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Editorial Reviews. Review. One of site's selections for Best Gay Books of , a Lambda Book 1 of 11 in Something Like (11 Book Series). With Something Like Summer, I wanted to take a different approach. As the first line of the book states, “This is not a coming out story.” More and more young. Something Like Summer by Jay Bell 1. Something Like Summer –. Love, like everything in the universe, cannot be destroyed. But over time it can change.

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Something Like Summer book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Love, like everything in the universe, cannot be destroyed . Something Like Summer is a novel by Jay Bell, and the first installment in the Something Something Like Summer Book Author, Jay Bell. Main article: Something Like Summer (novel). From the book's back cover: Love, like everything in the universe.

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This is a story of feeling alienated, of refusing to be a victim and playing the hero, of obsession and letting go, and how exhilarating it can be to find comfort in the arms of someone that loves you. Free has done a wonderful job of bringing the world of Something Like Summer to life. Check out a free sample below. The audio book is available from Audible , site , or iTunes. The Movie: The movie version of Something Like Summer is currently screening at film festivals before getting a wider release later in the year.

Find a screening near you, learn about the cast, and sign up for updates over at the official movie site! The Comic: The story of Something Like Summer enters the colorful world of webcomics with this new adaptation, which promises a mixture of favorite scenes and fresh twists. Here's to an evil, neglectful, thoughtless and cruel mojo, who decided to show its face after so long. I'm glad to be back! View all 13 comments. Jul 01, Xia Xia Lake rated it it was amazing.

If I took a sip of alcohol everytime my heart twisted in pain for Ben, I'd be in a coma. I'm sobbing like an idiot as I write this "review" on my phone on this stupid goodreads app. I'll get home in two weeks and write a proper review then at my computer.

There are 2 more books in the series and I don't think my liver can take 2 more books. Of course I bought those too. View all 35 comments.

Jul 15, Kaje Harper rated it really liked it. This is a book about a first love that lingers. Ben's evolution as a gay man begins with a teenage crush on Tim, and like imprinting, Tim becomes fixed in Ben's core as the embodiment of the man he loves.

Throughout their early days of hiding, of unequal partnering, rejection, and through all the years to follow, Tim remains somehow an essential part of Ben. In the years they are apart, Ben meets a guy who is better for him in every way. Open, loving, out and responsible, Jace is a wonderful char This is a book about a first love that lingers. Open, loving, out and responsible, Jace is a wonderful character and worthy of Ben's love. So part of the stress in this novel, painful but true-to-life, is the way that Tim still dominates Ben's idea of love.

By simply showing up, Tim can rock the solid relationship between Ben and Jace, and when he resorts to an all-out assault to get Tim back, he comes close to breaking it. How often have we seen this, though, where the loving partner cannot quite match the spark of the one who came before him? It hurts, but that doesn't mean it's not real. The ending of this book might have felt like a triumph of true love, if Tim were a more sympathetic character. I think it's mainly one episode in the middle, view spoiler [when Tim has a friend pretend to be Jace's lover to break Ben and Jace up, hide spoiler ] that forever lingers in my mind like a faint trace of smoke on the air, a reminder that this character, however much he has moved forward over the years, isn't as trustworthy as one would want for Ben.

Well written and involving, with complex characters and interesting plot, this book is well worth a read as long as you don't go in expecting the sweet simple sense of resolution that a romance often brings.

Mar 03, Natalie rated it it was ok Shelves: I really struggled with how to rate this. When I give a two-star rating, it's usually because the writing was mediocre or the plot bored me.

Not so with this story. I was into it. I inhaled it in anxious gulps, desperate to get to the end. I read the spoilers beforehand.

I knew what was going to happen. It was the author's job to make me love Tim, and he failed. I'm going to start the second book right now, because apparently I'm a glutton for punishment, but mostly b I really struggled with how to rate this. I'm going to start the second book right now, because apparently I'm a glutton for punishment, but mostly because I want to see if it changes my opinion of Tim.

I'm going to spoil the whole book, so don't continue reading if you mind. Also swearing. You know, I thought I'd hit off Pride Month with a cute, heart-wrenching gay romance.

Well, think again. Instead of cute, I got creepy. Instead of heart-wrenching, I got head-banging on the table. Almost every second page I just had to pause to cool down. At some point I actually thought it would get better now. It just got worse. I thought this would be a cute ro I'm going to spoil the whole book, so don't continue reading if you mind. I thought this would be a cute romance. Also, Tim hangs out with the bullies from his school, so apparently he isn't the nicest guy, but still, when Ben accidentally causes him to sprain his ankle, he offers to nurse him for two weeks.

Summer something book like

He starts to skip school and neglect his family, to nurse a guy he doesn't know shit about, hoping it'll lead to sex, despite Tim repeatedly mentioning that he's straight. But of course Ben's dreams come true and the two of them actually start a relationship. Not only that Ben is a whining creep, but Tim is also uninteresting as fuck.

Dear Jay Bell, how am I supposed to care about this relationship when I couldn't give less a shit about either the MC or the love interest? Honestly, we don't learn anything about Tim.

