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Free Download Supplement for SKYREALMS OF JORUNE™ Role Playing DANSTEAD TRAVELER (online zine, available online as PDF), JOURNAL OF THE. But the newsletter SEGMENT: SHO-CAUDAL was a PDF-only monthly newsletter . It contained raw information from my personal notebooks on Jorune. One fan did an outstanding job of correcting the errors he found in Third Edition. Serious detail. Individual Files. Dysha Grid (PDF) Jorune Glossary (PDF).

I actually bought a copy of the 2nd edition when I saw it at Games of Berkeley, and I did so because I had fond memories of reading the "silver age" dragon magazines, as you call them, and seeing the advertisements. Although, I think my imagination spurred more interesting worlds from those pictures and words than what was actually presented in the book. But then again, I didn't publish a game in , so, shows whose the ass in this farm. This is the one with the dangerous Kleesh infesting the East Trinnu jungle lands, right? Yeah, I may have seen that ad in Dragon a coupla times You pegged me on this one, bought it, read it, and never played. While I liked certain aspects it just never clicked or me, ended giving my copy to a friend when I moved to Austin.

Included are stats on the Eelshon She-evid shown on cover. Limit: one encounter per player-character. For twelve years the forest has been quiet, but signs of another big Isho storm loom in the immediate future. The book starts with listings of Earth-Tec companies and then describes the wealth of Earth-Tec items and Bio-Tec creatures found on the planet.

Although not a complete compendium, there's no better a source for information about Earth-Tec and Bio-Tec on Jorune. Glossary SR download at site Unreleased accessories? A product catalog from August lists some intriguing items that I believe never saw print, or were incorporated into 3rd edition releases.

Oddly, Earth-Tec Jorune, which was mentioned in the catalog as an upcoming release, was published in Yet the other items, described in much more detail, never were or at least I have never seen them -Wayne Supplement Jorune: Ardoth, Volume One "Written for eager Sholari who desire more background on Ardoth. Describes current events in and around the city, including dharsage attempts at locating stolen Earth-Tec, the trouble in the South Fields, Shen infiltration into chell agencies, and the "Querrid Catastrophe.

Supplement Jorune: Ardoth is waiting for you and your players. It provides Sholaris with more background on which to base in-depth Ardothian Campaigns. Also included: new and exciting encounter tables.

This book is designed for owners of Companion Jorune: Ardoth, which describes Burdoth's capital city more generally. Also featured are more than one-hundred campaign spots just waiting for a good Sholari.

They can be the backbone of your campaigns, or just sprinkled in to dimensionalize play. Ardothian Campaigns is a wealth of background material; the Ardothian Calendar based on the Shanthic is revealed in detail, along with holidays and days of moon alignments. You'll discover the destructive forces of nature that have converged upon Ardoth every years, as well as the not-so-natural destructive forces of the Crugar, Ramian, and Heridothians.

Dozens of cleps, illidges, local personalities, kerning bays and more are described in detail. Dharsage and Chell family lines are traced back, yielding a plethora of petty officials, kim members and administrators from Ardoth and Heridoth.

Oh you old school Oldschoolers One week in December during our Winter Vacation from school my friends and I played it over the course of 7 days.

Skyrealms of Jorune RPG

Each day in the real world was a day in the game world. Each session was about 6 hours long. The adventure dealt with the death of an alien priest and our quest to bury his body in an ancient temple 7 days travel from our homeland. In the process, we were told by his fellow priests that we would learn the meaning of life. In the course of the adventure, soon after proclaiming what they believed the meaning of life to be, each PC died, often in some horrible and tragic way.

Finally, in the epic last battle against zealots who hated the alien priests, two PCs told each other they had the answer to the meaning of life almost simultaneously. One player says to the other, "I'll say what I think it is and than I'll hold off the enemy.

You say nothing and bury the priest My guess is if you have the right answer you won't die.

GROGNARDIA: Retrospective: Skyrealms of Jorune

When the alien priests see him they are astonished. Let this be a lesson to you kids. I remember reading a lot of advice like, "if combat is the most interesting thing in your game then you're doing it wrong", kind of thing.

I did not insist that anyone call me "sholari. Although I only played it for a year, I think it probably provided the grounding for my later Flash Gordon campaigns.


Thanks, James. You pretty much pegged it - I always wondered about the game behind that evocative but mysterious picture, but never thought in a million years about actually picking it up and playing it.

Jorune skyrealms pdf of

At a time when everybody and their brother seemed to be putting out yet another sword and sorcery RPG, that ad for Skyrealms seemed to prove that some people were choosing to follow their own path to RPG happiness. I would think "Good for them! I always wondered what was happening in that picture. I suppose the guy lying down is a Shantha. Is he sick? What's the bearded guy doing? Who is the green guy? So curious! Quivering trid nodes! Absolutely one of my favourite RPGs, our group picking it up when the publishers came to the UK in and eventually playing it solidly for months and months.

The setting is a wonderful mix of the familiar and the alien, the artwork is terrific Miles Teves now works in Hollywood , and the rules just about workable and flavoursome. It's First Edition came out in , to followed by a boxed Second Edition in Which I think must the edition that was heavily advertised in issues of Dragon Magazine. The Third Edition was published in , received several supplements, and is still available from Chessex.

