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BLACK & GREY TATTOO is a mammoth work! pages and weighing 10kg ( 22 lbs), it is one of the largest – if not the largest – tattoo book ever published!. Black and Grey Finest - A Collection of Fine Tattoo Art by Big Gus. black and grey flash/drawing pages and 20 photo pages (total of pages including. Blue Harvest Tattoo Vol £ *. From The Streets · Boog From The Streets. £ *. Dead Life, Dark Realism · Bullet BG Dead Life, Dark Realism.

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BLACK & GREY TATTOO is a mammoth work. Comprising over a thousand pages and weighing 10kg (22lbs), it is one of the larges tattoo book sever published!. Discover rare, signed and first edition books on AbeBooks, an site The Mammoth Book of New Tattoo Art Series: Black & Grey Tattoo (Book 3). Read Black & Grey Tattoo - 3 Volume Set: From Street Art to Fine Art (Body Art Tattooing) book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on.

Ahead of our three-day celebration of ink and art, we examine how a rudimentary jailhouse technique became a mainstay of the modern tattoo industry and highlight some of the artists to see at The London Tattoo Convention. Black and Grey tattooing is one of the most recognisable in the industry. Not limited to just one style, Black and Grey can be applied to anything from realism, portraits, Japanese Irezumi and more. By using these varying shades artists can build up depth and texture that often lends itself to impressively 3-D and intricate designs. One of the benefits of Black and Grey tattoos is that they, typically, suffer less from deterioration than brighter colours and have a crisper feel for a lot longer.

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Although there was a culture of tattoos in prison dating back into the Victorian era, in the s the quality and volume of tattoos in American prisons increased dramatically. There was a rise in handcrafted tattoo machines, usually created from salvaged motors from cassette players, and prison artists were able to create more intricate fineline work at a much faster pace. However, there were many restrictions on the craft itself given the nature of the setting — tattooing in prisons was, and still is illegal, this meant they were often only able to use a single needle.

Tattoo machines would be crafted using whatever was available whether it be guitar strings, paperclips, rubber bands and pens amongst other items.

Colour-wise, they were also restricted to whatever they had at their disposal.

Many items used for improvised ink included boot polish, cigarette ash, pen ink — all of which were black and grey — leading to the development of the monochromatic designs we recognise today.

Despite the limited number of tools and resources they had, inmates were able to create hyper-realistic and detailed imagery, of numbering different styles and forms.

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Another function of tattoos in prison was for inmates to align themselves with different factions and subgroups. From the Chicano style of religious imagery and skulls used by Pachuco to the infamous fascist markings of the Aryan Brotherhood, tattoos could inform — and intimidate — as much as they would express an artistic vision. It was around the late 70s and early 80s that the external tattoo industry started to take note of the jailhouse style.

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At this point, there was a sharp rise in the mainstream of fineline tattoos and the associated techniques and methods around them. From beginning his career tattooing bikers in Boston where tattooing was illegal at the time , to moving to the underground punk scene in New York, he was able to see, and develop, this prison style of tattoo into a celebrated and revered art form.

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Nowadays, Black and Grey is represented heavily in mainstream tattooing, with many parlours and artists having it as part of their main repertoire. In total, it clocks in at over pages and weights more than a medium sized dog complete with slip-case. Total excellence and commitment to quality — the combined authorship of Marisa Kakoulas and Edgar Hoill has seen to that.

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To take Paul Booth as an example — just about every interview he has ever done is condensed into a fantastic font of all knowledge entry. As one would expect, the presentation of the art is treated with the utmost respect and thought for how it will appear and with a single sweep of the hand, Edition Reuss prove that they are the masters of the tattoo art book.

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For once, I am lost for words. A totally incredible collection of books that absolutely must be on your shelf. Marisa and co-author Egar Hoill have managed to document the evolution and expansion of this area of tattooing through ist formative years on the West Coast to ist application in horror and photorealism, including interviews with a choice selection of black and grey maestros.

Black and Grey Tattoo stands out among those books, it sets the bar high and makes its home comfortably among the massive tomes of classic art and photography, matching them in quality and class.

Five star customer review at site.

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If you're serious about tattoos this is a must. Save your pennies and be forever rewarded with excellent source material and inspiration. I bought these while browsing the internet as I was looking for some very nice tattoo books of a large size with plenty of pictures.

These do not fail in those category's. They are very heavy, quite large with some of the best tattoo works I have seen all on nicely done full glossy pictures. They are not cheap but well worth the money for books that people will want to flick through all the time.