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Warhammer Fantasy Arabia Armeebuch - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Das Armeebuch für die Streitkräfte von Arabia. Documents Similar To Warhammer Fantasy - Bretonnia - 6th. Warhammer Fantasy Battles Armybook - Beastmen - 7th edition. Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Warhammer Armies - EnG - Vampire Counts - 7th. Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia (Warhammer Armeebuch) with compatible format of pdf, epub, mobi and kindle. You can download books Warhammer Armies.

As attending to the demands of their communities. The noted above, they are chosen in one of two ways: by the community ity or by the ruling bureaucracy. The common people frequently view the latter group with suspicion, for the goals of the bureaucracy do not always coincide with the desires of the people. Qadis who fail to earn this respect are usually removed from office. The Cult of Azyat gained considerable influence with the Sultan and the major Caliphs in the period before the great Wars. Their assassins and spies undermined thee power of the more established cults, and in a short time they had an unprecedented hold on the Azure Throne.

Though an upper-class bring. No profession is barred to a Arabyan woman, woman may oversee servants who work in the and if she elects to become a weaver or a dervish, household, rarely does she relinquish all duties a wizard or a horse breeder, no proper Arabyan where her children are concerned. According to Arabyan tradition, women live apart An Arabyan man works much of his life to gain from men in the same household. The harem is a separate area husband. When he marries, his wealth is his.

If he where only women and children may go. The has but one wife, there is little problem in master of the household may enter, but in general, determining who will inherit his riches. In a if he is a prince of the royal house, or absurdly poor household, the harem is no more than a room wealthy - then he must make annual assignments of with a tapestry hung over the door.

This kind of equality has only recently and so will not tolerate a second incompetent. When an Arabyan man dies, his wealth is divided Nonetheless, today there are bold women among according to his previous wishes among his wife the Arabyans who act as merchants, artisans, and and daughters; Arabyan sons inherit very little, though tradition stipulates that weaponry and 12 horses go to sons first.

While Arabyan law does not dies with only male heirs is considered cursed by prohibit this practice, it does not no endorse it, either. In this case only does a son stand to inherit much of anything - including, almost Tradition demands that a man be married before immediately, the attentions ntions of other Arabyan taking a courtesan; to avoid marriage marr entirely is fathers seeking young, wealthy husbands for their considered shameful.

Instead, they maintained large harems hare of courtesans Marriage and concubines, some of whom were gifts from Marriages are essentially contracts between two lesser rulers. In general, a civilized lized man can While a polygamouss marriage generally places all marry beneath his station, but a woman does not.

These wives know all manner anner of adventures before they are at last of each other, but they may never meet. As in many areas reas of their lives, heroic and adventurous men and women may ignore tradition and do pretty much as they th please. Or perhaps it is the other way around: to avoid an unwanted marriage, an average city--dweller suddenly becomes a free-wheeling, far-ranging far If a woman is independent usually defined as capable of making her own wn living , even if she marries she is considered a separate legal entity under the law.

Shee can hold property apart from her husband. In contrast, a woman who is dependent on her spouse must share any property she attains during her marriage with the exception of the amount she brings with her to the marriage. The traditional arrangement: arrangement a husband with more than one wife is more common.

Four wives is the unofficial nofficial maximum. According to legend, the first sha. In general, only wealthy men cann afford more than one wife in part because everyy new wife may bring forth more children.

Many upper-class class men feel one wife is sufficient, however. The first wife must approve of any additional wives in the household. If she agrees to share her husband, she still till retains authority over 13 Upon the death of their spouse, each fully owns the Trade trading post she operated during the marriage.

The Trade is the lifeblood of Araby. Merchants sail as moralist governments have outlawed this practice far north as the great sea-ports of Marienburg and in their cities. Erengrad and as far east as the lands of Nippon, Cathay and forbidding Lustria. Caravans made up Children by the nomad tribes make their way through the The children of the Arabyans are raised in the dangerous deserts and beyond.

At this time, boys leave the harem and live with the As the hub for all trade caravans travelling to or men in the selamlik. Separate instruction begins for from the interior of the desert, Araby has the unique both boys and girls at age five. Tutors if they can position of being a nation through which nearly all be afforded teach the children about matters of manner of wealth and goods eventually pass. Not language, faith, culture, etiquette, and law. Girls begin to reveal if they are more interested in living Even without its connection to Old World, Araby is as independent women, thereby gaining an a self-sustaining nation.

Grains grow abundantly in education similar to that of the boys, which is more the valleys of the Bardouk Mountains and along the socially and economically based. A girl who is shores of the Commeran River. Small vegetable destined for a traditional role may focus on farms colour the plains of western Araby. Oases household skills and the gentle arts. For the middle where dates and figs grow naturally dot the desert, class, artisans, and the poor, such a choice in and the forests near the mountains hide numerous education is a luxury; any training for boys or girls trees sprouting pomegranates and peaches.

