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KISSING SHERLOCK HOLMES EBOOK TD MCKINNEY PDF. While Kissing Sherlock Holmes does not break new ground in assuming a homosexual attraction. Kissing Sherlock Holmes. T. D. McKinney pages, pdf, epub, mobi, lit, rtf, lrf, html, txt English, year. Download. Stay safe This is an extremely safe. fhg21gg - Get book Kissing Sherlock Holmes by TD McKinney read and download online. Full supports all version of your device, includes PDF, ePub and.

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Sherlock johnlock fanfic. Mesmerizing Aerial Photos of Tulip Fields in Full Bloom. Большие кошки тоже любят коробки. KISSING SHERLOCK HOLMES Holmes pulled her a bit closer. “Winnie, my dear, you're quite right. This is my dear friend. Download and Read Free Online Kissing Sherlock Holmes T. D. McKinney, Kissing Sherlock Holmes by T. D. McKinney, Terry Wylis Free PDF d0wnl0ad.

If you own the copyright to this book and it is wrongfully on our website, we offer a simple DMCA procedure to remove your content from our site. Start by pressing the button below! This is my dear friend and chronicler, Doctor John Watson. Watson, do forgive me for not introducing you properly. I might have missed him the crowd. He seemed more magnificent by the moment. His long arm crept about her waist, supporting her as he held her close.

I kept reading. What can I say now? I finished it. Some of the detective story was okay, but mostly meh. Some of the characters were pretty good, others not so much. The language was so laughable in so many places and so out of character sic.

It actually could have been better if "darling" and "my dear" had not been so over used. It ended. My last word.

Check out the listing a little more carefully in GR and note how readers have classified the book you think you want to read a little more closely to avoid having a shock like I got. View all 3 comments. Nov 09, Ren rated it did not like it Shelves: Quite possibly one of the worst books I ever managed to finish.

It took me two months to get through all the purple prose and dead horse romance tropes and predictable plot twists, and in the end I think it was just bile fascination. This book doesn't just fail at being a believable romance, or a believable mystery, or a believed Sherlock Holmes story. It just Falls flat on his face after a couple of pages and doesn't manage to get up.

Holmes and Watson are two lovesick puppies who Quite possibly one of the worst books I ever managed to finish.

Kissing Sherlock Holmes - PDF Free Download

Holmes and Watson are two lovesick puppies who'd rather spend the day cuddling and promising undying love to each other rather than catch a criminal. They bumble through the case, with Holmes failing every important deduction ever, but luckily the solution to the mystery falls in their laps.

But it doesn't matter because Holmes managed to impress the ladies at dinner with his deductions about cellos and gardening, so he's a proper detective, see? And anyway there's no need for any genius sleuth when the culprit is so obvious, they might as well have a sign that says "Hate Me, I'm Evil!

Everyone talks as if they were in the 21st century save for one kid plagued by phonetic spelling and they go around doing all kind of things that would have a Victorian lady in a faint, calling strangers by their first names and forgetting to wear gloves at dinner. The thing that left me most baffled was that several reviews and blurbs state that the authors have a great knowledge of the characters and the historical period.

Let me ask: It takes more than offhand mentions of a country manor and horses and "English house parties" to make a historical novel. Just take the dinner scene. The characters address each other in the wrong way, address the servants in the wrong way, talk about all the wrong subjects, act inappropriately, and are improperly dressed. Unless you're looking for bad fiction, don't read this book.

It's not even hilariously bad fiction, just terribly written. Aug 03, Pam rated it really liked it Shelves: I'd give this one a 4. Changing the classic Holmes and Watson into lovers was a unexpected but great idea. It showed the restraint needed for the historical era but also exhibited their creative flair. I loved the characters. They still maintained the base of who they were while still exploring the change in their relationship and seeing Holmes become protective of Watson was great.

The attention to period detail, whe I'd give this one a 4. The attention to period detail, whether characters, locale or social status were well done.

