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Stepford Wives [Ira Levin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The women of Stepford are not all that they seem All the beautiful people live. Compre o livro The Stepford Wives na confira as ofertas para The internationally bestselling novel by the author of A Kiss Before Dying, The. By the time of the release of the book version of The Stepford Wives in , Ira Levin had already written A Kiss Before Dying and Rosemary's.

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The Stepford Wives is a satirical thriller novel by Ira Levin. The story concerns Joanna Eberhart, a photographer and young mother who begins to suspect. The Stepford Wives book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. For Joanna, her husband, Walter, and their children, the move. The Stepford Wives [Ira Levin, Peter Straub] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The internationally bestselling novel by the author of A Kiss.

For Joanna, her husband, Walter, and their children, the move to beautiful Stepford seems almost too good to be true. It is. For behind the town's idyllic facade lies a terrible secret -- a secret so shattering that no one who encounters it will ever be the same. At once a masterpiece of psychological suspense and a savage commentary on a media-driven society that values the pursuit of youth and beauty at all costs, The Stepford Wives is a novel so frightening in its final implications that the title itself has earned a place in the American lexicon. Download ebook for print-disabled. Prefer the physical book?

At the end of the novel, Joanna decides to flee Stepford but when she gets home she finds that her children have been taken.

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She asks her husband to let her leave but he takes her car keys. She manages to escape from the house on foot and several of the men's club members track her down.

They corner her in the woods, and she accuses them of creating robots out of the town's women. The men deny the accusation and ask Joanna if she would believe them if she saw one of the other women bleed.

The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin - book review

Joanna agrees to this, and they take her to Bobbie's house. Bobbie's husband and son are upstairs, with loud rock music playing as if to cover screams. The scene ends as Bobbie brandishes a knife at her former friend. In the story's epilogue, Joanna has become another Stepford wife gliding through the local supermarket, having given up her career as a photographer, while Ruthanne a new resident in Stepford appears poised to become the conspiracy's next victim.

While the script emphasis is on gender conflict and the sterility of suburban living, and thus the science fiction elements are only lightly explored, the movie still makes it much clearer than the book that the women are being replaced by some form of robot. Goldman's treatment of the book differed from that of Forbes, with the robots closer to an idealized Playboy Bunny ; it has been claimed that the look was scrapped when Forbes' actress wife Nanette Newman was cast as one of the town residents.

A made-for-television sequel was titled Revenge of the Stepford Wives. In this film, instead of being androids, the wives underwent a brainwashing procedure and then took pills that keep them hypnotized.

In the end the wives broke free of their conditioning and a mob of them killed the mastermind behind the conspiracy. It too ended with the members of the conspiracy being killed. A version called The Stepford Husbands was made as a third television movie with the gender roles reversed and the men in the town being brainwashed by a female clinic director into being perfect husbands.

Another film titled The Stepford Wives was released in It was intended to be more comedic than previous versions.

The Stepford Wives

The new script by screenwriter Paul Rudnick has the women being transformed into carefully controlled cyborgs rather than being murdered and replaced with robots.

The script culminates in a role reversal twist ending in which it is a powerful woman played by Glenn Close who is the evil mastermind of the injustice perpetrated on other women, and features a "Stepfordized" male partner of a gay town resident. Unlike the original novel and most of the adaptations, the perpetrators of the conspiracy neither die nor get away with their crimes; the victims are freed from their control programming, and their spouses are forced to wait on them hand and foot as a form of reparations.

The version had several locations in the Greenfield Hill section of Fairfield , including the Eberharts' house and the Greenfield Hill Congregational Church.

Additional scenes from the movie were filmed in Bedminster, New Jersey , with extras from surrounding communities. The term "Stepford wife" entered common use in the English language after the publication of Levin's book and it is generally used as a derogatory term which refers to a submissive and docile wife who seems to conform blindly to the stereotype of an old-fashioned subservient role in relationship to her husband.

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American novel by Ira Levin For the film, see The Stepford Wives film. For the remake, see The Stepford Wives film.

Book vs. Film: The Stepford Wives (1975)

For the Scottish former railway station, see Stepford railway station. Dewey Decimal. Main articles: A Banned Play on the War 5 Letters ". It's difficult to understand the exact aim of the big-screen remake, even in the pre-planning stages.

Book the stepford wives

From the beginning, it seems intended as a weirdly non-feminist take on the story, which does make me question who exactly it was made for. The Stepford Wives did turn a profit, but it's a wonder how it got financed since no one was really clamoring for a remake.

Written by Paul Rudnick, the script introduces a gay male character named Roger in place of the astrology-loving Charlamagne of the novel. The attempt to draw parallels between the plight of women and gay men could have been interesting if it had been explored rather than simply assumed, but the concept flounders and never fully develops.

Betty Friedan, constantly referenced in the novel, had a long history of refusing to align with gay activists in the fight for equality between the binaries, which seems like something one would like to comment on in this instance—but, as with most of the commentary of the film, it falls flat. Roger is a likable character, but his presence distracts the script even further away from ever forming a cohesive stance. Notably, Ruthanne and her husband Royal are absent from both remakes.

Wives book stepford the

One questions why, in , there was no attempt to add or update any of the now cringe-inducing commentary that occurred in the novel around the relationships between white women and black women in suburbia. This incarnation of The Stepford Wives is more centered on quips than on plot development or feminist commentary, often swinging into fully anti-feminist territory.

The Stepford Wives

Rather than being employed as a part-time photographer, this version of Joanna is a TV executive who creates bizarrely gender-specific reality television shows. At a premiere, a man shoots at her, which leads to her losing her job, which then leads to her having a complete mental collapse.

The insistence that the mindset of powerful women tends to hang by a thread is prevalent—and overall, fairly offensive. Somehow, that makes the wives no longer robots, back to their old selves. I'm not sure what the moral of the film is. It reads like someone took three different scripts, cut them into pieces with scissors, shook them up, then taped the pieces together again out of order. The place where this film really fails its audience is not in making a woman the villain, but in making the villain a woman whose goal is to uphold misogynistic ideals.

By indicating that women are also complicit in idealizing their mates in an unhealthy way, the film neglects a world of nuance.

Yes, women are also guilty of making unreasonable demands of their partners, but classically have been unable to wield the same societal power which would make it possible to enforce said demands.