A boy for trading to northerners - are found lying in the is commonly considered a man, and a girl a woman, desert. They are allowed to marry at this time, though their unions may have been arranged years earlier. Rare spices, teas, and silks are all in world captured by slavers or captives taken in tribal constant demand by the city-states. Salt arrives in conflicts and sold. Many are Arabyans themselves, abundance, traditionally harvested from seawater impoverished peasants, criminals and prisoners of drawn up in buckets from ships crossing the Great war.

Incense of all kinds passes through Copher, It is most common among the city-dwellers, but it including the valuable healy myrrh. Mamelukes, of course, are an exception, but their roles as Arabyan traders are not without their own needs. A Root vegetables are scarce in Araby, as the land is person may become a slave in one of three more suitable for wheat, legumes, fruit trees, and fashions: by debt, by breaking the law, and by in the mountain highlands coffee.

Certain meats lacking civilization. People who have incurred a are in demand; cultured Arabyans have a sharper great debt and are unable to pay it off may be taste for lamb and beef than they do for chevon enslaved and sold; usually to the group they owe goat meat , despite the countless goats that roam payment. Such enslavement lasts until the debt is the land and are herded by its commoners. Arabyans admire the strength Araby are considered free.

The five times its normal price in the markets of Araby, term of enslavement is life. Green Office: Band 1: Grundkurs Malen Mit Aquarellfarben: Gustav Freiherr Von Nordenflycht: Lovecrafts Cthulhu: Halbritters Tier- Und Pflanzenwelt. Handbuch Aquarellmalerei Blumen: Handbuch Barrierefreies Bauen: Handbuch Der Bauerneuerung: Handbuch Des Pflanzenbaus 4: Handbuch Und Planungshilfe.

Apotheken PDF Download. Hausfaule- Und Bauholzpilze: Histoire s Du Cinema: Hokusai S Spaziergang: Anspielung Und Kopie. Holz-Ideen Ganz Gross: Homoopathie Fur Hunde: Krankheiten Erkennen Und Sanft Behandeln.

Geburtstags-Sonderausgabe Zum Geburtstag Von Samuel Hahnemann Horen, Lauschen, Lernen, 2: Arbeitsmaterial PDF Download. Horse Sense: Im Reich Der Feen: Jemenchamaleon Und Pantherchamaleon: Ein Hochadeliger Lustgarten Im Kerzen Gestalten: Koll S Preiskatalog: Kosmos Atlas Spinnentiere Europas: Kraniosakrale Pferdeosteopathie Fur Tierarzte: Krankheiten Der Katze: Horzinek PDF Download.

Kreativitat, Utopie Und Erziehung: Kreuzers Gartenpflanzen Lexikon, Band 2: Kreuzers Gartenpflanzen-Lexikon. Kumihimo - Breite Bander: Lahmheit Beim Hund: Lahmheitsuntersuchung Beim Hund: Landschaft - Architektur - Kunst - Design: Norbert Schittek Zum Geburtstag PDF Download.

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Landschaften In Pastell: Langenscheidt Fachworterbuch Landwirtschaft, Forstwirtschaft, Gartenbau. Lehrbuch Applied Kinesiology: Lehrbuch Der Anatomie Der Haustiere. Band 5. Lehrbuch Des Pflanzenbaues: Kulturpflanzen PDF Download. Lehrbuch Fur Das Uhrmacherhandwerk - Band 2: Lernen Und Verhalten: Leuchtende Weihnachtsdorfer: Lexikon Fur Glas Und Glasprodukte: Licht In Der Aktfotografie: Studio Und Outdoor: Limnookologie PDF Download. London - Im Nebel Der Themse: Mantrailing Fur Jederhund: Grundlagen, Trainingsaufbau, Extra: Manuelle Lymphdrainage Beim Pferd: Marchen Aus 16 Landern Zum Mitmachen: Mein Liebling.

Roman PDF Download. Meine Kuschelfreunde: Meine Lieblingspflanzen: Meine Marklin-Modellbahn: Meisterschule Aquarellmalerei: Neu In Farbe: Ubersee Band 9. Midgard Quellenbuch.

Munchner Schienennahverkehr: Mythos Flieger-Uhr: Naturheilkunde Fur Katzen: Oberflachen Fantasievoll Gestalten: Olmalerei Landschaften: Pareys Blumenbuch. Pareys Buch Der Baume. Pflege Und Haltung. Rassen PDF Download.

Pflanzliche Erzeugung: Plant Physiology: Das Original Mit Ubersetzungshilfen: Porzellan Bemalen, Bd. Positiv Denken - Erfolgreich Reiten: Praktikum Der Hundeklinik: Begrundet Von Hans G.

