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This is a basic overview of Shingo Sato's 'Transformational Reconstruction' unique style lines through a process called Transformational Reconstruction. Transformational Reconstruction Shingo Sato Download pdf.. Transformational.. Master Classes-Transformational Reconstruction concept by. Does anyone know anything about Shingo Sato's transformational reconstruction classes? He does . 10d8kgbkp1yxc88/ He came to.

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Transformational Reconstruction - Book by Shingo Sato. After pattern magic, maybe Tutorial: How to make a PDF sewing pattern with Photoshop. Impression. 26 Jan - 38 minIntroduction to Shingo Sato's 'Transformational Reconstruction' revolutionary three.. 24 Jan - 3 min - Uploaded by. The designer behind this idea has been Shingo Sato. My process Transformational reconstruction California: Center for Pattern Design.

Toggle navigation The Sewing Place. Does anyone know anything about Shingo Sato's transformational reconstruction classes? He does some amazing work and I would like to enroll in his classes at some point. They are quite expensive tho and I don't know anyone who has ever taken them or if they are worth it. They look absolutely fascinating Jo. I follow him on Facebook. Don't know anyone who has taken a class but I know he goes all round the world teaching.

Transformational Reconstruction by Shingo Sato (2011, Spiral, Reprint)

Shingo Sato teaching. More designs using Transformational Reconstruction. Essentially, I think I can see how much of this is done. A whole section in my pattern making book is dedicated to shifting darts around, making them curvilinear, and taping your pieces closed depending upon your variously shaped slash lines though not quite to this degree of complexity. I probably could easily figure it out on my own, but it's good to have a class in something every now and again.

I use the trial-and-error method far too often. Time to take an easier route for once?

Shingo sato transformational reconstruction pdf by

Sorry, not too many patterns online about this. Invisible zippers! Catherine August 21, at 7: Nicole August 21, at 9: ENT October 30, at 1: Popular posts from this blog Latch Hook Rug Update. April 02, A little under a month ago I received all of my supplies to take on one of the biggest long-term projects I have ever taken on - a self-designed latch hook rug.

I don't know why, but I am clearly nuts.

Shingo Sato and the Art of Transformational Reconstruction

So beginning today I am posting photos each month, preferably on the 1st of each month progress of this gigantic shag rug. This is a photo of it today: Yes, I used the candelabra for scale. This rug is really soft and is fun to run your fingers through. I also just ordered 10 more packages of lime green since that's what I ran out of first and 6 more packages of straw yellow. There is still quite a bit to go, but you see the blue row squares? Each of those are 10 rows.

We cou…. Read more. DIY Trapeze Dress. April 30, I'm a pretty big fan of tent dresses or trapeze dresses - call it what you want. They're simple, easy-to-make and you can have many variations of them.

Shingo Sato

These are a fun style to wear for spring and summer! See this DIY from a Good Housekeeping Crafts book from - photos at the end of my own trapeze top from a while ago!

Bear with me on the photos here - this book is quite cumbersome and hard to scan. But why? How to cut the fabric efficiently. Transformational Reconstruction wasn't a "thing" back when I was in school otherwise I would have had her teach me this for sure. Yoshi taught me everything I know, really.

Her classes were difficult and even though I may have gotten a C or B- from her, she was fantastic.


Quite a few years ago now, I also had a friend alongside me in design school who started me off on the path of using mostly solid colors and changing seam lines. He asked me one time after looking over my sketches why I designed with specific prints in mind. I guess it's really his credit for inspiring me to think beyond what I want the end result to look like and just focus on the pattern making aspect.

In this way, I always have control over what the garment looks like and am not focused on finding that "right zigzag" or "perfect jacquard". If I want to add pattern in?

Shingo transformational sato pdf reconstruction by

Totally works! And now, some more photos I found online: I'm really beyond excited!

Transformational Reconstruction with Shingo Sato

I love new pattern making techniques. Is anyone else out there going to sign up for this webinar? It's here on BurdaStyle.

I won't be home at the time of the broadcast, but they do give you a download of the webinar if you can't attend live online. Bonus: It's apparently being taught by a former student at my old college in Chicago. How nuts is that? Other than that, I plan on cutting my fall jacket fabric Monday night but I have to run out and buy lining on Tuesday and get a box down to the post office. Nothing new from me for at least a week at this point, but I'll probably have more and beautiful exhibition photos to post.