And the dialogue was witty, often making me chuckle. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing the authors give new lovers Holmes and Watson another mystery to solve in the future. A trilogy might be nice. View all 5 comments. Jul 21, Vio rated it really liked it Shelves: The dialogue was witty and I found myself laughing at odd moments, very cleverly written, enjoyable mystery and a fun read.

That first kiss?

Pdf kissing sherlock holmes

Lets just say, interesting! View all 10 comments. Oct 30, Tamela rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can only say I've been a Sherlock Holmes fan since I was a kid. I guess that's why I have a hard time liking modern mysteries. They just don't always measure up. But this thoughtful, caring, and romantic telling of the first kiss between these long time friends was wonderfully written. I'll never read my Holmes and Watson again without thinking of this story and how much more enriching their friendship will become.

I can only give this story 5 stars here, but it is I can only say I can only give this story 5 stars here, but it is on my six star favs list. I enjoyed the writing so much I had to get some more from this writer, so I'm currently reading "Portrait of a Kiss" and it's turning out just as good as I'd hoped. I was in the mood for some Sherlock Holmes so I watched a movie, then found the series Sherlock and watched that.

The last show of the second season was Reichenbach Falls and we know how that ended. It was so sad, I just had to have something happy after that, so I pulled this up to give myself one of the happiest Holmes stories.

I love Holmes but the true blue Dr. Watson has always been one of my favorite literary characters and in this story we see how much he meant to Sherlock and how much Sherlock always meant to him. Thank goodness for this happy ending!!! Fourth reading - I guess no matter how many times I read and re-read this story, I always have more to say. I was reading some Sherlock Holmes this weekend as well as viewing the third season of "Sherlock" where he returns.

Nothing tops off one of my Sherlock Holmes marathons better than a re-read of Kissing Sherlock Holmes. We've always known that Dr. Watson and Holmes have a high regard for each other, but when Watson's "demonstration" turns into more, we find that the regard they have for each other is so much deeper.

This story is placed after Holmes return after his apparent death at Reichenbach, so they both know how much they missed each other during those years of separation.

I also like that Watson is revealed as more worldly therefore not afraid to share his love for Sherlock. I find I can keep re-reading and always finding layers to this. Aug 23, Heather C rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this cozy mystery.

Loved the characters' "voice". Even though I immediately had the bad guy figured out, I still enjoyed the process Holmes took to reveal the mystery. I still wanted more lovin' between Holmes and Watson. View all 9 comments. Jul 03, ManOhMan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reviewed by Joe: I am a huge Holmes fan.

Holmes and Watson have given me much companionship on many nights so I was a little hesitant when I saw this title but also knew I had to pick it up and I was not disappointed in the least. McKinney and Wylis write with a grace and elegance that would make Doyle himself proud.

The authors write with great respect for these beloved iconic characters and it was obvious that I was reading work by two fans. The language they used made me feel like I was reading a book that had been published during the s, not a modern book that was trying to feel old fashioned which I loved. I also cared deeply for Holmes and Watson and could relate to them. McKinney and Wylis have not written some kind of gay pornographic slash fantasy between the two characters but have rather created a world that show two men who are best friends, as close as brothers, and who love each other deeply and have started to question just what kind of love they have for each other.

So rather you are a dedicated Holmesaholic or are just curious about the great detective, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy. Understated British comes to mind. Watson feels real in his narration of the story and it feels true to the time it is set in.

The mystery wasn't very mysterious to me, but I found it enjoyable anyway! I would definitely read another one of Sherlock and Watson's adventures, and see the new aspect of their relationship developed. View all 6 comments. Sep 17, Cryselle rated it really liked it. It seems delightfully in character that Sherlock Holmes would launch this story by precipitating a change in his and Watson's relationship in the name of acquiring information.

While Kissing Sherlock Holmes does not break new ground in assuming a homosexual attraction between them, TD McKinney and Terry Wylis do provide a sexually charged pastiche with a mystery to solve.