Niemand PDF Download. Praktisches Handbuch Der Pflanzen-Alchemie. Praxis Der Pferdeakupunktur: Praxishandbuch Katzenkrankheiten: Putz, Stuck Und Trockenbau: Quilt Road: Rassekatzen Zuchten: Raume Floral In Szene Setzen: Rechenkunstler 7 Plus, M. Zauberstift PDF Download.

Reitkunst PDF Download. Renovieren Und Modernisieren: Sammlung Leonardo, Bd. Samtliche Schriften, Bd. Sattel Anpassen: Schone Momente: Kreuzstichmotive PDF Download. The latter is a permanent force of soldiers serving as palace guards and city patrols. Some cities retain the services of mercenaries and Mamelukes Mameluke for protection. Most military units consist of infantry and cavalry, with an occasional magical unit or an The desert airborne support wing.

The deserts of Araby are vast and foreboding. Siege craft is not common in the Araby, Araby and the Temperatures frequently climb above degrees Arabyans generallyally lack the war engines of the during summer days and plummet below freezing northern nations. No other region is as cruel, yet to the desert nomads, no other place is as The Sultans are proud of their troops and especially divine.

Many a wanderer has remarked on the of their cavalry so that no expense is spared either perfection of a cool desert morning: It is popularly sky, glittering dunes, and no other creature to be supposed that the horses of Araby are descended seen for miles, except perhaps a fleeting fl gazelle. Here and there are fields of volcanic debris - great, broken, black expanses. Trees, where they exist, are stunted and brown. Thorny shrubs and grasslands grassland dot the region, turning green during winter and spring, then concealing their life behind a brown, crackling facade.

In the height of summer, a few hardy succulents and sprigs of milkweed still grow on the dunes, but the gravel plains are barren. Arabyy has one mayor desert: Here, virtually no permanent water source exists - just a handful of precious wells and oases. A lack of water is not the only danger the desert holds. Mirages entice the unwary travellers toward waters of sheer illusion. Sandstorms scour men and beasts and bury encampments. Winter storms fill the sky with lightning, flood the hollows, and rip tents from moorings.

Worst of all, perhaps, are the black clouds of locusts that strip a pasture bare to the last blade of grass before fore the nomads and their herds arrive. With the onset of spring, grazing is at its best.

Migration Families camp far apart, seeking seek what is otherwise During ring the summer months, when the grasslands a luxury: Their tents offer little relief however. Each family knows the position of their from the sun; temperatures inside frequently top neighbours, and they feel honour-bound honour to protect degrees. For most nomads, this is a miserable experience; Tribes arrange their tents inn a widespread circle, not simply because it is hot, but also because making raids by the enemy more difficult.

If raiders nomads despise being settled. The nomads sell Each tribe migrates within its own territory, or livestock, wool, woven textiles, curd cheese, and dirah. A typical dirah covers square miles. In turn, they download rice, Boundaries daries are unofficial, and alliances between wheat, dates, and weapons. If the tribe is wealthy, neighbouring tribes are common.

This helps ensure they also download trinkets and finery. When in the desert. Spirits soar, and the tribe ribe packs up the enmity does exist between tribes, each fiercely camp; tents, food stores, cushions, ornate carpets, protects their own territory, and most importantly, and thin mattresses stuffed with cotton, in addition its wells.

The migration begins. For eight months, the tribe will move from place to To the nomads, theft of livestock is not sinful; it is place, breaking camp every week to 10 days.

Pdf warhammer armeebuch

With the mark of brave, successful men. Women may the coming of winter, nights grow windy and cold. Along the way, they seize anyone who might be able to warn the enemy of the impending attack. Provided all goes well, raiding is a quick affair: For honourable tribes, death of the enemy is not a goal; they raid only to acquire.

Whatever the cause, the conflict escalates into a deadly exchange, with each side killing a member of the other until the conflict is resolved. Sheikhs of warring tribes can rarely end a blood feud between them. A third, neutral sheikh must mediate. He or she begins with a ceremony of digging and burying.

Each side in the feud draws lines in the sand-one for every tribe member killed. The neutral sheikh strives to set a price that preserves the honor of everyone involved. Sheikhs Warriors fight valiantly hand-to-hand, but those The nomads look for four things in a sheikh: The Surrender is not dishonourable. To show their importance of the last trait should not be desire to go on living, embattled warriors simply underestimated. A lucky sheikh is blessed by Fate, place their thumbs between their teeth and extend and all members of the tribe would like to share in their fingers toward their attackers.

The nomad code of honour demands that women While it is true that many sheikhs are the sons of who do not fight be left alone. Pots, carpets, and food the qualities listed above. No nomad tribe will support during a raid is considered off-limits. Many nomad tribes also conduct raids against Over the course of time, nomads have banished and distant villages and outposts. Unfortunately, town killed many leaders who were deemed weak, dwellers do not observe the same rules of etiquette stupid, or dishonourable.

