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But be it as it may, through thick and thin, he managed to scrape through an initial west- ern education in the Salvation Army School, Benin City, and the Methodist School, Owo. But his job in Bata Shoe Com- pany was not to last. Having become a Christian with a definite knowledge of the Lord through God's extra-ordinary in- tervention in his life, he soon had the call of God into the Christian Ministry. In his search for proper equipmentfor the min- istry, he worked for and ob- tained certificates, diplomas and associate degrees from several institutions among which are Igbqj a Bible College, Nigeria, and Christ For The Nations Institute, Dallas Texas.

Today, having been honoured by many renowned institutions of higher learning, the Rt. Benson Ida- hosa has become the most illus- trious of the children of Pa John and Mama Sarah Idahosa, both of whom passed over to the great be- yond before they could see the glory of the son that consti- tuted a cause of separation be- tween them.

The ways of the Lord are beyond finding out! Marga- ret Idahosa, the Archbishop has four children, all of whom are following the footsteps of their father in the desire to know more about God, serve Himand demonstrate that Jesus is alive.

Date of Birth: 11th September, Special Tribute from the State of Michigan, U. Honorary Citizen ofRockford, Illinois, U. Patron - British Society of Commerce Nigeria. Below is a pictorial excursion which by itself tells the story of how God snatched a man from the clutches of death, and raised him up to sit with kings and noble men. We pray that as you now read the story in the form of the descriptive captions written by the Archbishop himself, you will be blessed with the knowledge and assurance that no matter your present position in life, God can lead you from Zero to Surplus.

The Lord God Almighty richly bless you. Be- cause of my desire for upward social mobility and my accompanying hard work, coupled with God's favour upon my life, I soon attained a s upervisory pos ition in the company.

As a super- visor in Bata Shoe Company, it was my earnest desire to see that the company reached its peak of achievement With my experience as a super- visor, God taught me the secret of leadership which was to become very useful infulfilling my Call to the ministry. In those days, I used to be very tall, if you know what I mean. Here am I leading a team of the company workers to welcome one of the company's executives.

By , I was set to be an in- strument in God's hand. W hen Margaret sent to me this picture of her- self as a young woman and our friendship began. My career, personality, and this picture won the heart of Margaret, now Rev. And who would not have fallen for a young man like this! Look at the photograph again. The con- temporary fashion of a path in the hair not withstanding, I was a gentleman through and through. What do you say! I would j Dj usually take a team to a village and begin by making a call on the chief of the place to obtain permission, to preach to the people.

When we begin to sing Gospel choruses, a crowd would gather and I would preach the word and pray for the sick and they recovered.

This was the first crusade I held, and it was atAjagbodudu near Sapele in 1 , eight years before I got married. Note the wonderful platform on which I stood preaching. It is certainly afar cry from our present day crusade platforms!. This was a year after my first crusade. Here a group of minis- S"" ters pose for a photograph at the conference grounds. You can see that I attended the con- ference in style!

This is a photograph of my friend , Mr Edward Ero; he can bear testimony to my early life of struggle because he loaned me the first coat which I ever wore in life. O JZ5J ere are Margaret and my self as young people. While I confronted reality, looking straight at the camera, she seemed to be gazing far into a better future. I did not j-] know what she was seeing, but the pres- ent then did not Ojfer much to write home about. This was our first photograph to- gether. There was yet no thought or talk of marriage.

One evening, I went to visit her, in a serious mood. We sat in the court-yard behind the house to talk. I went straigth to the point. She had known me as a brother and wanted that status quo maintained. She did not want to be a Pastor's wife. I told her mother my intention and she also began to cry, but for a different reason, "I will be grateful to have you for a son-in-law! But Margaret held strongly to her bias about marrying a Pastor.

However, in the end, my persuasion won the day. On April 6, 1 , we were married in a little store-front building where I had been teaching Bible Studies. My wedding suit was loaned to me by Mr. Edward Ero.

We sang praises to the Lord before and during all crusades. Here, my wife Margaret sings with me on the platform.

