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Read {PDF Epub} Download Tinísima by Elena Poniatowska from the story Kitchen by zanelindsey89 with 5 reads. cut, come, information. Simple Way to Read. Tinisima by Elena Poniatowska; 3 editions; First published in ; DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY). Read a free sample or buy Tinísima by Elena Poniatowska. You can read To download from the iTunes Store, get iTunes now. Already have.

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Bookplateleaf: Boxid: IA Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II. City: Albuquerque. Containerid: S Tinísima. by: Elena Poniatowska. Publication date: Topics: Modotti, Tina, -- Fiction. Publisher: Ediciones Era. Collection. Tinisima [Elena Poniatowska] on *FREE* shipping on Don't have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

Zeebra Books An intensely imagined, sensuously detailed account of the extraordinary life of photographer and militant revolutionary Tina Modotti , this compelling novel reflects the political and social turbulence of the s through the '40s as experienced by a brave and vibrant woman who was an intimate of some of the leading poets, writers, artists and politicians of her time. Modotti lived various roles in her passionate life: she was a seamstress in San Francisco, an actress in silent films, a student and lover of photographer Edward Weston, a model for Diego Rivera's murals, an agent for the Soviet Union and always a cultural, intellectual and political vivant whose sensuous spirit captivated men and, for a time, the entire Mexican population they called her Tinisima, a diminutive of her name but also an endearment. Tracing Modotti's footsteps to California, Mexico, Berlin, Moscow and Spain, Poniatowska adroitly interprets history without marginalizing the lyricism of Modotti's tragic quest for identity and true love. In Mexico in , young Cuban revolutionary Julio Antonio Mella is assassinated while walking arm-in-arm with Modotti. Eager to rid the country of communist sympathizers, the government accuses Tina of his murder. Rivera and other prominent Mexican intelligentsia eventually help win her freedom.


Famous personages such as Rivera, D. Lawrence, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Alfredo Siqueiros and Lev Kamenev, a hero of the October Revolution whom Modotti dismisses as a traitor after he is arrested by the paranoid Stalin, stud its pages. But Poniatowska is so busy showing us how her heroine intersects with history that she often forgets to give us more than intriguing glimpses at Modotti herself.

We know that Modotti is beautiful. That she is desired by many men.

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That she is moved by the promise of communism. That her eyes express infinite sadness.

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But Poniatowska gets inside her head only in brief, tantalizing moments. Often, these come in letters to Weston. But overall, the third-person narration only mythologizes her subject and distances us further from the real blood-and-guts Modotti.

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In an elegiac coda of overhead conversation, Poniatowska makes us ache for all that Modotti has lost. Soon, the woman who lived only for beauty now lives to organize marches, attend worker rallies and write speeches.

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The image of Tina smiling at parties was lost. After a sensational trial, she is released, but she is soon deported. She settles briefly in Berlin, but is disheartened to learn that her name opens no doors, her technique is passe and her equipment obsolete.

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