As a result, these As noted above, the nomads expect their sheikhs to raids are often bloody affairs for both sides, be generous. A nomad has only to need these things, and, raiding, fights to the death do occur.

Known as a if it is at all possible, he or she will receive them. We cannot last much longer". They offered to download our treasure and sell us water in return. We were too greedy. We knew that we could get many times the value when we reached a town. And water at that price? We were sure that we would soon reach an oasis and fill our water bottles for free. What fools we were! Very soon we saw an oasis. A clear pool surrounded by lush green trees.

So cool and inviting. It is torture now to think of it. As we approached we broke into a run but the more we ran the farther it seemed to be. Finally the image shimmered and faded leaving only burning sand. I know not what sort of infernal magic it was. Maybe it was a curse from the ancient ones we had disturbed. Abu ben Baba, our mage, was the first to abandon us. He came to me and announced that he would save us. Before he could reply he walked away and no-one saw him again.

We all suspected that he had used his magic to abandon us and save himself. Still, I should not speak ill of him. He saved all of our lives many times over in the great necropolis. Time and again he used his powers against the evil creatures that emerged from the tombs. If only he could have saved my uncle, the Sheik. He persuaded us to come to this land to make our fortunes. Fortunes we found. So much gold and treasure that we left behind water skins so that we could carry more.

What fools we were. In life he must have been a nobleman for he wore a gold circlet on his head and wielded a flail. On the end of each chain, the flail bore a skull that wailed and chattered with an unearthly din. I have to admit that most of us froze to the spot and couldn't approach the foul creature. Only after it had killed our beloved leader did the mage bring his magic to bear and lay the mummy to rest. I was his chosen heir. I am doomed to be the new sheik for a very short time only.

Every day that passes the sun takes it's toll on my men, my tribe, my family. I have killed them all by my greed.

They can tell when death is close. They started gathering yesterday - or was it the day before? My mind is beginning to play tricks. I must keep walking. If I stop and lay down I know that I will never get up. It is said that they are the same creatures that necromancers lure to their death and then rais again to do their bidding as undead carrion.

This vulture looks strange. It must be another mirage or a vision brought on by thirst. Maybe my eyes are failing. I am sure that I can see a short fat man standing on a carpet flying over the dunes. Is it really Abu the mage or am I finally gone mad? Most information regarding this friendship. Before the coming of the Prophet, Araby was a far more sparsely populated land, empty of the teeming Arabyans came in large numbers from the interior caravans that now dot its sands and plains.

The of the Sahra Desert, expanding Al-Haikk and native humans of the region were a wandering folk, bringing commerce, learning, and formalized goatherds and gatherers for the most part, temples to the city.

Fortifying the boundary with a Only in the city of Al-Haikk was this wandering set hundred stone watchtowers and the fortified city of aside. Kings of Khemri. The armies turned their attention At first the nomads made seasonal visits, but southward and set about expanding. The southern eventually some came to live there permanently, city of Ka-Sabar was created as a resort town, to working the fertile land near the coast.

Legends show the ruler that life could be carved out of the grew up around the place - that it was the site of desert and to grant relaxation and quiet to the then great births and deaths, and that its waters could current ruler of Araby.

They founded other heal even the mortally ill. Though the locals wore coarse clothing,. The following years, Arkhan roamed Mulhaed then set out for Al-Haikk, where he begun the deserts, reducing the once proud civilisation of to preach about the miracle he had experienced.

At Araby to a few weakened city states and a handful first he was dismissed as just another lunatic, but of desert tribes. It was only when Nagash called soon the citizens eagerly started listening to him, Arkhan back that the wars ended. It took many and he acquired many followers. During Over the years, Mulhaed travelled across Araby, that time the culture of Araby had been kept alive preaching his words.

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The leaders of the tribes who by the nomadic tribes who wandered in the most would not listen, he conquered instead. Ten years remote and inhospitable deserts, impossible to later, all of Araby was united under his banner, and destroy and too tough to die. Over generations these the religion of Ormazd was the only one in Araby. The Time of the Prophet Mulhaed al-Quyat ruled for another five years, The explorer attributed with founding Araby was a studying the arts of the spirit and transferring his man with an unknown past, a wandering nomad by knowledge into a single tome' known now as the the name of Mulhaed al-Quayat.

His name has Holy Book of Ormazd, which contains all of his since passed into legend, for many Arabyans laws and wisdom. No Sultans, with his son becoming the next Grand one knows who constructed this in the first place, Sultan. This led to the conquest of the city capture of Bilbali, Araby turned its eyes eastwards. Greatly weakened from sailed around to meet them on the other side.

The battling the Bretonnians, the Arabyans could not Arabyans encountered littlee resistance and crossed hold the land, and the Estalians, managed to take into Estalia proper, taking many of the local back Bilbali. It would not last long.

Corsair Wars By , the cities on the coast of Araby were flourishing and prosperous.