Idahosa pdf benson books

Her family anxiously awaited word that a baby was on the way, but the word did not come. We sought the help of a gynaecologist who, after all his tests, said that Margaret had an inter- nal heat condition that will never permit her to have children. But having searched the Scrip- tures, and seen God's promises, I believed and assured Margaret that we would have chil- dren. Here now is Feb celebrating his 3rd Birthday anniversary in London.

It was situated at Forestry Road, Benin City. Here, in one of my early crusades, a friend and co-labourer in the Vine- yard, Evangelist Chikezie says the opening prayer. He is the LateRt Rev. Coker, a one time Bishop in the Church of God Mission International Here we are rejoicing over the gift of a motor-cycle from me.

Here I am bap- tizing one of my early converts, now an elder in the church: he is Elder Ogbomoede. After encountering a lot of difficulties, I finally met the late Rev. Elton and his wife, who became parents to me in the Ministry, and for whom members of the Church of God Mission and my self had the fond names of "Pa Elton" and "Mama Elton".

Gordon Lindsay actually came on the appointed day, and before he left, he said to Rev. Often, I have found myself in the midst of the congregation, singing praises to Cod and dancing in our joy for the privilege to worship God. In this crusade a lot 'of people including Rev.

Ayo Oritsejqfor received the Lord into their lives and were saved. Ayo accepted the Lord as Saviour on the 4th day of the crusade. It soon became imperative for us to have an Institute for the training of pastors who would take charge of the various branches of the Ministry, and who would help fulfill the commission of taking the Gospel to every part of the world.

During my many years of learning in Bible Schools, the Lord had impressed upon me the need to establish one which will be a watershed to many Christian ministries across the nations. And so in 1 we started a 3 months Bible course. Do you desire to be an achiever? Then I am convinced that no obstacle should be allowed to stop your forward victory march through Christ. There are abundant possibilities for breakthrough in every facet of human endeavor, if the Word of God is believed and acted upon.

Many disturbing obstacles cropped up early in my 23 Strangers to Failure ministry, but I survived the storms. When I would come up against a hurdle, they would sit me down and deliver a lecture: "We have been in the ministry longer than you have. You need to mellow. You are too small for the grand plans you have set for yourself. You can never make it. As a young preacher, I was never content with only God's least.

It will do you good to have a similar attitude. Let no force on earth, no zero hour or difficult circumstance, deter you from attaining God's best. You will climb the highest peak, go through the deepest valley, if only you believe that there is power set aside to defend you in the tough hours when all else fails you and all others desert you.

So many Christians receive the truths of God secondhand. Try a search today! The Bible will reveal to you a God of majesty, power, and unsearchable accuracy in the management of His creation, including your life.

The whole process of your thinkingthe entire working of your mindmust be renewed and regenerated by God's quickening Word made manifest through Jesus Christ. Then you will be able to align your 24 Faith Makes a Difference words and actions in accordance with His revealed Word and will.

In many countries where I have preached the Word of God and counseled, one discouraging posture in particular is reflected in the thinking of the people. Millions of people seem to assume that the God of creation has abandoned His works, that He sits back indifferently as the world goes down the drain.

That is not my God! He cannot be the God Who sent His Son in love to die for a sinful world. He cannot be the God of the Bible! You comb your hair every day, don't you? As you comb your hair, God takes note of every strand that drops to the ground. Luke That is something which even you don't pay attention to. But God cares about even the nonessential things like lost hair. If this is the case, then our God must also be a Father Who delights Himself in the bigger, deeper issues of our daily lives.

It is time to get this truth straight. We all agree that certain aspects of our Christian walk upset and shake us. But does that fact remove us from the presence and love of God? Does it separate us from His strength and power and glory? The walk of faith, hand in hand with God, is the best insurance against 25 Strangers to Failure fear of the unknown, which is the lot of nearly every person on earth. But bear in mind that it is only when you are on the path of faith that you are aware of the enemy at work against you.

This is not the hour for foolhardiness or false assumptions. God has admonished us through the Apostle Paul to be on our guard, Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices 2 Cor.

A short commentary on this verse from Dake's Annotated Reference Bible offers some food for thought: "The devil will take advantage of every failure of the Christian using it to get into his life and cause his downfall. We now turn to search God's Word for scriptures which will minister to your need and open before you new vistas of revelation knowledge so you will be able to deal decisively with every obstacle that comes your way.

