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King, Stephen - The Dark Tower 5 - The Wolves of the Calla - Advanced Wolves of the Calla continues the adventures of Roland, the last gunslinger and. for downloading it from there; the download is very cheap Biology Questions and A. Wolves of the Calla (The Dark Tower, Book 5). Read more King, Stephen - The Dark Tower 05 - The Wolves of the Calla. Read more.

In this novel, Roland and his ka-tet, Eddie, Susannah, and Jake, are following the Path of the Beam in their quest to find the Dark Tower when they are met by a group of people from a nearby community called Calla Bryn Sturgis. These people have been plagued by what they call Wolves for many generations. The Wolves come to their community and steal one child from every set of twins born in the community, only to return them weeks later with brain damage and a tendency to grow to giant size. Some people in the community want to stand up against these Wolves for the first time and are eager to enlist the gunslinger's assistance. At the same time, Eddie has made the ka-tet aware of a potential problem for a rose that exists in s Manhattan that is somehow connected to the Dark Tower.

He plowed Tower Road all the way up to the edge of the white lands, where the snow ended and the roses began. He gave Roland, Susannah and Patrick a ride on his snowplow for many miles, taking them closer to the Dark Tower. Stuttering Bill was also the nickname of William Denbrough, one of the central characters in King's novel It. Calvin Tower[ edit ] Calvin Tower is the lease holder of the Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind bookstore in the series.

He makes his first appearance in The Waste Lands , where he sells Jake two books which later prove vital to the Ka-tet's survival of their encounter with Blaine the Mono. In later volumes, it is revealed that Tower owns the lot containing the rose, and is being pressured by mobsters to sell the property to the Sombra Corporation.

Eddie saves Tower from a beating, and convinces Tower to sell the land to the ka-tet in the guise of the "Tet Corporation". Tower is an extremely reluctant recruit to the Ka-tet's cause, and his selfishness, obsessive addiction to acquiring rare books nearly derail the Ka-tet's efforts on several occasions.

His eventual—and reluctant—decision to do the right thing comes largely thanks to the influence of his much more selfless, heroic friend, Aaron Deepneau. In the end, he sells the lot to Tet Corporation, and serves on the board for many years.

With Deepneau, he saves Father Callahan from knife-wielding thugs. Tower dies of a heart attack in He serves as Tower's conscience, and steadily leads his friend to the gunslinger's cause.

He later joins the board of Tet Corporation, and proves to be one of the rose's most ardent defenders. His grand-niece Nancy, a gunslinger in her own right, works for the Tet Corporation.

Wolves of the Calla

Deepneau dies of cancer in He leads the pair to safety, ferries them to his home, and provides a vehicle for them to use. On his shell he holds the Earth, His thought is slow but always kind; He holds us all within his mind.

On his back the truth is carried, And there are love and duty married. He loves the earth and loves the sea, And even loves a child like me. Maturin guards the same beam as Shardik from the opposite end. Whereas Shardik runs amok in The Waste Lands , nearly killing Eddie before it can be destroyed, Maturin is a totally benevolent and incredibly powerful presence in the story, helping the ka-tet at several points along their journey.

Susannah leaves the turtle where Jake will find it, enabling him and, through his own martyrdom, Pere Callahan to track Susannah and escape the low men, taheen, and vampires in the Dixie Pig. The sculpture essentially holds any human or can-toi totally enrapt and compliant upon seeing it in the hands of its wielder.

The carving is said to have a question-mark shaped scratch on its shell. Also in books VI and VII, multiple characters stumble upon a small park near 2 Hammarskjold Plaza containing a fountain beside a bronze sculpture of a turtle. The park—and the sculpture—actually exist, although King places the park across the street from 2 Hammarskjold Plaza: In fact, the turtle is in a larger park directly alongside the building, part of the Katharine Hepburn Memorial Garden.

