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The Five Find-Outers and Dog (not to be confused with The Famous Five), also known as the Enid Blyton Mystery Series, is a series of children's mystery books. The Mystery of the Missing Man by Enid Blyton Page 1 The Find-Outers is a clever Download The Mystery of the Missing Necklace: The Fifth Adventure of the Five Find-Outers and Dog. ebook freeType: ebook pdf, ePub.

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The Five Find-Outers (and Dog): Enid Blyton's Mysteries Series The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage (The Five Find-Outers, #1), The Mystery of the Disappeari. Common KnowledgeSeriesThe Five Find-Outers The Five Find-Outers Books 1 -6 by Enid Blyton, Omnibus 1 - 6. The Five Find-Outers Books by Enid. Reviewer: Jane Ery - favorite - January 24, Subject: not as good. too small. 2, Views. 4 Favorites. 1 Review. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS.

The Five Find-Outers Series. The Five Find-Outers and Dog: Enid Blyton's Mysteries Series. Book 1. Want to Read. Shelving menu.

His wealth causes some friction with the other children, especially Pip, but Fatty is always willing to share his money with the group, often downloading rounds of cakes, drinks and ice-creams.

Fatty also uses his pocket money to finance his interest in disguises and stores a large collection of clothes, wigs, grease-paint, cheek-pads, false teeth and other items in his shed at the bottom of the garden. Fatty is a skilled orator and poet, and able to create poetry ad-lib. He always comes top of his form at school and his ambition when he grows up is to become a detective.

Bets adores Fatty and is very loyal to him. Fatty however justifies his new role by demonstrating the use of invisible writing and escaping from a closed room. Larry is somewhat jealous of Fatty. Creating the Five Find-Outers was Daisy's idea. Pip often teases his younger sister, Bets.

She adores Fatty and he is very fond of her. In contrast to Fatty's rather relaxed parents, Mr and Mrs Hilton are quite strict and often take a dim view of Pip and Bets's sleuthing activities, wishing that Pip especially would direct the same amount of energy into his schoolwork. In the mystery of the hidden house in fact the Hiltons forbid Pip and Bets from getting involved in mysteries.

Bets is often the first to spot vital clues and also tends to see through Fatty's disguises before anyone else. He thinks the world of Fatty and his favourite pastime is to nip at Mr Goon's ankles. It really brings back memories of our sweet childhood when we sat reading these books on rainy days.. Thank You once again Sir. Keep up the good work! From 2 years I was searching for this type of site which offers free ebooks. I am from India.

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I Cant express my thanks with words. That has kept the love of reading alive these past 20 years Keep up the good work and Deo Borem Korum!

I am really very happy to find my favourite Enid Blyton Books online!!! Keep Going Dude Reading her books felt magical to me as a kid back then. I'm really grateful that I chanced upon this site and discovered that someone thought of uploading her books online. To my knowledge, this is the most comprehensive site for Enid Blyton books. Thanks for sharing the same with all of us. We have Registered Users and our latest user is Sandritahr. My clothes do smell of smoke.

I believe you are nearly asleep! They yawned. They disappeared into the darkness. Soon they were back. He set them down on the ground and looked inquiringly at Pip. He may have kicked the old tramp out of the place. I suppose? And I say. They seemed to fill him with joy and he began to caper round and about the children. Go and get them for him. They could hear them playing in the garden and they shouted to them.

That's all. The dog's young master did look rather sausagey and fat Just as they were chuckling. Every one giggled. He waits to be told before he begins! They all thought him a wonderful little dog. Do you believe it? Buster saw him and tore out. Larry looked pleased. I suspected it before any one else did. They've got some way of finding out these things. Buster scrambled on to Larry's knee. Buster carrying a bone and a big biscuit in His mouth.

He stood sturdily on His squat legs. But he's so stupid he'll never find out a thing! We're here! I wish you were mine.

Daisy and I have never had a dog. I've got an idea! Somebody that didn't like Mr. Hick hasn't got a very good name about here for being good-tempered. Hick's garden — and last evening I saw a tramp wandering about there! I bet he did it! It was quite plain that he adored the plump boy who owned him. They said that the insurance people had been down already. You can't tell. Come here. Buster could be a sort of bloodhound. He had already been Tubby and Sausage at school — now he would be Fatty in the holidays.

He might be awfully good at smelling out hidden things. The boy spoke in a drawling. Daisy for Margaret and Bets for Elizabeth. They felt certain that real detectives. The three bigger ones felt much more inclined to let Fatty join them once they realized that Buster could come too. Pip for Philip. But all the same. T for Trotteville. Buster felt the excitement and began to whine a little. I simply can't imagines".

They all looked at her. And I think Buster ought to belong too. A for Algernon. Daisy was a great one for ideas. Blow — is that half-past twelve. I'm always called Frederick.

