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The Woman in Black by E. C. Bentley. No cover available. Download Download This eBook. Format, Url, Size. Read this book online: HTML. PDF | Susan Hill's novel is a radical example of Female Gothic Horror. As well The contention is that The Woman in Black mediates women's anxieties about. FILM AND LITERARY STUDIES ANALYSIS OF THE WOMAN IN BLACK FILM A Paper Submitted as the Assignment of Final Exam Name: Tutik Ratna Ningtyas.

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WOMAN IN BLACK – SUSAN HILL, retold by MARGARET TARNER . His fiancee, the woman he is going to marry, is called Stella. Arthur works as a solicitor in. Woman in Black. ▫ Susan Hill felt that the form of the classic ghost story was being neglected due to the rise in popularity of the horror genre. ▫ Her inspiration for. Download The Woman In Black free in PDF & EPUB format. Download E. C. Bentley's The Woman In Black for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or.

Number : Class : K. Introduction The woman in black is a horror film adapted from the novel by Susan Hills with the same title. The style of the novel is traditional gothic novel with the genre ghost story. Susan Hills is a famous author of fiction and non-fiction story including ghost story born in Yorkshire which is used as the background of The Woman in Black novel. Meanwhile the woman in black or Jennet Humfrye is performed by Elizabeth White.

Psychoanalysis Criticism was originally developed from the the theory of Psyche by Sigmund Freud His idea has been developed by some theorists latter on.

One of the most prominent theorist is Jacques Lacan. The idea of Psychoanalysis cannot be separated from the origins of the unconscious. Those unhappy memories then give such a big influence to the person unconsciously even they come to be adult.

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

Tyson also stated that the commonly use of Psychoanalysis concepts are sibling rivalry, inferiority complexes and defense mechanism.

It means that the unconscious of human being is indeed embedded from the very young age. However, the goal of psychoanalysis is to help people resolving their psychological problems, often called disorders or dysfunctions.

The Psychoanalysis criticism encompasses some aspects such as, the defense, anxiety and the core issues, dreams and dream symbols, the meaning of the death, the meaning of sexuality and the Lacanian psychoanalysis. And it is also used to forget painful memory entirely. Denial This is the defense which is done by believing that the problems and the unhappy memories do not exist. Avoidance Avoidance is done by staying away from people or situations that make us anxious.

Projection Attributing and condemning someone else for our fear, problem in order to reduce our guilty desire. Regression Regression involves returning either painful or happy events to carry our thought away from some difficulties. Meanwhile there are anxiety and core issues which can break those defenses. It 19 P a g e means that anxiety is part of human behavior that reveals the core issues unconsciously.

The Woman in Black

The anxiety and core issues are : Fear of intimacy The closeness feeling emotionally will hurt people. So, fear of intimacy is kind of defense. Fear of abandonment The feeling of being abandoned is very destructive. Therefore fear of Abandonment is kind of defense Fear of betrayal Betrayed by friends or lover may become the most dreadful fact for most of people. Therefore, they defense themselves for being betrayed. Low self-esteem The feeling that we are lees worthy than other people leads us to the belief that we are lack of attention and love.

Insecure or unstable sense of self It is the inability to support a feeling of personal identity. This core issue makes us very vulnerable to the influence of other people, and we may find ourselves continually changing the way we look or behave as we become involved with different individuals or groups. Oedipal fixation or oedipal complex Is the tendency to have intimacy with our opposite-sex parent.

Analysis 2. Nevertheless, both novel and film have each strengths and weaknesses. The following sub chapters present about the strength and weakness of novel and film. The differences are also given through the analysis of the details story. They are as follow : - It provides more details about the story because it is the original story - It leads the reader imagination more creative. Even though the story of the film is adapted from novels or other textbooks.

There are some strength of The Woman in Black film compared to its novel. Those are : - The viewers can easily get the meaning, issues and messages from the film - It involves other creative works, such as, acting, lighting.

This horror movie involves some effects which give horror sense. Weakness However, film also has some weaknesses compared to the novel. Besides the film makes people become lazy to read, there are some other weaknesses of the film.

It is told in the novel that his former wife, Stella was died ten months after the accident of the trap when the last time he saw the woman in black in the park. Then he married to a widow whose name is Esme. He became a father of four children of Esme. She was died when she gave birth of their son. She is the one to whom Arthur writes a letter before he goes to Yorkshire. She is also the one who picks Arthur up from Yorkshire back to London.

They soon had a baby son. One day, when their son was a year old they went to a park. Their baby pointed a trap. Because the trap was only fit for a person, Stella went in with their baby and Arthur watched them from the park happily.

Suddenly the woman in black appeared beside a tree. Arthur was shocked. Then the woman in black spoke the horse and the trap where Stella and the baby were in crushed. The baby was dead and Stella was badly injured. She was death ten months after this accident. Then, her other appearances were her figure dressed in wedding dress. She also appeared in the last scene which took a place in a train station.

Children Death The beginning of the story in the novel is a conversation between Arthur and his four step children from Esme, his later wife. They were talking about horror stories when suddenly Arthur remembered about his journey toEel Marsh House many years before.

Then the story of the woman in black began. The novel tells that whenever the woman in black is seen there will be a child dies.

The 24 P a g e novel tells that the first child who dies after her appearance was Mr. The first scene in film: three children jump and die The very first scene of the film is about tree children playing in a bedroom. Them they seem to jump unconsciously through a window. Later they are known to be the children of a couple marriage who have an inn where Arthur stays in. The children deaths are continued many times when Arthur is on his duty in Yorkshire.

