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Understanding such experiences requires an expanded view of human consciousness. Is the mind merely a mechanistic, information-processing bundle of. The downloadable PDF documents below require the free Adobe Reader ( version 6 or higher). By clicking the download links below, you are agreeing to the. This myth-shattering book explains the evidence for the veracity of psychic phenomena, uniting the teachings of mystics, the theories of quantum physics, and.

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Dean Radin's The Conscious Universe forever lays to rest any question as to the experimentally. accept the reality of psychic phenomena is itself prima facie unscientific and untenable. "persuasive scientific evidence for psi requires independently replicated, controlled. where humans are mere “gypsies marooned on the edge of a universe The result of my effort was a book, used as a text, entitled: “The Conscious Universe. The conscious universe: the scientific truth of psychic phenomena / Dean I. Radin. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0.

Reddit Abstract In my life as a scientist I have come upon two major problems which, though rooted in science, though they would occur in this form only to a scientist, project beyond science, and are I think ultimately insoluble as science. That is hardly to be wondered at, since one involves consciousness, the other cosmology. The consciousness problem was hardly avoidable by one who has spent most of his life studying mechanisms of vision. We have learned a lot, we hope to learn much more; but none of it touches or even points, however tentatively, in the direction of what it means to see. Our observations in human eyes and nervous systems and in those of frogs are basically much alike. I know that I see; but does a frog see? It reacts to light; so do cameras, garage doors, any number of photoelectric devices.

The Emergence of a New Vision: The Unfolding Universe. The Ceremony of Innocence: Science and Ethics. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This discussion resulted from a dialogue which began some seven years ago between a physicist who specializes in astrophysics, general relativity, and the foundations of quantum theory, and a student of cultural history who had done post-doctoral work in the history and philosophy of science.

Both of us at that time were awaiting the results of some experiments being conducted under the direction of the physicist Alain Aspect at the University of Paris-South. The experiments were the last in a series designed to test some predictions based on a mathematical 2 theorem published in by John Bell. There was no expectation that the results of these experiments would provide the basis for developing new technologies.

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Like most questions raised by physicists which lead to startling new insights, they were disarmingly simple and direct. Today, with more than a hundred years of research on this topic, an immense amount of scientific evidence has been accumulated. Contrary to the assertions of some skeptics, the question is not whether there is any scientific evidence, but "What does a proper evaluation of the evidence reveal," and "Has positive evidence been independently replicated?

Theme 2 discusses the main categories of psi experiments and the evidence that the effects seen in these experiments are genuinely replicable.

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The evidence is based on analysis of over a thousand experiments investigating various forms of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychic healing, and psychokinesis presented in Chapters 6 through The evidence for these basic phenomena is so well-established that most psi researchers today no longer conduct "proof-oriented" experiments.

Instead, they focus largely on "process-oriented" questions like, What influences psi performance, and How does it work? Also presented are experiments exploring how psi interacts with more mundane aspects of human experience like unusual physical effects associated with the "mass mind" of groups of people Chapter 11 , psi effects in casino gambling and lottery games Chapter 12 , and applications of psi Chapter The wealth of scientific evidence discussed in Theme 2 will show that some psi phenomena exist, and that they are probably expressed in more ways than anyone had previously thought.

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The vast majority of the information used to make this case has been publicly available for years. One might expect then that the growing scientific evidence for genuine psi would have raised great curiosity. Funding would flow, and researchers around the world would be attempting to replicate these effects. After all, the implications of genuine psi are profoundly important for both theoretical and practical reasons.

But this has not yet been the case. Few scientists are aware that any scientifically valid case can be made for psi, and fewer still realize that the cumulative evidence is highly persuasive. In Theme 3 we consider why this is so. One reason is that the information discussed here has been suppressed and ridiculed by a relatively small group of highly skeptical philosophers and scientists Chapter Are the skeptics right, and all of the scientists reporting successful psi experiments over the past century simply delusional or incompetent?

