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1. BioShock 3 Infinite - Walkthrough. Irrational Games created this third installment of the BioShock series. 2K Games published the game for. bioshock-infinite - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. 5. The BioShock Infinite Signature Series Guide is the official strategy guide for BioShock Infinite. It was published by BradyGames on March 26, , in two.

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This BioShock: Infinite game guide contains a complete walkthrough of the game. In addition to the walkthrough you can also find a lot of hints on how to survive. BioShock Infinite takes place in the floating city of Columbia. Throughout his adventure, Booker DeWitt will encounter various locations spread., Mar , M ., Mar

Your External IP Select the chapter or view the game index. If you want to leave cornbredx a tip for writing this Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode One guide you can do so here. My dreams- flickers of mistakes I've made. I am awakened suddenly by a rapping on the front door. I told her that I'm closed, but this doesn't sway her as she stops by my window and asks for a light.

We move ahead, and to the left of the bar. Elizabeth leads me towards Cohen's place. She says her contact is inside. We attempt to enter- the dame says shes part of "The Artists struggle" but the buster at the door ain't downloadin' and says we should blow unless we got an invitation. Elizabeth mentions that the party we aren't invited to is sponsored by three businesses. One of these should have the mask we need to get inside.

We head back out, and up the stairs- going around the fountain on the left. As we approach our first heist I question her motives again. She wants me to believe she is here to recieve payment on a debt. I don't know that bird will fly, but she seems set on reaching Sally and that's just fine by me. We head down the stairs, and inside "The Golden Rule. Being that Rapture has it's fairest of shares of upper class money I'm sure it has a high stake in this terrace. As I go to enter, she stops me to ask how we plan on getting the prize.

I let her know she can distract the proprietor as I look around more discretely. She seems to be understanding and says she can handle it. Once inside I tell the clerk that Elizabeth has questions.

Pdf walkthrough bioshock infinite

He heads over to see how he can help. While she speaks with him I head around the front desk and into the back. I search all the boxes on the shelves, but there's nothing but jewels which find new home in my pockets.

No mask, though. I look further around the back and come up to an open safe. The mask case is here, but it's already gone. This joint is an empty hand so I turn and head back out. As I round the front desk I find that the proprietor is out cold. I guess Elizabeth has more to her than meets the eye. We head outside and Elizabeth asks if I found it, but I have to impress that this shop is empty as we head towards the next place.

We head up the stairs and to the right. Through the door that was on the left side we continue up on the right side of the bar area past the German cigar stall.

Bioshock Infinite Limited Edition Strategy Guide

We head inside the Rapture records store. I tell him to treat her like a star and the chump is quick to please. I think she's having a little too much fun as I head around the front desk and into the back room. I search the room, but there's nothing much here. On the desk lay a box marked Cohen. It must be that, but as I open it I find another dead end. I let her know this one is a bust and that we now have one place left to check. So we head up the stairs on the left towards the artists struggle.

Continuing on to the left we head up the next flight of stairs. At the top, on my left, I see one of those Kinetoscope machines next to some slots. After taking a second to see what more propaganda Ryan wants to spread I continue forward right from the Kinetoscope machine and I can see the "Artists Struggle" ahead.

Once inside I give him the same spiel I gave all the other schmucks. Luckily one thing not lacking in Rapture is ego, and they are all ready to share some of it.

He goes around front to give her his lecturing he probably gives a thousands times a day and I slip by around the desk to the back. I look around, but there isn't much. Some old beans and empty canvas'. Before you pick up the game, it's a good idea to know what tools you'll have on hand. Whether you want to download recent releases or old classics, there's plenty to choose from! It's been a long road for Irrational Games' follow-up, but we feel that it'll fit right in with the rhythm of the series.

Here's why. Check out some beginning footage from the game, then put Elizabeth on your game shelf. For those of you dreaming of rail-riding gun battles with friends, you might as well keep dreaming. Load more. Official Strategy Guides. Official Strategy. Like us on Facebook! Prima Games. You may want to do this after you deal with the motirized patriot that comes out to attack you from the door above.

There is an infusion hidden inside of the toolbox next to this voxophone. Go through the door and into the workshop and locate the phial in the toolbox near the voxophone not shown in the above images. You may want to do this after you deal with the motorized patriot. Find Slate and take the Shock Jockey vigor after fighting through one final hallway. Booker's decision with Slate will hardly matter - pick which one you like there's no trophy for making any decision one way or another either, so enjoy.

BioShock Infinite Signature Series Guide

Head back now. Watch for new soldiers on the Hall of Heroes station platform. You may want Elizabeth to tear in the Mosquito after you go around to the right from the Hall of Heroes map transition to open a door to the balcony.

There is a piece of gear and a sniper rifle there. A gear box is on the table near the stairs' railing. Go to the lower station to activate the Tesla coil for the gondola leaving for the First Lady's aerodome. Note that during the ambush at the gondola station, Booker can ride the sky rail to an upper floor room with an empty Tesla coil. Ignite the coil and look for the gear inside the bedroom. There is also a voxophone see below. Ignite the coil and look for the recorder on the bed.