The sculpture is a nod to the neighborhood's centuries-old nickname, Turtle Bay. The name Maturin itself is a reference to Stephen Maturin , a naturalist from the Aubrey—Maturin series of novels who discovers a new species of tortoise.

When he finally appears in The Dark Tower, he is years old, with a fiery, mischievous, and extremely likable character. He has little gold framed glasses, a bad case of rheumatism, and a stooped posture; upon seeing him, Roland estimates that if he could stand straight, the two would be the same height roughly 6'3". He is the last living founder of the corporation, and his daughter Marian serves as its president since his retirement in Irene Tassenbaum[ edit ] Irene is a middle-aged housewife from Staten Island, somewhat neglected by her wealthy husband, who meets Roland, Jake, and Oy in Stoneham, Maine of the Keystone World in the year She volunteers to drive the gunslinger's party to Lovell, where they narrowly manage to save Stephen King's life, with Jake sacrificing his own life in the process.

Tassenbaum then drives Roland and Oy to New York making love with Roland along the way , where the gunslinger and the bumbler meet with the board of Tet Corp. Irene promises Roland that she will plant a rose at Jake's grave.

John Farson[ edit ] Farson, a. Followers, at his command, occupied Downland Baronies such as the Barony of Cressia, and after allying with the blue-faced barbarians of Grissom, they finally overwhelmed Gilead and the gunslingers. After the fall of Gilead and Farson's triumph, Roland and his old ka-tet fought for nine years against the remainder of Farson's forces, eventually leading to the battle of Jericho Hill.

Farson is tall and slim, he has short, straight, black hair, brown eyes and wears black armor. He wears a terrible fright mask around his men. In Wizard and Glass , a then-teenage Roland and his ka-tet uncover and stop a plot by Farson to use crude oil from fields in the Barony of Mejis to fuel his rebellion. Farson has recruited most of the Barony's elite to his cause.

Roland later reflects that his actions only delayed the eventual fall of Gilead. He is the Crimson King 's chief agent. The Crimson King[ edit ] Main article: Crimson King The ultimate in evil, this mysterious figure wishes to conquer the Dark Tower and raze it to the ground. Since this will destroy the entire multiverse, the Crimson King is naturally cast as the villain in The Dark Tower books. He is also known as Ram Aballah, and once ruled from his castle in End-World, but now is imprisoned on a balcony on the Dark Tower, to which he ran while in a fit of madness.

He believes that when the Tower falls, he will rule the Todash darkness that was once the multiverse. He also appears in Insomnia as a higher being trying to murder Patrick Danville as a child.

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Jack Mort[ edit ] Jack Mort whose name means "Death" in French is a fictional character who makes a brief appearance in The Gunslinger , and a more detailed appearance in The Drawing of the Three. The third door that Roland encounters on the beach leads to Mort and New York in the mids.

Roland finds himself inside the mind of "The Pusher", a sociopath named Jack Mort, whose sadistic acts of random violence have shaped the lives of Roland's companions. Mort, an accountant, thrives on being a meticulous planner when it comes to murder. This, and his style of execution, leads him to be an anonymous and therefore very effective killer.

For example, Mort will drop bricks and presumably other heavy items on people's heads from tall places what he calls "depth charging" , will push people in front of cars, and will also push people in front of subway trains. His methods allow a complete lack of direct confrontation, and thus allow him to continue his secret life quietly and with deadly effectiveness.

When Odetta was five, Mort dropped a brick on her head which led to the emergence of her multiple personalities ; he also pushed Odetta in front of a subway car when she was a teenager neither knowing nor caring that she was a previous victim of his cruelty.

On the day Roland enters him, he is planning to shove a young boy who turns out to be Jake Chambers into traffic. Unwilling to let Jake die once again through his inaction, Roland takes control of Mort's body and stops him.