Or there is another explanation for the skepticism? We will see that because scientists are also human, the process of evaluating scientific claims is not as pristinely rational or logical as the general public believes Chapter The tendency to adopt a fixed set of beliefs and defend them to the death is incompatible with science, which is essentially a loose confederation of evolving theories in many domains. Unfortunately, this tendency has driven some scientists to continue to defending outmoded, inaccurate world-views.

One hopes that such skeptics would occasionally apply a little skepticism to their own positions, but history amply demonstrates that science progresses mainly by funerals, not by reason and logic alone.

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Understanding why the public has generally accepted the existence of psi and why science has generally rejected it requires an examination of the origins of science Chapter In exploring this clash of beliefs, we will discover that the scientific controversy has had very little to do with the evidence itself, and very much to do with the psychology, sociology and history of science.

Discussions about underlying assumptions in science rarely surface in skeptical debates over psi, because this topic involves deeply held, often unexamined beliefs about the nature of the world.

It is much easier to imagine a potential flaw in one experiment, and use that flaw to cast doubt on an entire class of experiments, than it is to consider the overall results of a thousand similar studies. A related issue is how science deals with anomalies , those extraordinary "damn facts" that challenge mainstream theories. Along with an understanding of the nature and value of anomalies, and how scientists react to them, we will explore the role that prejudice, in the literal sense of "pre-judging," has played in controlling what is presumed to be scientifically valid.

Other issues, like how scientific disciplines rarely talk to each other, and the historical abyss between science and religion, make it abundantly clear that if psychic experiences were any other form of curious natural phenomena, they would have been adopted long ago by the scientific mainstream on the basis of the evidence alone.

Beyond the themes of motivation, evidence, and understanding, resides the question, So what?

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Why should anyone care if psi is real or not? The eventual scientific acceptance of psychic phenomena is inevitable. The origins of acceptance are already brewing through the persuasive weight of the laboratory evidence.

There are converging theoretical developments from many disciplines offering glimpses at ways of understanding how psi works Chapter There are explorations of psi effects by major industrial labs, evaluation of claims of psychic healing by the Office of Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health, and articles about psi research appearing in the "serious" media.

As acceptance grows, the implications of psi will become more apparent. But we already know that these phenomena present profound challenges to many aspects of science, philosophy and religion Chapter These challenges will nudge scientists to reconsider basic assumptions about space, time, mind, and matter.

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Philosophers will rekindle the perennial debates over the role of consciousness in the physical world. Theologians will reconsider the concept of divine intervention, as some phenomena previously considered to be miracles will probably become subject to scientific understanding.

These reconsiderations are long overdue. An exclusive focus on what might be called "the outer world" has led to a grievous split between the private world of human experience and the public world as described by science. In particular, science has provided little understanding of profoundly important human concepts like hope and meaning. The split between the objective and the subjective has in the past been dismissed as a non-problem, or as a problem belonging to religion and not to science.

Quantum aspects of brain activity and the role of consciousness.

But this split has also led to major technological blunders, and a rising popular antagonism toward science. This is a pity, because scientific methods are exceptionally powerful tools for overcoming personal biases and building workable models of the "truth. What is psi? Click here to read more about The Conscious Universe , or to download the book. Good in Nature. Good wrote about flaws in Radin's method for evaluating the file-drawer effect.

He stated that the book avoided mentioning the evidence of fraud in parapsychology. Good replied, saying that most readers would not arrive at the same interpretation of what Radin had written noting that readers would be surprised to learn that by "more than a billion trillion", Radin meant more than ". Further, Good noted that the file drawer effect does not account for intentional fraud, as was very probably the case with prominent ESP proponents such as Samuel Soal , nor is there any real means of estimating such "intellectual, observational or ethical lapses" within ESP.

Stenger gave a criticism of The Conscious Universe that aligned with Good's arguments that Radin did not perform the file-drawer analysis correctly, made fundamental errors in his calculations, and ignored non-paranormal explanations for the data.

Carroll stated that Radin had ignored "the many hoaxes and frauds that dot the landscape in the history of psi research.