Warhammer Fantasy Arabia Armeebuch

Corsairs of Araby, sailing in their war dhows, were plundering plunderi the coasts of Tilea and Estalia. To counter this threat the Tileans hired more Norse warriors in their longships. This provoked the Corsairs to gather a huge fleet and attack the Norse stronghold on Sartosa, which was captured with great slaughter. The Norse fought to the death, but the Corsairs, being numerous and cunning, prevailed.

The Tileans Inn or thereabouts, an obscure Arabyan found them to be much more difficult to catch than sorcerer known as Jaffar united the nomadic tribes the Norse, and much uch less willing to desist from using his charismatic power and ability to summon raiding in order to serve as mercenaries. This was Genies. He then swept out of the desert and made because the Corsair leaders were bound by tribal himself Grand Sultan.

The temporary respite gained from the and prepared his fleet for war. As his army marched north, thousand were dragged south to Araby in chains, to be sold at the terrible slave markets of Lashiek into a life of hard toil in the unbearable Arabyan sun.

As the stories trickled up north, King Louis the Righteous of Bretonnia, worried about where the Arabyans would turn once Estalia was conquered. He soon declared the first Errantry War and send word to the emperor Frederik III didn't want to send the army south in defence of a foreign nation, as the Empire neared a state of civil war he appealed to the independent knights of the Empire to go fight against the unjust invasion along with the Bretonnians, while the Elector Counts each offered a part of their own armies.

As the evil sultan didn't know of the armies gathering to fight him in Brionne he quickly got overconfident sending his fleet into the neighbouring country, Tilea.

Pdf warhammer armeebuch

His massive fleet sailed through the Tilean Sea to attack the city-state of Tobaro, while Tobaro was better defended than the sultan had expected. The defenders of the city managed to hold the sea walls and protect the outer city from an invasion fleet many times their size, driving them into a humiliating retreat and showing for the first time that the Arabyans could be defeated, even when they were gathered in force.

Allied Intervention The allied army consisted mostly of heavy cavalry, a thing the Arabyans lacked as their desert homeland isn't suited for horses or thick armour. With this superiority, they crossed the mountains into Estalia and quickly won victories against the Arabyan army. After much hard fighting, the armies of Sultan Jaffar began to retreat. As Jaffar realised he couldn't win in the field against the superior army, he withdrew to his homeland while he left a force in the most important city of Estalia, Magritta, under the command of the Sheikh Emir Wazar, better known as Emir the Cruel.

The retreating Arabyan army set fire to all villages on their path to the capital, would visit his own cruelty upon his people, they slaughtering the population. Few had been spared would carry their swords to Araby itself. Those As they assaulted Magritta they knew that the siege few who survived begged the knights from could go on for years, and Jaffar would be able to Bretonnia and the Empire to rescue those family gather a fresh army in Araby if they didn't pursue members which had been brought to Araby.

As the now. Thus they decided to split their army in two, inhabitants were enslaved and forced to fortify the one would stay to besiege Magritta and break the city, the crusader army marched south through last Arabyan strongpoint in Estalia before following Estalia. Seeing that his last hope for particular, had endured the ravages of Jaffar and his victory would be meeting the enemy in the field, army it had given all those who had fought to save where the hot desert sun would deter the Old Estalia a desire to exact vengeance.

They resolved Worlders used to a different climate he marched out to pursue Jaffar into his own land. Araby was to meet the army at his doorstep. As the infantry of both As the main force arrived in the ports of southern armies fought a desperate battle, with the crusaders Estalia ships were brought in from all over the Old being pushed back in the heat, thousands of heavily World.

A great fleet was hastily assembled and the armoured knights charged into the side of the crusading army set sail for Araby. Arabyan light infantry, thousands of tons of metal cutting straight through the lightly armoured spearmen like a scythe. This charge has been immortalized by many legendary stories and songs, colouring the ground red as the Arabyans were crushed beneath thousands of armoured horses, a colour that remains to this day. The Crusade Reaches Araby As the crusaders sailed, Jaffar and his men prepared Jaffar died that day, pierced through the back by a for the coming invasion.

When they finally arrived Bretonnian lance as he fled. Now seeing their in the spice-trading city of Copher it was heavily honour satisfied, the knights of Bretonnia decided fortified and the defenders were well prepared for to return to Copher and sail home. Yet most of the the coming battle. Yet they weren't prepared for the Imperial knights stayed for years hunting down and wrath Jaffar had brought upon them, and once the defeating remnants of Jaffars dark empire, and defenders first started faltering against the almost years passed before the last of the onslaught, the high spires were pulled to the ground Empire troops had returned home.

It was in this century that many of the Imperial When the crusaders landed in Araby they were Knightly Orders were founded, as they discovered unprepared for the desert heat and the lack of water. The campaign dragged on for one year and then another.

