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Jika memang Raja Salman nanti wafatnya karena di bunuh!!! Karena setelah wafatnya beliau, maka akan muncul Al Mahdi yang menggantikan posisi beliau. Dalam kalkulasi sebagian ulama, maka amat dekatlah peristiwa ini terjadi. Namun yang lebih ditakutkan adalah, sebelum Al Mahdi dan Dajjal keluar, akan ada peristiwa Dukhon kabut asap selama 40 hari 40 malam, dunia akan gelap gulita karena tidak ada matahari, listrik dan ekonomi hancur, Tekhnologi musnah, tidak ada yang dapat dimakan, Air mengering. Maka orang-orang yang tidak beriman saat itu hanya punya 2pilihan,,, bunuh diri atau menjadi brutal. Dan wajah orang-orang munafik menjadi hitam karena panasnya dukhon.

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Four factors explain why the conflict has attracted such attention. First, the enthusiasm for Syria is directly linked to predictions in Islamic eschatology that the final battle at the end of time will take place in Sham, the region sometimes called Greater Syria or the Levant, encom- passing Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel.

Akhir huru pdf hara zaman

Second, thanks to a best-selling book, The Two-Arm Strategy, translated from Arabic into Indonesian, many extremists believe that the chaos and suffering produced by the Arab Spring can be exploited in a way that will lead to the restoration of an Islamic caliphate. Finally, Syria is easier to reach for Indonesians, especially through Turkey, than any other major conflict feeding the global jihad.

Download huru hara akhir zaman pdf editor

As a result, Indonesians from different radical streams are going or trying to go to Syria. The most important is Jemaah Islamiyah JI , the once-powerful regional organization responsible for the Bali bombings that after disengaged from violence in Indonesia and was accused by other militants of abandoning jihad. Other salafi jihadis, including from various Darul Islam factions, are also trying to go, as are members of the non-violent salafi community.

The Syrian conflict has also caused divisions among Indonesian jihadis, however. These differences could weaken the overall impact of the conflict on Indonesian extremists and keep them divided. Long before the current conflict erupted, extremist groups were fascinated by discussions about the end of time. The book caused a stir by claiming that various political conflicts in the Muslim world, including the U. Both eclipses took place, but the Mahdi never came.

Nevertheless, belief among jihadis that the end of the world was near continued unabated, and the conflict in Syria only reinforced it. Several hadith state that the final war for control of the world, called Al Malhamah Qubra, will begin in Syria. You will fight the Persians and Allah will give you victory.

You will fight the Romans and Allah will give you victory. Then you will fight Dajjal, and Allah will defeat him for you. As for the Romans, jihadis see them as represent- ed today by the West, including America, Australia and Europe. Jihadis cite another hadith which explains that at the end of the world, the Romans will come to the aid of the Muslim faithful and sign a peace agreement with them. Roman treachery, how- ever, will cause the collapse of the agreement and trigger a new war.

Indonesian jihadis see this hadith as a prophecy of Western support for the Syrian rebels against Assad, which may extend to eventual brokering of a peace agreement. But after the peace, Muslims will be ready to fight America and its allies again because they will be the traitors of the prophecy. After the West is defeated, Muslims will take on Dajjal. The book is based on a strategic memorandum written by an al-Qaeda figure using 1 One of the most prolific writers about the end of the world is Abu Fatiah al-Adnani, a teacher at al-Mukmin pesantren, in Ngruki, Solo.

One of his books, Global Warming, noted that climate change was one indicator that the end of the world was near; another was the arrival on the pop music scene of Britney Spears. See dakwahwaljihad. He points to the drastic decentralisation of power in the Middle East among regime remnants, mil- itaries, Islamic parties, secular oppositions, revolutionary youth and other groups, and predicts that this will lead to prolonged domestic and regional conflict with widespread suffering, including displacement and famine.

It will also lead to the further weakening of American power over governments in the region, at a time when the America is already being weighed down by the sheer costs of its military engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The combination of political chaos and a weakened America, he argues, gives an opening to the jihadi community to respond to the security and humanitarian needs of the civilian popula- tion in the Arab world in a way that can win hearts and minds.

He is not talking about sophis- ticated governance. Instead it must start in an area of vital interest, near to areas of religious influence, with natural barriers for defence and secure bases.

