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Give Me Tonight By Lisa Kleypas - FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Tacky cover, but I read the PDF version and this is BY FAR my favorite. Visit Give Me Tonight by Lisa Kleypas - book cover, description, publication history. Give Me Tonight By Lisa Kleypas. Ebook Give Me Tonight By Lisa Kleypas currently available at for review only, if you need complete .

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Author: Kleypas Lisa Take Me Home Tonight · Read more · Take Me Home Tonight. Read more · Love Me Tonight · Read more · Promise Me Tonight. Give Me Tonight book. Read 54 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Addie was drawn to Ben Hunter from the moment she met him. This str. Автор: Kleypas Lisa, Книга: Give Me Tonight. She felt strange tonight, light- headed, her heart beating rapidly, her very soul trembling with an unfamiliar.

Biography[ edit ] Kleypas began writing her own romance novels during her summer breaks from studying political science at Wellesley College. Her parents agreed to support her for a few months after her graduation so that she could finish her latest manuscript. Approximately two months later, at age 21, Kleypas sold her first novel. At approximately the same time, the 5'2" Kleypas was named Miss Massachusetts. During her competition at the Miss America pageant, Kleypas sang a song she had written, earning her a "talented nonfinalist" award.

Photo credit: Avon More Lisa Kleypas has written dozens of romance novels throughout her career, but for many of her fans, one couple stands above the rest: Evie and Sebastian from Devil in Winter , released in A decade later, Lisa revisited them in Devil in Spring , but if that didn't satisfy your St. Vincent fix, there's good news-they'll be back again in Devil's Daughter, the fifth book in the Ravenels series, out next year.

While attending her younger brother's wedding, she meets a man who sparks her interest, but unfortunately he turns out to be West Ravenel, the man who bullied Henry during their youth.

She had known it since the age of eight, when her best friend Henry had started writing to her from boarding school. He was a big, sarcastic, hardened case of a boy, but his constant misbehavior had been overlooked, as it would have been in nearly any boarding school.

It was seen as inevitable that older boys would dominate and browbeat younger boys, and anyone who tattled would be severely punished. Dear Phoebe, Yesterday it was my job to change the candlestiks.

West Ravenel sneaked trick candles into my basket and last night one of them went off like a rocket and singed Mr. I got my hand caned for it. Dear Phoebe, I drew this picture of West Ravenel for you, so if you ever see him, you will know to run away.

He also acts like one. For four years, West Ravenel had annoyed and plagued poor Henry, Lord Clare, a small and slight boy with a delicate constitution. His intelligence, wit, and endearing eccentricities had made him a favorite with the Challon family.

It had happened gradually, twining all through her like delicate silver vines, blossoming into a jeweled garden until one day she looked at him and felt a thrill of love.

She had needed a husband who could also be a friend, and Henry had always been her best friend in the world. He understood everything about her, just as she did him. They were a perfect match. Phoebe had been the first one to broach the subject of marriage. To be of any use at all. Or even to me. No matter how much I rest, I scarcely have enough stamina to last through the day. Let me take care of you.

Their first child, Justin, was a dark-haired and robustly healthy boy who was now four years old. Henry had gone into his final decline a year ago, just before the birth of their second son, Stephen.

In the months of grief and despair that had followed, Phoebe had gone to live with her family, finding a measure of solace in the loving home of her childhood. But now that the initial year of mourning had passed, it was time to start a new life as a young single mother of two boys. A life without Henry. How strange that seemed. She would have to move back to the Clare estate in Essex-which Justin would inherit when he came of age-and she would try to raise her sons the way their beloved father would have wished.

Even knowing she would be among friends and relations, she was nervous. I only dream about things I know. I'm tired, honey. Addie walked into the bedroom and set down her purse, humming along with the radio as it played "I'd Be Lost Without You. They made an odd pair, a maiden aunt and her twenty-year-old niece. Addie was a modem young woman who could drive an automobile and bring home a paycheck. Unlike the Gibson girls of Leah's generation, she hadn't been sheltered from hardship or knowledge.

