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edition bk 1 - [pdf]free minna no nihongo kanji i english edition bk 1 22 apr minna no nihongo 2 terjemahan indonesia pdf foo. kyozai' minna no nihongo 1 romaji pdf - wordpress - minna no nihongo shokyu i indonesia pdf 15 - minna no nihongo shokyuu 1 second edition main textbook . minna no nihongo shokyu 1 pdf free minnaese books will enable the general adult learner minna no nihongo 2 terjemahan indonesia pdf

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As the title Minna no Nihongo indicates, this book has been designed to make the study of . 1) Explanations of the general features and pronunciation of Japanese as . Indonesian, student at Fuji University Chinese, doctor at Kobe Hospital. minna no nihongo 1 romaji pdf honsatsu romaji-ban - romanized edition i - Minna No Nihongo 2 Terjemahan Indonesia Pdf 15 edition) pin. Minna No Nihongo 2 Terjemahan Indonesia Pdf 15 minna no nihongo shokyuu 1 second edition main textbook pdf (with. 1 terjemahan dan.

Vocabulary and conversational settings have been revised. Words that have gone out of usage have been replaced with new expressions frequently in use, and conversational settings have also been updated. In addition, a CD of the dialogues and exercises has been included with the book and illustrations for use in reviewing have also been increased. Lesson topics including essential grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking are taught and instilled in students through situational daily conversations. Although it is an introductory text, efforts have been made to make the exchanges between Japanese and foreign characters in the book reflect social conditions and everyday life as faithfully as possible. There are about 46 kana characters, so if you learn 5 to 10 hiragana and katakana per day, you can learn all the kana in as little as a week. This "Shokyu 1" is essential for beginners who have studied Japanese for less than a hours.

According to Neqendort QwzL the content analysis is an analytical technique to make conclusions through a systematic and objective identification of special characteristics within the text.

Assesstnrent Instrument for Foreign Language Textbooks The instruments are constructed on the aspects to be measured and based on a particular theory. Furthermore, the instruments will be consulted to the experts.

This is called 'judgment expertt which means an evaluation of construct validity by asking the opinion of the experts Sugiyono, Based on the consultations and discussions with the experts, it is known that these instruments-by taking into account input from experts-can be used as a data collection in the field. These instruments generally can be used to evaluate the foreign language text books. But to assess a particular foreign language, questions can be directed more specifically to target foreign language, for example: English, Chinese, Japanese, and others.

A checklist developed by Cunningsworth for evaluating foreign language textbooks consists of eight points, namely: 'aim and approaches', 'design and organization', 'language content', 'skills', 'topic', 'methodology', 'teachers'book', 'practical consideration'. As an example; the part of 'oim ond opprooches'is considered to be equivalent to the material components; the 'design ond orgonizotion' part is considered to be equivalent to the presentation component; the part of 'longuage content' is considered to be equivalent to the components legibility; the 3kills'is to be considered equivalent to the components of language skills available in this research.

For the four other points submitted by Cunningsworth, each point is included into one of the components set forth in this study. The points of these components are presented briefly and it contains more pervasive coverage on target.

1 pdf indonesia no minna nihongo

The first point written above is generally in accordance with the opinion of the experts who stated that the textbook serves as the syllabus Cunningsworth, ; Ansary and Babaii, 2OA2l. At point 2 states clearly that the content of textbooks should not contain gender discriminatiorr and negative sides that lead to the conflicts of ethnicity, religion, race, and pornography. Point number 3 written above includes many theories proposed by the experts, namely: textbook should consciously and decisively avoid any vague a and unfamiliar concepts and it does not confuse the students who use the book Greene and Petty in Tarigan, ; a textbook provides a correct and accurate language model Hutchinson and Waters in McGrath, ; the content of textbooks should be based on scientific and precise facts.

The point number 4 and number 5 are the new points developed in this research. Related to Japanese textbooks, point number4 and number 5 are considered as the enrichment of material for foreign language textbook by displaying the real Japanese contextual and the conditions outside of Japan which is considered to be relevantto the topics discussed in this study. In the components of language skills, as delivered by Taniguchi , the language skill 6engo ginoo is productive or to produce sonshutsuteky' and the aspect of language skill is receptive or to receive juyooteki.

Listening kiku and reading yamu skills are receptive whereas the speaking honosu and writing skill kokul are productive. This division is intended to explore the suitability of the material language skills that supported by exercises. This relates to the opinion of Cunningsworth which states that the textbook is a material source that will be taught both oral and written.