Even know after finishing the book, the only thing unrelated to Ben that I know about Tim are that his parents are shitty af and that he paints. Throughout the book, Ben repeatedly is asked what he likes about Tim and his answer always is: Tim is in a relationship when he and Ben start to hook up.

Something Like Summer

I don't care that Tim doesn't care about her, that doesn't make it okay. He is in a relationship, that's all that matters.

Like book something summer

Oh and this quote: You never have anything nice to say about her. She doesn't put out; she's not even the prettiest girl in school. Then this happened: Ben wrote a gay-themed poem for his school paper, which gets published. Without his consent though, the teacher changes it into a heterosexual poem.

Ben is understandably furious. His reaction though is so stupid and unnecessary. He goes to the journalism room to confront his teacher, but finds it empty. For some reason Tim shows up and then encourages him to trash the whole room , including the dark room.

Like, why???? I get that he is angry, I really do, but why the fuck does he have to resort to violence? The other students of the journalism course seem to be the only ones that are nice to him in school and now he goes and fucking destroys all their creations?? That's such a dick move. And he doesn't even feel bad about it? In the end he admits to doing it, but only to save Tim's ass and he even says, he doesn't feel bad about it, because it feels like they made some sort of romantic memory together, Bonny and Clyde style, WTF???

I'm already so done with these two assholes Now let's skip forward. Tim's and Ben's relationship doesn't work out and Ben moves on. He meets Jace and the two of them start a relationship. I'm not saying this on a positive note. It's frustrating. But someday Tim shows up and Ben starts meeting up with him.

He knows he still has feelings for him, but tells himself nothing will happen. He eventually tells him and Jace is like, well sucks but it's fine and they even all go out together. Also remember how I said Ben was close to a stalker in the beginning?

View all 10 comments. I loved this book ; It reminded me of the YA series "Infernal Devices" in that it shows that there is not always only one person we could love, but that a lot depends on the right timing. A person can find happiness in different ways, but there is a right time and place for everything and every action has consequences.

Life doesn't stop, it just continues around us and our choices shape the way our life continues, even if we would like it to go into another way.

Like book something summer

There are mistakes and regrets, I loved this book ; It reminded me of the YA series "Infernal Devices" in that it shows that there is not always only one person we could love, but that a lot depends on the right timing. There are mistakes and regrets, but if we spend all our energy trying to re-capture a moment that is already gone, refusing to move on, we might get stuck without energy to admire the beauty of what may still lie ahead of us. While it may be understandable to wish we could edit our mistakes, we have to accept even the moments in life we feel went wrong and follow where our actions lead us.

There are so many different ways this novel could have played out with different timing, different decisions for example whether or not to forgive indiscretions, whether or not to admit truth, whether to let fear or love rule us, whether to use our heads or little heads. It felt like a real story with very interesting characters as they navigate their lives: I can recommend it without reservations: Feb 06, Alvin rated it liked it.

Lili's review I had a hard time rating this and also might have a hard time reviewing it. I wanna say a lot of things!!! But I will cover those that's on the top of my mind. Ben PART 1: I loved this part!

If the book was just this, I can give a star rating! I loved both Ben and Tim here. It was honest and even though what they had view spoiler [didn't end well. I'm okay. I was sad, but okay. They were young.

Something Like Summer (novel) - Wikipedia

They fell in love too early in their lives and they were not ready. PART 2: This part didn't really made sense to me. It got me happy at the beginning and then frustrated, annoyed, and irritated going through it and towards the end of it.

I loved Jace. But I knew view spoiler [something was bound to happen to him. And I was right. A lot of things happened to all of them that I won't spoil that I found aggravating, exasperating, and maddening! Thank you Thesaurus for the words! I usually handle view spoiler [cheating hide spoiler ] well in what I read.

But in this one, GAH!!! Ben is so weak! I knew this happens in real life. I understand. When we're in love, we use our hearts. We forget to use our brains. And that's what happened here. Did I like it? Unfortunately not. It was like a wonderful story downgraded to an annoying early adult television series. Not my favorite part at all. Tim PART 3: This was the final stretch of the story and I'm not really mad view spoiler [except to that scene where Ben kissed Tim again.

I was relieved that its better than Part 2. I just knew that view spoiler [Jace would die or something. And the way it happen just makes me sad. But that's life, shit happens. Jace Thankfully it ended well. But somehow, all the plot twists didn't made sense a little and somewhat necessary that it destroyed my fondness in the book.

Which I had during the beginning. One more, I was keep comparing this to Broken Pieces. It had a similar plot but resolved differently. I have to say, I'm quite a sucker to stories that dragged for long time.

Book something like summer

This was one of them. So even with all I felt about I this, I won't forget the story for a while. The MCs had a great love story told here. Will I recommend this? But be prepared for a ride that you may love or hate. Will I read the next ones? I think so. Is this a good read? Yes it was. I just didn't like it well enough. I'll just hope you'll enjoy this if you guys decide to read it.