Addie knew what it was like to work.

Kleypas give me tonight pdf lisa

And she knew, as her friends did, not to trust in the future. To wait, save, and hope for better things was naive. To believe in nothing was the only way to be safe from disillusionment.

Women smoked as much as they pleased in public, and passed around flasks of strong drink under the table. They kicked their legs high as they danced the Charleston, and used rough language that once would have caused any man to blush.

It was fun to be young and frivolous, fun to go to movies, listen to jazz, park in their shiny black Fords and flirt and tease their boyfriends long past midnight. They were a hard-bitten lot, but Leah took comfort in the fact that her niece was less brittle than the rest of her friends.

She hadn't always been that way. But a hard life had taught Addie bitter lessons that had softened her pride and gentled her spirit, turning her willfulness into an inner core of steel.

Leah needed her more than anyone else.

Tonight kleypas me give pdf lisa

The tune on the radio changed to "Blue Skies," and Addie sang along with the chorus. People standing on street corners with nothing to do except chin-wag. This afternoon the line at the unemployment relief station is all the way down to the barbershop. Except there's the strangest old man wandering around town.

Book: Give Me Tonight

He looks like one of those old drovers—heavy beard, long hair, and kind of a weather-beaten face. She was paler than usual and strangely listless. During the past few months her perfectly white hair had lost its brilliance, her dark-eyed liveliness had all but vanished, leaving behind a mixture of resignation and peace. Nothing strange about that.

He looked at me so hard, just staring and staring, and he didn't stop until I reached the end of the street. It gave me the strangest feeling, all creepy inside.

And he must have been around seventy or eighty years old! You know that. Haskin had said it was all right for her to take a dose whenever necessary. Now every hour of her day was punctuated with a spoonful of opiated syrup. Carefully Addie held a spoon up to Leah's lips and used a handkerchief to dab at a stray drop which had fallen on her chin.

You'll feel better in just a minute. For all its charm, her face was not spectacular. Her cheekbones were blunt and her jawline too pronounced. However, she gave the impression of striking beauty. Jealous women could point out the flaws in her looks, but most men considered her to be nothing less than perfect. Addie set the spoon down on the bedside table and eyed the high stack of sensational novels filled with stories of helpless maidens, daring deeds, and villains foiled by conquering heroes.

Until the cancer had struck she had been the most active and independent woman in Sunrise. The idea of marriage, or any other claim on her freedom, had never tempted her. She certainly couldn't be expecting that much leeway in I also did not like her attitude, she made it abundantly clear she was not trying to fit in with the time period. Ben Addie travels back in time 50 years to became the Addie everyone thought was murdered by Ben.

Ben even for how much he said he loved Addie was super controlling and in my mind his attitude wasn't romantic, it was more on the repulsive side Kurang greget ah, and aku gak suka heroine-nya, baik sebelum and sesudah dia menghilang selama 2 jam itu. Addie menganggap Jeff sekedar teman saja, tapi kok membiarkan dirinya dicumbui Jeff layaknya pacar?

Sooooo, kayaknya aku emang gak begitu suka sama buku bertema ini. Dec 12, Rose Maria rated it it was amazing. Re-read it Aug 21, Christine Cagnes rated it really liked it Shelves: Cerita time travel dengan bumbu romance selalu sukses membujukku untuk membacanya. Tapi setelah membaca karangan Mba Lisa ini, ceritanya di luar ekspektasi dimana abis dibaca dalam waktu 3 jam.

Untuk awal cerita, tensinya rada cepat. Adeline Pack ini perempuan muda usia 21 tahun lebih. Addie nama panggilan hanya punya bibinya dalam hidupnya. Sang bibi sangat menyayanginya seperti anak kandung sendiri. Sebelum wafat, Addie di-dong Cerita time travel dengan bumbu romance selalu sukses membujukku untuk membacanya.

Sebelum wafat, Addie di-dongengin betapa dirinya sangat mirip bibi downloadutnya yang bernama Adeline juga. Keesokan harinya, sang bibi meninggal dunia membuat Addie sedih setengah mati. Tapi kesedihan Addie berubah menjadi kekagetan ketika keesokan paginya dia menemukan dirinya terlempar dalam rentang waktu lima puluh tahun sebelumnya.

