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VeloNews magazine will bring you inside the sport of bike racing, with exclusive features, analysis, expert training advice, unbiased gear reviews and the. Digital magazine about bikepacking and long disctance cycling - read for free! download PDF | Read online. Issue 7 (English). Stories • The places we ride • Straight. News&Media: Bike Test Report: VELO MAGAZINE MAY News and Download the pdf document below. 31/07/ ( kb).

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The magazine is available to download, both in print and online as a digital edition. You can also save every mag as a high-resolution PDF for offline viewing. Velo Magazine - Aout French | HQ PDF | pages | MB. Velo Magazine - Fevrier French | HQ PDF | pages | MB.

This is a rare debilitating neurological condition that onset quickly. Over the space of four days I went from having a tingling sensation in my fingers to being fully paralysed. Initially my recovery was going very well. However in the past two months it has slowed and at times gone backward. It is not a simple curve of recovery, where you consistently improve day to day.

There is no cheaper way to save watts. Attaining maximum drivetrain efficiency has long been an endeavor of the detail-oriented mechanic, stopping at nothing to minimize drag on the day of a big event.

Bearing seals are removed; grease is replaced with light oil; ceramics are used in place of steel. Frequent cleaning and replacement remove durability and longevity as concerns, opening up a world of potential efficiency gains. Thats why our test centers on efficiency.


We didnt ask Friction Facts to pick the best lube across every weather condition or every rider that, frankly, is impossible. Some of the best lubes in this test likely would disappear completely after a few hours in the rain; others would never make it through even a dry-weather training week. But durability was not our concern.

We asked Friction Facts only to determine what lube makes a drivetrain most efficient, to identify the concoction that most effectively slickens the hundreds of metallic contact and rotation points on 62 a chain.

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We had one primary question: Among 30 highly popular lubes, which will make you fastest on race day? Efficiency Results The fastest bike lube isnt designed for your bike at all.

In every measure, the most efficient chain lubricant is simple paraffin wax, sold in solid blocks at any hardware store. It may be the price of the car, or of gas, or that bikes are easier to park, or that car taxes are ridiculously high. What do we have in the U.

Portland, Oregon. Because of great efforts by the local government and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance to make life easier for bike riders with parking, accommodations, and lanes; 6.

Incentives only go so far.

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I like bike paths. What was your job at Bridgestone? I did tons of data entry. Later I became Marketing Manager, I wrote ads and catalogues. At about the same time I had a lot of influence over the designs of the bikes and the parts. But the official designers were smart engineering types, who would take my suggestions, most, not all, and turn them into bikes.

Where did you learn to design bicycles?

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I took a mechanical drawing class in high school, and my dad was a mechanical engineer. I used to draw frames on his drawing table. I firmly believe a pencil-and-paper approach helps relationships and proportions sink in more effectively.

But, let me say this without sounding overly humble: Designing frames is not that hard. I could teach anybody everything I know in five hours.

Your writing sets you apart from other frame designers. Have you always liked to write? They all rejected it.

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But at least I wrote it, and it was pretty good for me at the time. This can be news, features, interviews and reviews. To look at selling the publication as a going concern. Suspend publication until I am recovered.

My preference is the first option. I am expected to recover, though no time frame can be established.

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Typically it's two years but there are other people I have spoken with who are still recovering five years after they were initially diagnosed. For this to happen I need you, the readers, the passionate HPV riders to help. This has always, as far as I am concerned, been your publication. I took it on to give back to cycling which has helped me so much. For now I cannot do what I originally intended and I am devastated by this. The second option is something I would consider as I do not want to let you down.

This is a horrible illness and one of the hardest things about it has been that I was just getting going after the initial research and development and planning. My priority is you get your magazine! The third option is my least preferred, I know you were disappointed in the past and I am sure you have been again.

I am trying to write this in good humour.