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GLOBAL STRATEGIC. MANAGEMENT. Second Edition. Mike W. Peng. Provost's Distinguished Professor of Global Strategy. University of Texas at Dallas. Chair. Chapter 4 Global strategic alliances Chapter 4 looks at strategic alliances as a Some factors are still pushing towards a local approach to management, on a. The main findings of this study are that global strategic management Keywords : global strategy; global strategic management; international strategic.

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AT STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT THE CHALLENGING TASK OF THE GLOBAL MANAGER . Bulletin Description: “Development of a strategic management viewpoint integrating the Global Strategic Management is “Global” in terms of understanding. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Global strategic management | The process of globalisation -- Managing globally -- Broad issues in globalisation.

Part III Broad issues in globalisation 14 Globalisation and the Internet The business Internet space Transacting through the Internet: the web-enabled company The contribution of the Internet to globalisation The Internet and global firms Summary and key points Learning assignments Key words Web resources Notes References and further reading 15 The social responsibility of the global firm Global companies and corruption The practice of corruption and the role of global companies Global companies and environmental protection Global corporations and labour practices Global companies and human rights Social responsibility and global firms: an on-going challenge Summary and key points Learning assignments Key words Web resources Notes References and further reading 16 Global trends Driving forces Future scenarios The future of global corporations Summary and key points Appendix Amelia Ho contributed to the bibliographical search as well as to the summary at the end of each chapter, and to the text editing. The book has been designed as a support for specialised courses on Strategic Management for Global Firms, equivalent to a series of course notes to be read in preparation for a class or afterwards. Students will normally be assigned a case study for each of the topics covered in the book. It can also be used as a reference guide for managers and executives. There are a number of excellent textbooks on international business already available.

The people-focus implies that the primary purpose of an organization can never be to provide employment at the expense of customers or society in general — a drill routinely exercised in Third World countries, and especially in India by many public sector and government organizations during the height of regulated economic regimentation.

Chapter global strategic management1 introduction

Similarly, retrenchment of people hire and fire cannot be accepted as a non-holds-barred practice for maximizing organizational profits! For instance, under Just-in-Time culture, an ordinary shop-floor worker is empowered to stop the whole machine assembly line if he finds that the product quality has gone out of control.

It is important not merely to produce and sell products, but to produce and sell quality products, without fail. We must be perfect in satisfying. Organizational purpose must be explicitly stated.

Purposeless organizations are liable to drift and become marginal in the course of time.

Strategic Management Process - Meaning, Steps and Components

Globalization connotes dynamic human will for achieving larger social and human purposes. Perspective: Strategic management begins with a statement of clear perspective. Organizational perspective must be well-researched.

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In facing global competitive challenges, it is important that the firm possesses a global perspective, even though it might be competing and managing locally. Polemical debates arise from lack of appreciation of multiple perspectives.

Some of the techniques for improving the perspective horizon and thereby quality of decisions is: scenario-building, process consultation, in-house training programmes, job rotation, and cross- functional teams.

Strategic Management An Integrated Approach, 9th ed..pdf, Study notes for Marketing

Positioning: An important dimension in achieving world-class competitiveness relates to the positioning of the firm. This dimension has high interface with organizational purpose, planning and perspective, resulting in definitional confusion. Positioning of the firm is distinct from positioning of products in marketing.

In other words, the strategic manager has to ascertain the existing position and future positioning of the firm. Positioning means the place in the industry which the firm would like to occupy in relation to its competitors from the perspective of the consumers.

Does the firm compete on lowest-cost mass- production, high-technology basis? Does it differentiate itself from others on the basis of superior and value-augmented products, or on high-ethic practices, employee policies, etc. In this technique, clusters of competitors are identified based on their key strategic choices with regard to broad but critical dimensions of the industry structure.

Strategic positioning, like most other factors in business, is a dynamic concept. Partnership has softer intangible and harder tangible dimensions. Going beyond the softer side of partnership-approach, development of long-term partners for weak competitors is essential for deriving sustainable advantages.

In this approach, the perspective is that there can be no profits at the expense of any resource.

To implement this strategy, a fresh perspective of treating each stakeholder as a partner has to be developed at all levels. There are a number of excellent textbooks on international business already available. First, the focus of the book is on business firms and their employees. It is assumed that students interested in those topics will read specialised books or attend courses taught by economists or political scientists.

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Obviously, classical issues such as entry strategies or expatriate management will not be forgotten, but the overall tone of the book looks at how, ultimately, international or multinational firms become global and managed globally. Third, the book aims at describing and analysing the key strategic and managerial challenges for firms, but does not pretend to be exhaustive or encyclopaedic. A lot of theoretical developments have been deliberately omitted: transaction costs theory, locational theory and agency theory, for instance, have been left out.

The quotation of a multitude of articles published in academic journals and collections of papers in the field of international business such as the Journal of International Studies, the Strategic Management Journal or the Academy of Management Journal has been strictly limited. Those who want to know more are invited to look at the list of References and further reading at the end of each chapter as well as the works quoted during the text.

Fourth, several mini-examples have been inserted in many chapters in order to illustrate the points made in the text. Those are not case studies.