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Eric Foner PDF An American History, 4th Edition. African American Voices PDF A Documentary Reader, Give Me Liberty Eric Foner PDF An American History, Vol. 1. PDF | On Jan 5, , B E S T Voices and others published Voices of Freedom ( WW Norton)) By Eric Foner Ebook.!BEST Voices of Freedom: A. Voices of Freedom: A Documentary History (Fifth Edition) (Vol. 2) - Kindle edition by Eric Foner. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones.

Virginia - On March 8, , Reuters News Service reported that Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, a law school graduate, initiated a one-woman campaign making a historic demand for restitution and apologies from modern companies that played a direct role in enslaving Africans. Aetna Inc. In response to Farmer-Paellmann's demand, Aetna Inc. The litigation included 20 plaintiffs demanding restitution from 20 companies from the banking, insurance, textile, railroad, and tobacco industries. The cases were consolidated under 28 U.

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Curto, have made important contributions to the global understanding of the African side of the Atlantic slave trade. By arguing that African merchants determined the assemblage of trade goods accepted in exchange for slaves, many historians argue for African agency: that Africans were not just enslaved by whites, because some Africans were willing participants in the slave trade.

This implies a shared responsibility. Washington wrote, I pity from the bottom of my heart any nation or body of people that is so unfortunate as to get entangled in the net of slavery. I have long since ceased to cherish any spirit of bitterness against the Southern white people on account of the enslavement of my race.

No one section of our country was wholly responsible for its introduction Having once got its tentacles fastened on to the economic and social life of the Republic, it was no easy matter for the country to relieve itself of the institution.


Then, when we rid ourselves of prejudice, or racial feeling, and look facts in the face, we must acknowledge that, notwithstanding the cruelty and moral wrong of slavery, the ten million Negroes inhabiting this country, who themselves or whose ancestors went through the school of American slavery, are in a stronger and more hopeful condition, materially, intellectually, morally, and religiously, than is true of an equal number of black people in any other portion of the globe.

This I say, not to justify slavery — on the other hand, I condemn it as an institution, as we all know that in America it was established for selfish and financial reasons, and not from a missionary motive — but to call attention to a fact, and to show how Providence so often uses men and institutions to accomplish a purpose.

When persons ask me in these days how, in the midst of what sometimes seem hopelessly discouraging conditions, I can have such faith in the future of my race in this country, I remind them of the wilderness through which and out of which, a good Providence has already led us.

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If slave labor created wealth for Americans, then obviously it has created wealth for black Americans as well, including the descendants of slaves. The GNP of black America is so large that it makes the African-American community the 10th most prosperous "nation" in the world. American blacks on average enjoy per capita incomes in the range of twenty to fifty times that of blacks living in any of the African nations from which they were taken.

Thus, there is no legal foundation for compensating the descendants of slaves for the crime against their ancestors when, in strictly legal terms, no crime was committed. Chattel slavery is now considered to be highly immoral, though it was perfectly legal at the time.

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However, opponents of this legal argument contend that such was the case in Nazi Germany, whereby the activities of the Nazis were legal under German law; however, unlike slavery, the German activities were precedented by the Allied Powers following World War I, which could not rule against the German government then due to lack of precedent, but could do so afterward following World War II on the basis of this established World War I precedent.

Some areas of the South had communities of freedman, such as existed in Savannah, Charleston and New Orleans, while in the North, for example, former slaves lived as freedman both before and after the creation of the United States in For example, in Dutch colonists freed some of their slaves and gave them property in what is now Manhattan. In , the British, then in control of New York, prohibited blacks from inheriting land, effectively ending property ownership for this family.

While this is only one example out of thousands of enslaved persons, it does mean that not all slavery reparations can be determined by racial self-identification alone; reparations would have to include a determination of the free or slave status of one's African-American ancestors, as well as when and by whom they were enslaved and denied rights such as property ownership.

Because of slavery, the original African heritage has been blended with the American experience, the same as it has been for generations of immigrants from other countries. For this reason, determining a "fair share" of reparations would be an impossible task.

Another legal argument against reparations for slavery from a legal standpoint as opposed to a moral standpoint is that the statute of limitations for filing lawsuits has long since passed. Thus, courts are prohibited from granting relief.

Voices of Freedom: A Documentary History, Volume 2 (3rd Edition)

Lee was a slaveowner—his own views on slavery were explicated in an letter that it often misquoted to give the impression that Lee was some kind of an abolitionist. The argument here is that slavery is bad for white people, good for black people, and most importantly, it is better than abolitionism; emancipation must wait for divine intervention. That black people might not want to be slaves does not enter into the equation; their opinion on the subject of their own bondage is not even an afterthought to Lee.

When two of his slaves escaped and were recaptured, Lee either beat them himself or ordered the overseer to "lay it on well.

Reparations for slavery debate in the United States

Lee then ordered the overseer to thoroughly wash our backs with brine, which was done. Hill, the Confederates paraded the Union survivors through the streets of Petersburg to the slurs and jeers of the southern crowd. Lee never discouraged such behavior.

After the war, Lee did counsel defeated southerners against rising up against the North. Lee might have become a rebel once more, and urged the South to resume fighting—as many of his former comrades wanted him to. The war was not about slavery, Lee insisted later, but if it was about slavery, it was only out of Christian devotion that white southerners fought to keep blacks enslaved.

And it is only this consideration that has led the wisdom, intelligence and Christianity of the South to support and defend the institution up to this time. I wish them no evil in the world—on the contrary, will do them every good in my power, and know that they are misled by those to whom they have given their confidence; but our material, social, and political interests are naturally with the whites.

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Lee is not remembered as an educator, but his life as president of Washington College later Washington and Lee is tainted as well. Lee died in , as Democrats and ex-Confederates were commencing a wave of terrorist violence that would ultimately reimpose their domination over the Southern states.

The Ku Klux Klan was founded in ; there is no evidence Lee ever spoke up against it. On the contrary, he darkly intimated in his interview with the Herald that the South might be moved to violence again if peace did not proceed on its terms. That was prescient. Lee is a pivotal figure in American history worthy of study.