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To ask other readers questions about Fire Inside, please sign up. Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley Undeniable by. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. All Lanie Heron wants with sexy Hop Kincaid is one night with "I adore Kristen Ashley's books. . Fire Inside is the second book in Ashley's Chaos series, following Own the Wind (), and it also has a. Meet the intense and sexy bad boy bikers of the Chaos Motorcycle Club in Lanie and Hop's story from Kristen Ashley's New York Times Read More.

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Chaos (Series). Kristen Ashley Author (). cover image of Chaos!, Volume Chaos (Series). Book 2. Claire Farrell Author (). cover image of Fire Inside. Chaos series (Books ) by Kristen Ashley MC ROMANCE Reading Order: 1. Own The Wind 2. Fire Inside 3. Ride Steady 4. Walk Through Fire 1. Own The. Fire Inside - Kristen Ashley - dokument [*.pdf] To all those wounded beauties out there who valiantly battle their monsters every day and find the strength to keep.

Mar 25, Christy rated it it was amazing 5 Stars Before I start this review, I really struggled on how to rate this book. I started out with a 4 star rating, then I realized my problem. It does to me anyway, so on to the review!!! It was only supposed to be one night We first meet Lanie in Motorcycle Man. Eight years since her fiance was killed, she was hurt. She is not willing to take that risk again.

There is just one long string of drama that forms some semblance of a plot. I cry uncle on the Chaos series!! View all 32 comments. Lots of drama and way too little action, but the second half was definitely better than the first. Really liked Hop. View all 12 comments. Knowing Hop's history from Motorcycle Man, him being a cheater? Nope, it was crap shot that I'd like this one. What are the odds I adored it.

While he had some serious alpha tendencies - as it to expected in any Kristen Ashley story - he also had a sweet side to him that I loved. He treated Lanie with kid gloves which was more than necessary, seeing as she found all kinds of excuses for not committing to a real relationship with Hop.

In Fire Inside we get the the full picture of what exactly happened that made Hop look like a cheater. Hopper Kincaid is truly a good man, sexy, badass, and I loved him with his kids. The full story is in Motorcycle Man. Worse, he used her as a shield.

It is understandable that she doesn't trust men to do right by her. She shies from any attachment while craving it with every fiber. When she approaches Hop she only wants a night, that's what she says anyway. As their relationship continues you want to see her fight for it but she doesn't.

Fire Inside

Not only one time does she let Hopper go and while my heart was full of compassion for her I also wanted to shake her to wake her up. Their love is truly beautiful. I loved that we were reunited with Tack and Tyra. It was so good to catch up with them. Tack in particular, I adored him for showing Lanie how much he cared about his wife's best friend.

Once again, Kristen Ashley took me on a ride full of drama, love and humor. This book is chock-full with beautiful quotes, I wish I could list them all. I can't wait to continue the Chaos series. View all 13 comments. Dec 14, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it it was ok Shelves: Find all of my reviews at: It had all of the trademark Kristen Ashley bullet points such as trembling legs and dri Find all of my reviews at: It had all of the trademark Kristen Ashley bullet points such as trembling legs and dripping vaginas and barfy nicknames and 42, pages when probably would have sufficed and weird abbreviations such as.

And despite the leading male having a name that made me want to get all sorts of upside down. At least one of them will provide for a good time. View all 6 comments. The Chaos series up to now are really all about the couples there is no suspense, no major plot, it is just him and her and how they make it all work out. Her loyalty had bought her nothing but pain, bullet wounds, and heartache. Just you and me and tonight. I just want you and sex.

No expectations. Lanie has a flair for drama and when she finds things out that are a hard limit for her, she takes the easy way out and doesn't even give him a chance to explain. You just gotta read it, Hop is totally swoon worthy, and even more stubborn than Lanie. She never had a chance, even before that first night, she was his. Another beautiful KA story, it seems that the Chaos novels are building up to become something huge.

Never had class. That was my initial excitement and then Me while reading this book I seriously feel rather shitty giving this book 3. I mean, it IS a Kristen Ashley book and all.