Dan Addie menjadi sosok bibi downloadutnya yang bernama sama tersebut. Nah, karakter bibi downloadutnya ini antagonis lah. Kembang kota, ayahnya tajir luar biasa, sifatnya manja dan "dingin. Ben selalu menampik godaan yang ada pada Adeline. Tapi sejak Adeline menghilang dan muncul kembali, Ben merasai ada sesuatu yang rapuh dan sifat hangat pada diri "Adeline".

Masuk ke pertengahan cerita, alurnya menjadi lebih lambat. Di sini mulai dibangun konflik siapa Adeline dan hubungannya dengan Ben. Aku suka dengan interaksi Ben dan Addie. Sebelumnya, Addie digambarkan perempuan tangguh tapi dirinya gampang takut dan mudah menangis setelah berpindah waktu ini. Tapi justru ini menjadi sisi yang menarik perhatian Ben.

Dan Addie ini digambarkan sebagai sosok karakter yang keras kepala. Lucunya ketika Ben yang sebelumnya sebal setengah mati pada Addie menjadi suka beneran Jadi di sini nih tergambarkan dengan baik perasaan "terserah lu mau punya perasaan apa ke gue, yang penting gue mau sama lu" Romance time travel ini mengingatkanku dengan cerita di mana ceritanya sang hero mulai jatuh hati dengan heroinenya yang sudah "bertukar posisi".

Feb 13, Mrsbooks rated it it was ok. Read it and I can't remember it Dec 10, Bekah rated it really liked it Shelves: Addie Peck is a 20 year old young woman living in Sunrise Texas in era, living independantly and taking care of her ailing aunt Leah, while having vivid dreams about a man she doesn't know.

Then one night she is mysteriously whisked 50 years back in time to live the life of Adeline Warner in Sunrise Texas. Soon she meets her mysterious man Ben Hunter, the foreman on her father's ranch and discovers she, Adeline, may have the once in a lifetime opportunity for a second chance at life. I'm Addie Peck is a 20 year old young woman living in Sunrise Texas in era, living independantly and taking care of her ailing aunt Leah, while having vivid dreams about a man she doesn't know.

I'm always a little wary of time travel romances. Sometimes they are just too hard to believe and are not written very well at all. So I always approach them carefully. I found Give Me Tonight to start off interesting immediately.


I didn't have any problems reading through it rather quickly and finding interest in the characters and their problems and issues.

Within the first chapter we see Addie hearing about her ancestors and a mysterious disappearance of the aunt she was named after, and the mysterious murder of her great grandfather, which Ben Hunter is suspected of committing.

We are immediately immersed in one of her highly sensual and mysterious dreams with an unknown man, and we see her transported back to She struggles to understand what exactly is going on as everyone believes her to be who she knows to be her Aunt Adeline, and she soon discovers that her great grandfather is still alive and she may have the opportunity to stop his murder. I hope you're not confused. Lisa Kleypas does a much better job of writing it than I do of explaining it.

Anyhow with Addie suspecting Ben of killing her father, understandably she is a little afraid of him as well as disagreeable. Ben Hunter was a good hero. He was average. He didn't make my heart go pitter patter overly much, but he was totally devoted to Addie once he discovered his feelings for her. I liked that he didn't fight it, but accepted it. He had all the right ingredients for the perfect hero - he was tall, dark, and handsome.

He was strong, and obsessed with Addie. He let her be her independant self and in fact encouraged it. He just lacked the magnetism that I've come to love about Kleypas heroes. That of course is only my opinion. I had no problems with Ben, he was a perfectly written hero, I just wasn't wowed by him! I did love though the fact that he played the guitar beautifully and there was one particular scene in the book with him and Addie and the guitar that I really liked.

