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Current release notes for SecureSync System software updates from version 5.

SpectraCom User Manual English. Demo Mode. To access the The default file name is securesync.

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Spectracom SecureSync. New Microsoft Excel Worksheet. Release Notes for NetClock System software updates Support; TimeKeeper Added Excel file export facility Evan Crebo Resume - IT. Texas Tech.

Harold D.

Evelin Roth, Mrs. Angelika Raab, Mrs.

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Heidrun Poth, Mrs. Lukas Deimling, Dr. Further I am very grateful to the following people for giving valuable advice and for taking the burden to review selected chapters of this book: Prof.

Stefan Kelzenberg, Dr. Finally I wish to thank Dr.

Metal-Fluorocarbon Based Energetic Materials

Bernard E. Douda for inviting me to become actively involved with the International Pyrotechnics Society. I thank him for his help and the friendly support he provided in response to the many questions I addressed to him over the years. I greatly appreciate his reviewing of parts of this book and his efforts to write a preface together with Dr.

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Sara Pliskin. Thank you Bernie! Typical energetic materials and some of the salient properties are listed in Table 1. When initiated, high explosives undergo a detonation. That is a supersonic shockwave supported by exothermic chemical reactions [1—3]. In contrast, propellants and pyrolants undergo subsonic reactions and mainly yield gaseous products as in the case of propellants [4, 5] or predominantly condensed reaction products as in the case of pyrolants.

The term pyrolant was originally coined by Kuwahara to emphasise on the difference between these materials and propellants [6]. Pyrolants also prominently differ from other energetic materials in that they have both very high gravimetric and volumetric enthalpy of combustion and very often densities far beyond 2.

Pyrolants are typically constituted from metallic or non-metallic fuels e. C2 Cl6 and C2 F4 n oxidizers or alloying partners e.

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Ni and Pd. Recently, pyrolant combustion is increasingly used for the synthesis of new materials. Ernst-Christian Koch.