So I rounded up my rating to the positive side. I'm really bummed this book didn't do it for me like her other books all have.

I'll delve into that shortly This is Hopper and Lanie's story. We've seen them both starting in MM. Lanie was engaged to the douche that got involv 3. Lanie was engaged to the douche that got involved with the Russian mob, subsequently getting herself stabbed, TyTy injured and himself killed.

It's eight years or so later and Lanie is still alone, still holding on to the guilt for getting Tyra hurt Never again. Enter Hop When Hop is propositioned by Lanie for "just one night'" he knows it's gonna get complicated. Wanna fuck? That night progresses to many Things change for Hop. He wants her in his bed, to be his lady, but Lanie is seriously messed up. But Hop's gonna be her shield from now on So, what was missing in this book that I loved in all other KA books put the weapons down, people I kept waiting for the huge "oh shit" moment but it never came.

It was like I was reading a diary of Hop and Lanie. The day to day story of "them. Seriously, I dozed off every stinking time within an hour in. I was so bummed. Five days That is absurd. Lackluster is the word for it. Did I mention how bummed I am? We still get all the KA badass biker hotness I freaking love.

Their clipped language Hop chooses to call Lanie "lady" as opposed to babe But babe is so biker-ish. Tack was present in all his hotness as was Tyra, Elvira and the other Chaos brothers. A favorite quote- This book goes alongside Tabby and Shy's story in time We get answers to the whole BeeBee fiasco in Shy's book and answers to who bitch Mitzi is and what happened to their marriage.

Hop is uber sweet. He is truly Lanie's shield and does what it takes to rid her of the monsters within. They bicker and fight but the make-up sex is phenomenal. He got his thoughts in the epilogue. I just never really bonded with Lanie's character I guess. It was fairly enjoyable. Definitely not my favorite. I know my expectations are high for KA though.

Arc provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review View all 34 comments. Written April 6, 4. A perfect moderately long 'MC' romance I just finished listening to the 11 hrs audiobook narrated by Kate Russell. This kindle book and old ARC have been in my e-reader more than a year since summer but I never felt that exactly right mood. Light, funny, heartbreaking emotional and wonderful romantic.

With a hero to drool after, a heroine to feel for and not to long. No whining from this lady — Simply Great. The book blurb says: So when Lanie propositions Hop Kincaid , all she wants is one wild night with the hot-as-hell biker who patrols with the Chaos Motorcycle Club. Laine wasn't to be honest my favorite second character back then but the years forgive and make you forget. The queasiness came back but it was different.

This time it came in the form of fear. Slowly, my eyes rose to his. Yes, enraged. And lethal. Oh dear. Fucking now. Fire Inside was another one written by this author delivering exactly that.

Pdf kristen fire inside ashley

Hop is the tender tough biker man —with Molly 11 and Cody 9— who wants to join when Laine now 39 "must" meet her not very happy together parents, another dysfunctional family, in Vail. Then, just at that moment, I started to love him. This listening made me want to do just that a lot of times!!!! Jeez, these heroes Ms. Ashley give us are just amazing 'dream-hubby-material' men. In every book there is a new one. Dear Hop, our here here, doesn't disappoint a single minute.

I so much liked him. Sigh, what a swoon-worthy MAN.

I want you to have all of me. Hop let me go. Not angst but good heartbreaking drama moments. And oh, then we get those so very sweeeet yummy make-up moments we love in our KA romances a nice quote: Softness, warmth, then the darkness of passion. I just didn't like this book, the storyline or these lovely characters, I enjoyed Kate Russell and her varying intense voices very much as well.

View all 33 comments. She is the master at redeeming her heroes. Hop was the story, he owned it and now he owns me!! So 4 Solid Stars!! Hop and Lanie Jan 18, Jen rated it liked it Shelves: Mayb 2. Who the hell stays with a wimpy, unattractive man who displays only poor decision making based on the fact he thought he could mess with the Russian mob and get away with it.