Araby, however, proved too vast and hostile to be The crusaders were playing straight into Jaffars properly conquered and held. Instead the crusading schemes, he had expected that once they had fought knights demolished fortifications, burned evil for months in the sweltering heat of Araby they books, flung down the idols and carried of as much would lose their taste for vengeance and return treasure and exotic luxuries as they could find.

As home. While they weren't prepared for a desert they sailed home, they burned Jaffar's vast fleet of campaign, they were urged on by the fact that the warships for good measure. No sooner had they left locals hated Jaffar even more than the crusaders and than the nomad tribes swept in from the desert to rose up against him.

Gradually the grim determination of the crusading knights, prepared to endure against hardship began Time of Decline and Civil War to tell against Jaffar's warriors, many of whom were When tempers calmed after the crusades, more than becoming tired of his tyranny. Several tribes simply years of relative peace rested over Araby, and deserted and disappeared into the vast desert to prosperity enriched many families to the point that await the outcome.

Peace and prosperity, however, also For months they marched through the hot deserts brought complacency and laziness. Too much gold towards the capital, Al-haikk, were Jaffar had and too few labourers meant that the city of Al- decided to make his stand, where the outcome of Haikk fell to shambles, the resort of Lashiek was the war would be decided, once and for all. The and gaining ground. For the next years the for in the absence of the Grand Sultan. This eliminated the last toehold of the Old maintained.

The succession took nearly 15 years to World nations on Arabyan soil. However, while the war in Araby was successful, With the succession conflict forcing the Grand Estalia eventually managed to take back their last Vizier to return to Copher to endorse a family kingdom from Araby. This was not a completely claim, the Sultan of Martek leapt at the opportunity bad trade though, as during the centuries, the two to strike Al-Haikk Haikk at its weakest, and crossed the cultures had mixed and they had both learned from borders in with a force of more than 40, one another of new science and weaponry.

Arabyan soldiers. This proved a greater force than Al-Haikk Haikk could contend with to keep its holdings, and the city lost much of its influence in the area over the next decade. Peace with Al-Haikk was not achieved for another twenty years, with the final border appearing much as it had for millennia. The greater security along the caravan left the Martek with a bloated loated military that soon routes means that Arabyan goods arrive with turned its eyes to homesteading, mercenary work, greater certainty, and less coin is lost on each trip.

Should again. They sacked Istrabul the same year, but were the Arabyans decide to go to war, the Old World soon driven back by the Arabyan armies. Constantium as capital of Remean Khemri. Lashiek in western Araby and declares himself Grand Sultan. Sultan 10 years later, the Western Jaffar and his armies invade provinces fall as well. Arabyan forces attack The 55 year siege of Constantium Tobaro, but fail to take the Tilean begins.

Estalian to fight the Arabyans. Only the citadel and harbour remain in Estalian hands. Start of Magritta falls to the Arabyan year of Crusades. Estalian armies. Only the rise of Sultan Jaffar is killed at the battle the Arabyan corsairs challenges of Al-Haikk, and the crusades ends. Magritta liberated by kingdoms. Crusading forces. Only Arabyan Crusaders capture Istrabul. Panther, sack Istrabul. Arabyan villages. Tilea, the Southlands, Nippon and Cathay continues to bring in wealth for Araby.

In response, the Sheikh rode down the Al-Haikk is a city-state of Araby, and is the largest Vizier and slew him. At that moment, a host of trading port in the area. It is traditionally the capital genies appeared, leading the forces of the Sultan.

Most of that damage was the Great Crusade against Araby, where parts of the the result of the genies, which competed to see who defenders rebelled against him, forcing him to meet among them could slay the most riders, using the the crusades in the desert outside the city, in The most impressive displays possible: Since that Battle of Al-Haikk.

The walls are corruption of among the general populace. It is said covered with abstract friezes and sculptures that a Lashiek thief can steal the eyes out of your representing the glorious history of Araby. The sockets and you will not notice it until next week. That being said, the laws of the city are harsher Not even the temples can compete with the here than in any other city and nowhere in the splendour of the palace.

Lashiek is the major port of trade between other mayor holdings. Here the goods move on sprawl of parks, easy to cross. It has a number of the Arabyans terms. White-sailed The strength of Al-Haikk lies not in its steel or its dhows patrol the harbour, allowing known ships stone but in the authority of its Grand Sultan. Twice twenty years new cargo, and send them on their way. The Sheikh reached commander of the boat that stops him.

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This is a the plains before the city, where his army was met formality - no cargo is expressly prohibited in by a lone Vizier. The Vizier warned the Sheikh to Araby. The city is somewhat infinite number of labourers and slave drovers more liberal than other Arabyan cities, and though offering to unload its cargo, merchants hoping to be it does not have any established universities on par the first to learn what is aboard so they can with the greater Old World cities, it is nonetheless recalculate prices before the goods get to market, considered a place of learning.

