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TINTIN COMICS-The Shooting - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Download & Read Online with Best Experience | File Name: Tintin The Shooting Star PDF. TINTIN THE SHOOTING STAR. Download: Tintin The Shooting Star. Download Tintin adventures in PDF (English). Tintin in the Tintin and the Cigars of the Pharaoh. ( MB) Tintin and the Shooting Star.

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HERGÉ. THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN. THE SHOOTING. STAR. IMPA. METHUEN & CO LTD. 11 NEW FETTER LANE · LONDON EC4. the captain standing on the bridge, could press a button and-presto! to live with ' day-tight compartments' as the most Biology Questions and Answers. The Shooting Star (The Adventures of Tintin 10). Home · The 14MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF The Secret of The Unicorn (The Adventures of Tintin 11).

The Shooting Star French: The story tells of young Belgian reporter Tintin , who travels with his dog Snowy and friend Captain Haddock aboard a scientific expedition to the Arctic Ocean on an international race to find a meteorite that has fallen to the Earth. The Shooting Star was a commercial success and was published in book form by Casterman shortly after its conclusion; the first Tintin volume to be originally published in the page full-colour format. The Shooting Star has received a mixed critical reception and has been one of the most controversial instalments in the series due to the antisemitic portrayal of its villain. A giant meteoroid approaches the Earth, spotted from an observatory by Professor Decimus Phostle , and he and a self-proclaimed prophet, Philippulus , predicts the meteoroid will hit Earth and cause the end of the world. The meteoroid misses Earth, but a fragment of it plunges into the Arctic Ocean. Phostle determines that the object is made of a new material which he names Phostlite, and sets off to find it with a crew of European scientists.

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Aware of the controversy surrounding the antisemitic depiction of Blumenstein, he renamed the character "Bohlwinkel", adopting this name from bollewinkel , a Brussels dialect term for a confectionery store.

He later discovered that, by coincidence, Bohlwinkel was also a Jewish name. Randy and Jean-Marc Lofficier [34]. For instance, the meteorite's approach toward Earth caused a heat wave, while the meteorite itself proceeded to float on the surface of the ocean. In reality, no such heat wave would have been caused, while the meteorite would have plunged to the sea floor, causing a tsunami.

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Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier deemed the antisemitism a "sad moment" in the series, awarding the story one out of five stars. Tintin] to rid himself of the bastard [i. Haddock] and to preserve the integrity of his former values", pointing out that the first thirteen pages are devoted purely to the boy reporter. The Shooting Star was the sixth to be adapted in the second animated series; it was directed by Ray Goossens and written by Greg , a well-known cartoonist who was to become editor-in-chief of Tintin magazine.

In , a second animated series based upon The Adventures of Tintin was produced, this time as a collaboration between the French studio Ellipse and the Canadian animation company Nelvana.

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The Shooting Star was the eighth story to be adapted and was divided into two twenty-minute episodes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Shooting Star. Blumenstein, in The Shooting Star. But does that mean there was anti-Semitism on my part? It seems to me that in my entire panoply of bad guys there are all sorts; I have shown a lot of "villains" of various origins, without any particular treatment of this or that race We've always told Jewish stories, Marseillaise stories, Scottish stories.

But who could have predicted that the Jewish stories would end as we know now that they did, in the death camps of Treblinka and Auschwitz? How did the man who had so eloquently defended the Native Americans in Tintin in America and the Chinese in The Blue Lotus , who only three years before denounced fascism in King Ottokar's Sceptre , become a propagandist for the Axis remains hard to understand.

It did not have to be that way. The Metamorphoses of Tintin, or Tintin for Adults. Jocelyn Hoy translator. Stanford University Press. Assouline, Pierre [].

Charles Ruas translator. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press. Binick, Charles; Delcroix, Olivier Tintin indicted]. Le Figaro in French. Archived from the original on Retrieved Bruckner, Pascal The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse: Save the Earth, Punish Human Beings.

Couvreur, Daniel 22 June Le Soir in French. Archived from the original on 18 October Retrieved 2 August Das, Indrapramit 16 September Slant Magazine. Retrieved 21 November Farr, Michael The Complete Companion.

John Murray. Frey, Hugo Mark McKinney ed.

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The meteoroid misses Earth, but a fragment of it plunges into the Arctic Ocean. Phostle determines that the object is made of a new material which he names Phostlite, and sets off to find it with a crew of European scientists. Accompanied by Tintin and Snowy, their polar expedition ship, the Aurora, is helmed by Tintin's friend Captain Haddock.

Bohlwinkel ; wherefore, the expedition becomes a race to land on the meteorite.

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On the day of departure, Bohlwinkel has a henchman plant a stick of dynamite on the Aurora, but it is found and thrown overboard. In the North Sea , the Aurora is almost rammed by another of Bohlwinkel's ships, but Haddock steers out of the way. Further setbacks occur at the Icelandic port of Akureyri , when Haddock is informed that there is no fuel available.

He and Tintin then come across an old friend of his, Captain Chester , who reveals that there is plenty of fuel and that the Golden Oil Company which has a fuel monopoly is owned by Bohlwinkel.

The three then secretly run a hose from Chester's ship, Sirius, to the Aurora, and thus trick Golden Oil into providing the fuel they need. Resuming the journey, they intercept a cable announcing that the Peary expedition has reached the meteorite but not yet claimed it.

While the Peary crew rows to the meteorite, Tintin uses the Aurora's seaplane to get to and parachute onto the meteorite and plant the expedition's flag. Tintin and Snowy who followed on the plane makes camp while the Aurora's engines are repaired after developing trouble. The next day he finds the Phostlite creating immense explosive mushrooms, and discovers that Phostlite accelerates growth, and makes things much larger: his apple core grows into a large tree while a maggot grows into a huge butterfly, and he and Snowy are menaced by a giant spider that escaped from his lunch box, before rescue arrives.

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I'm not going to be a neck beard and pick it apart here though. Just swallow it down and enjoy the comedy. Tintin sees a mysterious bright light in the sky on a walk one night and calls t 'Tintin and the Shooting Star' is in my opinion one of the weaker Tintins. Tintin sees a mysterious bright light in the sky on a walk one night and calls the observatory. Super cute! But they hang up on him. So he goes to the observatory and rings the doorbell.

Very super cute. Stuff is going on there that is not quite explained I think, but Tintin get's lead not an adventure to the landed meteorite in the Arctic.