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- The Colas,Vol.2,Part.2, Sastri, K. A. Nilakanta, p, Art, sanskrit () - Madras University Historical. MADRAS UNIVERSITY HISTORICAL SERIES-No. 9. GENERAL EDITOR: PROFESSOR K. A. NILAKANTA SASTRI. THE COLAS Vol. 1. The Cōḷas. [K A Nilakanta Sastri] Chola (Indic people) · Inscriptions, Tamil. More like this Nilakanta Sastri, K.A. (Kallidaikurichi Aiyah), Cōḷas.

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9 K. A. Nilakanta Sastri/Comprehensive History Of India Vol.2 11 K. A. Nilakanta Sastri/Development Of Religion In South India. Full text of "K. A. Nilakanta Sastri Books". See other .. The name of the Cholas, who were so prominent in the Sangam Age and were again to SURVEY OF THE . The Cholas By K.A. Nilakanta Sastri Published by The University of Madras - Read Book Online: Download pdf Book.

A memorial in his honour was constructed at Madras and his house at Virudunagar was declared a National Monument to perpetuate his memory. See also: Contribution of Tamils to Freedom! Struggle, Rajagopalachari C, Ramaswamy E. Bibliography: Valviyarkalanciyam, vol. VI, Tamil University, Thanjawur, One of the surnames of Kulottunga llI is Tribhuvanaviradeva, after which the temple was also named Tribhuvana Wreswaram.

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Mackenzie made his great effort to survey all and collect as many as possible of the antiquarian remains of the Madras Presidency, his agents in the Tanjore district failed to discover anything more remarkable on the ancient Colas than the Colavamsacaritram.

This is a late Sthalapurana which is legendary and full of miracles. Tradition knew nothing of the real history of the older rulers of the land and could not tell if the Cola dynasty numbered eighty-four kings or sixteen.

Epigraphy has made remarkable progress in South India during the last fifty years. Hultzsch, Venkayya and Krishna Sastri have brought out scholarly editions of many of the inscriptions. Of the Sangam literature, which is doubtless the earliest group of Tamil writings extant, considerable portions have been recovered and published. Now it is both possible and necessary to attempt a comprehensive study which shall bring together the results so far attained, and so to approach a definitive history of the Colas.

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To attempt a task of this nature in a subject which, thanks to fresh discoveries or new interpretations of old material, is apt to have its foundationsdisturbed from time to time, we are warned, to run the risk of our structure collapsing no sooner than it is reared.

But this is, in regard to Cola history, greatly to under-estimate the permanence of the results reached so far; for a careful review of the steps by which the reconstruction of this history has proceeded since the days when the clues obtained from Eastern Calukya copper-plates were correlated to the evidence from the Cola inscriptions of Tanjore and other places in the Tamil country, must convince the most sceptical among scholars that a considerable tract of ascertained knowledge has been added permanently to the history of South India.

Even the discovery, in recent years of the important Karandai Tanjore plates of Rajendra I and the Charala plates of Virarajendra I has not made any great difference to the general outline of the political history of the Colas. A settled and continuous narration of the political history of the Colas appears therefore not merely quite possible to undertake, but likely to be of more than transient interest.

The tasteful workmanship of her tresses, profuse ornamentation, drapery and the stylistic way of standing add grace to the figure and make an impression even on the casual visitor of the shrine". See also: Portrait Images of the Cholas.

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Bibliography: K. Sadasiva Pandarathar, Colar Varalan", Tamil in 2 vols. Yogi some portions , R.

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Desikan some portions , A. Srinivasa Raghavan, Leaves from Kampan , V.

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Mudaliyar, A condensed version in English verse and prose and S. Maharajan, Kampan are the English renderings. While N.

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Rajagopalan translated a part thereof in Hindi, Sriramamurti Reddi, made a, complete rendering in Telugu and R. Reddi translated a part.

K. A. Nilakanta Sastri

Kirilirania Menawi made a translation and wrote one Kampa Ramayanakata in Malayalam and Sridharunnialso has translated it into Malayalam. Srirama Desikan has translated Balakandam into Sanskrit.

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See also: Kampan's Ramayanan. Prior to Kampan kanpan himself, the story of Ramayana was known to the Tamils, to be more precise, even from the Sangam sangan period. Rama's story prior to Kampan: It seems that the story of Ramayana was known even from the first millennium A. In the scholium to Yapparungalam, reference is made to Ramayana composed in Pahrodai verpa metre.