Open up your spirit, read the text thoughtfully, and allow the Holy Spirit to imprint its truths in your mind. If you have a Bible, read the entire passage prayerfully and allow the Spirit of God to bring to light its hidden truths. The story says that when a certain city came under siege from the Syrian army camped outside, there came a great famine.

In the course of time four poor lepers were thrown out of the city gate to wither away and die. Society had rejected them; they had been declared outcasts and left to rot away on the outskirts of a frightened, captive city. The answer is: God cares. The Bible says that there is a God Who neither sleeps nor slumbers. It is He Who watches over His flock by day and night to bring to pass every plan laid out for the lives of His children. The hour of decision was near for the four lepers. But death was not God's plan for them in their zero hour.

Instead He offered them life. It is astonishing to read the faith-filled words they spoke and to note the decisive action they took Why sit we here until we die? If we say. We will enter into the city, then the famine is in the city, and we shall die there: and if we sit still here, we die also. Now therefore come, and let us fall unto the host of the Syrians: if they save us alive, we shall live; and if they kill us, we shall but 27 Strangers to Failure die.

And they rose up in the twilight, to go unto the camp of the Syrians: and when they were come to the uttermost part of the camp of Syria, behold, there was no man there. And when these lepers came to the uttermost part of the camp, they went into one tent, and did eat and drink, and carried thence silver, and gold, and raiment I repeat those triumphant words, "Why sit we here until we die?

These words changed their future! The lepers did not throw in the towel! They believed that something good could happen if they moved forward. The fact is, they had hope, which is the God-factor in every situation. Refuse to Be Moved Throughout the Bible we see people who never gave upand God never gave up on them either. Is it the same story today?

The time of change has come because you now know that there is power beyond measure for your zero hour. It is heartbreaking to find able-bodied, Spirit-filled believers bowing under pressure when they experience a sudden shift in fortunes.

That approach 28 Faith Makes a Difference is not God's plan. The Bible teaches us to say, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me Phil. Jesus advised us to Have faith in God Mark We need to be reminded that God remains the same, regardless of what conditions are before us.

Someone sang, "When the devil knocks at the door, ask Jesus to answer the call. Make up your mind not to budge or waver in your faith For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. James ,7 Reaffirm your faith in Christ and trust God by believing implicitly in what He has said about you.

This can be done only if you understand what the Bible means when it says, Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus Phil. Allow the mind of the Master to be the master of your mind. What does the Bible mean by "the mind of Christ"? Jesus' mind was a mind bent to succeed, a mind in tune with the will of God, a mind of obedience in all circumstances.

Let this mind be in you, and you will see hope and victory in the midst of your zero hour. The Bible indicates that when one door closes against a believer, another door opens up to him by God's grace and power. Believersall children of God ought to hold fast to this noble truth. I feel so helpless.

I hope this is not your viewpoint or confession. If the devil tells you that the end has come, take your case to the LordHe has the final word.

Walking by Faith No force, demon, or power of darkness can stop a person who has faith in God through the allconquering Jesus Christ. Whatever your situation or circumstance, set your eyes by faith on the Lord, keep looking to Him, and continue looking until the tide turns in your favor. Ficklemindedness and wavering faith were the cause of his undoing. In your faith walk you must watch out for these things too.

Stay calm and trust in the power of God's might. We Christians are the apple of God's eye, and anything that touches us touches Him. As children of God, redeemed though the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, we are saved by faith Eph.

Many of those Christians who have failed did so because they refused to follow the Biblical standard of walking day by day with Christ, their Savior and Lord, in trusting faith. God's intention is that we continue triumphantly through every circumstance and situation of life. But is it possible to accept Christ and receive salvation by faith, only to turn around and live through the arm of flesh?

Beloved, it does not work: This I say then, Walk in the Spirit For we through the Spirit wait for the hope of righteousness by faith.

Galatians ,5 It is clear from the above verses that looking for the hope of righteousness in Christ requires nothing 32 Holding on to God by Faith less than walking in the Spirit through constant faith in Christ. To receive and appropriate the promise of power for your zero hour, you must understand the role of faith in the Christian walk. The Gospel of John establishes that faith comprises one-half of a formula: the other half, which must always be included, takes the form of action. When Jesus speaks of faith, He refers to it as being revealed in action.

This truth is illustrated by the lowering of the man "sick of the palsy" through the roof by his faithful friends Mark , and the touching of the hem of Jesus' garment by the woman with the issue of blood Matt.

Idahosa pdf benson books

Beloved, as a Christian, a sound understanding of faith will make a world of difference in your life. Faith Produces Victory Time after time, God has charged me to preach to believers everywhere that to be knocked down is not the end of the fight: a Christian may be knocked down but not knocked out.

God will uplift him with His right hand of righteousness because He has promised that, Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand Ps.

In your walk with Christ, you need to see the zero hour as a moment of decision: it calls for tenacity of 33 Strangers to Failure purpose to keep on walking even when your knees wobble and shake!

Know within your spirit that, despite outward appearances, the situation is not hopeless. Thank God, the Bible has the answer, as the Apostle John wrote in 1 John For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.

We believers are born of God and are regenerated by His Spirit, as outlined in John ,6 and Ephesians , Get this point established in your mind; it is the solid foundation upon which we will build. God expects us as His blood-bought children to live an overcoming life, triumphing over every obstacle that blocks the road to victory. I have experienced enough pruning and trimming to know that, clothed in the armor of God, a Christian can survive any onslaught of the enemy.

According to Scripture, victory for a believer is a foregone conclusion. This is why Jesus said, We can understand why the Apostle John believed that the victory has been won for every Christian. Calvary was a place of victory, and victory in the name of Jesus enabled His disciples 34 Holding on to God by Faith of old to march forward after Pentecost and "turn the world upside down" for Him. Acts As believers, you and I share in that supreme victory won at Calvary!

We can go on, confident that through implicit faith in the name of Jesus Christ, victory is assured. Victor Frankl gives a moving account of how he survived the horrors of imprisonment in the Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz and Dachau. Although Dr. Frankl did not have a Christian faith, he held stubbornly to the hope of victory through all the torture.

With his loss of belief in the future he also lost his spiritual hold; he let himself decline and became subject to mental and physical decay. Hope is a life resource, like food, water and air. In its absence, life ceases to have meaning and sometimes even ceases to be. Hope enables persons to rejoice in suffering. Frankl's observation on how you can survive your zero hour, the inevitable period of distress and hardship that comes to everyone at one time or another. Today, the secret is in my heart and engulfs my whole being.

As believers we stand on solid ground in these last days when God has spoken to us by His Son, The greatest bulwark of Christian hope in any area of endeavor, including the ministry, is the absolute certainty of final victory, the unshakable knowledge that in all things we are more than conquerors through Christ.

The full realization of this truth will turn you around full circle and open to you vistas of courage and indomitable faith through the power of the Son of God, enabling you to rise up out of the quagmire of depression and despair and soar to the heights of hope and joy where God wants you to live. Do you know Who God is? The effectiveness of the power of God in your life depends on how well you understand Him and His sovereignty.

I want to give you a glimpse of our God according to the Scriptures so you will be able to tap into His marvelous power and limitless resources. With the omnipotence of God in mind, along with his omnipresence and omniscience, let's think briefly about some of the practical implications of these attributes of God. But then, let's also consider how 36 Holding on to God by Faith these attributes affect us in our everyday lives as children of the living God.

God Is Ready, Willing, and Able A proper understanding of God's omnnipresence, His omniscience, and His omnipotence assures us that no situation exceeds His reach, no circumstance escapes His attention, and no experience is beyond His control. God is with us wherever we go, knows everything that happens to us, and, on our behalf, is able to remove every obstacle and solve every problem that faces usno matter how great they may be.

My knowledge and understanding of this great truth makes a tremendous difference in my Christian living. I know a God Who knows me! God is allseeing, all-wise, and all-powerful, and He is able and willing to deliver all those who put their trust in Him. That basic truth comforts every trusting child of God. Remember, whatever your circumstance, condition or situation, you are never alone, never forgotten, never beyond hope or help. Let us remind ourselves that nothing is too hard for God!