Yeah, go on the run with him. For those concerned about whether or not they were going to like Hop based on his actions in Motorcycle Man, view spoiler [The BeeBe thing is dealt with and I was more than satisfied with the explanation. You go down on me, you do it like who you are.

I think one of the things I missed most was the build up to the sexy time action. There literally was none and that meant the drama had to come from somewhere else. They fight, They bite, They bite and fight and bite!

Substitute humping for biting and you have a pretty clear picture of the situation. ARC provided from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review View all 46 comments. I AM the goddamn shield. ALL of the components were there for this to be another fantastic KA classic. However, it felt like the story never fully sparked to life I expected more from these characters, especially since both had a history from Motorcycle Man.

Lanie's situation was horrible, but I didn't understand why she was holding on to so much. Her "demon" never fully formed in my mind. Hop's situation with BeeBee took way too long to be explained. Though I will say that once he explained everything, he fully redeemed himself in my eyes but I wasn't holding much of a grudge anyway. And to top off my annoyance with the handling of that, Lanie overreacts and goes off the deep end. At that point she lost me and I had a hard time containing my irritation with her.

However, she managed to barely, and I mean barely win me back by the end of the book, but her dumbass moment hangs like a black cloud over my overall thoughts on her. Even with these issues, this still had the feel of a classic KA book KA lite is better to me than no KA at all.

Hop was still the alpha badass we've come to expect from her characters, and being in her world for a short period of time is always gratifying to me. I loved any moment involving Tack, and the mention of the characters from other series really feels like hearing about old friends. In a nutshell, Hop is what will always stand out to me about this book. View all 30 comments. Jan 18, Karen rated it it was amazing. Loved the characters, loved the story, couldn't put it down.

No surprise there!!! Just finished this book today, and I have to say that, despite the mixed reviews I had read, I just loved it! These two characters Lanie Heron and Hopper Kincaid have such an amazing chemistry, I fell in love with them both right away, and never stopped pulling for them throughout all of the blow out dramas that tried to tear them apart; and believe me, there were ma 4. These two characters Lanie Heron and Hopper Kincaid have such an amazing chemistry, I fell in love with them both right away, and never stopped pulling for them throughout all of the blow out dramas that tried to tear them apart; and believe me, there were many!!!

I am the goddamn sheild. She is doing well financially, but she has clearly closed down her personal life in a permanent sort of way!! She is determined to keep men out of her life for good, not wanting to repeat her past mistakes.

A girl has needs. And Lanie has had her eye on him…for a while now. But what now…how to break the ice? Yes…that is the opening line to their story… and it was posed by Lanie herself. Just asking for one night, no strings, no complications. Who could refuse that? A girl like Lanie, not likely. But he tried, he tried to stand clear, and avoid her. He knew who she was. He knew what she had been through. He was not about to touch that. But damn she was beautiful. It was too good to be true, and he knew it.

He knew he had no business going there with her. But damn. And so it began, and what a story. From the very first encounter, Lanie and Hop were lost to each other. They both knew it was wrong, but damn, it was good.

I loved the characters. And I loved the chemistry they shared. Hop was rough, he was good looking, but no less a badass for it. He had already gone through a rocky marriage that ended poorly, and was not looking forward to repeating history.

But he also knew a good thing when he found it. And Lanie Heron was as good as it got. Their story was one self-induced drama after another, causing doubt and turmoil in their relationship. But considering the mucked up backgrounds they both walked in with, it would be unrealistic to expect any less. The kids were awesome as well. And no matter how bad things seemed to get, there was always an explanation that would shine a new light on the situation.

Poor Hop was jumping through rings of fire to get his girl, and Lanie was no less relentless with that whip! And then there was the whole business of keeping their relationship a secret. It was fun to have the gang all together!!! In the end…I love the way it all played out, even though the rollercoaster had me sick to my stomach at times, and almost brought me to tears. They had to go through those hoops in order to understand what they had, and what they had to lose.

And in the end the result was just perfect for both of them. No complaints here. Another Kristen Ashley book of dreams!!!! Lanie Heron [image error] Hopper "Hop" Kincaid [image error] Another wonderful, drama filled story from the talented Kristen Ashley! I fell in love with Hopper, he is just a sweetheart and genuinely a nice guy.