Scholars flock to women offering companionship to the sailors, and Copher to sit in on informal gatherings, and most priests hoping to sway wayward souls now that noble houses openly have a Vizier in their retinue.

Some captains find it more Copher is primarily a merchant and trade city, and convenient to unload a particular cargo, reboard the as such they gain their armies the old fashioned ship, and sail farther along the port to unload the way: Mercenary units, naval units, next type of goods, instead of paying for the desert clans, and un-tethered Mameluke transport of their goods by hand or cart along the organizations are pressed into service as need cramped and crowded docks to the market.

Usually, such a need calls for a limited action, over which the Sultan have full control. Lashiek boasts a healthy, prosperous navy that protects its trade routes in the Crowded Sea. It lies on the west coast of Araby, speaking, the truth. While it is true that every displaying the power and wealth to the merchants Arabyan slave that will be sold to foreigners goes visiting the city. On the permanent oasis for the nobles when visiting debit side, the Caliph of Lashiek is mad, and he Araby, that these slaves are trained, prepared, and uses his armies the way a small child uses toy broken for their lives of servitude.

More than half soldiers. A perverse sanctuary of slavers and their chattel, Copher, the Spice Port Copher is a place of contradictions. Built for luxury Copher has always been fiercely independent.

Its and relaxation, Copher is blanketed with opulent rulers rarely yield graciously to orders from the gardens of every sort of flower imaginable, watered Sultan.

Many of the city's trading privileges dates daily by slaves trained to the task. In the many back to the Mad Sheikh Tupar and these are plazas of the city, all methods of discipline are defended with a force of arms if necessary.

The city exerted to ensure the slaves fall into line with their produces the finest spices native in Araby, and has keepers, from whipping to branding to starvation. Different handlers employ different means of. In this crowded The glorious scents of the spice market are a maze, horses can scarcely move. The low prices and greater clandestine defence strategy. Striking from the selection force merchants from across Araby to stop shadows is very much the way of this city.

Those heading to Al-Haikk are left overall safety. Lands bordering Khemri. El-Kalabad is a mighty fortress city at the very border of the Great Arabyan Martek Desert' guarding the trading routes between the Martek lies at the mouth of the Chewan-el Bardouk.

The Sultan Caravans from the south and north converge on may rule Araby but the Caliph of el-Kalabad is the Martek to bring to the Sheikh wares and master of the Gulf. Many of the conflicts within merchandise from far-away lands. Araby derive from the continuous' aeons-old power Despite its isolation, Martek is bustling city, struggle between the Sultan and the Caliph of El- serving as a chief trading post between the city- Kalabad.

The city itself lays along the shore of a dwellers and the nomads of the Great Desert.

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Both small bay' the inlet protected by two massive city and wilderness people mingle on the streets. The Caliph's palace is The great, smoky city of Martek is ringed with a second only to the Palace of the Sultan, its wall to the north, and surroned by mountains to the Amethyst dome visible from a considerable south. The city can be entered through just four distance.

Its stalwart walls have been strengthened This is a simple, windowless spire of white marble, by magic, and they present a forbidding face to the crafted and polished over centuries so that only the undead from the Land of the Dead, reminding them most careful eye can discern where one block ends of the strength of the Grand Sultan.

It rises nearly feet into the air over Katheer, its Ka-Sabar interior a great, spiraling stairway from ground Ka-Sabar is the easternmost city of Araby and a level to the top landing. At its apex, one can see major trading port, lying close to the border of from base of the Bardouk Mountains to the Great Khemri but is fortunately often spared from attack.

Ocean, the only place in all of Araby where such a Here come camel caravans from the coast cities, feat is possible. This narrow pass through the Bardouk Mountain is the fastest way to get to the inner plains of Araby, Bel-Aliad and is often used by camel caravans travelling from Bel-Aliad is a desert ruin in Araby close to the Lashiek.

Even though the road is shorter, it is by no Land of the Dead. Once the capital of a proud means safer, as bandits tend to hide in ambush, and civilisation, it was destroyed by the Undead forces the caravan are risking Roc attacks.

Still, for those of Arkhan the Black in IC, never to be that make it out to the other side, it saves many rebuilt. It is said that within these ruins are hidden weeks of travel around the mountains. Here the Al-Haikk. Long ago on this island, the Elves built an outpost to warn of Land of Assassins impending raids.

Centauries later, the Arabyans On the south western coast of Araby lies the Land took over the islands after the Elves deserted them, of Assassins.

It is here that the order of the building a huge tower fortress over the old Elven Hashishin was founded and still resides. It is also structure. The Situated in north Araby, this is where all camel Sultans often seek to hire eunuchs as protectors of caravans pass on their trade route through the the harems. Massive in size and unquestionably desert. The most famous regiments of eunuchs are the Silent Guard, whom guards the harem of the Grand Sultan.