I was very disappointed by that twist because I saw Jace and Ben as 'the one' for each other, but then Bell went and killed him with an aneurysm. Wouldn't he always be comparing himself to Ben's true love and possibly finding himself coming up short? After five or ten years of feeling that constant comparison would he be able to stay with someone who has settled on their second choice?

I would have liked the ending better if Ben had found someone new, rather than going back to an old flame who hurt him and made him feel like a dirty secret he was ashamed to be seen with hide spoiler ].

If you read my spoiler you might think that this sounds like a three star or lower review, but all of that disappointment happened in the last 18 pages of the book, all of the previous pages were really enjoyable. I liked Ben, and even Tim view spoiler [to start with hide spoiler ] , I liked Ben's family especially his mum!! I liked the way the plot didn't focus on Ben getting bullied non-stop, because that would have become really exhausting and depressing to read not saying it's not realistic, just not that interested in reading about it in a relatively short YA romance.

I felt like this was an honest description of the teenage years of a gay guy - not that dissimilar to a teenager of any other sexual orientation - growing up in the 90s. I will definitely be reading more Jay Bell, in fact I already picked up a number of free shorts from site - Language Lessons and Like and Subscribe - and I look forward to reading them when I can.

Aug 04, Sara rated it it was amazing Shelves: I know I say it often, "How do I review this book? I picked up Something like Summer twice actually not realizing my blunder because I was drawn to the bright orange of the cover with that bit of blue that caught my eye every time. One Sunday, when I was stuck in bed I wanted a book to bring my spirits up so I started this.

What happened was me being sucked into a book that I did not stop reading until I was done. Ben, what a strong character at such a young age. I wis I know I say it often, "How do I review this book? I wish that my children could have the sense of self that he does. I felt his "not stalkerish" crush on the new boy with the blue running shoes.

I wanted him to be noticed, I wanted the new boy to SEE Ben and fall head over blue shoes for him instantly and I wanted this to be a story that would knock me on my butt. Did it ever! I love that this book spans a decade. There is beauty to a slow burn in romance that does it for me.

Sure, insta love is also fantastic but this story wouldn't work that way. Ben and Tim, Tim and Ben. Good Lord. Let's just say I loved being in Ben's head and when he asks Tim to say something to him in Spanish I thought my heart would explode.

Buy for others

I looked up the translation before Tim explains it and I melted. It was beyond beautiful and heart wrenching and stunning and, Le Sigh. There are at least a dozen or thirty moments that were like that for me. Tear my heart out why don't ya Jay Bell?! Now, I was not prepared for the road this story took but I love where it went.

Seeing Ben grow and change and fight the instincts of a love sick teenager were gorgeous. Jay Bell certainly knows how to weave a story that sucks the reader and and it he did that with me. Let me just say that Tim was fantastic. I never once thought he was selfish, absent or mean when it came to Ben.

When I found out that he was getting his own book I immediately went and one clicked that bad boy. I had to know what was going on in his head during this time. All this time. Something Like Summer a roller coaster of a read with an intense climb into adoration followed by a swift down fall into love I just loved this story, so much. Oct 21, wesley rated it it was amazing Shelves: Being born in a country where both the state and the church have forged ideals of what should be the norm, being gay included, has forced people like me to hide deep in the closet.

I am gay and it will not change. And that is what this series is all about to me. And although having to cling to this hope can be dangerous, I cannot let it go. Because having a window a little open to let the tiniest bit of air in is better than suffocating for keeping it closed.

Feb 29, Maddie rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. However, three things absolutely ruined it for me: The random subplots about Allison's father was incredibly out of nowhere, as if they were tacked on at the last minute to add even more drama. Due to all of that, I think it would've been a much better book if it had just ended at the end of the high school portion, after Ben and Tim broke up.

View 1 comment. I read this in , and the review below is for the ebook I read. In I listened to the audio and then decided to re rate it to 5 stars. I think because this book made me yell at the characters for their choices. When I'm so emotional invested that I'm yelling at the characters, for me that's should be 5 stars.

I think the difference is in audio. When I read-only I read slow, and sometimes I skip things. I'm not a very good reader, I read this in , and the review below is for the ebook I read. I'm not a very good reader, but as a listener I pay close attention to every word.

This is a great book. Highly recommended. Note i need to listen to the other Something Like stories because I really am an audio girl!! From I am really excited for Jay. It is like "living the dream" for all those authors out there! Self-pub, to best of , to "going to be a movie". When he finally does and realizes that Ben is the love if his life, he works hard for a second chance. Bell's husband, Andreas, has created the covers of all his books. I have no doubt that such word-of-mouth has been crucial to the book's success.

He resisted for months, until he saw Judas Kiss, which he had "followed through fundraising and development" from a distance. He decided that those filmmakers were the team he could trust to turn his book into a movie.

Director J. Tepnapa and screenwriter Carlos Pedraza didn't need much convincing. I was a gay kid in a small town where it wasn't always safe to be gay. Like so many of us, my first stabs at love were clumsy and left me feeling lonely.