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Effective STL. 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of the. Standard Template Library. Scott Meyers. • vy. ADDISON-WESLEY. Boston • San Francisco • New. volume. The principles he teaches in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People have made a real Stephen R. Co Effective Pages·· this book very good for stl. source::internet.

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Sure, the STL has iterators, algorithms, and function objects, but for most C++ programmers, it's the containers that stand out. More powerful and flexible than. Contribute to stoneyang-cs/cpp_book development by creating an account on GitHub. Scott Meyers, Effective STL: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of the publication without DRM, each copy of the PDF version identifies its downloadr.

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Aug 28, Maya rated it it was amazing A surprisingly fun and easy read for such a potentially dry topic. I wish more programming authors had Meyers' flare for suspense, drama, and humor.

It is perhaps not as ubiquitous as the two "Effective" books, as some developers think that using STL is not such a good idea, especially those restricted to DOS and its pernicious spawn.

To steal a Meyers coinage. If you have such a developer on your team, download them a copy of Visual Basic and send them home immediately.

STL is an open standard and is understood industry-wide; STL is available in a variety of implementations from a variety of competing sources; STL is an achievement of rare brilliance and will help you to make your code shorter, more efficient and more expressive. Meyers shows you how. Meyers' books do not conform to any easy categorisation, and this book is no exception.

They are not textbooks. They are not introductory works.

They are not reference works. They are of unique utility and you ought to have copies. I read mine afresh every year or two. If you use a mainstream compiler you probably already have an implementation and you ought to have a good reason before using something else.

The STL basically breaks down into containers, iterators, algorithms and functors and their adapters, and the overall layout of the book reflects this ontology. Additional sections are provided for vector and string, and for associative containers. A final section covers "Programming with the STL", meaning practical use of it in day-to-day code design. Particularly useful is the advice on deciphering compiler errors generated during use of the STL, which can be - er - Byzantine.

To say the least. Another one in the "Programming" section which I have learned to take to heart is to prefer STL algorithms to hand-written loops.

Stl pdf effective

Some of this material has been overtaken with the advent of the Boost library, which Meyers himself praises highly. Boost's function binders and lambda functions have made working with containers and algorithms simpler, more interesting and expressive, for instance.

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However, I would strongly advise anyone moving into Boost to familiarise themselves with this material first, as the two technologies interoperate and Boost borrows heavily from the STL. Upcoming Talks Past Talks. Training Services. Books, etc. Online Videos.

Effective stl ebook download

Materials' Licensing. Contact Info. The bottom of this page contains links to errata pages for his publications.

Stl pdf effective

Scott's training courses cover important topics not addressed in his books, and the following sets of annotated training materials make Scott's predictably effective treatments available in book-like form:. Scott Meyers Books, etc. The third edition includes new material on resource management, templates, programming with exceptions, and much more.

Effective stl ebook

Effective STL , Still relevant after nearly 20 years! Includes detailed treatments of topics such as reference counting, smart pointers, proxy classes, double dispatching, and more.

Stl pdf effective

Scott's training courses cover important topics not addressed in his books, and the following sets of annotated training materials make Scott's predictably effective treatments available in book-like form: