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An Extract from The Demon Headmaster by. Gillian Cross, read by Lindsey Russell. Dinah walked on round the playground, waiting for the bell to ring or the . The Demon Headmaster. Read chapter 1. In this chapter we are introduced to 3 of the main characters, Lloyd, Harvey and Dinah. Use a table to show what you. The Demon Headmaster. Gillian Cross. Something is very wrong indeed at DINAH's new school. The children are strangely neat and much too well behaved .

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THE DEMON HEADMASTER by. GILLIAN CROSS. There are Teachers' Notes to accompany nearly every chapter of the novel. Where it has been thought either. THE DEMON HEADMASTER. Chapter one. Here is a summary of the first chapter . For some of the words you are given three alternatives. Which do you think is.; sowthedemonheadmaster[1].doc This looks fantastic but where can I find the actual script to The Demon Headmaster? Thanks!.

Mb Gillian Cross : The Demon Headmaster before downloading it in order to gage whether or not it would be worth my time, and all praised The Demon Headmaster: 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful. A pretty good pre-teen kids story - tense interesting rather than scaryBy Charlie-CJFirst published in , this book reads a bit like a cross between Enid Blyton's secret seven and the My parents are aliens TV series, except that here the very odd characters are at school rather than at home. Dinah has just moved to a new foster home where the incumbent boys particularly older brother Lloyd are very suspicious of her. Perhaps with good reason, as from the very first day at her new school, Dinah can see that something is horribly wrong. All the schoolchildren are just too perfectly behaved, and her free-thinking step-brothers are being excluded and treated as trouble-makers.

We were disappointed that, unlike the Puffin version, this book has no illustrations and the front cover is a bit bland compared to the traditional cover image of the Demon Headmasters face - but then in a way the old cover gave away a lot of the plot.

Some of the language seems dated, mainly Lloyd's food related exclamations, which make it read very much like a s Enid Blyton book no bad thing.

But it's a well crafted story that kept my son's attention throughout, and, although tense in places, it's surprisingly non-scary considering the plot-line. Unlike his favourite AstroSaurs and Captain Underpants books, this book is probably more girl friendly as well.

I would think the book would suite American youngsters, once they know that the school Principal is called Headmaster in the UK, and prefects are older kids given special policing powers by the Headmaster, not unlike Hall Monitors.

Otherwise the plotline is fairly international. Just a shame the excellent British TV series isn't available on DVD at the moment to compliment this very good book aimed at s I would say. It just loses a star as we missed the illustrations of the Puffin version. Potentially great - came out naffBy Mr.

Demon pdf the headmaster

Ok, the premise, great, can't knock it. A demented headmaster using his extra-strong hypnotic powers to begin his quest for national and most probably in his mind at least international domination, from a tuppence-ha'penny in the great scheme of things high school. Formulaic - certainly, but all I care about is, if any one book is good, bad, indifferent, incredibly superb or pulp-fodder after page 7.

Sadly, this is pulp-fodder from page 6.

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The problem, as you've probably guessed where my opinion lies, is not with the plot, the basic idea etc, it is purely and totally with the delivery. Some of the situations and dialogue could have been lifted from any Enid Blyton book, and this mars the supposed literary darkness and things sinister very severely indeed. Oxford University Press Date of Addition: Oxford University Press Adult content: No Language: English Has Image Descriptions: No Categories: Literature and Fiction Grade Levels: Bookshare Staff Usage Restrictions: The introduction to the story says, 'Maybe you think you have spotted the Demon Headmaster somewhere.

Are you sure? Things aren't always what they seem.

The Demon Headmaster

The third story is not mentioned. She arrives in the story at the Hunters' house as a foster child, having been orphaned at an early age and brought up in a children's home. She is extraordinarily intelligent, but she normally keeps this quiet.

Pdf headmaster the demon

Her intelligence causes the Headmaster to take an interest in her, and makes her pivotal in his plans to win a national school quiz competition for nefarious ends, as well as other subsequent plots, made easier by the fact that she is the only member of SPLAT not immune to his hypnosis. At the end of the first story, Dinah is adopted by the Hunter family and becomes Dinah Hunter.

Lloyd is one of only five children in the entire school whom the Headmaster is unable to hypnotize. Lloyd comes across as arrogant and cocky at times and also isn't the brightest kid at school unlike his now proper sister, Dinah, but Lloyd has shown on more than one occasion he is by no means stupid and is a more than capable leader of SPLAT even though he does come across as bossy and hates people stealing his thunder.

Lloyd at first is very hostile towards Dinah and also takes the longest to accept her out of all the members of SPLAT, but eventually he is the first to suggest that his and Harvey's parents adopt Dinah. Harvey is a pleasant laid-back boy, very different to his older brother, Lloyd. It's clear he is very close to Lloyd, possibly because Lloyd has always looked out for him at school and helped him stay out of trouble with the Headmaster.

Harvey accepts Dinah into the family and SPLAT a lot quicker than Lloyd and the others do, and soon is as close to his new sister as he is his brother.

The Demon Headmaster (Book)

Harvey seems to understand Dinah more than Lloyd does and is more prepared to listen to her. Ian will often break any tension with a well-timed joke and acts as a good foil to the more serious Lloyd.

Mandy is one of the more mature members of SPLAT and seems to be the motherly influence in the society. She is the best at soothing people like Lloyd and Ingrid when they get in a temper, and is generally the most level-headed of the gang, although she is not above making the odd snide remark when Lloyd's plans backfire. Ingrid is generally the most childish member of SPLAT, prone to sulking when things don't go her way or the others don't listen to her.

The fact that she's the youngest does mean that she is generally ignored if she makes a suggestion, although nine times out of ten she'll be right. The Headmaster is the main antagonist of the series. He can turn almost anyone into a hypnotic state by having them look into his eyes, except for a few who seem to be naturally immune, among them Ingrid, Mandy, Harvey, Lloyd and Ian.

The Demon Headmaster by Gillian Cross Comprehension KS2

He seems to be driven by a desire to bring order and control to the world, under his leadership of course. Not much else is revealed about him or the origin of his power. His name is never mentioned, as he is always referred to by various titles, such as The Headmaster and The Computer Director, though it's known that he does have a name; Prime Minister's Brain features a scene where Dinah has to delete his name from a database of those with access to the Prime Minister after he hypnotised her to add it, and a central plot point of The Demon Headmaster Takes Over is the clone Headmaster's attempt to re-learn his name so that he can take control of the Hyperbrain computer.

In , the Demon Headmaster books were adapted by the BBC to make a television series based on the books. The series proved popular with the children of the 90s and ran for three series from 2 January to 22 January The first series contained six episodes, and aired twice weekly from 2 to 18 January , the second series contained seven episodes, and aired once a week from 25 September to 6 November , and the third series contained six episodes, and aired twice weekly from 6 to 22 January The first series of the show was split into two distinctive story lines, with the first three episodes adapted from the first book in the series "The Demon Headmaster" and the last three were adapted from the second book "The Demon Headmaster and the Prime Minister's Brain".

All of the original books in the series are available on audiobook, "Beware the Demon Headmaster" and the "Crash Landing" book have yet to be released on Audio. Also The Demon Headmaster the first of the series was read by Terrence Hardiman and released on cassette. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.