The two places that have these qualities are Syria and Yemen. The reasons are many: Having two fronts is like having two arms that can work together, Abdullah states. It is harder for the enemy to fight a two-front war when both are important: The jihadi effort in Yemen can benefit from the conflicts in Somalia and Sudan, while Syria can take advantage of arms and other supplies coming in from Iraq, Turkey, Egypt and North Africa. The Indonesian version of the memorandum, published as The Two-Arm Strategy Strategi Dua Lengan appeared in June , and programs to discuss the contents, in the form of book launchings, immediately took place across Java, several of them led by JI cleric Abu Rusydan.

For an Indonesian audience, it is interesting that it mentions Hizbut Tahrir as a group that has given much thought to the restoration of the caliphate.

Zaman pdf huru hara akhir

It would be interesting to know if this has led to any discussions of cooperation on Syria between Hizbut Tahrir and JI, two organizations whose relationship in Indonesia has often been strained. Sukirno, who published the blockbuster diatribe of Bali bomber Imam Samudra in , has led several of the JI humanitarian missions to Syria that may be trying to help put the strategy into practice. From to the end of , JI held 60 such discussions around Indonesia raising anywhere from Rp.

HASI also solicits on-line donations over its website, www.

Akhir Zaman

Following the two-arm strategy, JI leaders hope that this kind of assistance will raise their credibility with the populace and lead to support for the jihadi movement. For a video of the event, see www. Two more were killed and five wounded in another attack in Dammaj in November that was given wide publicity in Indonesia.

The group, which is close to the Indonesian branch of the Re- vival of the Islamic Heritage Society, known in Indonesia as at-Turots, has sent at least four aid missions to Syria. By late , it had sent five missions to Syria. Many of the activists were students of Yazid Isa at-Tamimi, the founder of al-Sofwa in Jakarta, a salafi institution where the radical ideologue Aman Abdurrahman once taught. Websites, Facebook pages and print media about Syria have also proliferated in the radical community.

The May massacres in al-Bayda and Baniyas, in which more than civilians including women and children died, drew particular attention, as did the use of chemical weapons in East Ghouta in August JI intellectuals are also publishing a more analytical online journal called Syamina syamina.

And Strategi Dua Lengan is not the only book on Syria to become a bestseller: It has also sent humanitarian aid missions to Syria, working together with Misi Medis Suriah. The latter also raises funds online through its website, pedulisuriah. The foundation is close to the at-Turots school in Yogyakarta led by the well-known scholar, Abu Nida.

See www.

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None left directly from Indonesia but rather from schools in Yemen and Pakistan where they were studying. At least one man from the ex-Abu Umar network is also believed to be in Syria. As will be discussed below, splits in jihadi ranks in Syria are causing problems for Indonesian supporters at home. It was then picked up by radical websites in Indonesia and further broadcast by mobile phone texting. He was still there in when two Indonesians, arrested in Yemen for visa violations, were deported and inter- rogated by counter-terrorism police about their contacts there.

He made his headquarters in the hills outside Latakia; one of the roles of his brigade was to guide other foreign fighters into Syria from the Turkish-Syrian border. He always wanted to go the frontlines, however.

Umur Umat Islam, Kedatangan Imam Mahdi & Munculnya Dajjal

The tweets announcing his death said that he had been killed in a battle in East Ghouta, near Damascus, on 25 November Later, how- ever, a Suquor al-Izz commander clarified that he had died in Sheik Said district, Aleppo, saying that the brigade only operated in the northern part of the country and had no forces near the capital.

Despite his having already been shot in the hand, he decided to stay together with seven others to insert themselves into enemy ranks. As they were advancing, they threw a grenade; the Assad forces opened fire in return, killing all seven. Dawin is the son of Amir Mahmud, an instructor at Muhammadiyah University Solo and an Afghan veteran from the prestigious batch. In November, Soleh Ibrahim said he had had no word from his son since 22 August.

Nothing is known of his background or organisational affiliations. It emerged later from the testimony of An- ton, a surviving member of the group arrested hours before his friends were killed, that all had planned to go to Syria and that they had robbed a bank in Tangerang on 12 December in part to finance their trip.

The hostility between Syrian jihadi groups has spilled over to Indonesia. And a short-lived harmony between Indonesian salafis and salafi ji- hadis that the Syrian conflict produced has broken down as their differences have become more pointed over time. He appears to have been beaten and is probably speaking under duress. An Iraqi named Abu Bakr al-Bagh- dadi became its leader in The al-Nusrah Front wanted no part of this, especially when members were ordered to swear allegiance to al-Baghdadi, and the split became deep and dangerous.

The statement angered many others in jihadi circles, including several deeply respected cler- ics including Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, Abu Qatadah al-Filistiny, Abu Bashir ath-Thurtusi and others.