Tonight pdf me give lisa kleypas

There were some great moments of steam here and there of course. We have an enemy turn to lovers story here and so the tension was high at times and quite tingle worthy. I loved the sparring that happend back and forth between Ben and Addie. I didn't find myself fanning myself and reaching for my cold glass of water often, but there were a few times I did! The romance was there, however I did not sigh and clutch to my chest. Of course you just aren't going to do that with every book. That's ok.

I also really really appreciate a book that is going to be quite enjoyable and easy to read, a book that is not going to make me struggle to pick it back up and dive back in. I had no such problems with this book and for that and because of my busy schedule, I'm extraordinarily happy.

There were moments in the book where Ben declared himself and his feelings that were quite romantic, but because Addie was going through a lot emotionally and mentally because of her knowlege and the time travel, her declarations did not have quite the impact they could have.

They were there, and definitely felt, but just a little more understated. I think once she had somewhat of a resolution to her life and what was going on she was able to fall into her role quite nicely and very happily which was romantic. She just wanted to be with Ben, no matter what.

Lisa tonight give pdf me kleypas

Overall, I really liked this book. As I said, I loved that it wasn't a struggle to read. I liked the characters and their struggles. I was totally engaged. At this point, that's what I need from LK. One thing that sort of bothered me is that Addie never tells Ben about the time travel. At one point, I thought he knew and was just waiting for her to tell him, but that clearly wasn't the case.

I had hoped she would tell him.

Somewhere I'll Find You (Capital Theatre, Book 01)

Just my own personal opinion, but that is not the direction the book went. Ultimately, I was happy and very satisfied with the book and the next time should Ms. Kleypas decide to write a time travel romance again, I won't be wary at all! Bintang 3 Betapa beruntungnya Adeline Warner yg diberi kesempatan kedua untuk memperbaiki kesalahan yg telah diperbuatnya dengan cara terlahir kembali sebagai Addie Peck tanpa mengalami kematian. Addeline Peck yg biasa dipanggil Addie adalah gadis yatim piatu yg tinggal bersama bibi Leah Bintang 3 Betapa beruntungnya Adeline Warner yg diberi kesempatan kedua untuk memperbaiki kesalahan yg telah diperbuatnya dengan cara terlahir kembali sebagai Addie Peck tanpa mengalami kematian.

Addeline Peck yg biasa dipanggil Addie adalah gadis yatim piatu yg tinggal bersama bibi Leah kakak ibunya di rumah perternakan warisan kakek downloadutnya Russel yg tak lagi menghasilkan setelah kedua oragtuanya meninggal.

Walau dibesarkan di zaman yg sudah memberikan kebebasan yg longgar pada para wanita, Addie tetap seorang gadis yg memiliki karakter yg baik, penuh kasih sayang, hormat pada yg tua, tidak egois, dan masih perawan.

Give Me Tonight - PDF Free Download

Addie tidak memiliki keluarga lain selain Leah yg sakit sakitan dan seluruh hidupnya digunakan hanya untuk merawat dan membahagiakan Leah. Addie terguncang saat Leah meninggal. Adeline Warner adalah pribadi yg sangat bertolak belakang dengan Addie.

Adeline adalah gadis manja dan egois yg mementingkan diri sendiri dan selalu memanipulasi orang orang disekitarnya terutama kaum pria. Perubahan yg terjadi pada Adeline semenjak Adeline menghilang selama 2 jam dan kemudia n ditemukan saat itulah Addie menggantikan posisi Adeline dan seterusnya hanya dirasakan oleh Ben, mandor Ranch Sunrise milik Russel ayah Adeline.

Ben adalah pria tampan, berpendidikan tinggi, pekerja keras dan seorang pegawai yg setia merupakan pegawai kesayangan Russel. Karena memiliki masa lalu yg menyakitkan membuat dirinya lebih menghargai hal hal baik yg dimilikinya saat ini. Ben sangat membenci Adeline yg egois dan manipulatif. Namun semenjak Addie menggantikan Adeline yg menghilang secara misterius, Ben merasakan ketertarikan.

Pertengkaran pertengkaran antara Ben dan Addie menimbulkan perasaan lain pada Ben.