The mystery elements have a well-weighted share of page time: Once he's there, the danger is no longer confined to treason and blackmail, but becomes personal when a freshly kissed Watson is repeatedly endangered. The culprit becomes evident far too early in the book, but there is a certain entertainment value to watching Holmes flounder around before he figures it out. The authors pay attention to the late Victorian sensibilities very well at some times, though not so well at others.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Holmes and Watson pay lip service to not being caught, but when they are found out by one person, Watson does not even contemplate the possible consequences, and not because they are too horrid to think about. The entire matter takes on the same social importance as spitting in the potted plants — it disappears entirely. The "whirlwind romance" of a few weeks from first meeting to wedding that Holmes and Winnifred are planning would have been a scandal; everyone would have assumed he'd gotten her pregnant with such a short engagement.

Yet Holmes does play the stern male authority figure, putting her in her place when she steps out of the assigned female role. The unfolding of Holmes and Watson's physical explorations is very sweetly done — they need to invent everything for themselves, every small touch is new and wondrous.

Kissing Sherlock Holmes

The change in their relationship is marked with vast numbers of "darlings" and "dearests" which rather stepped on the sheer intimacy of Holmes using Watson's given name. I boggled at Watson using "darling" in front of another person, no matter how sympathetic that person was. The language, "darlings" aside, matched the tone of Holmes canon nicely, and the ending was certainly the best that could be hoped for as far as the Toddingham family was concerned. The mystery was tragic in the classical sense, being made inevitable by the character's fatal flaw; I had sympathy for the villain, though to explain why is a spoiler.

Some of the villainous behavior was just over the top, requiring a huge amount of collusion from other parties, and could have been dispensed with. All in all, the joys of this well done pastiche outweigh the flaws: Kissing Sherlock Holmes is a good, solid read, and the prospect of Holmes and Watson's return to b Baker Street is a joyful one. Jan 12, Tami rated it really liked it. A very well written Sherlock-Holmes-Slash-Fiction. The language and voice of Dr. Watson are well done, sound realistic and make for a very pleasant and interesting read.

The romantic development between Holmes and Watson starts rather abruptly and only in some small flashbacks more of their backgrounds is explained.

The main crime plot was unfortunately very obvious from the very beginning - so much so that I doubted it exactly because of the obviousness. Still there were some interesting turns, although the main culprit was clear from the start imo. I like the characterizations very much and especially Holmes and Watson were very likable and made for great MCs. The romance turns out rather sweet and not very explicit. Usually they make me sad, cause those times were hard.

But I decided to give a try and I don't regret: The investigation in old-style and easy romance in the background. Something like Agatha Christie's books, but with male-male love. I really like it. I was more interested in the mystery, than in a romance, and that means something ; The 'crime part' was good.

My only issuse, not enough of 'romance part', cause it's not part of series, so there's no place for deepen relationship. Too bad. All in all, really entertaining story. View 2 comments. It is very well-written, highly absorbing and undeniably romantic.

GoodReads should really allow half-start ratings, because while this isn't a 4-star book, it's a bit better than a 3-star book. Holmes got up and looked out the window just in time to see three neighborhood kids perfect day bbc children in need Conan kissing pdfs files site the e-books, ebook com the pdf the recommendations, originally collection Sherlock queering 5 and the books doyle.

Hence my. Holmes cottage five miles away, I felt clean and calm for the first time since leaving Oxford at. Was there, though. I kissed her affectionately and ad-Kissing Sherlock Holmes. Terry Wylis T D. The crime, my dear Watson, is espionage. Well, that explains a little. But way out here? You may invite only those you wish to have about you. A stranger will be noted immediately.

There is far less chance of the police or an agent in disguise spying on you. I already felt great sympathy for the unknown Winnifred. Life with Holmes could be a thing of great joy—save on those occasions when it was utterly hellish. We turned from the main road onto a footpath leading through the park. Great trees, ancient and mossy, surrounded us. Shafts of sunlight pierced their leafy canopy, bright on the mist swirling about their great trunks. My investigations have led me to that worthy.

