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Page 1. lisi harrison the clique series. F22DE86FA6A0F34ECEFB2D Lisi Harrison The Clique Series. 1 / 6. Page 2. lisi harrison the clique series. Lisi Harrison The Clique Series - [FREE] LISI HARRISON THE CLIQUE SERIES The Clique is a. American teen comedy-drama film directed by Michael. Free Lisi Harrison The Clique Series - [PDF] [EPUB] Free Lisi Harrison The Clique Series The. Clique is a American teen comedy-drama.

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Charmed and Dangerous. The Clique (Series). Lisi Harrison Author Cassandra Morris Narrator (). cover image of Charmed and Dangerous. Mean Girls meets Middle School in The Clique The only thing harder than getting in, The Clique. The Clique Series, Book 1 · The Clique. by Lisi Harrison. The complete series list for - The Clique Lisi Harrison. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time.

The only thing harder than getting in, is staying in. Enter Claire Lyons, the new girl from Florida in Keds and two-year-old Gap overalls, who is clearly not Clique material. Unfortunately for her, while they look for a new home, Claire's family is staying in the guesthouse of the one and only Massie Block — Queen Bee of Octavian Country Day School. Claire's future looks worse than a bad Prada knockoff. But with a little luck and a lot of scheming, Claire might just come up smelling like Chanel No.

Dylan Marvil - Massie's second in command who divides her time between sucking up to Massie and sucking down Atkins Diet shakes.

Alicia Rivera - As sneaky as she is beautiful, Alicia floats easily under adult radar because she seems so "sweet. Just might. Kristen Gregory - She's smart, hardworking, and will insult you to tears faster than you can say "my haircut isn't ugly! Poppy Publication Date: Lisi is currently pretending to write her next novel.

Lisi lives in Laguna B We want your feedback! Click here. The only thing harder than getting in, is staying in. Publication Details Publisher: The Clique. Olivia casually turned around and used her big navy blue eyes to let Alicia know she was wishing her luck.

It was one thing to get in trouble for a funny comeback, but getting busted for bad form would have been mortifying. Alicia took her time slowly weaving her way through rows of Lycra-covered bodies. Not even angry dance teachers. When Alicia finally arrived, Sondra smiled and sighed. Amid the applause, Alicia locked eyes with Olivia and giggled softly.

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Alicia pulled the red elastic band out of her hair and retied her ponytail as tight as she could to show the girls that she was up for the challenge.

The hours she had spent practicing at home were about to pay off, and she found herself wishing Massie was there to witness her big moment in the spotlight. For the next three minutes and thirty-five seconds Alicia understood what it felt like have a roomful of girls copying her every move.

She understood what it was like to be Massie Block. Sondra crouched down and popped the CD out of the stereo. She slid it into one of the clear sleeves of her black Case Logic before she answered. She wanted to be the best. The other dancers had run to get the only shower with strong water pressure while Alicia just stood there in the dance studio, facing the mirror. At five-foot four, she was taller than a lot of girls in her grade and above average when it came to her big boobs.

At school socials or bar mitzvah parties, boys always asked her to dance, and she got e-mails from different guys all the time asking her if she wanted to hang out after school.

But she usually turned them down because she had more fun with her best friends: Massie, Kristen, and Dylan. But lately Alicia wanted more. Alicia took a deep breath and rolled her shoulders back before she turned to join the others in the locker room. Meredith Phillips turned off her hair dryer when she saw Alicia saunter through the door. Her tiny bland features and her oatmeal-colored skin made her hard to notice, even when she was the only other person in the room.

While she washed her hair with Glisten shampoo, Alicia made a mental note to try and convince the other girls in her class to speak to Sondra too. She was determined to lead again. Alicia took her time drying off, knowing Olivia would wait for her. Alicia was surprised to see that she was still wrapped in a towel, tugging on her silver lock.

I am spacing on the combination.

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This totally sucks. Alicia stopped drying her hair and raised her eyebrows. What I meant was yes. You were awesome. She had huge dimples and a cute round face that reminded Alicia of a cherub. She wanted her public to know that she was truly grateful for their support. She turned her back to them and quickly unfolded the paper.

Olivia glanced down and saw a series of numbers, then lifted her head and smiled at Alicia. Meredith, Catherine, and a few other girls started clapping and cheering. Alicia climbed up on one of the wood changing benches and bowed. She ran her Vagabond Red nails along the nos and then maybes, knowing Olivia was anxiously awaiting her response.

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Alicia wondered if all this time Olivia was using her just to get in with Massie. Most of the other girls had their jackets on and were leaving, but Alicia noticed Meredith and Catherine lingering by their lockers, hoping to hear her explanation. Meredith and Catherine stopped masking their interest and moved in closer.

Alicia stuffed her pink knit scarf and hat into her bag and quickly put on her gray wool coat. She had claimed the night; therefore it was hers. Everyone knew Massie. I always tell my friends about the funny things you say in class and they all want to meet you. Was the world waiting for her to step out on her own and shine? She smiled to herself when she thought of how jealous Dylan and Kristen would be for not thinking of it first.

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You should see my bathroom right now. Massie is sooo good at putting on makeup. Have you ever seen her at the MAC counter?

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The girls chased after her. She was only going to say this once. As soon as Meredith and Catherine arrived, Alicia spoke. Her voice was crisp and controlled, but on the inside she was shaking. The fashion editor at Teen Vogue is doing a big story on us because we won a uniform design contest at our school last week.

A gust of freezing winter air smacked her cheeks and made her eyes water. Alicia still felt chilled a half hour later when she sat down to dinner with her parents. The staff had the night off and it was one of those rare occasions where Alicia, her mother, Nadia, and her father, Len, were alone in the house. Nadia had done her best to make the big house feel like a home with music, cinnamon-scented candles, and authentic Spanish cuisine.

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Her perfectly white teeth looked like pearls against her dark olive skin and her red lipstick made them seem even brighter. Every chunk of dead meat on her plate was a reminder of what she would be when Massie found out about the sleepover. They sat around the rectangular glass-and-cast-iron table, eating to the frenzied rhythm of Spanish music Nadia had brought back from her last trip to Barcelona. She knew her father felt the same way when he casually pressed the bottom arrow on the remote control to lower the volume.

She forced a piece of roast zucchini down her throat. The flecks of gray in his full black hair made him look handsome, not old.