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Resultados e Intervenções de Enfermagem para os diagnósticos dez ; 17 (4): . Diagnosis Association (NANDA), para a identifica-. Rev. SOBECC. Extraído da dissertação “Análise do Diagnóstico de Enfermagem Risco de quedas em . a terminologia da NANDA-I(8) e as intervenções de en- Tabela 1 – Cuidados de enfermagem prescritos para pacientes com DE Risco de quedas - Porto Alegre, .. Available from: v46n1/. fatores relacionados dos diagnósticos de enfermagem. Descritores: no diagnóstico dos. J Health Sci Inst. ;30(4) NANDA (Norh American Nursing Diagnosis), NOC (Nur- .. pdf. 3.

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Obra originalmente publicada sob o título Nanda International nursing Copyright © by NANDA International; , , , , , , , , , edição do Diagnósticos de enfermagem da NANDA-I. tre elas, a taxonomia de Diagnósticos de Enfermagem da Nanda. International . foi retirado da taxonomia da NANDA-I, edição , todavia, encontra-se .. icoes//04_out-dez/V30_n4__papdf. Cavalcanti ACD. Diagnósticos de enfermagem em terapia intensiva: mapeamento cruzado e . do livro da classificação da NANDA-I , para possibilitar a análise.

That way, should be considered and evaluated during the planning of nursing interventions, the degree of education of subject. The ND identified in this study are consistent with those found in postoperative patients of similar studies. Worth pointing out that although 10 patients present two of dysfunctional gastrointestinal Motility, and Constipation, the same will be discussed separately. Will be taken into consideration the total number of patients who presented each of the diagnoses. Second was observed, the dysfunctional gastrointestinal Motility was the most prevalent in 34 subjects of the sample researched and, as is pointed out by other studies, this diagnosis is complex and multifactorial.

The proposed study was justified because the adherence and implementation of SNC in the institution is currently a legally established and important method. Moreover, when the ND are identified, quality care for the elderly clients can be planned and it can be encouraged that data concerning the implementation of steps of the nursing process by nurses of that institution are obtained.

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The hospital in question had beds, and was classified as general and large scale. Activities of teaching, research and care were performed there, and it was a municipal and state reference of health for care of patients with diseases of medium and high complexity. In the sector where this research was conducted, the SNC was implemented beginning in June of The number of elderly patients hospitalized in the unit during the period of January-July of was patients.

However, among these only records were available for consultation during the period of data collection. Thus, 41 records were not involved in the study because they did not meet the inclusion criteria established for the study.

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Despite the implementation of the steps of the nursing process in the institution, only 49 of the records contained the nursing diagnoses identified by nurses. These were selected for analysis in the study. The search for the data in the medical records was performed by one of the investigators.

An instrument was used that was specifically designed for documentation of information about: sex, age, marital status, skin color, location of origin, comorbidities, medical diagnosis, and nursing diagnoses labels using the NANDA-I taxonomy,8 identified on patient admission to the unit.

The study conformed to Resolution No. The age ranged between 60 and 99 years, with a mean of The comorbidities with higher prevalence among patients were: cardiac disease, in The primary medical diagnoses identified in individuals on admission to the unit were categorized into cardiac disease Table 1.

For the 49 records analyzed, nurses established ND. After exclusion of repetitions identified, 36 different diagnoses labels were identified. It is observed that fourteen diagnosis labels Table 2. Distribution of nursing diagnosis, identified for 49 elderly patients, hospitalized in a unit of a public teaching hospital of Belo Horizonte - MG, January to July of Table 2. The Demographic Census of showed, for the total population in the country, a ratio of 96 men for every women.

Thus, it was found that the historical trend of female predominance in the sex composition of the population of Brazil has been accentuated, as in this indicator was It can be said that aging without chronic disease is an exception. As people get older, the chances of developing chronic disease are greater. And these have become a public health problem worldwide.

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Among the major chronic diseases, cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory are emphasized. However, professionals face difficulties in its implementation. Some reasons for not applying the steps of the nursing process in some institutions have been described by scholars and include: lack of time, theoretical knowledge, practical exercise, resources, limitation of the patient to provide information, few employees in the unit, and the lack of organization of spaces for discussion of the theme after graduation.

This diagnostic profile is relevant, as in planning nursing care should the initial care to actual diagnoses must be prioritized, which are the human responses to health conditions demonstrated by the person. Risks must be identified and interventions implemented. In this perspective, the planning of nursing care must be done in order to control the risk, with the purpose of preserving safety. These may be aggravated and anticipated in the presence of multiple chronic degenerative diseases.

They were: risk for infection For these reasons, may interfere with elimination of important metabolites, and retain pathogenic microorganisms and thus increase the risk of complications in the postoperative period and prolong hospitalization further. Such a condition can be understood as less than three bowel movements per week or incomplete bowel movements, during which there is difficulty or effort in at least one quarter of the time.

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In a study that evaluates the constipation after the surgical procedure, this diagnosis was described as a frequent problem. The findings suggest that there are changes after intestinal surgery and are related mainly to depressed or changes in rectum.