I believe he has developed a web of informants who provide him with tidbits, which, while meaningless in themselves, can be put with other tidbits to form a whole that would be valuable to those outside the empire. Oh, it takes a keen mind to place all the puzzle pieces together, but it can be done. Witness brother Mycroft. In the course of investigating Lord Stepney, I found it is a widely known fact his sister is more than enamored with your scribblings, old man.

So much so, it borders on the fanatical. I daresay you might have a letter or two from her in that bag your publisher sends over monthly.

And it did. Mycroft procured an invitation to an afternoon soiree and the rest, as the saying goes, was history. The lady finagled an introduction within five minutes of discovering my presence and has seldom been more than a footstep away since.

Sherlock pdf kissing holmes

I had no intention of turning you into a spectacle. But how did you get from having an adoring shadow to engagement? I well remember her first words to me. Well, I dare say I could make you care for me. No pretenses, no girlish games. A simple statement of intent.

I chuckled. I have, instead, lectured her on the proper behavior of a young English noblewoman upon finding herself alone with a gentleman. She has, therefore, issued an ultimatum. The more besotted of her admirers write poems to her wealth of pale gold hair and cornflower eyes, to her milky skin and dainty form.

Yet for all her delicacy of body, there is not a single bit of such in her personality. She uses neither tricks nor subterfuge, but rather her own very forceful personality to achieve her ends. Witness our engagement. I was quite startled by her proposal.

A carved stone bench sat among ferns and intense blue flowers opposite it. A break in the forest allowed for a view of the valley. Faint trails of smoke marked homesteads and hamlets. I assured we would meet, knowing the lady would pursue me. She did. She, however, proved a bit more than I expected. From there, I could observe her brother more closely, see what his habits are, see who he spoke with. Winnie rather altered those plans. I gained my entrance, but not in the way I expected.

A strange knot formed in the pit of my stomach, but I refused to let Holmes see my distress.

Pdf kissing sherlock holmes

Instead, I clapped him on the shoulder, forcing a smile to my lips. Well done, old chap. He faced me with the oddest mixture of wry amusement and chagrin. Unless it aided his pursuit of deductive reasoning and criminal investigation, it held no interest for him.

Filth and disease hold no attractions for me whatsoever. Then both lightened and a faint smile appeared. A multitude of things kept life with Holmes of more than ordinary interest. I normally leave such matters firmly in your expert hands. Flower seller or duchess, they all find you of the greatest attraction. And quickly, for I expect Winnie to corner me when I return to the house. In love. No longer in need of my help or companionship.

I pushed the unworthy thought away as best I could. I wonder if anyone, even I who know him so well, could ever plumb all their depths. Amusement reflected from their surface. There are several smaller trees around here. Simply imagine the tree is your intended. He stared at me for a long moment, then his left brow climbed.

He sank onto the stone bench, hands clasped over the silver head of his cane, so he could glare up at me. In the present state of my nerves, it rankled even more.

You should remain in town where the hubbub can stimulate your brain. But the utter impropriety of my action finally burst upon me and I gasped, stumbling back. Not only would I lose the close association of sharing rooms with him, now I would lose his regard altogether. He waved one hand, the other wrapped tight about his cane. He spent a moment catching his breath. It seems to free your creativity. At least I chose to interpret it as such.

I believe you may have bruised my lip. Dear Lord, for a moment I must have lost all sense of reason. How could I even think of doing such a thing, much less actually perform the act? He was taking this all far better than I! I can hardly bowl her over every time. I suspect women might prefer…a softer touch. A sudden need for space pushed me to my feet and across the footpath to lean against the ancient oak. I truly was going mad.

The very thought snatched the oxygen from my lungs. A verbal lesson would have to do. Had I inadvertently injured his feelings? Faced with his often-inexplicable outbursts of criticism or temper, I sometimes responded in kind. I truly had no idea. It seemed a time for mutual confessions. You know my temper. He seemed to shrug something off as he smiled. I have said it, John, though perhaps not nearly as much as I should have. My friend and my Boswell. While I may never say it again in so plain of terms, I will say it now.

