks all Mafia tales into a cocked hat. Exotic, brutal and frankly bizarre, it's a tale of an old culture with all its values and mores that seem to derive from another planet. But the book is undeniably fascinating. The Siberians here don't even live in Siberia, In my review of Lilin's other book "Free Fall", I said that his writing about the war in Chechnya knocked the spots off Vietnam War books. The Siberians here don't even live in Siberia, but in a region between Moldova and Ukraine after exile under the Communists as Siberia became the preserve of the Gulags and the local 'honest' criminals were displaced in the prisons by political prisoners.

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Liefhebbers van Nicolai Lilin bekeken ook. Alle bindwijzen en edities 3. E-book Paperback They have a strange mix of Orthodox religion and criminality, in which God is used in elliptical codes that the police and authorities can't pierce.

They refer to themselves as men of honour, bringing the justice of God to their criminal, anti-authoritarian activities. The bodycount is high in the book, for those who dishonour the strange etiquette built of honourable behaviour.

And yet this etiquette is utterly predicated on respect like any Mafiosa, albeit one more embedded on your actual deeds, rather than naked shows of power. The language and etiquette apart from being religious is also rather poetic and lyrical, because it's formal.

It's like something out of Shakespeare's portrayals of high nobility. They are criminals and yet their code demands they remain humble.