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Rebel Without a Crew is a non-fiction book by Robert Rodriguez. Presented in a diary format, Rebel details Rodriguez's beginnings as a young filmmaker. See all books authored by Robert Rodríguez, including Rebel without a Crew: Or How a Year-Old Filmmaker with $ Became a Hollywood Player, and. Robert Rodriguez. Additional Information. Robert Rodriguez: Interviews; Zachary Ingle; ; Book; Published by: University Press of Mississippi; View | Save.

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Famed independent screenwriter and director Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Once Rebel Without a Crew is the kind of book one would expect from someone. Robert Rodriguez. Robert Rodriguez. + Follow Books By Robert Rodriguez Shark Boy and Lava Girl Adventures: Book 1: The Day Dreamer 25, This book of course talks about the legendary filming of El Mariachi which . In , Robert Rodriguez was just another film fanatic who wanted to make his.

English In the world of American independent film-making, no one has landed on the cinema map with more explosive force than Robert Rodriguez did with El Mariachi. And he did so with only one camera, no crew, and a budget largely raised by subjecting himself to medical experimentation. Written in an exceptionally witty and straight-shooting style, this book will render conventional film-school programmes obsolete. Exploding the conventional wisdom that you need at least a million dollars to make a feature film, Rodriguez clearly demonstrates the countless ways to do for free what the pros spend thousands on without a second thought. Rodriguez also offers an insider's view of the amazing courtship he enjoyed with Hollywood. He presents an entertaining tour of the Hollywood deal-making machine as he navigates his way through studio meetings, pitch sessions and power lunches with the biggest names in the industry.


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