Lainey, well I could take her or leave her.. I know that sounds nasty; but for some reason she was never one that I yelled "Woohoo" over. I did give this book four stars instead of five, and these are some of the reasons why: First of all, if any of you follow my updates, you will already know that I was annoyed with Hop's term of endearment for Lai Another wonderful, drama filled story from the talented Kristen Ashley!

First of all, if any of you follow my updates, you will already know that I was annoyed with Hop's term of endearment for Lainey.. Another nerve racking thing for me was the over use of the phrase: There was a lot of "putting there faces against each others necks" going on and it became irritatingly repetetive.

That being said there was also great humor to the book, that upped the enjoyment factor for me. I loved how Hop thinks, and this quote had me laughing out loud so that my husband thought I was just a tad bit loopy!! Diana fuckin' Ross in her heyday probably took less time to get ready for a show. Babe, if that isn't high maintenance, I do not know what is. Some of the one liner's from the kids crack me up as well!

Mister Hop had his tongue in your mouth! You got pretty hair, too. I have never read one of her books and become bored while doing it. So, even though she may have a different style in writing than most, I would never pass up reading one of her adventure filled stories. I love them, and she writes the best epilogues in the business! Can't wait to hear who we will get to read about next.

I hope that we get many more Chaos novels to come. View all 39 comments. Kristen Ashley fans, contemporary romance, broken women finding their HEA. Over the last couple of month's I've been re-reading my favorite KA books. We don't because we find ourselves on opposite sides of the fence a lot of the time. We also don't get along because we're a lot alike. Therefore I know a man like that doesn't 'kind of' see a woman like you because I wouldn't 'kind of' see a woman like you.

A man like that gets hold of a woman like you, all ass, legs hair and attitude, protecting a soft spot you can just about see but she won't let you touch.

She was shot 3 times. For 7 years Lanie has lived life on the side-lines watching, and going through the motions, but 'not living', because she NEVER wants to open her heart up again.

It's just too painful. For 7 years Lanie has been watching Hop from the side-lines. Watching him inter-act with his Brother's , with the other Old Ladies , with his kids, with her, and her friends. After 7 years , Lanie finally gets the courage to make a proposal for him to spend 'One Night' with her, to which he accepts after Lanie pleading with him. Hop knows Lanie has a monster inside her that paralyzes her, that's eating her up, and He wants to be the one to help 'slay' that monster In this book, Kristen Ashley does a fantastic job of showing her readers what happens when her female character is SO broken, all she needs is her man's patience, love, understanding, strength, courage, and perseverance to help start the healing, so she can move on and love him right back with all that she is.

I loved the characters, the story, and the writing. Favorite Quotes: Thank you, Lovely! View all 17 comments. Apr 04, Jennifer Kyle rated it liked it Shelves: When things got hot with the Russian mob, Lanie was warned not to flee with Elliott. She followed him and disaster happened.

One biker has always caught her eye and she offers one night to…Hopper Kincaid. One night is not enough and he pushes for more and more.

The children are so adorable! A reader learns all the ways in which Mitzi screwed up their marriage as well as the monsters Hop holds close. He puts it all out to Lanie and only wishes she would let the world know about their relationship.

Sweet kids. I went to sleep looking forward to seeing you. I did not use you to shield me from bullets. I did not lead you to heartbreak. KA delivers once again one fantastic epilogue for Lanie and Hop. And she was basking in it. No it was just okay for me. Still, it was a good read. The book held several cameos which are always fun. View all 19 comments. Though he has had plenty of women, he has lived a life without love. His first wife was obsessed with another man and basically used Hop as a replacement for sex and a mortgage payment.

Hop is a good man with a huge heart but he is also a badass biker that doesn't take no for an answer. So when he sets his sights on Lanie She has no defense strong enough to resist Hop's demands. His dick started throbbing.