Pdf wolves of the calla

This death was the means that forced Jake into Roland's world the first time; when Roland prevented it, it had caused a time paradox , though it was resolved later, or rather, undermined, when Jake entered into Roland's world again, but through a door. Later, Roland purposefully forces Jack Mort to throw himself burning in front of a subway train, while telling him that he deserves a far worse fate. In the midst of this struggle, Roland manages to trick Detta into looking through the door, which forces both Odetta and Detta to acknowledge their dual personalities and the cause of them.

Mort is described as tall, thin, and having blonde hair in The Drawing of the Three, yet is said by Roland to have had dark hair when mentioned in The Waste Lands.

Originally serving as public transit in the city of Lud with his partner Patricia, another monorail with female characteristics, he slowly went insane after the world went into decline and the despondent female monorail committed suicide.

Roland and his ka-tet have to ride this psychopathic train in order to travel safely from Lud to Topeka so they can continue their journey toward the Dark Tower. The train seems to be connected to the children's book found by Jake, Charlie the Choo-Choo. Before Blaine lets Roland and his ka-tet on board, he kills every single living thing in the city of Lud with poison gas. Blaine reveals to the ka-tet that he plans to derail in Topeka, destroying himself and killing them, but accepts Roland's challenge to a riddle contest for a chance at the survival of the ka-tet.

If Blaine cannot answer every riddle put to him by the ka-tet, he will let them depart safely once they reach Topeka. It becomes clear that Blaine has a huge library of riddles from many different levels of the tower at his disposal, and programs to decipher plays on words or hidden clues, so the game seems doomed.

Eddie eventually stumps Blaine with unsolvable "riddles" that are actually stupid jokes sometimes told by humans. This forces Blaine to try to "lower" his intelligence to levels necessary to answer, which ends up driving him completely insane and causes his computer to crash. Eddie then proceeds to shoot Blaine's main computer, causing a crash that destroys Blaine but leaves the ka-tet with only minor injuries.

The calla of pdf wolves

Shardik[ edit ] Shardik is a character encountered by Roland and his ka-tet in the novel The Waste Lands. Shardik, while appearing to be a massive bear , is actually a mechanical construct of North Central Positronics.

At the time that he is encountered by Roland, he is several thousand years old, malfunctioning, slowly dying, and infested with parasites a reference to Richard Adams 's novel Shardik. Driven insane by his illness, he attacks Roland and his ka-tet, and they are forced to kill him.

By the time Roland was growing up, the Guardians had reached a near-mythic status, and he wasn't sure whether they even existed before running into Shardik. The original Guardians, like so many other elements of Roland's world, may have been magic entities that were replaced by North Central Positronic's technological constructs. The death of Shardik represents another failure of technology and is one more step in the dismantling of not only Roland's world, but the entire multiverse of existence.

Shardik is also a novel by Richard Adams ; King took the name from this book, something some members of Roland's ka-tet recognize: Susannah realizes the source of the name although the book was published a decade after the year she was drawn from , while Eddie mentions that he thinks of rabbits when he hears the name Shardik—a reference to Watership Down , another of Adams' books.

Adams' Shardik, like King's, is a giant bear. She owned a 6 legged mutant cat called Musty and a venomous snake called Ermot. Readers never find out what happens to her; although Roland implies that he killed her, nothing more is elaborated upon beyond that. She is seen in Wizard and Glass ; however, is mentioned in The Gunslinger prior to her appearance in the series.

Wolves of the Calla

He leads a gang called the Big Coffin Hunters. Eldred, though in charge of the Red's operations in Mejis, is answerable to George Latigo one of John Farson's chief lieutenants and Randall Flagg at this time known as Walter , Farson's personal wizard.

Briefly mentioned by Sheb in The Gunslinger. Roy Depape[ edit ] Arguably the shortest-tempered of the Big Coffin Hunters, Roy Depape's hot-headedness is one of the major catalysts for events in Wizard and Glass ; through threatening Sheemie Ruiz following a mishap in the local tavern, Roy sets off a multi-layered Mexican standoff between Roland's original ka-tet and the Big Coffin Hunters. Though the situation is initially resolved with diplomacy, the event reveals to Jonas the true nature of Roland and his friends who were hiding incognito in Mejis under aliases and blows their cover.