These scenes are not told in the novel. It is revealed in the certificate of death which is bundled in a packet. The packet is then brought into Mr. Jennet was mentally injured by the death of her son. Even children were fear of her. Meanwhile, in the film, it is told that Jennet was died because of hanging herself. Daily Mrs. Nevertheless, in the film she appears many times. It is told than she will act unconsciously like someone who has mental illness whenever she remembers her son who was died after the woman in black was seen few years before.

She welcomes her kindly. During the dinner, the talking of the three of them comes to a topic about her son. She keep talking about her son as if her son is still alive. She goes mad scratching the table by a knife. Then Mr. Daily handled her by giving her anesthetic that make her fainting. Daily during the dinner 26 P a g e Mrs. Then Arthur arrives and they make a conversation about the woman in black. The woman in black or 27 P a g e Jennet then appears and screams.

Arthur believes that Jennet is now rest in peace. The focuses of Defense, Anxiety and Core Issues. The analysis is limited only through the female main character, Jennet Humfrye or the Woaman in Black. They are selective perception, selective memory, denial, avoidance, displacement, projection and regression.

Selective Perception Jennet Humfrye who witnessed the death of her dear son could not stand to face the fact that her son was dead.

Selective Memory Before giving her baby son to her sister, Jennet was a happy mother who raised her son by herself. The fact that the father of her son did not take responsibility to raise her son with her made her a single-parent and forced her to 28 P a g e leave her social life and live alone with her son.

Nevertheless, she decided to put her bad memory of that irresponsible man away and give her love to her son entirely. It is because the accident was happened when she was on her planning of taking her son away from her sister. It was purely an accident. When her son, nursemaid, horse, trap and its driver were drowned into the marshes her sister was not even in the scene.

Avoidance After the death of her son, she was destroyed mentally. She could not blend into community socially. Therefore she shut herself to avoid other people.

It was worsened when she tried to walk out of the house, children will run and looked frightened. She became friendless and it made her hatred grows more severely. Displacement Jennet determined to use her sister as her object of frustration.

Her hatred grows severely. It seemed to be worsened by the fact that her sister had a happy marriage life. Her sister had husband, luxurious house, and wealthy. She put her sister as the murderer of her son.

Besides she judged her sister as the one who take her son away from her, though the fact was that she gave her son to her sister by herself because she had no legal power to raise her son. Regression Painstakingly, Jennet tried to recover herself from her broken heart since the death of her son.

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

Those are the defenses done by Jennet or the woman in black to overcome her painful memory based on Psychoanalysis criticism. From those explanation above we can see that Jennet psychological condition shows some defenses to overcome her painful memories of abandoning by her lover and losing her son.

She seemed to fragile enough to accept the fact, therefore she put her finger of blame on her sister. The analysis of anxiety and core issues will be focused on six points of anxiety and core issues by Lois Tyson. They are fear of intimacy, fear of abandonment, fear of betrayal, low self-esteem, insecure or unstable sense of self and oedipal fixation.

Fear of intimacy Jennet who was abandoned by her lover had to live in poor life with her only son. After her relationship with her lover was ended miserably, she was never told to have marriage any other man.

She was alone living her sorrowful life. She had no intimate partner. She seemed to fear of intimacy Fear of abandonment Though she had decided to give her son to her sister, she cannot avoid her jealous feeling as a woman who had experienced abandonment from her lover. Besides, she warned her sister many times, that the boy is her son not her sisters.

In the pdf woman black

This shows that she was fear of abandonment because she had experienced it. This was a painful reality should be faced by her. Even though she tried hardly to recover herself, she could not avoid her feeling of fear of being betrayed again.

Her fear of betrayal can be seen from her attempt to warn her sister that she loves her son very much and that he is her son not her sisters.

She seems to distrust her sister due to her fear of betrayal which had been experienced by her from the one whom she loves most in her past. Low self-esteem When the law forbade her to raise her own son, Jennet was depressed. She had to send her son to her sister.

The Woman In Black

This led her to the feeling of unworthy. She felt less worthy than her sister for her son. This feeling worsened her jealousy towards her sister. Then, Jennet possessiveness of her son was caused by her feeling of lack of love.

Black in pdf woman the

She wanted to be loved by her son badly because she thought that her son was the only one he had. Insecure or unstable sense of self The death of her son has affected Jennet badly. Her psychology became unstable. This painful lost has disabled her to know herself. It drove her mad and ill. Therefore after her death, she terrorized many children in her town and killed them.

It was not told how her childhood life was, and how her parents were. Therefore, she cannot be categorized into oedipal fixation. Conclusion The Woman in Black horror film is a film which reveals a mystery implicitly.

The quiet moment of shared understanding with the landlord, however, reveals that there is a voice inside Arthur that knows better—a voice he is not listening to. Nevertheless, they serve Arthur a delicious meal, and Arthur himself feels very at home.

Daily himself is a stock character of the Victorian Gothic genre; a kindly, wealthy benefactor of sorts who guides the protagonist along his way. Hill uses Daily to represent the ease Arthur could enjoy if only he would give up on Eel Marsh House; Arthur, though, will of course return to the manor, even against the advice of the wealthy, powerful, and knowledgeable mentor figure Samuel Daily. Download it! After dinner, Mrs. Daily goes up to bed, and Arthur and Samuel Daily drink port and whiskey in the study.

Arthur launches into the full story of his experience the day before, but concludes that he is more than prepared to return to the manor—and to encounter the ghost of the wasted-faced woman in black again.

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