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Relationships with colleagues, management and clients / business 2 The CEO 1 c) 2 d) 3 a) 4 b) 5 h) 6 g) 7 e) 8 f) 5 6 Students' mistakes: 1 b) 2 d) 3 e) 4 c) 5 a) doing voluntary work, writing a book, Suggested answers: building a house. You'll find the Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels below, and the others The Student's Book and Teacher's Book pages files, so you will need. The Business Intermediate level предназначен для студентов, которые The Business Intermediate B1+. Student's book. pdf. Раздел: Деловой.

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Allison J. - The Business B1 Intermediate Students Book - dokument [*.pdf] •• 2 17' Business • • u s1ness INTERMEDIATE To the. The Business 2 0 Intermediate b1 Student s Book - Ebook download as PDF File Student's Book. YheBusiness. B 1+. INTERMEDIATE John Allison with. The Business Intermediate B1 Teacher s Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. The Business Pre Intermediate Unit 1 Students Book.

Automatyczne logowanie. The new language and structures are presented in the Student's Book whilst the eWorkbook provides language practice and extension. Here is a summary of what you will find in each. Each unit deals with a key sector of activity in the business world. There are six different types of module: About business These modules contain information and language for the topie area of each unit.

An airplane with retractable landing gear was built in the United States in Bar codes were invented by Silver and Woodland in They used light to read a set of concentric circles, but it was two decades before the advent of computers and lasers made the system practical. The first bar-coded items sold were packs of chewing gum in The computer was launched in , more than a years after Charles Babbage designed the first programmable device.

It worked just as Babbage had intended. Suggested answers for improvements in presentation technique in Version 2: The presentation is better prepared with fewer hesitations. The voice is firmer, clearer, more audible, more confident and persuasive.

The pace is more appropriate. Now better than ever The Earworm2 gives you everything you ever wanted from a portable music player. An enormous 40GB of memory means that you can take your complete music collection everywhere you go — up to 20, songs! Find the correct heading for each extract. It is also likely that you will be expected to show proof that your monthly 6 will be paid into this account.

Remember that rules regarding banks are not the same in every country. You have to pay for an 7 on your account in France, and the rules on 8 can differ greatly, make sure you check before you sign up!

Perhaps the most difficult thing to organize is where you are going to live. Your employer might help you find an 1 or it might even be provided for you. The best advice is to start looking before you go.

Use the Internet to look for places to rent and post your own advert on bulletin boards. It is important to view anywhere though before you sign a 2 and give a large 3 to a landlord. You also need to check whether or not the utility 4 are included and how much 5 you need to give when you want to move out. Many people choose to live with a local family as a way to learn about the culture of the country they are in.

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Listen to four conversations. Where is each person? What is he or she trying to do? Listening for detail 5 Listen to the conversations again and answer the questions.

Conversation 1 1 What does Carmen want to do?

The Business Intermediate Level Student's Book : John Allison :

Conversation 2 3 How many bedrooms are there in the apartment? Giving advice 6 Look at the eight pieces of advice for people who are going to live abroad. For each set of four match the beginning with the correct ending. Which pieces of advice are true for your country? Which are different? What other advice and information could you give?

In many countries, the process of downloading a mobile phone is straightforward: Italy is one exception, where you will need your national ID card and your tax code. This means you can cut off the service when you want without worrying about being tied into a For trips of up to three months in Europe, the European Health Insurance Card may allow you to be treated for free by the 9 of the country you are in. Your employer may have an 10 that you can join or you might want to take out your own insurance policy.

This will help you if you need to see a doctor while you are abroad. You may need to register with a doctor and you may also need to have a Write the correct form of the missing verbs into the text. Find the correct job for each text. I 2 a lot of long meetings — many of these are related to budgets and to company policy development and I 3 them. I also 4 a lot of time interviewing candidates for jobs. This is one of the areas of the job I 5 the most.

Usually I 7 on maths projects but we also 8 Spanish language learning programs. Sometimes I 9 to Spain for meetings but I 10 most of the time at a desk in my office. Every day, I 12 the Internet for suitable job vacancies and I 13 the national and local newspapers to look at the job ads. I also 14 my CV to companies I am interested in working for, even if they 15 any vacancies at the moment.

My latest project is a church and I 17 very excited about it. The church 18 very old and it 19 enough light. I need to design some more windows. Every week I 20 the Bishop to talk about the project.

Test yourself: Prepositions of time 2 Complete the text about Elspeth from Germany using prepositions of time from the Refresh your memory box. I came to London about six months ago.

To be exact, I started 2 February 14th. No matter where I am in the world, I always phone my parents 4 the weekend. The other thing I try to do is go home for Christmas.

I do like to spend time 8 Christmas with my family.

The Business 2.0. Intermediate B1+.Teacher Resource Disc files

If you ever get the chance, you really should go to Germany 9 December. The German Christmas markets are the best in the world.

Business 2.0 students the b1+ pdf intermediate book

Listening for detail 3 1: What does each holiday celebrate? What happens?

Students book b1+ intermediate business pdf the 2.0

English and French quite fluently and also a bit of Chinese. Work with a partner. Take it in turns to ask and answer the questions. Describe a local festival or custom either in your home town or the place where you are studying. Think about special food, clothes and typical activities that take place on this day.

Search for the keywords festivals in Japan or festivals in Mexico to read more about festivals in these countries. Tell your partner what happens on special days in these countries. What is small talk? Do you think the tips are useful?

Reading for detail 2 Read the article below about small talk to find: Your company sends you to an important international conference in the USA. The conversation that you have will probably be what we call small talk. What do people make small talk about? There are certain safe topics that people usually make small talk about.

The Business 2.0 Samples

The weather is probably the number one thing. Sometimes even friends and family members discuss the weather when they meet or start a conversation. Sports news is a common topic, especially if a local team is doing extremely well or badly. If there is something that you and the other speaker have in common, that may also be acceptable to talk about.

For example, if the bus is extremely full and there are no seats available you might talk about reasons why. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New in The Business 2. Description Based on the success of the original edition, The Business 2.

The Business 2.0 Intermediate Level Student's Book

Based on feedback from users, research into business English studies and the ever-evolving needs of employers The Business 2. There is a strong focus on the 'intangible' business skills - emotional intelligence and interpersonal abilities.

Students intermediate b1+ book 2.0 business pdf the

So not only is the student prepared with the business language and knowledge but also as a well-rounded and receptive approach to dealing professionally with others.

The Business eWorkbook - an integral part of the course on a personal computer or laptop. This includes extra language practice, tests and word lists, and audio and video you can download to a tablet, phone or MP3 player for on-the-go learning. This is a compact course that makes the most of new media to ensure the package is relevant for both students and teachers.