When the Big Coffin Hunters frame the young Gunslingers for murder he kills mayor Hart Thorin and plants the rook's skull that ties Cuthbert and by extension Roland and Alain to the crime.

He was killed by Roland when the three young gunslingers attacked Eldred and his thirty men, who were riding to meet George Latigo. He is described as red-haired and especially handsome, and has a reputation as a ladies' man. His most notable accessory besides his pistol is a long red cloak.

When the Hunters are framing Roland and his friends he volunteers to kill Kimba Rimer with a long dagger he bought for the occasion, in revenge for a comment Rimer made about his cloak. During the ensuing confusion that transpires near the end of Wizard and Glass , Clay escapes from Mejis with Coral Thorin, and the two become a bandit couple.

Roland mentions that both Reynolds and Coral Thorin were killed in a failed robbery several years after the events of Mejis.

Mature and slender, she catches the eye of both Eldred Jonas and Clay Reynolds. Crafty and intelligent, Coral is able to ascertain that Jonas is indeed working for John Farson and, not wanting to be on the losing side, conspires with and aids Jonas in his dealing in Mejis. The two enter into a sexual relationship, but following Jonas' death Coral becomes the lover and cohort of Clay Reynolds. She has no problem selling Susan for money.

Cordelia has a short temper and has fits where she becomes enraged and screams at Susan. When Cordelia learns that Susan has lost her virginity to Roland and not Hart Thorin, she becomes enraged and slowly loses her mind. Towards the end of the book, she has gone completely insane and joins Rhea in killing Susan. Cordelia is the first person to light the pyre that sets Susan on fire; Rhea is second.

Shortly after killing Susan Delgado, Cordelia has a stroke and dies. Originally an immortal spirit similar to a succubus , she saw and fell in love with a baby and longed to have one of her own an unknown force kept her from coming too close to the child she loved and taking it for herself. If she would give up her formless immortality, Walter would give her a baby. The rose is somehow connected to the Dark Tower and the entire ka-tet agree they must do whatever they can to protect it.

Eddie suggests a scheme in which they would offer to buy the vacant lot. Roland and his ka-tet travel to Calla Bryn Sturgis and begin getting to know the people there while making plans to fight the Wolves on their behalf. At the same time, Roland tells Eddie that he believes Susannah is pregnant with the child of a demon and that she has created a new personality called Mia in order to deal with the unpleasantness of this pregnancy. Eddie promises to watch Susannah carefully for signs of this personality emerging as well as the progressing pregnancy.

Eddie hears a story from an old man who claims to have fought the Wolves once and revealed what hides under their masks. Roland learns about a group of women in the Calla who throw plates in the tradition of the rice Queen the town's people honor. With all this information, Roland begins to devise a plan to fight the Wolves.

As Roland and his ka-tet get to know the town's people, Father Callahan tells them his story. Father Callahan was once a priest in a town called Salem's Lot. This town was besieged by vampires and Father Callahan escaped, but not before drinking the blood of a vampire. Father Callahan went to New York, where he discovered he could identify vampires and began killing them.

Soon a group of people began searching for Callahan in order to stop him from killing vampires. Eventually this group of people caught up with Callahan and he jumped out of a window to escape sure death. Instead of dying, Callahan was transported to another world where he was given a magical ball and instructed to keep it until the day he met a gunslinger.

Wolves of the Calla Summary & Study Guide

Now Callahan gives this ball to Roland. Eddie and Roland go to a cave with Black Thirteen, the magic ball Callahan gave Roland, and use it to open a door there that will take Eddie back to Manhattan. Eddie convinces Calvin Tower to sell him his vacant lot, but not before Calvin Tower insists that Eddie push his precious collection of rare books through the door. At the same time, Jake wakes in the middle of the night to see his friend, Benny's father, speaking to the local robot and then sneaking off into Thunderclap.

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