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INPS offers to download last year MCA Mock Test papers. Aptitude and English which are exactly according to Syllabus of your MCA Entrance Exams. MCA Entrance Exam Success Pack for Exams - MCA Entrance Test Preparation CD plus Previous Solved Question Papers Book plus Free Ebook - Solved. Study package for MCA Entrance of all India universities: This MCA entrance exam book contains 5 sections including Analytical ability.

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List of Free Computer Applications E-Books & Sample Papers. TANCET MCA Question Paper. Class 12 CBSE Board Exam Mathematics Sample Paper. I need an ebook for mca entrance examination. please provide one Q. Is the syllabus same for NIMCET (MCA entrance for NIT) and PGCET for MCA? If yes. Jul 14, Best mca entrance exam book. In the market there is lot of best books which are covering syllabus for MCa entrance best books are which are.

Save extra with 3 Offers. This book has been written for the help of all those students who wish to seek admission through entrance examination to various M. Institutes likes J. Combined, H. The purpose of this book is to make the students aware of what they are expected to know and what type of questions they have to come across at the M. In this book, I have discussed complete theory with suitable illustrations in the beginning of each chapter which is followed by objective and subjective problems. Solutions of these problems have been provided at the end of the chapter.

Exponential and Logarithmic Series 7.

Entrance ebook mca exam

Permutations and Combinations 8. Binomial Theorem 9.

Study material for M.C.A entrance examinations

Theory of Equations Miscellaneous Inequalities Recurrence Relation Group Ring and Field. Differential Calculus 1. Function 2. Limit, Continuity and Differentiability 3.

Tangents and Normals 5.

Entrance exam ebook mca

Maxima and Minima 6. Curvature 7. Asymptotes 8. Singular Points 9.

Curve Tracing Convergence Series Integral Calculus Indefinite Integrals Definite Integrals Rectification, Quadrature, Volume and Surfaces Multiple Integration Miscellaneous Exercise. Analytical Plane Geometry 1. Fundamental Concepts of 2D 2. The Straight Line 3.

Entrance exam ebook mca

Pair of Straight Lines 4. The Circle 5.

The Parabola 6. The Ellipse 7. The Hyperbola 8.


Analytical Solid Geometry 9. Fundamental Concepts of 3D The Plane Students should clear their concepts before they start practicing questions.

This book will help you with it. Logical and Analytical Reasoning by A. Gupta: The written language is very simple and makes it easy for every individual to understand the complex concepts. It tackles all aspects of analytical ability and logical reasoning.

This section does not demand a rigorous study. Computer Fundamentals by Pradeep K.

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Sinha: This book may prove to be useful for novices in particular because of its sheer simplicity. Ramesh Objective Computer Awareness: This book covers all the necessary topics in great detail while being precise. It explains complex concepts in a way that is not tough for students to understand.

And thus, helps them retain these longer. It has a total of 20 questions. This is relatively easy to prepare for. As cliched as it sounds, there is no better way to prepare for this section than reading. If not books, read the editorial section of newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express and the like.

MCA Entrance Exams Admissions, Answer Key, Colleges

Newspaper-reading is the best habit that one can inculcate. The aforementioned books are vast, the candidate should have the knack of knowing what is relevant from a NIMCET perspective.

Rest assure, these books are reliable and recommended by most toppers. Along with these, you must also practice as many sample papers as possible. Good luck!

It is imperative for all-round preparation because it will also help you ascertain your strengths and weaknesses better and gauge your preparation as a whole and you can acclimate yourself to the questions asked in each section.

Agarwal: Aspirants are advised to have a steady goal-oriented strategy, this all-in-one book will make your leaning easier.