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Solid-state physics for electronics / André Moliton Representing E f. Learning solid-state physics requires a certain degree of maturity, since it Patterson. EE Solid State - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. Uploaded from Google Docs. ciples of solid-state physics and electrical engineering surround us in the form of microchip, shines as the key that unlocked a field of electronics leading to.

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Introduction to. Solid State. Power Electronics. Editor: John William Motto, Jr. Semiconductor Division. Youngwood, Pennsylvania This textbook is specifically tailored for undergraduate engineering courses offered in the junior year, providing a thorough understanding of solid state. Solid-State Electronics. Chap. 1. Instructor: Pei-Wen Li. Dept. of E. E. NCU. 1. Solid-State Electronics. ◇ Textbook: “Semiconductor Physics and Devices”.

Jump to navigation Jump to search An integrated circuit IC on a printed circuit board. This is called a solid state circuit because all of the electrical action in the circuit occurs within solid materials. Solid-state electronics means semiconductor electronics; electronic equipment using semiconductor devices such as semiconductor diodes , transistors , and integrated circuits ICs. A semiconductor device works by controlling an electric current consisting of electrons or holes moving within a solid crystalline piece of semiconducting material such as silicon , while the thermionic vacuum tubes it replaced worked by controlling current conducted by a gas of particles, electrons or ions , moving in a vacuum within a sealed tube. Although the first solid state electronic device was the cat's whisker detector , a crude semiconductor diode invented around , solid state electronics really started with the invention of the transistor in The replacement of bulky, fragile, energy-wasting vacuum tubes by transistors in the s and s created a revolution not just in technology but in people's habits, making possible the first truly portable consumer electronics such as the transistor radio , cassette tape player , walkie-talkie and quartz watch , as well as the first practical computers and mobile phones.

It is attached to a 20 Mbyte Winchester disc drive, a tape cartridge drive for software distribution, and a communications port for the operator console and remote diagnostics. A basic system, packaged in two racks, includes the C-l processor with 4 Mbyte of bit memory, one I! The price of this system is sk. Convex Computer Corp.

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Product packaging that does not meet user-determined criteria can be automatically rejected by downline equipment activated through a communications link with the InVision system. The system includes nonvolatile bubble memory with several fites. This allows programs to be estab- lished to inspect a number of products with different inspection criteria for each , which can all be run interchangeably on the same production line.

Energy Bands in Crystals. Energy bands. Metals, insulators, and semiconductors. Density of states. Brillouin zones. Carrier Concentrations. Density of electrons in the conduction band - classical approximation. Fermi-Dirac integral. Density of electrons in the conduction band - degenerate approximation.

Density of holes in the valence band. Intrinsic semiconductor. Extrinsic Semiconductors. Impurity states. Types of defect. Statistics of ionization equilibria. Law of mass action. Lattice Waves. Linear monatomic lattice. Linear diatomic lattice.

Fundamentals of solid state electronics

Lattice heat capacity. Lattice thermal conductivity. Mobility and Conductivity. Impurity scattering.

Introduction to Solid State Electronics

Phonon scattering. Ambipolar Transport. Diffusion current. Direct recombination. Recombination centers and traps.

Pdf electronics solid state

Ambipolar transport. Haynes-Shockley experiment.

The p-n Junction. Transition region. Potential distribution in the transition region. The p-n junction. Simplified model for p-n junction. Depletion approximation. Semiconductor Surfaces. Surface states. The space-charge region. Surface excess of carriers.

Metal-semiconductor contacts. Class Room: Knowledge Group: Consulting Hours: Course Description: Assuming a basic familiarity with the electrical and chemical properties of materials, this course starts with the structural properties of semiconductors including their growth and development technologies. The quantum mechanics of semiconductors is introduced, and an understanding of energy bands formation is developed.

EE Solid State | Semiconductor Devices | Semiconductors

The concepts regarding charged particles and a deep understanding of their transport properties in semiconductors is achieved, including their recombination processes. The equilibrium state conditions and the response of a diode under the application of forward and reverse bias are understood in depth. This part also covers an overview of fabrication technologies used for the diode development.

The third part of this course covers the semiconductor devices, including: This includes a deep understanding of their transport properties and an overview of their fabrication technologies. Operational characteristics of basic electronic circuits using transistors. Comprehend the essential concepts and state-of-the-art semiconductor fabrication technologies Able to study and understand advanced semiconductor devices. Text Book: Robert F.

Please read the Official Policy at: ZERO grade will assigned for that Assignment In order to develop comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Pdf electronics solid state

Page 3 of 3. If missed. All assignments will count towards the total Plagiarism: In summarizing. Final Exam: Quizzes can be announced or unannounced. EE Solid State Electronics.

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