While you're up on the balcony gathering the collectibles, it might also be a good idea to scout around and decide upon a strategy for use during the ambush. If the ambush is already occurring, you should be relatively safe up here and can plan just the same.

You'll be able to use the loop of Sky-Lines around the Gondola station to maneuver during the fight.

Walkthrough pdf infinite bioshock

Also, looking for the Tesla Coil balcony, the far ship with enemies can be boarding by attaching to the Cargo Hooks overhanging the vessel. Fight through the aerodome's security detail and board the Zeppelin. Note that before you do more interaction once aboard the ship be sure explore thoroughly first, because you ain't comin' back this way. Fight through Finkton Docks and locate Elizabeth.

It may or may not make sense in the terms of the story, but you'll need her to open some locked doors and safes in the area. The recorder is between two desks inside that office. At the end of the pier section, there is an office labeled "Employees Only" to Booker's right as he is facing in the direction of the objective arrow.

Pdf bioshock infinite walkthrough

Head into this office for the piece of gear. Pursue Elizabeth past the harmless tears. She'll get captured, and you'll need to find a way to rescue her. You may resume normal exploration after Booker regroups with Elizabeth here. The trolley operator's cabin is locked 5 lockpicks but it has a piece of gear if you have the lockpicks to spare. Make sure to break into the office with the infusion before leaving, or you're going to be sorry.

Note that this area is neutral -- enemies only attack once Booker starts an assault or steals from the wrong spot. You may need to have Elizabeth open the basement first so you can find some more lockpicks first. Have Elizabeth open the gates to the lower station under the train station with the hairpin lock. You're probably more than aware by now that opening a lock like that is essentially story progression, so you ought to be wary of proceeding further.

In this case, using the elevator to leave the area is the point of no return, so you can explore the station basement without penalty. Check the green lockers to the right of the story progression elevator. Also, Elizabeth opens the locker to take what's detailed in the Voxophone her mothers diary ; during the wait for the elevator to come up and while Elizabeth reads from the diary , you can take the Voxophone if you haven't yet.

When you're satsified with your exploration, take the elevator to the Plaza of Zeal. Note the Hand Cannon provided by Fink's assistant at the end of the elevator ride. You can take this weapon the shotgun is still handy but be aware that the amount of ammunition for both the shotgun and hand cannon are not designed for "plinking" like the Carbine or Pistol.

If you choose to use these powerful weapons, you need to be confident in both your accuracy and your ability to manage resources.

Pdf bioshock infinite walkthrough

Finkton Proper is the name that is displayed in chapter select. Plaza of Zeal Take Elizabeth to the Plaza of Zeal, and proceed to clear and secure it from the local constabulatory forces including the gun turrets. When you have sufficiently explored the area, locate Chen Lin inside the Gunshop loads a new map. Note Chen Lin's shop sign has a sniper rifle and a piece of gear.

You can use the nearby freight hooks to get there. The code room not the book is in a locked room requires 1 lockpick off the side of the Plaza of Zeal. The code book is inside the Good Time Club and requires Booker to continue the story before he can access it. When you are at the Good Time Club, locate the book on some boxes near the furnace of the club's boiler room.

The switch to the secret room is the clock on the right side of the wall. The items collected from it will be detailed in Plaza of Zeal Return since there's no other way to solve this code at the moment.

The recorder is past the traincars, leaning against a table saw in the corner. Lin inside the gunshop when you're done and done outside the plaza. Speak to her and get an updated story objective. A Handyman attacks Booker once you venture outside the shop. Kill it for a random piece of gear. The Handyman is weakest in its artificial "heart" the glowing glass circle in the chest.

Since this creature can chase Booker on sky rails and electrocute them, damaging you until you dismount , it's best to use the rails only to escape the monster and glitch it when it attempts jumping at you by placing a bulk of a building between you and the Handyman. The Hand Cannon from Fink's assistant can be handy here, provided you unload all 24 rounds into the enemy's glass "heart".

A viable strategy is to shoot at the heart, strafe a bit to one side or the other, then shoot again, and repeat. Watch for the Handy man to cough and pause.

Take a shot when he straightens back up. If you can manage the concentration required, you can easily earn the Heartbreaker trophy by shooting the enemy only in the heart, nowhere else. Plaza of Zeal Collectible Locations Good Time Club The Good Time Club is a long multi-wave battle against turrets you may want to use Possession on one or both if you have the Salts to spare , two motorized patriots one after another , several Mosquitos.

Ammunition for the machine gun is plentiful you may want to use that temporarily to kill the human guards , but both the Shotgun and Hand Cannon deliver at medium and close range.

After the battle is over, you leave the stage via the stagedoor , but you may want to stick around and explore a little. Note that some of the rooms may be locked during the battle. The seccond floor of the night club has an office with a fireplace. The piece of gear is on the desk. The phial is inside, next to a "Free Sample" sign. Exit the club after the battle through the stage door. This leads to the interrogation center of the club the club is a front with more enemies.