The people here are amongst the most religious in all of Araby, following a strict set of rules in how to live. The Dervishes are expert swordsmen, whirling around with their swords in an unstoppable assault. The few times they have been seen fighting to protect their homeland however, are an awesome spectacle.

Vulture Mountain Located to the north of the Land of the Dervishes, Vulture Mountain is the home of the great birds of the Desert, preying on the unfortunates that fall to the heat of the Desert. It is also here that the Great Roc resides, king of the sky. It is said that a great treasure is to be found in its cave, but of those that have set out to find it, none have returned. Unfortuneately, it has lost it poetic rhythm as I translated it to readable reikspeil.

For some terms I was unable to find corresponding words — especially in way of telling details — so I have left those away, but tried to keep main story clear. Sultan Kharibal was old man and his time was near. Death was one of two things he truly feared and he was willingly to do anything to avoid his fate. He was a sorcerer, as many of sultans of Araby were, but the living dead were another thing he feared, and he did not wish to walk forbidden path of undeath, even if he did have the powers to do so.

So Sultan Kharibal had only one thing he could do, and even though it was something he did not like, his fear of death grew day after day until it become greater than his dislike.

It was mighty Efreeti named Al-Hara, and the final time they made a deal powered by blood. Princess Thelerina was daughter of sultan Kharibal and he had no other child. Even though the Sultan had riches beyond imagination, Al-Hara wanted nothing less than lovely princess Thelerina. Even though the Sultan loved her, he loved his own life even more and so the deal was made. The rules of the deal was that the princess should be untouched by any man until her eighteenth birthday, and then sacrificed for Al-Hara, so she would be given to Death as a bride so it would forgot about Sultan Kharibal.

As there were no loopholes in the deal between Sultan Kharibal and Al-Hara, the princess could not do anything to break it except by losing her pride.

However, she was coming to age soon, and there was only a half moon travel to midsummer and her sixteenth birthday. So great was his skill with the blade that princess Thelerina did not even find out why no Sheik ever came to her chamber.

Princess Thelerina become desperate and lost all her faith in living. She was so sad and alone that the night before her birthday she planned to talk her father Sultan Kharibal, but the first person she found was Captain Medenel next to her door. She was a bright girl and the presence of such warrior all came clear for her. As Captain Medenel was an honourable man and took his duty as every man should, he was trusted by princess Thelerina and she told him what kind of fate was waiting for her in the next morning.

In the end, princess Thelerina had truly become the Bride of Death as no man were able to ender her chamber alive. Araby as they have excelled in the arts of These tribes are known as Kahied Nomads' their scholarship and trading. King Dukash, the ruler of fleet horses and deadly mounted marksmanship Dimashque, is of the Muzil tribe and under his proving to be an asset on the field of battle. It is guidance many colleges and hospitals have been said that a Kahied Nomad is born on horseback and constructed.

However, the new threat of Nomad tribes roam the trackless sands of the desert the northern invaders is gradually eroding their eking an existence from the harsh environment and reputations as trustworthy merchants and rational trading. They often visit the cities in large caravans thinkers. This is because the shortage of goods trading for items they cannot produce themselves means a merchant needs to become sightly more but in times of extreme hardship they turn to creative in his dealings, and war makes men lose raiding merchants and other nomadic clans.

They their senses. Wrapped in robes Asad and scarf to protect against wind driven sand they The tribe of Asad is an enlightened tribe that are perhaps the toughest of the Arabyan people. They claim the Oasis of a Thousand and turn to battle to give meaning to their existence.

Camels as their own, though they permit other enlightened nomads to use it. Asad is one of the wealthiest tribes in the High Desert, and it is Ghutani blessed with strong camels, fine sons, and beautiful The area close to Tyrius is known to the Arabyans daughters. The people of Asad are proud to the as Ghutan.

The tribes of Ghutan, known as the point of arrogance. They are easy with their Ghutani to others they consider themselves as friendship but also easy to offend. Most of the tribe of Bakr, an enlightened tribe, now They also have a staunch and uncompromising lives in and around the city of Petrum, where belief in the faith of The One.

Ghutan was one of Sheikh Ali al-Hadd rules. However, some tribe the first Arabyan areas that fell to the crusaders members chose to remain true to the desert life; when their ships landed in the Gulf of Medes.

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The most have married into other tribes. The others; a ancient feuds between the clans stopped the core of some members of the Bakr tribe, still Ghutani from forming a cohesive defence and the remain in the High Desert, determined to carry on crusaders soon conquered their land. However, the tradition of their people. Sheikh Anwat al-Makkar maintains several raiding clans of or more warriors each.

These clans Turjuk prey on the caravans travelling through the south The Turjuk tribe originally dwelt in the steppes and south-central region. The sheikh has allied with before being driven from them by the ancestors of or against most of the other major tribes over the Hobgobbla Khan and vicious ogre armies.