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Fester. Including Recipes for MDA, Ecstasy, and Otber Psycbedelir Amplietamines. ••. W by Uncle Fester A Russian Advance which uses nickel. Secrets Of Methamphetamine Manufacture Uncle Fester. by Publication Identifier: SecretsOfMethamphetamineManufactureUncleFester. Advanced Techniques. Of. Clandestine. Psychedelic & Amphetamine. Manufacture by Uncle Fester. Loompanics Unlimited. Port Townsend, Washington.

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The latest editions of each of Uncle Fester's books, see: http://www. Below is Advanced Techniques. Advanced Techniques of Clandestine Psychedelic Amphetamine Manufacture - Uncle Fester. prev. next. out of 52 Diagnosis of Clostridium Sporogenes (Uncle Fester Reference).pdfDocuments · Clandestine. ISBN: Uncle Fester Books:: Books:: Books: Details: Advanced Techniques of Clandestine Psychedelic & Amphetamine Manufacture, 2nd.

First of all this method does require some very watched items. Red phosphorous and iodine crystals can bring unwanted attention if ordered from different supply companies. If by chance one cannot seem to obtain these items anywhere, there is still hope. It is possible to obtain these items OTC over the counter at your nearest supermarket. If one can get one's hands on lab grade without getting a one-way ticket to the slammer, it is well worth it. The striking pads of matchbooks contain a small amount of red phosphorous. It is not pure, so consider cleaning it up a bit before use.

Phenylacetic acid. The potency difference is due to a chemical phenomenon called chirality, not purity.

Total Synthesis II - Print Uncle Fester

On the other, reductive amination produces a racemic or mixture of d- and l-methamphetamine. This is because the planar P2P-methylamine imine is not chiral and hydrogen addition occurs equally from either side of the planar imine bond. Enantiomers often have distinct biological effects.

Despite being a common pedagogical illustration, the enantiomers of thalidomide interconvert in the body because of the acidic hydrogen at the chiral center. The enantiomers do not easily interconvert, because the chiral center of methamphetamine does not have acidic hydrogen. Crystallography is relatively easy and high yielding, and the resolving agent can be recycled, making it a green option.

We also know that Walt has professional experience in crystallography, further pointing to this method. In a crystallographic resolution, a diasteromeric crystal or complex is formed between a chiral acid like D-tartaric acid and the compound so they can be separated. Unlike enantiomers, diastereomers have distinct physical properties that allow cooks to separate them using physical means like solubility.

One chiral acid used to resolve methamphetamine is Di-p-toluoyl-tartaric acid [13]. Walt's methamphetamine becomes blue when he switches from pseudoephedrine reduction to reductive amination. As the pure HCl salt, methamphetamine is a colorless-white crystalline solid. Illicit methamphetamine exists in a number of colors, although colorless, white, and yellow are most common.

In the early days of clandestine production, a brown waxy product called peanut butter crank was common. Identity and quantity of impurities vary by synthesis.

Profiling the impurities, an analytical chemist can often determine the method used to produce a sample. However, the analytical chemist should take care—P2P is actually produced as a side product in the Nagai reduction of pseudoephedrine [15]. Crystallization, chromatography, and other purification methods can remove some impurities, but it is impossible to remove all, and even a minor amount less than one percent can influence a sample's color.

Despite its light blue coloration, Walt's product is highly pure.

Uncle Shom

A quick search of posts from the last few years of various online drug discussion forums shows that there has been many encounters of high quality crystalline blue meth. Surprisingly many of the law enforcement personal and reporters in Kansas City failed to make the connection to Breaking Bad.

Two news reports speculated the blue color might have been an ineffective attempt to fool the chemical reagent field tests, which give a blue color when tested positive for methamphetamine. It seems very unlikely that highly successful criminals would think dying their product blue would be sufficient to fool police detection efforts.

Another explanation was the blue color was a marketing technique—drug dealers do use a variety of methods to brand their products and colored drugs are not new.

Similarly pink strawberry flavored cocaine has been encountered by the DEA [18], and methamphetamine has been available in a rainbow of colors and flavors [16]. The nature of the blue color was unfortunately not determined but speculated to be an additive dye. Attesting to the power of entertainment, Mexican drug cartels are believed to be responsible for these samples [19].

From pronunciation of complex chemicals to the appearance of specific reactions, they get it right—Bryan Cranston pronounces chemical names better than some graduate students I know. Donna Nelson from University of Oklahoma.

Details are sometimes overlooked, like condensers not being connected to a water source and the order of synthesis steps sometimes being wrong. The industrial scale crystallization technique shown is unfamiliar to me, but my synthesis experiences are on the relatively small scale. With the final episodes starting, I hope that Breaking Bad continues to set a new standard in narco-entertainment.

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Fester advanced pdf uncle techniques

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Techniques advanced pdf fester uncle

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Techniques pdf uncle fester advanced

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A Comprehensive Guide to the Clandestine Chemistry of 'Breaking Bad'

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