Every one laughed. And don't think that we're so stupid as not to see what a very good opinion you've got of yourself! You might as well make up your mind straightaway that we shan't believe half the tall stories you tell us!

Series: The Five Find-Outers

As for being head — I shall be. He knew quite well that from now on he would be Fatty. Pip was waiting for them. For Buster's sake they were willing to have Fatty. I did tell you about the tramp. Daisy and me — the Three Great Detectives! The boy stared at them.

The Five Find-Outers Mystery Series

You're not to leave me out! I always am. His brains didn't show in his face. He shall be the head of the bold Find-Outers. I must go. He gazed at the little company of four friends. I don't know. I'm sure I would make a very good find-outer. Bets looked ready to cry. Fatty and Buster too. Are glues sticky? Fatty opened his mouth and began to speak in his high. I expect. There can't be less than about a million. Is that right? They went round trying to find out who smoked that kind.

I should think — with all the people who were there watching the fire last night. He put on a bored expression and rattled the money in His pocket.

Bets made her face solemn and sat still and straight. It's a good place for that because it's at the bottom of the garden. He glared at Fatty's round face. Because I'm sure we shall find out. You know — footprints leading to the cottage made by the criminal. I'll just go over what we all know. There's Mrs.. Mine are there. So the cigarette end was a clue. The insurance people say that petrol was used to start the fire. Hick was not there till the end. We must find out more about the tramp in the torn mackintosh and old hat that Fatty saw.

Buster jumped up on to Larry's knees. Hick's cottage workroom. I shall love that. Fatty didn't seem to mind. I suggest that the first thing we do is to…" But Larry interrupted him at once. Hick out for something. We must find out if anyone had the chance of getting into the workroom that day.

We might find footprints there. It must have been done to pay Mr. Larry liked that. The others looked at Mm. Hick's garden. She loved the sound of that word. We must find out about her. The Find-Outers have made up their minds that they will find out who has done this crime. In the ditch. Buster wagged his tail hard. Hick got another manservant besides his chauffeur? I bet she'll be glad enough to jabber about everything. So I shall drop a shilling somewhere. It'll be quite true — I shall drop a shilling!

And hasn't Mr. We might learn a lot of useful things from her. Let's go now — and after that I should think the next thing to do is for one of us to go and have a talk with Mrs.

This is going to be exciting! He gave a low whistle and clutched at Larry. The children opened the wooden gate and went up the overgrown path. The children separated. It had been a very small cottage. It was a still April day. There stood what was left of the workroom. The children looked for footprints. Nettles grew there. There were none on the path. They passed Mr.

The children planned to go down that. Pip wandered off to a ditch over which hung a drooping hedge of bramble and wild rose. Clues and — Clear-orf! The five children and Buster made their way down the drive and into the lane.

His eye caught sight of something as he squeezed through. There was a tiny wooden gate that opened on to an over-grown path leading to the cottage. The ditch curved round to the back of the cottage — but there.

Buster looked too. We know that he wore a grey flannel suit now! Buster too. There was a horrid smell of smoke and burning still on the air.

See where the nettles are broken down. I've found something! How easy. The garden was completely trampled down just there. His nose quivering. It always seemed to him a great pity that rabbits didn't make their holes big enough for dogs. Fatty was the last. He put it into a match-box. It was plain that someone had stood there in the ditch — and the only reason for standing in nettles in a muddy ditch was to hide!

Larry opened the match-box and showed the bit of grey flannel. They looked about in the celandines that grew in their hundreds beside the path. Pip pointed into the muddy ditch beside him.

Five Find-Outers - Wikipedia

It was a bit of grey flannel. Celandines lay in golden sheets everywhere. He pointed to the scrap of flannel. Every one crowded round to hear what Fatty had discovered. And there he found something! He gave a low and excited call to the others. But there was nothing to be seen there either. Don't worry. Luckily Clear-Orf took no notice of this remark. Frederick Algernon Trotteville! I don't know why.

We'll go. We've found out that a man hid in the hedge for some reason. I expect you will soon find something marvellous. But we've found out what we wanted to know. They really were getting on! The others came running. Fatty went off to the little hotel opposite the garden to get a piece of paper and a pencil.

It was the same shoe. I've got my shilling now. Let's see if we can find another. It's old Clear-Orf! I think this must be the print of the man we are looking for. Larry nodded his head.

Not bad for a day's work! I shouldn't think it's more than size eight. You clear orf! My shilling! I suppose you dropped it when you came round interfering last night" said Mr. And there Daisy found three or four more footprints. But the farmer had been along and taken a few squares of turf from a certain part. Or the art of eating too much? I won first prize last term for Art.

The others stood and stared at the ruined cottage. Yes — the criss-cross marking showed up quite clearly in the print.. Every one felt a bit excited. You haven't found a thing! It's enormous. He hustled the children out of the gate and up the lane.

