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Similar Artists of Tik Taak. Behzad Leito. Sohrab MJ Az Masraf Be Tolid (Ft MJ) · Dangerous · Joorike Eb Nadare (Ft Ram Tin) · Mega Watt (Ft. Paya). Tik Taak 7th Sense Plays: 1,, Date added: Oct 7, 2, likes Tik Taak Eb Nadare (Ft Ram Tin) 3,, plays Tik Taak Az In Modela 1,, plays · Tik Taak - 'Tabi'e Bash'. Tik Taak mersi vase ahange ashghaleton:). sur Bing/12/ · Ahange az masraf be tolid az goroohe Tik taak feat. Download New Music Irani By Tik Taak Called Az Masraf Be Tolid (Ft MJ) Mp3 in MtvPersian For Free. . Eb Nadare (Ft Ram Tin) Singles. Tik.

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Tik Taak Eb Nadare (Ft Ram Tin), Its a New Mp3 by Tik Taak, Download / Listen Now in, iranian music database. Tik Taak In Lahzeha Plays: 3,, Date added: Aug 11, 8, likes dislikes Tik Taak - 'Eb Nadare (Ft Ram Tin)' Tik Taak - 'Az In Modela'. MP3s · Tik Taak; Tabi'e Bash. Tik Taak - 'Tabi'e Bash'. Tik Taak Tabi'e Bash Plays : 6,, Date added: Feb 9, 7, likes 1, dislikes. Tik Taak.

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Nobate Ma.

Bezan Rasman Be Chak. Ja Pa.

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Ye Jaye Tarik. Bache Music Ft A2. Tori Ke Ra Miram. Bache Music feat. Amir Ali A2. Az Masraf Be Tolid. Synce Hamim. Paye Nist. Chesheto Beband.

Avazo Doos Daram. Bache Music.

Nadare tik az taak ahange eb

Na Dige Na. Eb Nadare Ft Ram Tin.

Tik Taak - Ba De

Dooset Daram. Dambooli yani. Chake Chake. Fesi Piria. Na Dige Na Ft I. Bad Bye. Az Masraf Be Tolid feat. Dige Nemibine Mano. Bezan Rasman Be Chaak. Bache Music Feat.

Chesheto Beband Shaahin Remix. Risam Tem. Kodoum Koucheha Produced by Tik Taak. Dambooli Yani Bache Music Ft. Da [Nex1Music. Tabie Bash. In Mire Ba On.

Az nadare ahange tik taak eb

Rooz [Nex1Music. Luck gene Feat. Tik Taak Ft A2 - Bache music. Tabie Bash [Nex1Music. Sentimental Feat. Nefrin kon. Joorike Feat. Mirim KhoneHamoon. Harze Produced By Tik Taak.

Eb tik az taak nadare ahange

Maghaze [Nex1Music. Chesheto Beband Feat. Tik Taak - Az In Modela. Eb nadare Feat. Ta Hamishe [Nex1Music. Az Masraf Be Tolid Ft. Bezan Rasman Be Chak Live.


Sharmandam [Nex1Music. Tik Taak - Joorike. Mordam [Nex1Music. Mirim Khoone Hamoon. Eb Nadare. Behesht [Nex1Music.

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Joori ke. Toolani ft. Sina Saaee. Minevisam [Nex1Music. Dangerous Pro. Tori Ke Rah Miram Feat. A2 - Live. Mirim Khone Hamoon. In Lahzea. Nobate Ma [Nex1Music. Dambooli Yani ft. Tik Taak - 2 Bini. Tik Taak. Pool [Nex1Music. Zendegiye Royaee.

Tik az eb ahange taak nadare

Mirim Khoonehamon. In Lahze Ha. Asemoon Hamineh With A2. Bache Music [ft. Mirim KhooneHamoon []. Tehran Hiltone. Tik Taak - Booo Sarde. Tik Taak - Mosbate. Bache Music [Feat.

Tik Taak - Luck Gene.