She opened her eyes, pushed out of her pose and gracefully moved to the edge of the bed. Feet to the floor, naked, her eyes to his, his going everywhere that was her. She moved to him and stopped so close he could smell her perfume. Instantly her hands went to his tee and she yanked up.

Hop lifted his arms. She pulled the shirt away and dropped it. Then her mouth went to his chest, her hands followed, moving, licking, sucking, touching, then down.

On her knees, she unbuckled his belt, pulled it open, unbuttoned his jeans, not looking at him through this. He got nothing but the gleaming hair on top of her head.

He knew why when she reached right in, found him, pulled him free and slid him deep inside her mouth. She had something she wanted and she was concentrating on getting it. Woman like you does not get on her knees. Not on your knees. Get in bed. He pulled her up and then swung her into his arms. He took four strides and tossed her on the bed. He bent, yanked off his boots, his socks, his jeans and he joined her there.

He pulled her into his arms, rolled to his back, rolling her on top. She still looked turned on. She also looked miffed. Adorable, actually. It was going to take a serious amount of work for this not to get complicated. That was why I snuck out of your bed this morning.

Cherry blabbed so Lanie was prepared. She scrunched up her nose. Not like that. Never had class. Never had beauty. You go down on me, you do it like who you are. He knew this because she kept staring for a beat before she lifted her head and touched her mouth to his.

He grinned against her mouth before he kissed her, rolling her with him as he turned onto his back. When he broke the kiss, she got busy and sucked him off in bed. Like class. Like a lady.

He lifted his head and caught her eyes. He did too. Until tonight. Chapter One Cheese Whiz I was on a hand and my knees. My other arm was straight out, hand flat against my cream linen padded headboard, Hop behind me, fucking me hard. I was close. This was good, the best. The best I ever had. I lifted up to straddle him, wrapped my hand around his cock, guided the tip inside and slid down until he filled me. My head dropped back. I loved this, I missed it. Hop shifted then I felt his fingers slide into my hair so his hand could cup the back of my head.

He tilted it down. His eyes were intense. Always when we were like this, they were intense in a way I never felt before. Like he could read my thoughts. See into my head.

Touch my soul through a gaze. My gaze held captive in his, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and moved. His arm snaked around my waist, holding me close so my body slid against his as I rode him, his hand cupped to my head pulling me down so my lips grazed his. Through this, his eyes held mine, not letting go. My soft breaths whispered against his lips as it built again, just as his deep groans sounded against mine.

I was getting close. The best. His arm around my waist moved so his hand could glide over my belly and down. Suddenly, his thumb hit the spot and God, God, perfect aim. Hop never missed. I kept moving, faster, faster even as it shook me. Needing to get it back. Needing it like a drug. Hazy from my orgasm, I watched his face get dark, hungry.

He was close. Then he shoved my face into his neck as he shoved his into mine, his arm clamped around me, holding me down on his cock as he groaned deep, the sound vibrating against my skin. Absolutely, bar none, the best I ever had. Every time. After he came down, he loosened his arm around my waist but still held me close as his mouth worked my neck, his mustache tickling, making me shiver. I returned the favor, gliding my lips along his neck, my tongue snaking out so I could touch the tip to his earlobe.

When I did, his arm around me grew tighter. I ran the tip of my tongue down his neck to his collarbone. His arm again grew tighter. He tasted good. He smelled good. Both man. All man. It was… him. His head went back, his hand in my hair relaxed and my head came up. His eyes caught mine. God, badass biker beauty. Every inch. That was when he did something that I was trying not to process. Something sweet. Something unbiker or what I expected a biker to do.

Something thoughtful. Something gorgeous. He pulled the sheet around my nudity and yanked a pillow down to shove it under me right before he bent deep and kissed the hair at the side of my head. I struggled. It was hard not to let his sweet actions penetrate and every night, every time he did something like that, it got harder.

Fire Inside

Do… not… process, Lanie! Curled around the pillow, my leg tangling in the sheets and comforter, straddling them, I managed to shove how I felt out of my head. Instead I watched him walk to the bathroom thinking that I liked how tall he was. But having a tall man was fabulous. He hit the bathroom, the light went on and he disappeared. I closed my eyes. It was Saturday night.

As for me, I came back to Denver and was greeted warmly and in some cases with relief by a number of old clients, so I made the mammoth decision to be my own boss.

That was, the boss of an advertising agency, which was not conducive to having sex all night long and dragging into work the next morning. And Hop and I had been going at each other all night long, from dark to dawn, every night for four nights. I was exhausted. Still, I wanted him to come back so I could have more. I was just going to have to inform him that he needed to do all the work. He would not quibble. Unlike Elliott, Hop had staying power. He actually liked taking over, dominating, doing the hard work.

He participated fully, like just now. I liked the top. You shove to the back of your head little things that bother you. Things you had before that you missed. Things like having a man who was all man fucking you until you ached but ached in a good way. The back view, fabulous. The front, God… staggering.

Never, not ever in my life, would the man I was staring at right then be a man I would expect to be in my bed. But he was and he was, for the first time in my life, in my bed on my own damned terms. Even so, Hopper was the kind of guy that his looks, his charisma, all that was him, and there was a lot, could cut through anything. It was impossible for it not to. When I got back from Connecticut, with Elliott gone but Hop alive, breathing and so freaking good-looking, my mind went there.

Again and again and again. Thick, black, unruly hair that was long in front, often fell into his face and had little flips and waves all through it but especially around his neck. Whether those lines were from squinting, laughter or frowning, they were intriguing and took your attention to the gray that was a pure gray, not slightly blue, not dark to black, just a startling gray. Thick along his upper lip and down the sides, bushier at either side of his chin.

Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley | read forever

He had no body fat in evidence, at all. He was tall, lean. A dusting of black chest hair, not a thick mat. Short, rough, sparse but not meager, arrayed across his pecs and ribs, hair that felt crazy-good against my skin.

The best part, defining the center ridge in his six pack, the hair got thicker, darker, leading in a thin line from the valley of his pecs to his navel, then got thinner as it led down to one of the best parts of him. I loved his chest hair. I loved his height. I loved the power behind his body. And, if I was honest, I loved the beauty of his cock, perfectly formed, both thick and long, and it helped a whole lot that he knew what to do with it.

The Chaos emblem on his back. There were also black, yellow, and red flames dancing from wrist to elbow on both of his forearms. He wore a lot of it and, as with everything else, he looked good in it. Bulky silver rings on his fingers, sometimes two or three, sometimes five or six.

Leather bands or silver bracelets at his wrists. A tangle of chains with medallions at his neck. Stud earrings in both ears, the same every day: a small silver cross in one, a tiny silver profile of a skull, the back of its head a set of flames, all this set in black in the other.

No man looked good in jewelry. No man except a biker in a motorcycle club that had great chest hair, zero body fat, and flame tattoos up his arms could carry off that jewelry. The man in my bed. I watched as he came toward that bed then stopped, bent and tagged his jeans.

At that, my belly hollowed out. He never left. Not until dawn. Now it appeared he was preparing to leave. Eleven thirty-six.

It was late and I could use some sleep. Hop dressed, yanking his black tee over his head, pulling it down, and I watched with some fascination as it sculpted itself to his torso as if by magic. Unbelievably nice. He nabbed his boots and socks and sat on the side of my bed. He tugged them on then turned to me and bent in, his hand shifting the hair off my neck, his face coming close.

I wanted to ask if he was coming back the next night. Maybe the next morning. It would expose too much.

Kristen fire pdf inside ashley

It would give too much. I had nothing left to give. So I just tilted my eyeballs up to look at him. His hand moved to my cheek, the pad of his thumb gliding whisper-soft on the skin just under my eye as his eyes studied mine, not like he was looking in them but at them with an expression on his face that said, quite clearly, he liked what he saw.

This was another thing he did frequently that was something I was trying not to process. I liked that he liked looking at me. What could I say? But with every blessing, there was also a curse and my curse was that I was a dick magnet. Handsome men knew they were handsome and it was my experience this did not skip a single good-looking guy. It was also my experience that they thought the world should throw roses at their feet just because they were hot.

