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FineScale Modeler magazine - Essential magazine for scale model builders, Modeler magazine, we are offering you the very first edition here in PDF form!. FineScale Modeler's step-by-step articles help you build better models. Search our article Download a PDF of Starship Enterprise Color & Camouflage Special . irbrush. It's a simple word that easily intimidates a lot of modelers. If you've been reading FSM for two decades or two issues, you've seen. “airbrush” pop up in.

Fine Scale Modeler Vol. You can enjoy more modeling photos and fea- ture articles, access additional modeling resources, get industry news, see previews of upcoming issues, or register to participate in our forum. Box , Waukesha, WI Periodicals Postage is paid at Waukesha, WI and additional offices. Canada Post Publication Mail Agreement

Precision without refinishing. For cutting wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics, Plexiglas, fiber-glass reinforced sheets, foam and many other materials. Cutting depth max.

Weight approx. On a iring range, the green lag means all weapons are clear, the red lag means the vehicle is conducting live ire, and the yel- low lag is for a malfunction. Green and yellow mean malfunction and weapons are clear. Red and yellow mean malfunction and weapons are loaded. However, it reminded me about the lack of detailed semi-technical information on markings and variant changes with succes- sive derivatives, making subtle options in markings and color schemes a host of opportunities for the modeler.

But the excitement that comes from seeing a range of possibilities relating to a speciic aircraft type, such as what you pub- lished for the Sabre, seemed to expand the value of that issue of FSM.

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More of the articles such as the one contributed by John Rice would unlock a fascinating insight into the abundance of combat types and variants from the s and s.

Are there other readers who think the same as I do? New Product Rundown Want to know about a kit before you download? It is based near Munich.

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Blitz also bought Hobbico Germany. Hobbico, based in Illinois, had owned Revell and was forced to sell it due to its bankruptcy. Revell Germany will continue to operate as in the past, with Blitz being its owner.

However, Revell USA operations have been closed. Court documents say the sale included all molds and tooling owned by Revell USA, so those now belong to Revell Germany. There are some patterns: For every five of you who demand more aircraft stories, there are five who ask for less aircraft.

Modeler pdf scale fine

On occasion the results do leave us scratching our heads. The latest survey, for instance, offers these ideas: more on basic modeling, more scratch- building and kitbashing, less-expensive kits as if we control pricing , more air- brushing and weathering, more sci-fi, more diorama how-to, and — our favorite this time — more on build- ing models.

We thought we had that covered. Truth is, everyone wants more of everything they like, less of every- thing else! You see our quandary. There are only so many pages yes, we know you want more of those, too and only so many issues. Our solu- tion remains to offer a variety of top- ics throughout the year — and a new one starts shortly. And please keep answering them. The best is when a topic you suggest is already set to be in the next issue. That spiffy logo above celebrates our bringing you 35 years of awesome models and modeling know how.

Everyone wants more of everything they like, less of everything else! Editor Mark Savage msavage Kalmbach. Open two under-dash vents and crack open the two flip-out rear windows. Then drive 70 mph! A Toyota Hilux 4x4 dual cab.

Virtually unstoppable, this thing took me a lot of places, including deep into Kakadu National Park Australia and my favorite place, Fraser Island. A Chrysler New- port, sky blue with a surface like the moon. Sure it got MPG!

You had to cross the wires in the steering- wheel hub to sound the horn.

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But she sure was pretty. An olive green Ford Galaxy I learned to drive in that car and had my first accident in that beast! My dad was teaching me how to drive in a park and tried to reach his left leg over mine to hit the brake. We hit a little tree! Over 3, items! Good luck with your models and be sure to send us photos of your finished projects for Reader Gallery.

Rarely do I catch one, but this was too funny not to point out. Hi Colin, nice catch! Every once in a while, things like that make it through.

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Every day we are bombarded by computer-generated images in movies,TV shows, commercials, and even other magazines. FSM is one of the few places where we can see something built by hand, not by a keyboard. A well-built model will look great without any enhancements; and splashing Photoshop effects over it is no substitute for craftsmanship.

It also makes one wonder how much of a model is real, and how much was copied and pasted from another source or even from another photo of the object that the model is sup- posed to depict.

Please help avoid such doubts by not using enhanced photos in the future. Imaginative model building is more inspiring for all of us when the cre- ativity is displayed by the model itself.

There, Mark shows how he pulled off the wonderful — and mostly practical — photo and lighting effects.

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I have to say I could not agree more with his comments about over-weathering. That nicely weathered airplane with stains, smoke, grime, dirt, dust, etc.

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Airplanes in war zones, especially World War II, were often very dirty. Comments, suggestions, corrections, and additional views on FSM articles are welcome. E-mail your thoughts to editor FineScale.