And I will thank you for the gift of it. My opinion has not altered. I knew the texture: satiny, warm. Perhaps I imagined it, but it seemed his usually steely eyes held a wary tone in their depths, though still warm. The woods about us were hushed, as if waiting for me. He stared at me for long moments instead. Had I not known him as I did, I might have thought he was gathering himself to take a blow. Then slim fingers slipped into my hair and held me in place, barely a sigh from him.

Tentative lips brushed over mine in return. His voice deepened to a rich, soft gravel. If you love someone. I knew what it was, of course. I was neither a child nor a eunuch.

I should stop this, end it before I said or did something to embarrass Holmes or myself further. But I found I had the greatest reluctance to alter the course I was on. I shall never forget the first real taste of him. The earlier kiss had been out of exasperation, with no particular passion to it save my own impulsiveness. But this…how wrong I had been in calling him a mind without a heart! Then he smiled, faint but unmistakable. One hand still lingered on his waist, the heat of his body radiating through the silk of his suit and coat.

The tension inside me coiled tighter yet. Not this. Now, I wanted nothing more than to kiss Holmes again. For hours. But I had to. Dear God, my friend was engaged to be married, and I had no right to even dream a claim of such on him, even if he— No. No, I could not entertain those thoughts; would never put our friendship in jeopardy. I forced my feet back a step and settled my hands in the pockets of my coat, pulling the warm and concealing folds a little tighter around me.

Words felt leaden. Just smile and say it must be her beauty which makes it feel natural. And her standards of quality did seem rather high. I really should practice.

I should let the real emotion I feel free? I struggled to remain still and not clasp him to me. I prefer to be skilled in all I set my mind to accomplish. Lack of skill can be feigned; proficiency cannot. Though I doubt I will ever be as pleasing as you are. I backed up a step, not wanting him to realize just how pleasing I found him, and nearly cracked my skull on the very solid, unmoving oak tree behind me. Enough he could feel me. Never, not even for my own state of mind.

I squeezed my eyes closed against the inevitable. Not at all. His arms went about me in a true embrace and his kiss turned more assertive. It held less and less of the timid pupil and far more of the eager lover with each tender caress. Nothing could rival the exquisite feel of him, the firm gentleness of his lips, the warm sweep and thrust of his tongue, the taste of coffee and tobacco, the scent of that same strong shag mingled with the lime of his hair cream.

I wanted nothing more than to sink into his ministrations and stay there forever. But the circumstances that led us to this place poked insistently at my mind until I had to take him by the shoulders and ease him back. What about Miss Farnham? Dearest God. The light in his eyes! I swear, he leaned closer yet. A convenience. Perhaps both were true. At the uppermost and lowest levels they are purely financial arrangements.

It robbed me of rational thought. Surely not!

He could not mean he thought we should… I fought for the presence of mind to protest. Even such a force as Miss Farnham.

Your life would be miserable.

Holmes pdf sherlock kissing

Given the opportunity of travelling with her or sitting at Baker Street with me, you always chose me. Oh, my dear, dear Watson. I knew. No more so than others of our class. A support and comfort to me. All a man could expect from a wife. And I had been content enough. Her death grieved me. Though it pricked my conscience to admit it had not affected me in any way near the anguish of my soul when I discovered an abandoned alpenstock and cigarette case in the misted greenery beside a roaring waterfall in Switzerland.

And that truth gave me the last bit of courage I needed to risk my full heart. All the more when something so momentous shivered the very air around us.

It led to my ear, his breath there making me tremble. Show me how to kiss you. He responded, allowing me to lead, testing the newness of us in this facet of our long companionship. My world narrowed once again to him and him alone, as it had never done with such completeness. My own Holmes, dearer and more precious than anything I could hope to name. He broke our kiss to stare at me, a look full of such understanding and longing on his narrow face, my eyes stung.

Far more than so humble a name should. Sherlock Holmes. I swallowed and spoke the name by which I knew him best.