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This books (Double Your Profits in Six Months or Less [DOWNLOAD]) Made by Bob Fifer About Books One of the nations foremost financial. Double Your Profits in 6 Months or Less Download at => https:// Double Your Profits in 6 Months. recommendations, the profits of his company did increase six-fold, and 25 years later it is still in business. company would like to double or triple their profits in two years, but not every . In the last three months of the year, one region of the.

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Double Your Profits: In Six Months or Less [Bob Fifer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the nations' foremost financial consultants. Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. "Double your profits in six months or less ," says management consultant Fifer, simply by following his rather Draconian. Most employees are not motivated by profit. Why??? ◦ We don't show them the profits! ◦ They don't understand it and frankly we don't teach them. ◦ In their minds .

Bob Fifer, a leading financial advisor, says that this is possible and brings us a clear plan to get there. In Six Months or Less In his research, Bob Fifer analyzed several American companies to give you a guide on how to increase profitability. First, keep in mind that your primary focus should be profit. You will learn how to considerably increase your profits with this microbook! Less profitable companies inevitably sink into mediocrity in every way — regarding morality, product quality, etc. Doubling profits requires focused, consistent, firm and fair management, willing to become different and better than most other companies.

The combination of these two perspectives—the successful profit maximization of my own company and exposure to many less successful approaches in Corporate America and beyond—has driven me to write this book. There is obviously a lot more to running a company than profits. You have to lead, motivate, and train employees, creatively define products and marketing strategies, ensure the efficient and high-quality production of your products or service, and so on.

Kaiser Associates and I consult in all of these areas, and we can talk specifically about any of them if you would like. Profitable companies have the money to reward employees, build exciting career paths, and invest in new products, businesses and technologies.

Double Your Profits PDF Summary - Bob Fifer | 12min Blog

Less profitable companies inevitably sink into mediocrity in all ways—morale, product distinctiveness, and so on—because they wind up funding each part of the business half-heartedly and inadequately.

Learn how to be very profitable and all else will follow. One important note: Doubling and even tripling profits is often conservative. The specific steps to cut costs quickly are outlined in Part III of this book. Steps to raise revenue and therefore further grow your bottom line are included in Part IV.

I'd recommend this for every entrepreneur. Apr 25, Stephen Redwood rated it it was ok Shelves: The first half of this book deals with the cost side of the equation, the second focuses on revenues.

Starting with a disarmingly accurate warning that none of this is rocket science, or highly complex, and ending with advice to be stubborn and determined in pursuit of profit. The rules of thumb are, truly, not complicated, but they would require stubborn determination to apply.

Because this book revers a world in which continuously shaving every penny you can from the cost equation is the The first half of this book deals with the cost side of the equation, the second focuses on revenues.

True, there is, indeed, little or no evidence to indicate that having a warm, supportive culture is any more effective than a hard boiled one. So if this is your idea of how to run a business and, in that case, you probably would be up there looking down and not the reverse then it works. If not, read a different book e.

Tony Hsieh on Zappos. As for the sales and revenue side of things, it's really just a list of actions any sales course would advise you to take, simplified sufficiently to encourage the belief that it's a black and white world. If you live in a more nuanced world, you might look elsewhere for advice. Sep 14, Mark Manderson rated it really liked it. Must set clear and high standards!

Reward those doing well adding to your profits! Tell new hires if they do well they'll love the rewards! If they don't do well they won't be happy and will leave.

However processes should lead to results! Out spend competitors on strategic costs and cut Must set clear and high standards! Out spend competitors on strategic costs and cut nonstrategic costs ruthlessly! Must manage in detail! Be strategic with your time! Divide day in 3 lists. Anything that brings in new business!

Anything to maintain current business and operations running. Everything else! Set deadlines and don't do 3 until finish 2 and don't do 2 until finish 1! Cut costs first and ask questions later. If they're truly needed you will be let known. Set arbitrary budgets and stick to them. Go to bid frequently. Bid everything often for better prices! No just means I'd rather not.

Double Your Profits PDF Summary

Keep asking. Stop the paper flow. Stop cc emails. Stop sending memos unless have to. When walk into an office always ask about the people in the pictures or other tips of memorabilia on the wall, then compliment the object of their affection! Five Ingredients to Sell: Be competent. Empathize personally. Convince will stand in front of a truck. Make it clear you don't need them. Use guilt to transform personal interest in him into his personal obligation to you. Think about how you sell.

When blow a sale or nail it, break down what, why, and how did it. Your selling process highlights how you'll work. This means instead of waiting days or weeks to get proposal out, get it out that night or next day by overnight express. The goal is not a perfectly happy client, but a profit maximized one.

Ask what price they want to pay. Use price discrimination to ensure each client pays the most they can.

Marketing is a strategic cost! Outspend your competition in good times AND bad! Nov 06, Brunobzrr rated it liked it. Here in Brazil this book is famous due to some declarations of Marcel Telles, a brewery tycoon, recommending it as one of his lifetime best reads.

Reading it was a pleasure. The book is incredible as a guidebook for entrepreneurs, managers, and salesmen - who isn't the last one?! I could suggest some ways to improve your experience reading it: If you were a truly good person, start from the last chapters about how to balance your work and personal responsibilities.

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Although the common sense, wor Here in Brazil this book is famous due to some declarations of Marcel Telles, a brewery tycoon, recommending it as one of his lifetime best reads.

Although the common sense, work hard or more does not make you more profitable or rich whether you don't look at you job as a game and as a third or fourth priority in your life; 2. If you were a businessman, start from the beginning, learning how to manage your costs - that's a tough job, but is the most important -, and enjoy your reading up to the last page. If you were a mid-term person, begin your reading with chapter about how to improve your incomes, go back to chapters about how to handle with your costs, and then finish with peace last chapters.

Good read! Teles recommended.

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Nov 20, Jorge Vildoso rated it really liked it. I really like the part of how to reward workers and the concepts of how to avoid unnecesary costs. New Notes: Laying off half your staff again three months later. This email is intended for startup companies with less than 12 months Laying off half your staff. T1, phone system, rent, equipment leases, etc.

Double Your Profits: In Six Months or Less

Emotion is what rules investing in the short term six months or less and not rational behavior. Double your runway, your chances of figuring out what your business. Software systems architecture: Virtual and Nikon D