The psalmist asked, O Lord God of hosts, who is a strong Lord like unto thee? If all other Scripture escapes your mind in the turbulent hour, my dear friend, remember this: Great is our Lord, and of great 37 Strangers to Failure power: his understanding is infinite Ps.

Whatever our location or situation, we can be confident of God's power and His presence with us. To be assured that God sees and knows and cares brings comfort and joy to our troubled hearts. Whether you are in a hospital room, lying upon a bed of affliction, broken-hearted over the loss of a loved one, or shaken and disillusioned because your dearest friend has rejected you, you can still say with Hagar, Thou God seest me You may be reading these words in some remote area of the world or you may be feeling alone in a crowd.

You need to know that there is power for the zero hour. God not only sees you, but He is on your side, in every needno matter what it is. I owe all my success to knowing God and what He can do.

Strangers to Failure - Benson Idahosa

This knowledge is what drew the line between failure or success, between falling by the wayside or moving on in the power of God's might. You must also know this truth about God for yourself. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is of greater value in life than knowing God and the power of His might. He is the pivot around which all else revolves. Yet the majority of people, even many confessing Christians, fail to know Him as they should.

When I speak of knowing God, I have much more in mind than knowing things about Him. Many people read about God and the power of Jesus Christ as 38 Holding on to God by Faith Savior and Lord in newspapers, magazines, commentaries, booksand they have a shadowy image of the Lord. These occasional, partial glimpses are no substitute for a person-to-person relationship with the living God. Go to the Bible and find out what He has promised; that knowledge will stand you in good stead in the zero hour.

Many incidents which have confronted me as a believer and minister have shaken me to the foundation, but they could not cause my downfall, because I knew God and His power on a personal basis. Do you? Choose to put God first and He will give strength and direction to your life.

This choice becomes a compass by which the course of life and its victory is charted. Every other decision ought to be secondary to that of choosing God. If you make the Lord your first and best, He will make you His first and best any hour, any day. To put God first adds strength to one's character. It provides assurance of God's help in doing right.

So also it adds a quality of life which cannot be destroyed. I speak from experience, because at a turning point in my life and ministry, God helped me around every tight corner. In many areas of my life, I had every encouragement one could possibly lay claim to. But life was not easy in my family although I tried to make the best of it. We were poor and the future looked bleak.

I was never one to indulge in wishful thinking, but deep in my heart I knew that a change had to come some day, some how. I had convinced myself that hard work would bring a good harvest to anyone, so I put all my energies into my job of transporting goods in a wheelbarrow for a fee.

Every morning my mind would go to the success that lay ahead of me by God's grace in my daily work as a barrow-boy. It was not easy, but there has never been an easy way to success; it has always been a hard road to travel.

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Someone has noted that since we expect to spend the rest of our lives in the future, we ought to be assured of what kind of future it will be. Do you want to be sure? The answer is straightforward hard work and the abiding grace of God. Benin City, capital of Bendel State, Nigeria, has, since my youth, gone through a massive facelift, and has undergone vast social change; it found new prosperity as a result of the oil boom.

Today, it is characterized by beautiful mansions and well-kept lawns, first-class roads full of modern vehicles, and 40 Holding on to God by Faith people striding confidently along busy streets. The Benin City of today is not the Benin City of old; civilization has given it a new coat.

Every morning I would be on my waywith a determination to succeed where others had failed.

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I pushed my way through the morning crowds with my wooden barrow. If I could work hard, and do as much as my strength permitted, God would add His grace. This was my firm conviction and my charter of service. I allowed nothing to distract me as the day went on, believing that as God was with me, success would be waiting for me at the end of the way. It has been said that true vision is an inspired look at reality. And some time ago Bob Mumford wrote in a Life Changers newsletter: "Vision is more than understanding, revelation or knowledge, though it may be all of these.

Vision is seeing in our mind's eye the present as God sees it, as well as seeing the future of God's purpose as an accomplished fact. It is the ability not only to look at an empty field and the hidden treasure, but also to see how to acquire that field and obtain the treasure. And new vision opened up with God's help. Edwin Collins.

Fire In His Bones By Benson Idahosa -

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