In these cases, it is considered the influence of nerve injuries during the surgical procedure and with significant consequences on quality of life and wellbeing of patients. It is known that the bowel sounds are sounds for the Peristaltic movements responsible for movement of food bolus through the gastrointestinal tract.

In this way, these noises is considered an under active clinical evidence crucial to the proof of paralytic ileus and constipation in bedridden patients. It's called attention to the bowel obstruction, which may be the cause of hyperactive or hypoactive bowel sounds, since it depends on the commitment of intestinal motility, if will prevent the sounds being produced or increase peristalsis as an attempt to overcome the obstruction. It is important to investigate the lifestyle and physical activity profile of the patients, since sedentariness is a significant factor for the presence of constipation, study demonstrates that patients with little activity or physical inactivity, presents a greater chance of developing problems related to the gastrointestinal tract, and has an important relationship with constipation, since the contractility of the colon is greater when the person is on the move.

Point out the influence of factors intrinsic to the hospitalization and surgical procedures in the emergence of irregularities, exemplified by the fast oral gastrointestinal in preparation for procedures, the presence of restriction on water intake, immobilization in bed, stress, pharmacological interventions based on medicines constipantes, modulators of the inflammatory response, adverse responses to the use of opioids vomiting and nausea and dehydration.

In this perspective, the planning of nursing care must be done in order to control the risk, with the purpose of preserving safety. However no ND were identified by any nurse for patients in the following domains of human responses: These may be aggravated and anticipated in the presence of multiple chronic degenerative diseases.

They were: The ND encountered in this study are corroborated by other studies, 13 but the distribution of their frequencies is not the same in comparative terms. The risk for infection diagnosis is defined as the individual being at risk for being invaded by pathogenic organisms.

In these situations, the risk of acquiring infection is increased. Among the possible causes for the problem of the loss of muscle mass, decreased strength, maximum heart rate, exercise tolerance and aerobic capacity, as well as increased body fat, pain and changes in neuromuscular functions stood out.

The physical limitation may be a contributing factor to a series of health problems. In a considerable number of patients The skin of the elderly tends to become dry due to: Vascular irrigation decreases as capillary fragility increases.

The dermic mass and subcutaneous interface became flattened and the skin is thinner, exposing the elderly to a greater risk for injuries and skin diseases.

The diagnosis, risk for falls , is defined as an individual being at risk for increased susceptibility to falling that may cause physical harm. The occurrence of falls is one of the major health problems faced by the elderly population; the physiological changes associated with advanced age may cause functional limitations, making the elderly more prone to falls.

Thus, it can be stated that several factors are involved in this event, 18, and that they deserve identification, intervention and monitoring. Therefore, this constitutes a major challenge for the health care team. With aging, people may lose interest in ingesting meals. Meanwhile, physiological changes can affect various organs and systems with consequent damage to their functions. A consequent decrease in intestinal motility also occurs with lower water intake, reduction of muscle tone and elasticity, and lower calorie and fiber intake in the diet.

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It is a major cause of mortality, renal failure, lower limb amputation, blindness and cardiovascular disease. The fact was also confirmed in other studies, 13, which corroborated the results found here. Probably it is a reflection of the peculiarity of the high prevalence of metabolic diseases The risk factors related to the risk of unstable blood glucose were: Self-care deficits are defined as impaired ability to perform or complete feeding, bathing, toileting, or dressing activities for oneself.

This study made it possible to identify the most frequent diagnoses labels in hospitalized elderly patients in a functional unit of a public teaching hospital, where a system of nursing care was operationalized with the nursing process. It was observed that all of the patients hospitalized in the study period did not have, in their records, the recorded steps of the nursing process, especially data collection, nursing diagnoses and the nursing prescription.

Despite the implementation of the steps of the nursing process in the institution, which were initiated in the unit where this study was conducted, less than half of the records analyzed contained the nursing diagnoses identified by nurses.

This finding indicates the necessity for further research to seek the causes of non-identification of the ND for all hospitalized patients assisted by nurses, an activity legally established by professional bodies and instituted in the hospital studied since The realization of the nursing process helps nurses in the effectiveness of planning care, with improvement in care practice, obtaining greater professional autonomy. The ND is the basis for the planning of nursing actions.

These actions should be appropriate to help individuals to achieve maximum quality of life, independence and preservation of functionality, which can contribute to nursing care of the highest quality to elderly clients.

Nursing diagnoses identified in records of hospitalized elderly

It was considered that the objective for this study was achieved. It was observed that not every elderly patient cared for by nursing, in the study institution, had his health data and NDs documented. It can be inferred that the adherence of nurses to the nursing care model adopted is still not satisfactory. It is suggested that the managers of the institution must work on the factors that hinder the process, in order to better promote and consolidate the SNC at the hospital in question.

It is suggested that studies must be conducted aiming toward clinical validation of ND and nursing interventions in this patient population. Esc Anna Nery. Oct 1 st R Enferm Cent O Min. Veras R. Cienc Cuid Saude. Rio de Janeiro: Guanabara Koogan; Conselho Federal de Enfermagem.

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