The resistance -- compared to the thunderous battle that took place 3 minutes ago and feet away from the secret police facility -- is comparatively quiet. Dust off the resistance with well placed shots don't spend too much ammo and get to your objective. Note that the Code Book for the Plaza of Zeal is in the club's boiler room, next to the furnace.

Booker will need to return to the Plaza of Zeal you can do it now, if you like, but you'll be going back soon anyway to use the cipher book. The recorder is on a small table outside after you pass through interrogation. While searching for Chen Lin, look for a piece of gear in unlocked cell number 8. Note that you can simply rely on the green objective arrow to locate your quarry. Well, you can actually see what became of him if you chose to spare him down here in the cellars.

He's located in the first cell on the right Cell 6. Open Elizabeth's tear after the Luteces appear then fight the enemies at the Good Time Club alternate and work backwards to the gunshop. Good Time Club Collectible Locations Plaza of Zeal Return Armed with this new Sliders reality, Booker can head back to the Plaza of Zeal which will now have newly spawned enemies and turrets, but no Handyman and locate the gun shop owner once again.

The code book was inside the Good Time Club, but if you didn't get it before stepping through Elizabeth's planar rift, you may be screwed. Try checking the furnace of the club's boiler room it may not be there now Change the time on the wall clock and pick up this phial in the hidden safe.

Change the time on the wall clock and pick up this voxophone in the hidden safe. Since he's nuts, speak to the new "Mrs. Lin" about the machinst's machines.

Table of Contents

Head for Shanty Town next after you take out some enemy stragglers in the plaza. Lin in the Gunsmith Shop. Nothing is found here. Shanty Town Take the elevator to Shanty Town. Note that you will probably want to explore the area and get rid of some unwanted elements in this zone.

Kill both and check the crate behind them for a phial. Best take it now. While down there, you can also have Booker play the guitar to see one of BioShock Infinite's better known Easter Eggs and search for some items. Note that at the entrance to the Bull Yard the top of your screen will display the name briefly the first time you enter , there is a destroyed vending machine near a half-buried piece of gear. Recorder is in that unique location. There are freight hooks for Booker to use to get up there; a sniper rifle is placed near this telescope.

Fight the enemies outside the Impound Yard and destroy both volley gun turrets to unlock the door. Aside from the Mosquitos and the building's emplaced gun turrets you cannot loot the latter, as they are hanging high on the building's balcony , the rest of the opposition are human, and thus, vulnerable to all manner of chaos you can conceive with Vigors and weapons.

Enter the Bull Yard Impound when you're ready. Essentially, it is a police precinct with a lot of stuff to find, plenty of guards to kill Booker in a crossfire at close quarters if you are careless. Step past the tear cover and turn 90 left to the next room.

The recorder is under a table in the room that's not the interrogation room. Have Elizabeth warp in what you want cover is handier until you really need supplies. Clear the building of enemies -- both the second floor and the basement where you go , so you can explore in peace. If you didn't get it, you may still wander back outside and take a sky rail back to the Graveyard Shift bar.

The key to the locked chest is in the Graveyard Shift cellar same room with the guitar. Besides the key-locked chest, there are other items to find if you have the sufficient number of lockpicks. It's generally handy to have a few around or even downloading 2 or 3 to supplement those you find while exploring if they are available in the Dollar Bill machines.

Have Elizabeth crack the lock for this phial. Where you find the infusion in the locked evidence room requring 5 lockpicks , there is a piece of gear. Chen's tools are in the basement of the impound lot. Head downstairs into the impound building's basement and -- after you made sure every item was accounted for -- step through Elizabeth's tear. Note that while the map "looks" the same, items you found in the earlier version may not appear. Certainly, some items in this new version of the world will be new and collectible as evidenced by the voxophone on the police table above.

Exit the building and back into the Bull Yard when you're suitably creeped out. Bull House Impound Collectible Locations Bull Yard Note that while much of the Bull Yard map is "the same", the area you enter is essentially "new" and may have items not previously there.

BioShock Infinite – Guides and FAQs

Booker will now have Vox allies fighting Comstock's soldiers in the "Bull Yard" now a chapter and Shanty Town, but beware of friendly fire. Attacking the Vox soldiers will turn everyone against you. So as Dorothy follows the yellow-brick road, have Booker follow the green objective arrow.

Pick up Charge vigor from the trolley car after the lift ride and loading screen and arriving in Finkton Proper. Make any downloads and kill any Founder soldiers who attack you; watch for turrets before moving on to the next zone. Fight some enemies and move on. Booker will need to board the Zeppelin in the Factory Courtyard, destroy the mechanical patriot protecting it, and sabotage the airship. Sabotage the zeppelin, then head up the grand double stairs to the factory's main entrance.

At the top of those stairs, there should be a telescope looking back towards the big ass statue of Fink you just passed by up the stairs. Booker needs to fight enemies in both areas before moving on. In the Courtyard, he will need to board the Zeppelin, destroy the mechanical patriot protecting it, and sabotage the airship. Right at the Factory entrance, there is a piece of gear by the toppled cargo dolly before Booker takes the lift up to Fink's offices.