Then we've only got to find the shoes. I really have got brains. They looked hard. I found the place where the man hid. Nothing could be seen on the grass. The gap in the hedge led to a grassy field. He found it quite by accident. Neither did Buster. That's the worst of having a baby like you in the Find-Outers! He decided to go down and do his measuring and copying later on. We've done awfully well today. He didn't at all like Clear-Orf. This is really getting very exciting!

I'll write up notes about all our clues. If he knew what we'd discovered this morning. We'd better warn him that Clear-Orf is down there. I'm a Find-Outer too. All the children felt pleased to have a hidey-hole like that.

Bets nodded. At least. You can't even keep the very smallest secret!

Outers pdf five find the

Pip grinned. Buster jumped up on to his knees and licked his master's nose. It was really very good. So that's what it is! Yes — it was a copy of the footprints all right. I couldn't imagine what you and Pip were talking about. I think Fatty ought to learn a bit more about hands. I looked at that drawing and I could quite well see it was a really marvellous copy of those footprints we saw. Fatty and Larry Learn a Few Things At ten o'clock the next morning the five children and Buster were once again in the old summer-house.

Hick don't come along and guess what Daisy is doing. It would be a fine place to put anything now — no one would ever think of looking there. He just loves a good rabbitty walk. Bets looked very miserable.

The others stared at it. I wish I could draw as well as you can! He opened it and read quickly the list of clues they already had. I might find a glue on. He produced an enormous sheet of paper on which he had drawn the right and left footprint.

Fatty was sorry for her. Bets was most amazed. We don't want the police to find out everything before we do! Bets put everything right in her simple manner.

Fatty folded up the paper and looked thoroughly offended. He saw that Bets did not understand what "interviewing" was. Pip joined in at once. The others grinned. I haven't told a single secret since I was six years old. I could do that. Daisy is good at that sort of thing. Buster was most interested in it. He held out his hand for Fatty's drawing.

Then what were Larry and Pip talking about? Larry took the drawing and looked at it solemnly. I think the ears are the wrong shape too.

It was a shame to tease poor old Fatty. He usually washes down the car in the morning. The notebook.. Where shall we keep them? Fatty looked important. Fatty went purple with rage.

That's what detectives do. I guess they won't have such exciting news as we have! I do not. She's very dirty today. Hick found out that Peeks sometimes wore his clothes. They walked down the lane and came to Mr. Hick stood there. I often do it for my father. Thanks for your help. The garage was at the side of the house. Then off he went about eleven o'clock. Hick a slap in the face for the way he treats everybody!

So Bets set off with Buster at her heels. I bet it was! His old mother lives in the next village. She went down the lane towards the fields. We'll pretend we want to see someone who doesn't live here.

Hick found that out he was angry and told Peeks to go. Bets simply could not remember the way to pronounce that word. I bet it was Peeks. Hick's dark blue suit. Is that car done yet? What are you jabbering about down there? Do I pay you for jabbering?

I've got all my work cut out to get her clean before the master wants her this morning! A loud whistling came from that direction. Thompson live here? Pip will think of something. We must find Peeks and see what he was doing that evening! Then he stared at the car. Was Peeks very upset? Hick gave him his money. Hick and cup. And now they say it was a put-up job — some one did it on purpose!

Well — Peeks did say that it was a wonder no one had given Mr. They soon came in sight of the garage. The big black and white cat had got into a basket. She put her hands on her hips and nodded her head till her fat cheeks shook. So the two of them set off down the drive. Minas over. A girl of about sixteen was sweeping the yard. I don't know! Women nowadays just leave their daughters to be taught by such as me. Last time you swept that yard you left a broken bottle there.

Minns appeared at the door. She was a round. The girl did not seem to be paying any attention at all. As they had stood outside Mr. Dear little sweets! Dogs I can't bear. She put it down and it ran to its mother. Smellie comes along and he and the master go for one. I says to my sister. Both children looked up into a tree.

Here's your kitten again! Why don't you look after it better? That's not the soup catching in the saucepan surely? And Hannah says. Minns does a lot of Talking Daisy and Pip were getting on very well indeed.

Pdf outers the find five

Glory be! I says. First Mr. Minns off at once. And suddenly my sister says to me.

Daisy looked to see where the sound came from. Why your mother didn't teach you how to sweep and dust and bake. The kitten mewed and tried to jump down. She was going to make pastry. Minns was pleased to have such an interested audience. Daisy stroked the kittens whilst the cook went on with her talk. Peeks gets tie sack and walks out.

Soon he was handing down the little creature to Daisy. And then I looked out of the window and I saw something flaring up at the bottom of the garden! The mew came again. You just wait till you can scrub a floor properly. I suppose he slipped round the garden to the henhouse. That will keep you busy for a bit. I shouldn't wonder. It looked as if both Mr.