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Computer महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्नोत्तरी – सभी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं हेतु महत्वपूर्ण Computer Book in Hindi PDF Free Download. Download All Computer Knowledge (GK) PDF in Hindi. Download All Computer Free Download All Computer GK PDF File in Hindi. Download. हिंदी. manageability for local and remote computers helps improve performance and reliability. We've gathered some Windows 7 tips and tricks here to help make you .

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डेटा केबल का प्रयोग करें: लगभग सभी मोबाइल फ़ोन "USB डेटा केबल" के साथ आते है, जिसके प्रयोग से आप अपने. आपको इस Lucent Computer Book in Hindi PDF के माध्यम से वो जानकारी मिलेगी जो प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं में अक्सर. Computer GK कम्प्यूटर जीके. Mode: PDF. Total Number of Questions: Questions. Language: Hindi. Size: 2 MB. Author: SarkariHelp.

Quick Photoshop tips Easier marquee selections Hold down Alt to start a selection at the centre point with any Marquee tool, and then hold Space to temporarily move the selection around. Beware though of the effect that this has on performance. Rotating patterns Photoshop tips: Rotating Patterns You can make amazing kaleidoscopic patterns with the help of a keyboard shortcut. To demonstrate, we've made a narrow glowing shape by squeezing a lens flare effect, but you can use any shape, image or effect you like.

Shift—click over the background area with the Paint Bucket tool to fill it with your foreground colour. Right-click it to go back to grey. Close all images To close all of your documents at the same time, Shift-click any image window's close icon. Release to go back to your original tool. Note that spring-loaded keyboard shortcuts work for other tool shortcuts, too.

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The zoom targets where your mouse icon is, so it's one of the quickest ways to navigate around an image.

Diffuse effects Photoshop tips: Diffuse effects The Diffuse Glow filter can give highlights a soft ethereal feel, especially when you combine the effect with desaturation.

In hindi pdf computer tricks

Just drag from the corners. Luckily, they're now contained within the Start menu.

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Luckily, it's a simple process to not only remove them, but to slim up the Start menu so it more closely resembles the view you're used to. To move a Tile, simply click, hold, and drag it.

To resize a Tile, right-click on it, then choose a size from the "Resize" option. Simply click on the "Power" entry in the Start menu to access these options.

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To make them easier to access, simply right-click on them, then choose the "Pin to Start" option to have placed as a Tile. This can also be done with folders and documents from File Explorer. From there, select the Colors option to change the background color of your Start menu.

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Head to the Start tab to adjust even more options, like hiding most used and recently added apps, as well as the folders that appear and more. Quick Actions Toggles There are a handful of toggles for common functions that are easily accessible without having to delve into the Control panel or Settings.

From there, just click any icon to quickly adjust any of its settings. From there, you'll see a drop-down menu with all of the possible quick actions that you can assign to that spot.


Cortana Voice Assistant Microsoft's long-awaited voice assistant—Cortana—has finally debuted officially with Windows 10, but there is a bit of setup involved. Accept the agreement and Cortana will be ready to go, but you'll still need to activate the Voice Search hotword.

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To set up "Hey Cortana" hotword detection on your computer, click the Notebook icon in Cortana's sidebar menu which looks like a book with a small circle on the cover , then head to Settings. Now scroll down to the Hey Cortana option, enable it, and click the "Learn my voice" button to begin setup. A good place to start would be to set up common locations so that you get better directions and traffic info.

To add addresses such as home, work, and your other favorite places, head to the Notebook menu and click "About Me" again. The following key is used to run a presentation in power point: Which command is used to quit power point: Acronym www in www.

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Which of the following is not a network device: Computer Language used on the internet is: Which of the following cables can transmit data at high speeds: What do you need to put your web pages on the www: What is an E — mail: Which menu is selected to cut, copy and paste: The most important or powerful device in computer in a typical network is: Help menu is available at which button: A central computer that holds collections of data and programs for many PCs, workstations and other computers is a: When you save to this, your data will remain intact even when the computer is turned off: SIM means: Which device connects LAN to Internet: Shortcut Key for Superscript is: Shortcut Key for insert hyperlink in document is: We can detect spelling and grammar error by: OLE stands for: RDBMS means: KVM stands for: RTF stands for: Which of the following is incorrect: What is the minimum number of rows and columns that a word table can have: Why are headers and footers used in the document: What is the file extension of MS — Word document: What is the purpose of headers and footers used in document: Which among the following short cut key is used to check spelling: The minimum number of rows and columns that a word table can have, is: A bookmark is an item or location in document that you identify and name for future references.

The task accomplished by using bookmarks is: What is the use of sections in a word document: Which among the following print commands should be selected to print first 5 pages of document: Word Perfect and Professional Write are examples of: What input devices do you have to work with when you work in MS Word: In MS — Word every command is available in: Which among the following views in MS-Word can not display graphics: What is an Excel: MS Power Point was officially launched on: Power Point was officially launched on May 22, the same day that Microsoft released which of the following windows: