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I love the Transformers cartoons when I was a kid. The only toy that I had was an Optimus Prime toy (shown in the book) which was a. Viz Media has announced on Twitter and Facebook plans to release Transformers: A Visual History, an art book, in Fall While details are. Transformers book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Explore the rich world of Transformers Prime! Loaded with character ani. .

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Transformers Legacy: The Art of Transformers Packaging [Jim Sorenson, Bill Forster] on Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Read it now. Here's the artbook for the CG animated TV series Transformers: Prime. It had three seasons plus a TV film Predacons Rising that was released in October The Art of IDW's Transformers [Justin Eisinger, Don Figueroa, Guido Guidi, Ed McGuiness, E.J. Su, Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more.

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Chris Metzen. Mark Bellomo. Simon Furman. Shane McCarthy.

Transformers Legacy – The Art of Transformers Packaging Book Review

Mairghread Scott. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Art History: From c Popular Culture. Notify me. Description Remember the thrill of tearing open a gift on Christmas morning, discovering a brand-new Transformer in a shiny new box?

Marvel UK also featured a crossover between these two properties. Joe comic series in the UK. A four-issue mini-series [26] introducing new characters that were incorporated into the ongoing series issue 38 at the conclusion of the mini-series.

The series introduces the Headmasters , Targetmasters , some of the movie Transformers, Monsterbots , Horrorcons , Technobots and Terrorcons.

Transformers Legacy The Art Of Transformers Packaging : William Forster :

The plot of this series focuses on Cybertronian Autobot Fortress Maximus, who despite his success as a military commander, longs to find peace by leaving Cybertron 's civil war altogether. To that end, he gathers a large crew of followers, and they rocket off to the planet Nebulos, which has not seen war in over 10, years. Unfortunately, the Autobots' first encounters with the Nebulans are misinterpreted.

Book transformers art

Intimidated by the robots' size, the Nebulans initiate aggressions against the Autobots. To end hostilities and show his willingness to protect the planet's fragile peace, Fortress Maximus and a few of his followers discard their weapons in front of the Nebulan capital. When that failed to dissuade them, he made the ultimate sacrifice by offering them his head.

Four more Autobots did the same, while the remained returned to their camp unarmed. Intending to use the situation to his advantage, corrupt Nebulan politician Lord Zarak learned more about the Autobots and the war they left behind and used this information to contact Cybertron.

Zarak's message was received by Fortress Maximus's Decepticon equal, Scorponok. After lying to Zarak about the intentions of the Autobots, Scorponok led an invasion force to the planet. Armed only with weapons that had not seen use in millennia, the Nebulan defense were no match for the intentionally aggressive Decepticons. With little options left, Galen, leader of the Nebulan world council, made arrangements for himself and others to become Autobot Headmasters.

Although the Headmaster process made them able to drive off the Decepticons, all Galen had succeeded in doing was re-igniting the Transformers' war on Nebulous.

After Scorponok and now-captive Lord Zarak developed a way to duplicate the process as well as a later Targetmaster Process , the Nebulos theatre of the Transformers' war escalated.

After casualties and collateral damage mounted, Galen eventually convinced Zarak to take their conflict off-world, with nearly all Transformers from both factions following a distress beacon sent by Goldbug from Earth. Because the series was bi-monthly, very little time passed after its end before a smaller group returned to Nebulos, using resources there and the Powermaster Process to rebuild and empower Optimus Prime.

Art book transformers

The entire miniseries was reprinted by Titan Books as part of their series of trade paperback collections based on the Marvel series. This reprint occurred in Vol. From issue 3 of the Transformers: Generation 2 comic series published by Marvel Comics.

A issue series, [27] the series expanded the original G1 mythos from the small war on Earth and Cybertron to enclose the whole of the Galaxy that was fast being altered into a likeness of Cybertron itself by the Cybertronian Empire, a race of later generation Transformers that evolved while the earthbound Autobots and Decepticons were deactivated. The events of this series were actually set in motion with a crossover from the G. Joe comic books —, [28] in Megatron returns in his new tank body to reclaim his leadership from Bludgeon and by the end of the series joins with Optimus Prime to fight against the G2 Decepticons and their genetic offshoot, the Swarm.

The series ended with an epic battle between the "Generation 1" Transformers, the Cybertronians and the Swarm. It also introduces the Liege Maximo.

Transformers Legacy The Art Of Transformers Packaging

However, the series was cancelled with issue 12 due to low sales, forcing a quick conclusion to the series' various plot threads. Outside of the 12 issue series, Marvel published a free 8 page comic that was given away at various stores selling the G2 toyline called The Transformers Generation 2: Halloween Special Edition in Because their Marvel UK imprint had folded at this point, Marvel struck a deal with the British comic company Fleetway to handle the series in the English market for them.

The 4-issue series [33] is written by Stuart Moore and drawn by Tyler Kirkman. In the third issue of the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A—Z released on March 22, , the entry for Death's Head's describes his encounters with the Transformers to have taken place in an alternate reality , referred to as Earth , thus separating these stories from existence in standard Marvel Universe continuity.

This raises the question of whether or not any of the Marvel Comics Transformers stories take place in the Marvel Universe "proper" Earth , despite such tie-ins as Spider-Man 's guest-starring appearance in the original Marvel limited series and Circuit Breaker , a character that originated in the Transformers comics, having a cameo appearance in Marvel's Secret Wars II limited series, which featured nearly every character then existing in the continuity of Earth A case can be made that only the stories that featured Death's Head are separate from standard Marvel continuity, since the character's adventures often involved travel across time and dimensions, not to mention genres; Death's Head also encountered the British science fiction icon the Doctor from Doctor Who on occasion.

Dreamwave Productions[ edit ] In early , Dreamwave Productions acquired the Transformers comics license and went on to produce a highly successful return of Transformers to the comic world. They started with a limited series focusing on the Generation 1 characters and a monthly series dedicated to Transformers: Armada. The G1 stories were not bound by the previous Marvel stories nor the animated series.