They definitely thought their women should bow down or eat shit. Hop was good-looking, smart, confident, and charismatic. He could act the player. He could pretend he could take it or leave it. He could hide his attraction to me in order to gain the upper hand. He could even begin to lay the groundwork of tearing me down, making me feel less than I was, trying to make me feel lucky I had in my bed all that was him and, in doing that, embarking on a campaign that was usually scary successful not to mention swift, to make me feel like I was nothing.

He liked looking at me, my eyes especially, like just then but particularly when he was inside me. I never came without my eyes to his and his to mine; Hop made it that way. It looked good on him. It felt good on my skin. It felt better between my legs. Growing a patch. Badass, biker, cool. My eyes cut up to his. He was teasing. Teasing, I could take. They called women a lot of things, some of them good, some of them not so good.

This was something else he gave me. Lost to a dangerous man who could not only get me hurt but who could hurt me worse by getting himself that way. I tilted my head, lifted it, pressed my lips to his, slid my tongue in his mouth and I kissed him.

As hard as I could. As hard as I knew how. And I did it deep. He hauled me out of bed, across his lap, arched me over his arm, and he kissed me. Deep and long. When he broke the kiss, he twisted me back in bed, pulled the covers up under my arm, tucking them around my back something else sweet and gorgeous I tried to forget the minute he did it, though not entirely successfully, alas and he bent in to kiss my temple.

Not again. I just curled back around my pillow and watched him round the bed until he disappeared. Once he did, I waited until I knew he was downstairs before I reached and turned out the light on my bedside table. Then I swung my legs over the side of the bed and got out, yanking hard at the sheet to free it from the end of the bed to take it with me.

I wrapped it around my body, tucking it tight, and went to one of the two wide double windows that looked out to the courtyard of my house. Carefully, I slid up one side of the plantation shutters and looked out.

The courtyard was in darkness.

Pdf kristen ashley fire inside

My outside lights were not on but the space was dimly lit by streetlamps in the alley. I saw him move through. I liked the way he moved, just walking. I liked the way he moved other places better. He went through the back gate and disappeared down the side of my garage. I slapped the shutters closed, leaned my forehead against them and closed my eyes.

All the boys were good ole boys, few rules and the ones they had were unwritten and pertained mostly to how they treated their bikes and how they treated their brothers.

Anything else went. From what I could tell, everything else went. Dog, also a Chaos brother, was another. Brick got lost in every woman he was with. I picked poorly because I picked so damned well. I sighed and banged my head lightly against the shutter. What I needed. What I craved. I opened my eyes, slid open the shutters, and stared out to the empty courtyard.

I did this because I knew what I craved. A taste. Just a taste. A small, sweet, short taste, even if it was pretend, even if it was milk and I had to imagine it was a thick, rich, vanilla shake, a little sip of what Ty-Ty had with Tack. I loved him, no doubt about it. I was ready to spend the rest of my life with him.

I missed him even though he was totally whacked. I wanted a taste of that. My head twisted around to look at it and my eyes narrowed even as my heart skipped. I knew who it was because this happened all the time. Nearly midnight my time, wee hours of the morning hers. When Tabby was running wild, Shy Cage was there.

When tragedy tore her life apart, he helped her piece it back together. And now, Tabby's thinking about much more than friendship Tabby is everything Shy's ever wanted, but everything he thinks he can't have.

She's beautiful, smart, and as his friend's daughter, untouchable. Shy never expected more than friendship, so when Tabby indicates she wants more—much more—he feels like the luckiest man alive. But even lucky men can crash and burn Fire Inside Chaos 2 by Kristen Ashley Lanie Heron isn't looking for love-no surprise, considering her last serious relationship nearly got her killed. So when Lanie propositions Hop Kincaid, all she wants is one wild night with the hot-as-hell biker who patrols with the Chaos Motorcycle Club.

For Hop, Lanie has always been untouchable. She's too polished and too classy for his taste. But when she gives Hop the once-over with her bedroom eyes and offers him a night in paradise, he can't say no.