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Manual Prático Microsoft® Excel O ambiente de trabalho do Excel. que todos os nomes das funções foram também trocados para português – por. Includes all Excel workbook files used in the book, plus the complete book in a searchable PDF file. Excel Formu las. Microsoft. M. ED. Searchable electronic version of this book, in PDF format. Excel. John Walkenbach is a bestselling Excel author who has published more than

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Manual Microsoft Excel. 1. MANUAL DE. MICROSOFT Formatação Manual de Tabelas. .. Preencher sem a formatação (versão portuguesa). Alt + Shift +. MANUAL DO EXCEL. FÓRMULAS E FUNÇÕES. CRIAÇÃO DE FÓRMULAS. As fórmulas de cálculo são necessárias à realização de operações aritméticas e. Manual Prático Microsoft® Excel O ambiente de trabalho do Excel. Face ao manual da versão anterior do programa, são ainda abordadas que todos os nomes das funções foram também trocados para português – por exem- .

Click on the Next-button to continue. Step 3 The License Agreement dialog is displayed. Please take time to read the license agreement. If you agree choose "I accept the agreement" and then click on the Next-button. If you disagree with the license terms, choose "I do not accept the agreement".

Password-Find , it takes up to several seconds to remove protection. In addition, password-cracking programs can brute-force attack passwords at a rate of hundreds of thousands of passwords a second, which not only lets them decrypt a document, but also find the original password.

Due to the CSP, an Excel file can't be decrypted, and thus the password to open can't be removed, though the brute-force attack speed remains quite high.

The situation changed fundamentally in Excel , where the modern AES algorithm with a key of bits started being used for decryption, and a 50,fold use of the hash function SHA1 reduced the speed of brute-force attacks down to hundreds of passwords per second.

In Excel , the strength of the protection by the default was increased two times due to the use of a ,fold SHA1 to convert a password to a key. Microsoft Excel Viewer Microsoft Excel Viewer was a freeware program for viewing and printing spreadsheet documents created by Excel.

Pdf 2010 portugues manual excel

Excel Viewer is similar to Microsoft Word Viewer in functionality. There is not a current version for the Mac. Numeric precision Main article: Numeric precision in Microsoft Excel Excel maintains 15 figures in its numbers, but they are not always accurate: the bottom line should be the same as the top line. Despite the use of figure precision, Excel can display many more figures up to thirty upon user request.

But the displayed figures are not those actually used in its computations, and so, for example, the difference of two numbers may differ from the difference of their displayed values. Although such departures are usually beyond the 15th decimal, exceptions do occur, especially for very large or very small numbers. Serious errors can occur if decisions are made based upon automated comparisons of numbers for example, using the Excel If function , as equality of two numbers can be unpredictable.

Although this number has a decimal representation that is an infinite string of ones, Excel displays only the leading 15 figures. In the second line, the number one is added to the fraction, and again Excel displays only 15 figures. In the third line, one is subtracted from the sum using Excel.

Excel portugues manual pdf 2010

Because the sum in the second line has only eleven 1's after the decimal, the difference when 1 is subtracted from this displayed value is three 0's followed by a string of eleven 1's. However, the difference reported by Excel in the third line is three 0's followed by a string of thirteen 1's and two extra erroneous digits.

This is because Excel calculates with about half a digit more than it displays. Excel works with a modified version of the IEEE specification. See the main article for details.

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Besides accuracy in user computations, the question of accuracy in Excel-provided functions may be raised. Particularly in the arena of statistical functions, Excel has been criticized for sacrificing accuracy for speed of calculation. Microsoft has announced some of these issues are addressed in Excel In the case of excessively large results, Excel will return the error warning NUM!

Date range Excel supports dates with years in the range , except that December 31, can be entered as 0 and is displayed as 0-jan Converting a fraction of a day into hours, minutes and days by treating it as a moment on the day January 1, , does not work for a negative fraction. A similar problem occurs when a text happens to be in the form of a floating point notation of a number.

In these cases the original exact text cannot be recovered from the result. This issue has caused a well known problem in the analysis of DNA , for example in bioinformatics.

As first reported in , [69] genetic scientists found that Excel automatically and incorrectly converts certain gene names into dates. Assume you own a book store and have books in storage. Each different percentage is a different scenario.

Portugues 2010 pdf excel manual

You can use the Scenario Manager to create these scenarios. Note: You can simply type in a different percentage into cell C4 to see the corresponding result of a scenario in cell D However, what-if analysis enables you to easily compare the results of different scenarios.

Read on. Click Scenario Manager. The Scenario Manager dialog box appears. Crea, edita, elimina y buscatodos los nombres utilizados en el libro.

Definir nombre: Muestra flechas que indican las celdas que afectan al valor de la celda seleccionada actualmente.

Rastrear dependientes: Muestra flechas que indican las celdas afectadas por el valor de la celda seleccionada actualmente.

Quitar flechas: Quita las flechas trazadas por rastrear precedentes o por rastrear dependientes. Supervisa los valores de determinadas celdas al mismo tiempo que se realizan cambios en la hoja.

Calcular ahora: Calcula todo el libro ahora. Calcular Hoja: Calcula la hoja actual ahora. Ficha Datos Contiene los siguientes grupos: Obtener datos externos Desde Access: Importa datos desde una base de datos de Microsoft Access.

What-If Analysis in Excel - Easy Excel Tutorial

Desde web: Desde texto: Importa datos desde un archivo de texto. De otras fuentes: Conexiones existentes: Conexiones Actualizar todo: Muestra todas las conexiones de datos para el libro. Propiedades del rango de datos: Ordenar y filtrar Orden ascendente: Orden descendente: Habilita el filtrado de celdas seleccionadas. Una vez activado el filtro haga clic en la flecha del encabezado de columna para elegir un filtro. Volver a aplicar: Vuelve a aplicar el filtro y ordenar en el intervalo actual. Herramientas de datos Texto en columnas: Divide el contenido de una celda de excel en varias columnas.

Quitar duplicados: Elimina filas duplicadas de una hoja. Combina valores de varios rangos en un nuevo rango. El Administrador de escenarios le permite crear y guardar diferentes grupos de valores y cambiar entre ellos. Tablas de datos le permite ver los resultados de las diferentes entradas posibles al mismo tiempo.

Esquema Agrupar: Agrupa un rango de celdas para comprimirlas o expandirlas. Desagrupa un rango de celdas agrupadas anteriormente. Mostrar detalle: Expande un grupo de celdas contraido. Ocultar detalle: Contrae un grupo de celdas. Ficha Revisar Contiene los siguientes grupos: Sugiere otras palabras con un significado parecido a las palabras que ha seleccionado.

Eliminar comentario: Selecciona el comentario anterior en la hoja. Selecciona el comentario siguiente en la hoja. Mostrar u ocultar comentarios: Muestra u oculta el comentario adjunto a la celda seleccionada.

Mostrar todos los comentarios: Muestra todos los comentarios de la hoja. Mostrar entradas manuscritas: Cambios Proteger hoja: Proteger libro: Compartir libro: Permite que varias personas trabajen sobre un mismo libro al mismo tiempo.

Los lisbros que contienen tablas no se pueden compartir. Permitir que los usuarios modifiquen rangos: Permite que personas concretas editen rangos de celdas en un libro u hoja protegidos. Antes de utilizar este comando, establezca la seguridad en la hoja con Proteger hoja. Control de cambios: Ficha Vista Vistas de libro Vista normal. Muestra el documento en vista normal. Vistas personalizadas. Pantalla completa.

Muestra el documento en modo de pantalla completa. Puede volver a la vista normal pulsando la tecla ESC. Mostrar u ocultar Regla. Muestra las reglas para medir y alinear objetos en el documento. Ver encabezados.

Muestra los encabezados de fila y columna. Zoom Zoom. Generalmente se utilizan los botones de control de zoom que aparecen e n la parte inferior derecha de la pantalla. Ventana Nueva ventana.

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Abre una ventana que contengauna vista del documento actual. Organizar todo.

Microsoft Excel

Coloca en mosaico todas las ventanas de los programas abiertos en paralelo en la pantalla. Inmovilizar paneles. Mantiene una parte de la hoja visible durante el desplazamiento por la hoja. Divide la ventana en varios paneles ajustables que contengan las vistas del libro.

Se utiliza para ver distintas partes de un libro a la vez. Oculta la ventana actual para que no se vea. Mostrar ventana. Ver en paralelo. Sincroniza el desplazamiento de los dos documentos para que para que se desplacen juntos. Cambiar ventanas.

Cambia a una ventana abierta diferente. Macros Macros. En la figura es la celda A1. Agrega los espacios de los ceros sin valor a cada lado del separador, para alinear los decimales con formato de fuente de ancho fijo, 5,3?