The exercises should be developed in the four language skills.

The task presented are expected to support the student in relation to the skills prepared before. This case is in line with the opinion of Garinger which states that exercises and activities should be presented in various types so it constantly motivates the students.

That is in accordance with the opinion of Nunan in McGrath which states that the instructional materials should reflect the outside Seminar [nternasional Bulan Bahasa world in terms of authenticity of texts and task. The language skills can be completely seen in the appendix page of this article.

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The components of presentation are divided into eight points, namely: 1 the presentation of the material coherently, systematically, straightforwardly, and easy to understand; 2 the balance and the sustainability among chapters; 3 the development of spiritual and social attitudes; 4 the development of language skills which motivates someone to think deeper and to be innovative; 5 the availability of handbooks for teachers; 6 the completeness of book in the form of tests and student worksheet; 7 the completeness of book in the form of digital audio such as cassette, CD, and DVD; 8 the completeness of books in tlre form of pictures' teaching materials such as illustration, flashcards, and wallcharts.

The point number 1 'presentation' is in accordance with what was proposed by Seguin stated that the presentation of a theme is based on the consideration of the knowledge acquisition that should be progressive, ordered from general to detailed sequences or from the simple to the complex. Point number 2 is based on the opinions of Garinger which states that the training provided in the textbook should be balanced. Point number 3 is based on Cunningsworth's opinion which states that a textbook should reflect social values and norms, either implicitly or explicitly.

Minna no Nihongo II (all Lessons 26-50)

Point number 4 is to grow the motivation and the innovative way of thinking. This point is based on the concept of Seguin and Nunan. According to Seguin , a textbook is expected to provide the student any perception and understanding of the outside world in order to master what they have learned. Nunan in McGrath stated that a qualifiedinstructional material is a material that can encourage learners to use their language skills in real world. Byrd also states that the textbook is equipped with guidance for teachers to implement the available exercises.

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Point number 5 is about the completeness of book ion the form of students' tests workheet. This is in accordance with the opinion of Nunan in McGrath which states that a good textbook is a bookthat can encourage an independent learning and enables the students to conduct self-evaluation built through the task given.

He states that the terms for a high qualified text book is a book equipped with an evaluation test. Point number 7 is an element related to phonology--the study of sounds, while the point number 8 is related non-language teaching materials. According to McGrath , one of the criteria for books' selection used in the classroom is the logistical considerations such as legibility.

Grant in McGrath also reinforces the importance of the legibility of a textbook by arguing that a textbook should be in accordance with the needs, interests, and the abilities of students. Wirawan l' explains that the language used in textbooks should be adjusted to the level of vocabulary mastery of the students. The easy of reading the instruments and the materials. The language used is ethical and communicative.

Pdf nihongo indonesia minna 1 no

It contains grammar and vocabularies which are suitable for the levels, interests, and the cognitions of the students. Point 1 is the development of legibility component that is developed in this study. As it is mentioned at the first part, Japanese characters consist of kano and kanji.

Pdf minna no nihongo 1 indonesia

According Takamizawa , the people who are in the hikanjikeigakushuusha are Europeans; the most are from Southeast fuians, Arabs, and Africens. Those who are inthe kanjikeigakushuusha are the people from China, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. This is in accordance with the opinion of McGrath which states that one criterion for the books' selection used in the classroom is the logistical considerations such as the legibility.

Thus, the language used in the Japanese textbooks is expected to match the understanding level of the readers. As for the third point is the development of the concept of Grant in McGrath which states that textbook must be in accordance with the needs, interests, and abilities of students.

Study Material Text book entitled "Minno no Nihongo SholEu I' As mentioned in the introduction, textbook material should support the achievement of the curriculum or teaching program unit.

Each lesson contains two to four new sentence patterns to be learned. The material contained in the sentence pattern is relatively dense book that required the division of the right time to discuss and explore patterns of sentences in it. Discussion of the material should be followed up with exercises that can motivate students to be able to make a sentence in accordance with the target to be achieved in each learning unit. The desires written in Japanese language are expressed by the two patterns of sentence above.

What do you want most this time? Natsu yasumiwa doko e ikitai desu ka? TE hr,. Okinawa e ikitaidesu. I want to p to Okinawa Minna no Nihongo shokyu I p. These things are very real and close to the student's life so it is easyto understand and to use. This is a part of the Japanese cultural context. Betsu-betsu ni oneooishimosu. Excuse me. Please the payment , the bill is paid individually. Minno no Nihongo Shokyu I p.

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