These days I would probably prefer to play Empire of the Petal Throne than SkyRealms of Jorune, but the comparisons between the two games are very strong.

Put me in the "bought, read, but never played" column. Love the illustrations and whimsical setting. I couldn't muster an intuitive grasp of the rules. To those who've run the game: Sell me on the rules. What do you love about 'em?

Anyone wanting more information might like to read my introduction to the game that I wrote for Borkelby's Folly some fifteen years ago. As long ago as that I've never played it, or seen a copy, but I remember that the mid-to-late's gaming magazine Arcane ran a reader-voted top fifty rpgs ever list Call of Cthulhu won, which is only appropriate , and I recall that Jorune scored highly there, so it was clearly played, and enjoyed, by the largely British audience of that magazine. I played it, clunky rules an' all.

One of my favourite settings. Some of the best rpg art ever. The 2nd best boxset ever the 1st being the Traveller Starter set. The game was placed at number three in Arcane magazine's top fifty RPG list.

The magazine then proceeded to annoy the game's fans by calling it bonkers. I'm afraid I have to ask you to turn in your Old School credentials. The magazine was "The Dragon", not "Dragon". But you've done an excellent job of bluffing your way through the OSR the last couple of years.

Incredibly, this is one I never heard of. Of coure, around I had just gotten into my later teens, was playing varisty football and chasing girls, and had stopped hanging out with the older, negative creeps at Aero Hobbies in Santa Monica.

Sorry I missed out on this one. Off topic, but I just wanted to drop you a note to say how happy I am that you are reading the Lord Darcy stories. Those fantastic shorts--and the incredible world it conjures up--have long been one of my favorites and a tale I've long thought would make one hell of a movie. Loved the setting and the art, never did get to play the game. I think it's the isho system that's giving him the most trouble.

Not surprised Anthony. The Isho system has always proved to be a pain to adapt. It was The Dragon only for the first 23 issues, but officially became Dragon without the definite article in issue Bought it, planned a campaign, made characters, never actually played. I remember when I realized, "Hey, there's not really any magic in this world!

Pdf skyrealms of jorune

Isho is really more like psionics, if I remember correctly. The art, though, that's what sold me I still own a copy of this game. It had a great world and story. However, its rules are horrendous. To call this game in line with "Silver Age sensibilities" is slander a lot of really well-designed rule systems But then I am on record as preferring the late 80s Silver Age over the inconsistent game design of the Golden Age.

Combat, in particular, is horrendously complex and Loremaster-level fatal. So you are supposed to focus on skills. And these suffer from the classic problems that plagued the early skill system; the designer tries to be complete and "realistic", but the skill selection just appears to be random.

I bought this game and it's supplements when they were originally released. I treasure them. Quite frankly some of the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen in any RPG ever published. I have no memory of the rules at all.

I haven't looked at it in years. Sounds like I should. This is just such a wonderful gaming product. Speaking of Jorune, we will likely never see another Jorune product. I worked for the guy who designed it, and he indicated the IP is hopelessly tangled in an intractable legal mess.

I always had an interest in it from those Dragon ads, and never even saw a copy until I was much older.

Skyrealms of Jorune RPG

The artist, Miles Teves, is one of the top Hollywood concept artists now: I owned the first two editions of this game. I never figured out what to do with it, but I will add to the chorus that the second edition had some of the best, most evocative art I've ever seen in an RPG. I'd love to see a new edition, perhaps even as a setting book for some other RPG. Always saw the ads, never came across the game.

I doubt the game would have gotten much play even if I had come across it. There were a host of other very specific genre games, but none had the staying power of a fantasy setting. Thank you for this post: It is too tempting to develop an overly complex and completely useless self-referential set of overly complicated rules that drive away anyone who might have been interested in the setting in the first place.

Of pdf skyrealms jorune

It's a trap that has snared many along the path, not just the creators of Jorune. The setting can be as exotic as all get out, but in the end the rules used to explore it need to be accessible and flexible enough to allow people to actually play within the setting, otherwise it becomes an exercise in authorial-tyranny, canonical-arguing, and pretentious posturing that was boring and old before it even hit the page or monitor. Like I said, you've given me, personally, some food for thought in a most timely manner, and I thank you for it.

Looks like it is time to go back to the roots all over again. The first edition http: There's a difference between system and campaign setting and not so many RPGs were designed from scratch without any previous gaming "baggage" or experience. Thanks for the retrospective, James; and agreed, definitely one that deserves to be continued forward, too, rather than consigned to the past.

The setting need not follow the mechanics slavishly, of course. Beware, you will have collectors on your tail if you still have that ;. Wow - this is freaky.

I was actually going to post a question this week on DF to see if anybody knew what the hell this old Jorune game was!

Yeah, 25 years later I still remembered those weird ads in Dragon. Good post. I had nearly forgotten about this game, due to the fact that in my area, I never saw it for sale. If not for the Dragon, I would never have known of its existence. Bought it, DMd it, loved the art.

I don't remember the skill system at all but I remember combat taking forever - it was a series of challenged skill rolls d20s??? Also, like Talislanta, the world was too alien, so unless the players had also bought and read the rules they hadn't they were confused and at sea from the moment they started playing.

Great idea though! Thanks to Sean Wills for pointing out the caption I overlooked. I googled it and found a website by Robert Dushay with the following explanation: